Harry dove toward the ground so fast he could only be seen as a blur when…


A Bludger slammed into his right shoulder, causing him to careen toward the left. Harry's right arm now hung useless by his side, sharp needles of pain radiating across his back, arm, and collar bone. He threw his weight toward the right, veering back on track, while Wimbourne's Seeker pressed his advantage and took the lead in the race for the Snitch.

Harry flattened himself on his broom, he needed to catch the Snitch to prove that he didn't just get the Seeker position because he was the Boy-Who-Lived. He pulled up alongside the other Seeker.

The other Seeker, Brown, was desperate not to lose to a Hogwarts student. Suddenly, he swerved to left, slamming into Harry's already injured shoulder.

Harry screamed in pain, his vision going black. 'No!' He thought furiously. 'I won't faint. I'll get the Snitch!'

Neither Seeker saw Mike trying to get the referee's attention to call a time-out.

Harry's vision cleared, and he accelerated harder, pushing his broom to the limits. But there was a problem.

With his right arm useless, and his left controlling the broom, how could he catch the Snitch?

Harry did something then that was very reckless. He let go of the broom with his left hand, grabbed the Snitch, Brown's hand brushing over his, then grabbed the handle of the broom again, pulling up hard.

He was too late though. He slammed into the ground, pinning his arm beneath him. This time, he allowed the darkness to take him.

The referee blew the whistle, for the time-out one second too late. The Snitch had been caught.

But Brown wouldn't give up the game so easily. "I caught the Snitch," he declared. "Potter just pulled it out of my hand before the idiot crashed his broom like a first-year Muggleborn," he sneered.

Mike refused to believe this. Harry had too much honor to do something like that. "Check the Snitch," he told the referee. "It will recognize the skin of the first person to touch it."

The referee checked and sure enough Harry was the one who caught it.

Harry meanwhile was still unconscious as the emergency Medi-Wizards floated him, on a stretcher, off of the field.

Remus was frantic. His cub was hurt.

"Go, Remus," Minerva said, "Dora and I will look after the kids."

He nodded, before dashing out of the stands and down to the team's locker rooms.

"Hold it right there," a burly guard said.

"Where d'you think your goin'," his partner said.

Remus seethed at the men who were keeping him from his cub. "I have a pass," he said showing it, "and my nephew was injured in the game. Now, let me pass!"

"I don' think we should let 'im through, do you Bruce?" the one on the left, and the first speaker, asked.

"I agree," the aforementioned Bruce said.

Remus narrowed his eyes and growled menacingly, "Let. Me. Through." And just as he was about to punch Bruce's partner, Mr. McClanough approached.

"Bruce," he said, "Mickey, let this man through if he has a pass."

The goons, as Remus labeled them in his mind, begrudgingly allowed him to enter. "Where is Harry?" he asked the first person he came across, which was Meghan.

"Who are you?" she asked suspiciously, thinking him to be a reporter.

"I'm his uncle, Remus Lupin, though he may have referred to me as Mooney," the desperate man said.

"Oh," she said, recognizing the odd nickname. "They Portkeyed him to St. Mungos. You can use our floo if you like," she offered.

"Thanks," was all he said before throwing down a handful of powder and stepping into the green flames. "St. Mungos," he cried out, and with a woosh, he was gone.

He stepped out into a busy lobby, and rushed to the Welcome Witch's desk. "I'm here to see my nephew. He was in a Quidditch accident."

"Ground floor; down the corridor on the left. Have a nice day," the witch said in a monotone.

Remus rushed down the indicated corridor and approached the nurse's station which was full of women whispering to each other. "I'm here to see my nephew who was in a Quidditch accident," he said stiffly.

"Name of the patient," one witch said.

"Harry Potter," he replied, tapping his fingers anxiously.

The witch snorted. "Everyone knows that Harry has no family. What are you trying to pull? I should call Security."

Remus had had it. "I was one of his father's best friends, and he has spent most of the summer with me, and I have papers that state I am his medical proxy," he whipped out some papers from the inner pocket of his robe, "and I would like to see my nephew!"

The witch looked at them, turned pink, and led him down a corridor to one of the private rooms. "This is his room," she said, opening the door and entering with him.

"What do you think you are doing?!?" Remus hissed to a man who was snapping pictures of his unconscious godson, while a nearby witch was scribbling away on a piece of parchment.

The witch jumped nervously. "Rita Skeeter," she said, holding out a hand for Remus to shake, though she pulled it back when it became apparent that he wouldn't touch her. "Reporter for the Daily Prophet," she explained. "The people have a right to know that Harry Potter is injured."

Remus snarled at the nurse, who squeaked. "Get Security! Now!" he said.

She rushed to press a rune on the wall by the door.

"Come now," Rita tried to say in a calming tone, "Can't we just leave, that way Security doesn't need to be involved?"

"No," Remus said firmly.

"You called us, Merriweather," a man said to the nurse as he entered the room along with two other men.

"That reporter and her photographer broke in here to take pictures of my nephew, and I would like them arrested for invasion of privacy, breaking and entering, stalking a minor, trespassing in a private room at the hospital, and photographing a minor without the consent of his legal guardian, which is me by the way," Remus said, pulling out papers from his inner robe pocket. "These are the papers giving me power of attorney over Harry."

The nurse gaped at Remus before scurrying to get the Healer in charge of Mr. Potter. The sooner the Boy-Who-Lived was healed, the sooner the scary man would be gone.

