My first Tokyo Mew Mew fanfiction. It may not be good, but gotta write it or else I'll explode from not writing TMM. LOL so yah this is the MANGA not the ANIME. Enjoy it!

I had heard of this place before. Café Mew Mew. People claimed it was named after Tokyo Mew Mew, but I donno…

I stepped inside the door and instantly had to duck out of the way of a plate that came flying at my face.

"Omigosh I am so sorry!" A girl with short red hair was already sweeping up the fragments of plate. I vaguely recognized her from school. "Take a seat, I'll be with you in a moment"

I shrugged and sat down. Already my visit to Café Mew Mew was turning out to be a bad idea. Flying plates aimed at your head were not a good way to begin lunch.

But I had heard that this place had great chocolate milk shakes, so I was determined to try them. I had just a very slight obsession with chocolate milk shakes…

"Good afternoon!" said that girl with the red hair. She had snuck up to the table with a pen and pad of paper. "I'm Ichigo, and I'll be your waitress today. May I take your order?"

"Chocolate milk shake, please!" I said with a smile. The girl, Ichigo, left, and I took a look around. It was kind of pink and frilly all over, with only five employees. I could tell they worked here because they each wore an amazingly puffy dress, a different color for each girl. Ichigo, who wore dark pink that actually looked good with her hair, had disappeared somewhere. A younger girl in gold was juggling plates nearby- now I knew where the killer plate had come from. An older-looking girl in purple was serving a table a little ways off. A girl with glasses in green was trying- and failing- to pour a glass of water, and at the end of the café sat a girl all in blue, sipping tea like none of this bothered her at all. Crazyness, in other words.

Honestly, it was amazing what I would do for a chocolate milk shake…

"Here's your order!" Ichigo's sudden appearance made me jump. Really, why all the sneaking up on me? What was she, a cat?

"Thanks" I took the milk shake and took a good look at it. It was tall and wide, the coloring dark and smooth, a strawberry pushed into edge of the glass.

I have been all over Japan tasting chocolate milk shakes (OK, actually, my dad just traveled a lot and took me with him, but still…) and I was pretty much an expert on them, evaluating them like a professional chef might evaluate something. But I had never had anything like this. Smooth creamy texture, lovely chocolaty smell, and the taste… semi-sweet and dark chocolate blended lusciously together with fat-free skim milk and- barely there, seeming to float inside the chocolate itself- was the faintest but almost tangible hint of strawberry. In other words, delicious!

"Will you be paying now?" I jumped again. Sheesh, Ichigo's sudden appearances were beginning to get on my nerves…

"Oh, here, let me get you a napkin!" Ichigo ran off, and for a second I had no clue why, or what the thing about napkins was all about, but then I felt something cold soak through the knee of my jeans. When I had jumped, I had knocked over my glass, spilling the last bit of my chocolate milk shake all over me. Dang, those were my favorite jeans!

I sighed and stood up This just wasn't my day. I walked over to a door in the corner marked 'Bathrooms'. Maybe I could get that stain out with some soap. I opened the first door and found three more: One labeled 'Guys', one labeled 'Girls', and one that said 'Do not enter, employees only'. I could hear voices from behind that third door. I tried to ignore them, but my curiosity got the better of me. Like it always does. I pressed my ear against the keyhole to listen in.

"You sure it's safe, Ryou?

"Of course, Keiichiro. It's just different DNA"

What? DNA? Whose DNA?

"Well, OK, Keiichiro. Experiment time…"

I had to take a look at this. I tried to open the door, but it was locked.

Ok, plan two.

I reached up and pulled a bobby pin out of my hair, causing the entire bun it was tied into to pretty much fall apart, letting my wavy dark red hair fall halfway down my back. I picked the lock, heard a satisfying click that ment the door was now unlocked, and crept inside.

I was in a laboratory! A huge laboratory with giant computer screens all across one wall. Two guys- one with blonde hair, one with really long brown hair- were sitting in chairs facing one of the screens, observing some kind of thing. I never got to see what that thing was because that blonde guy turned and I had to duck behind a shelf so he wouldn't see me.

"Did you hear something just now, Keiichiro?


"Nevermind, then… Everything ready?"

"All set, Ryou!"

"Then we launch the experiment in five…"

Could I risk a peak?


Would they see me?


Better not risk it.


Or should I? It was now or never…


There was a click, then a series of mechanical beeps. I wanted to see what was happening so badly!!

"This isn't right… Ryou, something's gone wrong!"

"With the DNA?"

More beeps, growing progressively louder and faster

"No, the experiment!"

I couldn't take it. I had to look. I took a deep breath, then crawled out from behind the shelf.

