Previously- Bella is getting ready for the bachelorette party and she puts a metal bracelet on her wrist and ends up freaking out and breaks her wrist. She nearly has a panic attack but Edward calms her down and she gets a blue cast, which Edward and Alice write on. Alice has changed her bachelorette party plans for Bella so they aren't going out.

I sat sulking and stewing inwardly about 5 other girls sat on the couch in the apartment watching some chick flick ogling over the actors and flinging popcorn around in excitement. I wasn't naive enough to think this was Alice's original plan.

I know it wasn't, I know her better than that. We should be at a bar all dressed up not in sweats on the couch eating our weight in junk food. Sure Alice likes that too but not nearly as much.

Every time I think of the sacrifices that she has made for me it makes me sick to my stomach. I don't want her to do this for me, I would never have asked her too. Alice was trying her best to ignore my attitude, but I saw her eyes linger on me for half a second longer than normal.

Edward had gone home, that made it easier to be mad, to think clearly. There was something about him that stopped all of the important thoughts from developing in my brain.

"Is anything wrong Bella?" Katelyn, one of Alice's quieter friends asked me, Katelyn and I had always been fairly close as well. She reminded me a lot of Angela, whom was visiting her parents with Ben tonight.

"Just thinking about work, I'm behind" I lied it was getting easier to lie now. Perhaps because I had been doing it so much recently. I thought of all the times I had said I'm fine in the past weeks. I almost believed it, almost.

"Oh you work with books right, ah I am blanking on your job" she tapped her French manicured nail on her tanned chin. Curly blonde hair bouncing as she crumpled her brow.

"Yes, I'm and editor for Burker and Co. I mostly work from home though. I have a deadline coming up for a book I'm behind on" I explained. Actually the deadline isn't for three weeks but that's alright.

"Oh that's not good. Oooh look at that eye candy" She jumped in her cushion, another girl nodded and thus she was distracted and I was left to my thoughts. That's why Katelyn and myself are not closer, because she is very distractible and it bothers me when someone interrupts me to point out a butterfly.

Finally everyone had cleared out of the apartment, leaving one hell of a mess to clean up though. I was picking up candy wrappers when Alice got back from walking the last couple of girls to the door.

"How do you think it went?" Alice asked me after a moment of silence.

"Well, everyone had a good time" I kept my head down and picked up more Snickers wrappers.

"Good, are you sleeping here or do you want to go home?" Alice asked.

"Here is fine" I mumbled.

"Do you have everything you need, your dress, shoes, underwear, everything?" Alice asked , I blushed and nodded.

"Excited for tomorrow?" I asked.

"I cant wait to become Mrs. Jasper" Alice clapped her little hands together. I smiled softly at her. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her little body, my cast felt awkward.

Her small pale arms wrapped around my waist and she hugged me tightly. I felt guilty about thinking bad things about Alice, who cares so much for me. We went to bed quickly after that, I lay in my practically glowing room thinking about tomorrow.

Alice's wedding, I was excited for her. But I also didn't want to be around all of those people, who probably knew about… everything. They would most likely tell me how sorry that they are, it was the generic thing to say.

That's what people say whenever something remotely bad happens. "I'm sorry" or "I'm so sorry for you", well you know what, so am I. Soon sleep drifted over me and I was overtaken into my dreams.

Sooner than I would have liked Alice was pounding on my door, I pulled my arm up to cover my eyes. Sadly it ended up being the casted arm and I hit myself in the face with the plaster. I moaned and rolled over.

"Bella I'm coming in" Alice called right before she burst through my door. I didn't even look up, I felt her weight bounce on my bed though. She flicked off a couple of the floor lamps and poked me gently.

I groaned again as Alice continued to annoy me. Eventually we were sitting in the car, my cheek rested against the black leather on our way to the makeup and hair appointment.

I had to admit after spending hours getting my nails, hair, and face done. I looked good. Alice looked beautiful though, she was breath taking. She was just about bursting with joy.

"Are you going to change your name Alice?" I asked interrupting Alice's humming of the wedding march. She had been humming for what felt like forever anyway.

"I think I might. I have not decided yet Bella" She was beaming and we weren't even talking about anything important.

"Aren't you nervous? Even a little bit?" I asked looking at her again.

"No, why would I be, I know Jasper and I will last forever Bella" Alice chirped, I nodded she did probably know that. Alice wouldn't waste her time marring someone if she didn't already know how it would turn out.

