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You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart.

Beams of light attacked a pink haired kunoichi's eyes as they flickered open. Her hair was sprawled everywhere on the white pillow she was laying on, her left hand resting beside her head while the other was laying on her chest. The sheets left her creamy long legs uncovered, revealing her white pyjama shorts. She closed her eyes before squinting them open again, and brought her right hand to cover her eyes from the light, groaning softly.

Shifting slightly on the side, she closed her eyes again, enjoying the warmth of her bed. She started to doze off slightly before being completely awakened as arms wrapped themselves around her middle section, pulling her close to their body. She giggled as a head buried itself in the crook of her neck and exhaled quietly, though contently. She looked down to her boyfriend's seemingly sleeping figure, and a soft smile became visible on her lips at his peaceful face. His raven bangs were falling beautifully in his face, his onyx orbs she loved so much were hidden behind those closed eyelids, those alluring lips of his were closed though touched the skin of her neck only slightly. She was pressed against his well toned bare chest, and his arms had a tight though gentle grip on her waist.

She'd been living with him for nearly 4 months now. He'd asked her - if you consider bagging all her stuff and moving it all in his house without telling or warning her then yea... he asked...- after 8 months of going out with her. She was surprised and taken aback, but accepted nonetheless - though not before screaming at him about bagging all her stuff -. And they'd been living with each other at his manor ever since then.

She shifted in his arms to look at him but his grip on her tightened, afraid she wanted to escape their bed and get up. Though the consequence of her movement was that his head was now resting on her pillow and no longer in the crook of her neck. His action earned him a soft laugh which made his lips twitch up only slightly. She brought her hand up to his face, to brush away the bangs falling in front of his closed eyes, hiding his beautiful features. "Go to sleep Sakura." He mumbled a bit gruffly. She smiled, even though she knew he couldn't see it. She stole a glance at the alarm clock on the nightstand behind him. "Mou... Sasuke-kun it's past 11." She whined, backing away from him smiling playfully. "Hn." He mumbled, pulling her close to him again.

"Sasuke-kun!" She whined, struggling away from his tight, possessive grip. She punched his chest light-heartedly a couple of times, whining. He hadn't moved an inch, and his firm grip maintained. "Mou...Sasuke-kun..." She pouted. He squint an eye open to look at her, to see pleading jade orbs staring back at him cutely. He grunted. "I don't want you to go." He mumbled, closing his eyes again. She laughed. "Sasuke-kun! I'm hungry!" His eyes snapped open at that moment, seeing her dazzling emerald eyes sparkling joyously while she was staring at him, smiling warmly. A smirk made its way to his lips and he moved towards her, supporting himself with his elbows and stared down at her amused face. She was now imprisoned and couldn't get out. Well if she didn't use her superhuman strength she couldn't.

She laughed as he bent down to nibble on her neck, leaving butterfly kisses on his way up to her jaw. He lightly brushed his lips with hers before pulling back to look at her serene face. She grabbed the base of his neck and pulled his face down to hers, connecting their lips in a loving and passionate kiss. Their tongues danced with each other, neither really fighting for dominance. The kiss wasn't very vigorous, it was more affectionate then anything else.

As they pulled back, they stared at each other for a while, before she gave him a last quick peck on the lips and pushed him off of her gently, getting off the bed. She heard his grunt of disappointment and protest and turned to stick her tong out to him. "I'm hungry and I'm not tired anymore Sasuke-kun." She said, smiling teasingly. "Doesn't mean we have to sleep." He replied, going into a sitting position, smirking. She laughed. "Later." She lastly said, walking out from their bedroom.

She walked down the Uchiha manor's hallway, entered the kitchen, and shivered as her bare feet touched the freezing tiled floor. She opened the curtains that stopped the warm light from entering her cold kitchen and took out a frying pan and some potatoes from the cabinet. She walked over to the fridge and opened it, shivering slightly at the sudden add of coldness before taking out some butter, eggs and bacon. She then started cooking her and Sasuke's breakfast, filling the mansion with a delicious aroma.

You are worth every breathing moment of every day, of each week, of all 12 months, of each year to come. You are worth my life.

