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As Chris gently lay down on the bed, Leo could see that something was preoccupying his mind. He

would have to ask him about it when the kid woke up. Right now Chris needed some sleep. Poor boy

was exhausted. Leo sighed as he found some sleeping dust and sprinkled it across his son's eyes.

Chris barely noticed it. "We're going to talk later okay, get some sleep". Leo gently kissed his son's

forehead before leaving. On his way down stair Leo checked on his oldest. Wyatt lay sprawled out on

the bed, fully clothed. The sight caused Leo to chuckle. He gently removed his shoes before kissing

his eldest sons' forehead. This was going to be a long day. Leo had no idea of just how long and

eventful the day was going to be.

"How is he" Piper nervously asked as Leo returned down stairs. "He's fine, sleeping. They are both

sleeping". Piper visibly relaxed. "I think I'm going to get Phoebe and Paige and do some demon

hunting" Leo chuckled. The idea was ridicules. He was about to make a smart remark, but the look in

his wives face brought him to a halt. She was completely serious. "Maybe you should leave it for now

honey, you should get some rest. It has been an eventful couple of days" Leo really didn't want her to

go. Demon hunting had been the most natural thing in the world, yet now everything had changed.

He could see Piper debating his statement in her head, but of course with her stubbornness he knew

what her decision was bound to be. There was nothing wrong with a tiny bit of hope though. " I

think I should find Phoebe and Paige. I'll be back for dinner" .The little hope quickly died as Piper

dismissed all of his concern and walked out the front door.

"You want me to kill the charmed ones whitelighter ?" Barbas fought the urge to laugh. It was

completely ridicules. Who did the elder think he was, coming down to his territory ordering him

around like a servant? Barbas didn't work for anyone. He only worked for own his benefit. Besides,

messing around with the charmed ones was no joke, he had learned from previous experiences never

to underestimate those annoying girls. "I want him out of the way. You're the only one that can help

me. Preferably as soon as possible". The tone of superiority in the elder's voice really pissed Barbas

off. "I'm not a contract killer. Find someone else" .A flick of anger passed over Gideon's face before he again regained composure.

His voice however was not so calm. "Listen vermin. I saved you from

purgatory, unless you want to return I suggest you do as I say. And I don't want you to kill him. It

attracts to much unwanted attention." Barbas was listening to the elder now. That arrogant bastard.

as soon as he got the opportunity, Barbas would stab him in the back. "Then what do you want me to

do master?".The elder ignored his tone. "I want you to do what you do best. You're the demon of

fear. Use his fears against him. Drive him insane. The foolish boy will never know what hit him.

Neither will the charmed ones."

Paige was very much in love. Richard could be the one. He seemed different than Glen and Nate. He

seemed different than most guys, though that was the way they all seemed right before they stabbed

her in the back. Richard wouldn't do that to her would he? God she was starting to sound like

Phoebe. Paige Matthews was not insecure when it came to guys. She was strong and confident. She

could handle whatever they threw at her, right? Damn, she wasn't sure anymore. Seemed like she

became weak when it came to guys, just like her sisters. Must run in the family. The last few days had

been awesome. She had really connected with Richard. She hadn't spoken to Piper or Phoebe. They

were all busy with their own life; or rather she was busy with hers. She should take a couple of hours

out of her romantic weak. She wanted to know what they thought about Richard anyway. Things

were getting serious. "Paige I need you" it was Piper. Was she in trouble? Paige sensed her. She was

at …P3?

P3. It seemed like years since Piper had been there last. So much had happened. She was going to

have another kid. She was going to die young. Her oldest was going to become the evil overlord of

the future. Wyatt didn't seem evil, but he was surrounded by family. People are always different

when they were surrounded by family. Things were all happening way to fast. She felt as if she was

going to burst, too much emotion was flowing around her body. The worst of it was that she felt as if

she didn't have time to deal with it. She had three, no four other people to take care of. Her currently

four boys were going to need her to be strong. Piper also had a business to oversee. Her employees

would have to take care of that. Maybe she should have a drink. A shot of vodka seemed tempting.

That's just great Piper. Drinking before noon, way to set an example for the boys. Look at mommy,

ain't she a great role model! Besides you might be pregnant doofus, cause when did Chris say he was

going to be born again? That's right he didn't. Isn't it enough that you're going to traumatize him for

life; you want to risk killing him before he is born too? It's settled then. No drinking for Mom of the

year. Defiantly in for a very long day. Besides one could never know when Chris would decide to take

off again. He had been in the past for around 6 months now. All of the countless times he had been

in danger made her stomach curl. What if anything had happened to him? And she had let him sleep

in the back of a bar. That mom of the year trophy was defiantly far out of reach. She needed a

distraction because her frustration was driving her mad. Blowing demons to bits should probably do

the trick. "Paige I need you".

When Chris woke up, the room was completely dark. Had he been asleep that long? Why was he

sleeping anyway? Chris couldn't remember. He walked into the hall. It was dark too. The electricity

had to be out. The house seemed to be deserted.

" Leo"


" Anyone"

No answer. They must have all gone out. Chris went to get something to eat. He was famished. He

really should stop suppressing his hunger, the feeling only got worse the longer he waited. The

kitchen was pretty dark. Chris suddenly tripped and fell. His breath hitched in his throat as he saw

what it was he had tripped over. It was his mother's dead body. Dried blood was smeared all over her

clothes and her eyes were wide open, just like he remembered them to be. The sight of her graying

irises made Chris so sick he couldn't bear looking at her. This wasn't happening, not again. It wasn't


"Of course it's real baby. I'm right here"

Chris's eyes snapped open at that comment. It wasn't his mother's voice.

"What's the matter honey, didn't you miss me? I missed you. I can't wait till I become your wife. "

Bianca smiled her gorgeous smile. She looked just like he remembered her.

"You do still want to marry me, don't you baby? Even if you left me to die."