"Now Bella, are you excited to make your speech?" Alice laughed. I groaned.

"Don't remind me about that, you don't want me to have a heart attack before I even stand up. Wont it be much more fun when I do it in front of all our friends and family?" I snapped back. Alice laughed again though, her eyes sparkled I noticed for the first time in a long time. I smothered the guilt that rose like bile to dwell on later.

Alice spent most of the time before the wedding on her phone answering questions and confirming things that needed to be done. She loved being in charge of an event as big as this, Alice was practically glowing.

Everything was ready by the time we reached the church, an hour early. The other bridesmaids were due in half an hour. Alice flittered around the brides room and fussed with my hair, forced me into my shinny green/blue floor length dress.

It actually wasn't as fancy as I would have imagined Alice would make it, her dress of course was fit for a Queen, but mine was simple. It was an interesting color I don't know how you would describe it.

I was walking around barefoot so I had to hold up the dress most of the time so I wouldn't fall and rip it or something. The woman who did my hair practically begged me to stop walking around, she was burly and scared me a little bit so I sat down next to Alice.

Alice was standing in front of the full length mirror looking at herself in her lacey white underwear and tights. She twisted side to side and fixed her veil a bit, her lips were set in a tight line, it was slightly a pout though.

"You don't think I've gotten fatter do you? What if I don't fit in my dress?" Alice asked frantically, I snorted and she shot me a glare.

"Alice your being silly, you're the smallest person I know and we tried on the dress yesterday to make sure" I tried to reassure her. She looked at me and breathed out, she seemed to deflate a bit, but she nodded at me. I smiled back.

Entirely too quickly I was walking down the aisle holding Jaspers friend Mark's arm. I was as far away from him as I could be while we were still linked through the arm. I knew him of course, but not well enough for me to be comfortable. I was only uncomfortable because he smelled very strongly.

I'm sure I would have been fine otherwise.

I blushed as everyone turned to look at us, waiting for Alice to come out. I concentrated on my steps, I would not trip on Alice's wedding day. No, I would not ruin it. I repeated this to myself over and over again.

Alice was a vision. Of course I had already seen her, but as she walked down the aisle, she was stunning. I heard Jasper suck in a breath as he saw her. She almost looked like she was floating.

I didn't listen to the words said during the ceremony, all I saw was the way they looked at each other. It was so full of love, and at peace. Like each other was all they would ever need. I felt a bit envious, I would never have that.

I couldn't imagine how I could possibly have that. Love, without a care in the world. No fears or bad thoughts. I couldn't shake this spiteful feeling, when Alice and Jasper kissed I realized my brow was creased with unpleasentness.

Edward drove me to the reception hall while Alice and Jasper took a sleek black limo. Alice was excited to ride in style, she liked the attention. I was excited that I was not riding in the limo I did not like the attention.

The ride was silent and filled with the relaxing sounds of classical music, which Edward often played while I was in the car. I knew that he had more because I had seen his glove compartment lined with all different types of CDs and he had that satellite radio. Edward obviously took his music very seriously.

But he still played his classical all the time with me, perhaps because he knew it calmed me. For some reason that annoyed me.

The hall was decorated beautifully and to Alice's exact specifications. Fresh flowers were everywhere, they were all elegant and exotic flowers too, no plain flowers in slight. Edward led me to our table, I was at Alice and Jaspers table obviously, and Edward was too.

Alice had said that even though he wasn't in the wedding party technically, she still considered him in it. Also she didn't want him to leave his date i.e. me. Alice had asked him to go with me, I wouldn't consider it a real date. I had a funny feeling he was a requested babysitter.

As the night wore on my feelings multiplied. When Alice and Jasper had their first dance, Alice shot a look at Edward and smiled at me over Jaspers shoulder. When I didn't want to dance, Edward didn't dance, no matter who asked him.

Several of Alice's models had come up to him and asked politely to dance, they were of course wearing Alice's original designs, as was I. They just looked a great deal better in them. Tanya was extraordinary beautiful in her warm red dress that cascaded down her body.

"Hello, Edward Masen right?" she had asked as she sauntered over, giving me a nod, because saying hello to me would be beneath her.

"Yes" Edward replied looking up at her from his seat next to me. I knew I should look away and give them privacy but I didn't want to. And if I didn't want to be a good person and be polite to a friend, well I wouldn't.