The three men from Security cast evil grins at Rita Skeeter and the photographer. "Come on then, you two," one said. "Let's go visit in my office while we wait on the Auror's, eh."

They escorted the pair out after confiscating their wands, and Remus was left to sit by Harry's bedside and wait for the Healer.

Harry lay shirtless and pale, his right arm bandaged against his chest, and his shoulder wrapped tightly, clearly not having had the broken bones set. His face was tense and looked clammy.

Remus was scared. What if there was permanent damage? Harry would never be able to play Quidditch again. What if he needed physical therapy? What if there was head trauma? The list went on.

After what seemed like hours, but was in fact less than twenty minutes, the Healer entered the room.

"Mr. Lupin," the man said, "I am Mr. Potter's attending Healer. I just need you to answer a few quick questions for me."

Remus nodded.

"Has Mr. Potter had any major diseases in his life?"

Remus nodded. "Dragon Pox, when he was three."

"Any allergies?"

"He's allergic to coconut, and pollen," Remus replied.

"Has he got asthma, diabetes, or other such problems?" the Healer asked.


"Any physical problems, poor eyesight, trouble hearing, etc.?"

"He's nearsighted," Remus said.

The Healer hmmed softly.

"His personal Healer is Andromeda Tonks if you have further questions," Remus said.

"Alright," the man said. "I'll contact her, then we can get started on setting his shoulder and arm, dosing him with Skelegrow, and when his bones are mended, we'll find out if he'll need physical therapy."

Remus nodded. "My wife will probably be here soon. Her name is Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin. Could you please have someone bring her here when she arrives?"

"I'll let the nurse's station know," the Healer said, patting Remus' hand, and somehow knowing that Remus was upset despite his calm façade.

For the next twenty minutes Remus sat, clutching Harry's left hand tightly.

The door burst open suddenly, and pink hair obscured Remus' vision.

"How is he? Why hasn't his arm been set? Where is the Healer? Should I go hunt him down?" Dora asked without giving her husband a chance to respond.

Remus gently pressed the tip of one finger to Dora's lips, silencing her, and tugged her onto his lap. "The Healer was waiting on Harry's medical history apparently, so I referred him to your mother after answering the usual questions about allergies and such. He should be conferring with her right now, and hopefully they'll be able to set his arm and shoulder soon." He paused a moment, then said, "How are the kids?"

"Ours think he's having a sleep-over with the Weasley's; Hermione knows the truth and is biting her nails she's so worried. Dad's babysitting for us by the way," she said with a wink, so he'd know that Sirius was the one who really was babysitting. "Neville is worried but actually comforted me. The Zabini boy was concerned and asked me to have Harry write him when he is able. The Weasley boys were scared, especially Ron, but they'll be fine. Ginny though," and here she sighed, "is distraught, no amount of comforting can calm her. She refused her dinner, and refused to go to bed. As soon as Harry is patched up we should let her know.


Ginny screamed loudly when she saw the Bludger heading toward Harry. She would have warned him, but he said if she contacted him during the game it would be cheating. Her scream grew louder when it hit him. The crowd was so loud that not even the twins, who sat beside her, could hear her. Pain shot through her shoulder, arm, and back. The scariest part to her was that the pain was worse for Harry.

He still was chasing the Snitch though. Ginny cringed when he let go of the broom to catch the winged ball.

Everyone was cheering around her, but only she noticed what the consequences of that act would be. Harry had no time to pull up, at least, not completely.

She gasped in pain when his broom crashed, a sudden throbbing in her head, coupled with the pain in her arm.

Ginny reached out her mind to touch Harry's, but for the first time since they met, she couldn't find him. She began breathing quickly and shallowly, fearing the worst, and praying that the pain would not go away, because then he'd be gone forever.

Thankfully the twins held onto her hands as they left, otherwise she would not have moved from her seat.

Minerva and Dora quickly had Blaise and Neville floo to their homes, before flooing with the Weasley children and Hermione to the Burrow.

When Ginny arrived Ron had already begun to explain to their mother about Harry's injuries.

"I think you'd best go get ready for bed, then come back down for supper," Molly said once he'd finished his tale. "You too Fred and George, and you Ginny," she added.

As the boys went upstairs, Ginny just shook her head no, and began pacing, wringing her hands. Every time she turned she checked for Harry, and every time he wasn't there.

"Ginny, dear," Molly said a moment later. "Don't you want some hot onion soup? I know how you love it."

"No," Ginny said in a hoarse voice, likely caused by her screams. "I'll not eat until I know Harry is well."

Molly exchanged looks with a concerned Dora and Minerva. "Well then, why don't you get into bed, and I'll tell you a story like I used to?"

"No," Ginny said in little more than a whisper. "I can't sleep." She continued pacing.

"Ginny," Dora said, kneeling in front of the girl and making her stop, "I know Harry wouldn't want you to go hungry because he's hurt; nor would he want you to go without sleep."

Ginny shook her head. "I know what he would want, but I still cannot sleep or eat," she said, eyes shining with tears that never fell.

Dora glanced up at Molly who shrugged, not sure what to do. "I'll let you know as soon as he's healed," Dora said, patting Ginny on the shoulder before leaving with Hermione.

All night Ginny paced, checking on Harry sporadically. Eventually, she began feeling pins and needles in her shoulder and arm, and even a slight tingle in her head. At last, as her mother began cooking breakfast, she felt Harry slip into… not consciousness, but rather a normal sleep.

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