Sometimes you can't make it on your own

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Warning: some cursing

A secret revealed

What do you do when everyone you love can't stand to look at you?

What do you do when you're nothing but an annoyance and a pain?

What do you do when you're breaking down inside and you can't allow yourself to cry?

You risked your life, you risked your world, is this the life you deserve?

Faith of the world on your shoulders, so heavy it wears you down

In so high over your head no one would be surprised if you drowned

Would they miss you, would they grieve, would they forget you if you decided you've had enough?

Why do you always have to be strong, why not let someone else fight for a chance?

Chris sat on top of the golden gate bridge. It was raining. He was drenched to his skin and

freezing cold. He welcomed the pain. If his body could focus on that, then maybe he

wouldn't have to think of how screwed up his life where. His parents had kicked him out. His

brother had 2 weeks ago killed his fiancé in front of him and tried to strangle Chris 5 feet in

the air. "I don't need you", "I don't want to see you anymore", "you're not family". That was

Chris' 3 most favorite quotes from each of his closest family. Those words hurt more than

he liked to admit. God, this was so not the time to have a mental breakdown. Why was he so

god damn weak? He needed to move on from his self-pitying state. He had to save Wyatt.

Save Wyatt. Save Wyatt from becoming a self obsessed, power hungry tyrannical evil

bastard. Chris was wallowing in self pity, self hate. He buried his head in his hands before

allowing himself one minute of pain. Of letting himself cry and remember all those horrible

things he had been through, his life. "Damn you Wyatt, I hate you. I wish I was an only child"

he could hear himself muttering. His strong self confidant voice was gone and replaced with

that of a child's, barely lauder than a whisper. It was loud enough to be heard though, and it

was. It was heard by a now beyond horrified elder. Chris didn't notice his future father's

presence. His body had currently become numb and the only thing that was keeping him

awake, in his current state of utter exhaustion, was his last shred of his strength and will

refusing to admit defeat.

Leo felt a not tighten in his stomach. Ha had come to check up on the whitelighter, who had

disappeared rather quickly after saving Wyatt from the order. The sight that met him when

he arrived was something he couldn't shake. Chris looked so hurt, so vulnerable, so much

like a little lost child. Leo had barely been able to contain the gasp in his throat. He had been

about to go and comfort the boy when he heard him speak. "Damn you Wyatt, I hate you. I

wish I was an only child". Leo racked his mind the next couple of seconds to figure out what

Chris had meant. The answer made all the color in his face disappear. No, no, Chris is lying.

He has to be. He can't be my son, he…Leo's rant came to an abrupt halt as his mind

automatically started analyzing the boy's actions over the past couple of months. The things

he had said and done. Then there was the boy's appearance and personality, oh God. Oh

God. Leo felt himself growing faint as everything about Chris seemed to fit like pieces of a

puzzle. Leo could deny the words all he wanted, but now, as he thought about it the kid

practically screamed Halliwell-Wyatt.

Chris started rocking back and forth as his mental and physical pain drove him to a near

catatonic state. He had gone demon hunting after saving Wyatt. His anger and agony had

caused him to vanquish about a dozen demons. Chris had survived the ordeal practically

unharmed. Only a few broken ribs and a few bruises. Nothing he couldn't handle right? He

had been through worse. Now though the pain nearly caused him to call Leo. Nearly. There

was no way in hell he was going to let Leo see him like this. He wouldn't give him the

satisfaction of seeing him like this. Besides the thought of one his father's lectures made him

sick. "What were you thinking, how could you be so stupid, why are you doing this to

yourself. You know better than this". His father's words were resounded in his ears. Of

course this version of his father would probably only give him one of his famous stupid

medical speeches. Chris couldn't handle that either. Just as his body gave in to his

exhaustion, Chris felt 2 strong hands wrap around his shoulders. Any other time the mere

presence, much less the touch of someone else would cause him to jump and from a

defensive stance, but not today. Chris merely submitted to unconsciousness as the stranger

scooped him up in his arms.

Leo lifted his future son in his arms. Chris was not heavy. Not heavy considering he was a 21

year old man. It shocked Leo how light he was. The kid was obviously suffering from severe

malnourishment. He felt a sting in his heart. Chris was his son? If Chris was his son he should

have never aloud this to happen. If he had a shred of decency in his body he should never

have allowed this to happen no matter if the kid was his son or not. Leo orbed to P3 and

removed Chris' wet clothes. There were massive cuts and bruises all over his torso. Leo

healed them quickly. Chris was shaking really bad, even after Leo covered him with about

half a dozen blankets. After lying Chris down on the couch Leo couldn't resist the urge to

caress his face. This was the first time he really looked at the kid. He looked so much like his

mother. Leo's heart started glowing with pride and love for the vulnerable witchlighter. But

why hadn't Chris told them? Everything could have been so different. They would have

treated him differently, they wouldn't have-A sudden flow of memories flashed before his

eyes. Chris was his son. A son he had beaten to a bloody pulp, threatened to kill with a

sword and to recycle his soul. Then there was all of the hateful words and throwing him out

of the house. God, what had he done? What had they all done, obviously enough to make

the kid have a mental breakdown. The haunted looked on Chris' face verified that. Leo's

painful revelation was interrupted by his newfound son's rapid increasing breath.

Hyperventilating, the boy was now twisting and turning in his sleep. Not knowing what else

to do, Leo lifted the kid into a sitting position and held Chris' head close to his chest, rubbing

circles on his back. "shh, it's okay, I got you. No one's going to hurt you Chris I promise.

You're safe. I've got you. Daddy's got you" Leo was only half aware of what he was saying,

but comforting Chris seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. He was

astounded and happy to see the kid calm down and relax in his arms. "We'll fix this, okay

Chris? I swear to God, we're going to fix this"