"I'm Tanya Denali, care to dance?" she asked, giving that confident million dollar smile. I was positive he would say yes, why wouldn't he.

"Not right now Tanya but thank you for the offer" Edward said perfectly politely and then turned away to me signaling the end of the conversation. I was confused.

"Why did you say no? I thought you liked to dance?" I asked, I swear he mentioned something about that.

"I do, I just don't want to dance with her" Edward said casually and sipped his wine, I sighed and sipped mine as well.

"Would you like to dance Bella?" Edward asked after a moment of silence. I looked over at him and sighed.

"Edward I can't dance, you should have danced with Tanya" I told him truthfully.

"I can, its all in the leading Bella, you don't need to worry" Edward said standing up.

"I've already danced tonight, I think that was it" I said.

"That was with Charlie, and only because Alice waved you too out there. I hate to say it but, I'm a better dancer than Charlie" Edward smirked, I rolled my eyes but stood up.

"Don't forget Edward you have to catch me when I fall because now I only have one good arm to catch myself" I said waving my blue cast around in front of his face.

"I would never let you fall Bella, don't be silly" Edward said shaking his head at me, I sighed but smiled in spite of myself.

Dancing with Edward really wasn't hard, he never let me fall or stumble in anyway. Not that I ever thought he would. Obviously Edward would never let me fall, he saved me. I felt my grip on him tighten just a little bit. I didn't like to think about it, it was rare when I let myself.

Not because I wasn't over it, I obviously was. No one likes to think of unpleasant memories though. Its normal.

Suddenly Jake was standing behind Edward, grinning his bit toothy grin of his. Jake winked and put on a gruff face as he tapped Edward on the shoulder while asking "May I cut in?"

"N—" Edward had already started saying no while he turned around, but when he saw Jake there his tense face turned into a much more relaxed slight smile. "You have to ask the lady that" Edward changed his response. I nodded and let Jake dance with me.

I noticed Edward dance with Liz, Jacobs long time live-in girlfriend. I had time to ponder Edwards actions while I swayed with Jacob. Why would he have said no but then changed it when it was Jake, was it because he thought I wouldn't want to dance with a strange man.

That was obviously true, I don't like dancing. Edward hasn't left my side all night though and when he did leave my side I was always in company of Jake, Alice or my father. Was this all an elaborate plan to make sure I was never alone? I could be alone, I could sit alone for hours, I had no idea what possessed them to do this.

I am an adult, I make my own money, cook my own food, do my own laundry and every other thing that makes me an adult in society. I felt my mouth shape into a grimace as I thought about this treatment.

It was actually highly offensive that my friends, and family. My very best friends, the most important people in my life couldn't trust me enough with myself. I am an independent woman and I have worked hard to become one. I do not wish to be treated as anything but the independent woman I know I am.

"Bells?" Jake asked, I suppose he had seen my grimace. I just looked up at him and shaped my face back into a smile. He let it go and the song finished up, it hadn't even felt like I was up that long.

"I'm going to go sit back down now" I said to Edward when he walked over, he nodded and offered me his arm. I sighed but took it anyway. Alice scuttled up to us as we were leaving the dance floor dragging Jasper behind her.

"Bella! It's a beautiful place isn't it? You should have heard how they wanted to decorate it, this is so much better." she did wide gestures with her arms once she was closer to me, I smiled and nodded. She grinned and admired her wedding ring that now rested on her hand, where it would stay, forever.

"It's your perfect wedding Alice" I told her honestly. She smiled and took a happy breath.

"This is perfect Bella, I am so completely happy and content I don't know how to explain it. I just wish I could stay like this forever" Alice leaned happily into Jaspers side, her head reached his shoulder.

I felt that familiar yet ugly pang of jealously as I smiled at her. I saw the photographer snap a candid shot of the four of us standing together, I wonder if the photo would show me smiling or not.

Finally after what felt like hours Alice and Jasper were waving goodbye from the back of a limo, Alice was standing with half her body out the sun roof as she waved her whole arm back and forth in the air.

Was it wrong that I felt a small surge of happiness as I saw Alice and Jasper disappear down the road? I felt freer, lighter almost. Then I felt guilty for thinking that, I know she had only been trying to help. Of course that didn't change the fact that I didn't think it helped.

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