SO. I do not own Cloverfield. J.J Abrams does. If I did, Marlena would still be alive, and She would have raced into the nearest available closet with Hud at some point.

Another thing. I don't know if "Berry" is legally an OC, Seeing as she's only going to exist for this Fanfic. After that, She's Clovey-Chow. I'm only using her to somewhat generate a plot-type thing. -Unprofessional at this subject-

Call this some sort of Backstory, I'd suppose.


It had all started one fine, Thursday morning.

The sun shined through the Smog,The Statue of Liberty Gleamed, Angry New Yorkers screamed at each other from Taxis.

She opened her apartment window, only to have the heavy Manhattan air tease her nose and make her throat feel thick.

She sneezed, cursed under her breath and slammed the window.

There went that beautiful plan for Fresh Air.

Inside the Apartment, the Air wasn't so great either.

It smelled of Cigarette Smoke, though not quite as bad as a Bar.

Everything was cluttered as though the 26 year old had messed with her possessions as bit, only to get distracted, set them down again, and forget them all together.

Magazines, Stray clothing, Envelopes, Random novels, Newspapers, Money, CD Cases, Shoes, A Pair of Headphones, and UFOs (Unidentified Floor Objects) made up her carpet.

She was about to wander into her cramped excuse for a kitchen when her Cellphone rang.

A high squeal greeted her when she answered.

"Hey Girl!" A 23 Year old yelled enthusiastically.

"Hey Girl." She tried to sound just as enthusiastic back.

"Okay, So, I had this great idea!"

The 26 year old flinched.

When "Berry", formally known as Nicole, had an idea, It was an even better idea to run.

Now that she thought about it, the same was true for Hudson, or "Hud" for short.

"Helloooo?" Berry called into the phone as though she were two states away.

"I can hear you, 'Lena, So I'll say my idea. Y'know that weird Aquarium place? I thought we could all hang out there on Saturday."

"Really? Great...Wait...All of us...?"

"Yeah, Well, You know...You, Me, Lily, Beth..."


"BUT. Beth called and said she was worried about Rob because he's been acting so sad lately. and wants him to come too."

"Oh, Uh, That's okay I guess."

"Then Beth called Lily and said Rob was coming too, so Lily called me and said if Rob comes, it was only fair Jason came with."

"Oh, Well, that's cool." She knew how clingy Lily was to Jason.

"Then Rob called me and told me Hud felt bad and left out because Jason called him and rubbed it in Hud's face that he was going with us and Hud wasn't, so Rob asked if it was okay that Hud came along too, to make him stop acting so mopey and to shut Jason up."


"It won't be so bad! Look, Hud really likes you, Y'know."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"Come on, it'll be fun!"

"He's a pain!"

"He adores you! Be nice, 'Lena..."

"Fine. I'll come too, only if Hud keeps his hands to himself."

"Since it's Hud we're talking about here, I make no promises." And with that, Berry hung up.

She trudged off to the bathroom and glared at her reflection.

Hazel eyes that never seemed too happy, yet always held a spark of hyper energy.

Short black hair that refused to lay flat and ended at her jaw.

Somehow, there was an odd sense of elegance about her.

Marlena tilted her head to the side slightly, pondering it, then shrugging it off like she did with everything else.

So much for a Girl's Night out.