Sasuke's nose was filled with an appetizing smell a little while after Sakura had left the bed. He blinked his eyes open, and breathed in the mouth-watering smell, before slowly getting up from his bed and walking out of their bedroom quietly, not even bothering to throw a shirt on before walking out. He followed the scent, which led him to his beautiful girlfriend who was concentrated on cooking the food that he was sure was being made for the both of them. After all... who would she be cooking for, else then them?

Well yes there had been this time Naruto had burnt out his kitchen and she had to literally cook him every meal and food he wanted for about a month, and he had stayed with them for that whole period of time, cutting them off of their private time together. (A/N: Not that kind of private time. They haven't had sex yet... just thought you should know... lol) Sasuke had barely supported Naruto all this time, and practically had a scowl plastered on his face for the whole month. Only disappearing when he would get the chance to be alone with Sakura, if only just for a moment. Hinata ended up letting him live with her for the next few months – because of course when he burned down his kitchen, he also ended up burning down basically every other room in his house. In fact, the only place that had been safe was his bathroom- And by letting him live with her, they had actually ended up officially living together - since they had in fact been dating for quite a few months – at Hinata's apartment. They were now one happy couple.

Sasuke the memory out of his head and came up from behind Sakura and embraced her tenderly, kissing her exposed shoulder affectionately. Sakura smiled and leaned her head back on his chest. Sasuke took the opportunity and connected their lips for a brief moment, before pulling back and stealing a piece of bacon on the frying pan. Sakura let out a sound of complaint. "Sasuke-kun! You're supposed to wait!" He smirked and took a bite out of his piece of bacon, while going over to a cabinet and taking out a nap. He walked over to another cabinet, grabbing plates and glasses, and set up the table for her. He then noticed he had forgotten the forks and walked over to the drawer they were in, only to be blocked by Sakura, who blocked the way without really knowing.

He wrapped one of his arms around her waist, easily lifted her up and out the way. Sakura, startled, squeaked loudly. Sasuke smirked and plopped the rest of the bacon in his mouth, before taking out 2 pairs of knives and forks and turning around to find himself face to face with a playfully angry Sakura. "Sasuke-kun..." She taunted. He smirked and gave her a quick kiss before walking over to the table and setting down the knives and forks. "You know..." He heard her begin. "People would never believe me if I said you were an extremely romantic guy." He had heard her say. He snorted. "Ah."

Footsteps came towards him and a pair of soft and small arms wrapped themselves around him, and he peeked around his shoulder to see a smiling Sakura. "I love you" She said. "Aa." He said as he swivelled around and leaned down to capture her lips. She had expected that, so she immediately responded, wrapping her arms around his neck and trying to pull him closer to her. He wrapped his arms around her and deepened the kiss, earning a moan from her as his tongue darted into her mouth, caressing the inside of her cavern gently. "I love you too"

"Oi! Honestly get a room!" A loud voice called out.

They both parted and looked at the newcomer. Sasuke, already irritated from being interrupted, became more irritated as his eyes landed on the figure of his ex blond haired team-mate. (A/N: Yep, there's not really a Team Kakashi anymore.) He stole a glance to his pinkette girlfriend, who still had her arms wrapped around his neck, who was smiling welcomingly. "Naruto!" Sakura exclaimed, running over and embracing the loud mouth. "It's been so long!" Naruto laughed and hugged her back. "I know Sakura-chan, I'm sorry I didn't come earlier..." Naruto said apologetically. "And I'm not complaining..." Sasuke mumbled inaudibly. "I was a little busy with the whole Hogake preparations you know?" Naruto was now grinning. Sakura gasped and hugged him tightly. "Oh my god! I can't believe it! You're going to be the 6th Hogake?! It's official!?" She exclaimed, squealing of happiness. "Yep! Dattebayo!" Naruto exclaimed, as he pulled away from Sakura and jumped in the air.

"Well come on join us then!" Sakura invited, taking Naruto's hand and leading him to the table. Naruto looked at them both and grinned nervously. "I really wouldn't like to interfere..." He said slowly and somewhat anxiously as Sasuke's eyes pressured him to go. "Heaven's no! You're always welcomed Naruto! Sasuke get another plate!" She exclaimed, sitting Naruto down at the table.

'Oh great...' Sasuke thought.

But nonetheless, he complied.

You have given me happiness by being in love with you. You have shown me all the things my heart has been looking for, now I know love comes from the soul.

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