The wind was blowing hard the rain was like ice it stung it have it hit your face the lightening was all over and the thunder

The wind was blowing hard, the rain was so cold it was like ice it stung when it hit your face, the lightening was lighting up the sky and the thunder crashed shaking everything. One person stood out in the rain.

Female judging by the build she was watching a spot the spot were her lover said he'd come back too. He didn't though or at least he hasn't came back yet she reasoned with her self. She knew he wasn't coming back she could feel he was dead. In her very soul she could feel it. It burned, the empty space that he once filled was now cold and raw like someone rubbed sandpaper over a burn.

It hurt so much, yet she could do nothing but wait for her love to return to her. She had eternity after all. He granted her that along with a promise that he would be with her still she didn't want him anymore.

She smiled silly vampire she would always love him, no matter what. Still the broken promise not to leave haunts her. He left her. Why did he leave her?

The cold was becoming too much again it threatened to engulf her. She remembered this pain from the first time she lost him. Only this time he could not return.

She choked back a sob and a smile, silly vampire she couldn't live with out him, didn't he know that? His topaz eyes were burned into her mind. She could remember those eyes so clearly.

"Why?" she whispered. "Why leave me?"

The first time he left her she had trouble remembering thing about him but now she could always picture him clearly. She could remember when she was still human his cold arms wrapped around her the safe feeling he gave her. The pain of losing him the first time.

She fell to her knees clutching where her heart used to beat. It hurt so much, she gave a weak sob, it was building she could feel it.

She hated him! He wasn't supposed to leave her! He was supposed to stay here with her. It wasn't fair! She gave up being human for him. She gave up everything for him.

"I hate you," she whispered. Thunder crashed as to answer her. "I hate you!" She screamed with the thunder.

She began to cry, "I miss you."

Slowly she felt arms circle her waist and a velvet voice speak, "I missed you too."