I heard someone scream "Get out of the way!", then the ground was shaking. What was going on?! There was a burst of light, then I was suspended in some dark void. Somehow, it wasn't scary. I felt natural to be here. I was confused as heck, but I knew this wasn't a bad thing, sorta…

Now I was really crazy. I was seeing things. In front of me a glowing creature had appeared. Cat? Dog? Wolf? I had no clue. All I knew was that I was floating towards it, or maybe it was floating to me, or maybe… Whatever the way, I was now close enough to see what it really was.

It was a fox.

I reached out for it. The moment it made contact with me, I felt a searing flash of agony, like an electric shock. It only lasted for a second, and I was getting closer still, my arms folding around the little animal.

I was merging with the fox!!

Everything was blackness now, but I felt great. For a moment, it felt like I was a fox, curious and eager and mischievous and swift.

But all too soon that feeling was interrupted.

"Hello?" A boy's voice intruded on my thoughts or vision or whatever it was, someone was shaking me. "You OK?"

"Well, duh, I'm OK" I said, managing to open my eyes. "I'm breathing, aren't I?"

I was lying sprawled on the floor of the lab, people gathered all around me. I recognized Ichigo, the four other workers, the brown hair guy, and the blonde hair guy. There was also a pink, furry, I'm-not-sure-what-but-it-was-cute hovering left of Ichigo's head. I pulled myself into a sitting position, asking as I did so "What the heck just happened?"

"We'll tell you later" said the blonde guy. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. "Your name?"

"I'm Kinomi." I said, rubbing my right shoulder. It was really sore. Must've bruised it when I fell…

I heard the girl in blue whisper something to the girl in purple. "Mew Kinomi… Interesting" she was saying, so quiet I could just barely hear her.

"What do you mean 'Mew Kinomi'?" I turned to face her, hands on my hips. "Will someone please tell me what's going on?"

"My name's Ryou, for starters" the blonde guy said.

"I'm Keiichiro" said the guy with the super-long brown hair.

"I'm Ichigo but you know that." Said Ichigo, then she gestured to the little furry thing "And this is my robot, Masha"

"I'm Pudding!" Said the little girl in gold in a loud, cheerful voice.

"I-I'm Lettuce. Nice to meet you…" whispered the girl in green, her face turning a tad pink.

"My name's Mint" greeted the girl in blue.

"Zakuro" Said the girl in purple simply in a kind of mellow voice.

"The was a moment of silence after the introduction had finished, then Ryou turned back to the screens.

"We should show you something" He said as he typed something in on the keyboard. A bunch of complicated diagrams and charts appeared on one screen, while another lit up with a news clip of Tokyo Mew Mew' s latest victory.

"Beginning to understand?" He said, turning his head to look at the rest of us.

"Uhh……. Your really smart and a Mew Mew fan?" I guessed. Those charts and junk just looked like a bunch of blah blah blah to me…

"Sheesh, no!" Ryuo looked pretty ticked that I couldn't understand. "You're a Mew Mew now!"

I stared at him for a full minute, then burst out laughing. "You honestly expect me to fall for THAT?" I said between laughs. "Ya right!"

"I'm not joking…" Ryou said seriously.

That shut me up. "You gotta be. This is insane, this whole setup!"

"Still need more proof?" Ryou said. He thought for a grand total of half a second, then grabbed the part of the collar of my shirt that was beside the sleeve of my sore right shoulder, and began to pull down.

"Huh?! Leggo of me, you jerk!!" I tried to pull away, but he just pulled harder, and this just led to a wrestling match on the floor that only ended when the combined efforts of Mint, Pudding, Lettuce, Ichigo, Zakuro, and Keiichiro pulling us to opposite sides of the lab finally succeeded, Zakuro saying as she dragged Ryou to the left side of the lab "OK, time out, you two"

I sat staring at Ryou. I have never been so angry, that jerk. He was trying to pull down my shirt! Granted, it was only my sleeve he was pulling, but still…!

"Yes, wonderful idea, Ryou." Said Mint sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "First freak her out, then make all of us think you're a pervert. Very nice plan"

"Shut up" Ryou grumbled.

Keiichiro sighed and shook his head. "Ryou…Just ask her to show you. It's much easier."

Show him what?

"Alright, alright, fine" Ryou grumbled again "Kinomi, I need to see your right shoulder"

"Fine." Weird question, but way better than what I was expecting him to ask. I

rolled up the sleeve of my blue shirt- not quite a T-shirt but not quite a long sleeve- up so the sleeve was bunched up tight near my neck. "Now what?"

While I was rolling up my sleeve, everyone had crowded around me again. Pudding had her mouth hanging open in shock. What was the big deal? I just bruised it.

Ryou rolled his eyes. "Just look at it, for Pete's sake…"

I scowled at him, looked down at my shoulder, and gasped.

What. The. Heck.

There was a symbol of some kind on my shoulder. I was looking at it upside-down, of course, but I could see it was an inverted triangle, with two smaller triangles above it. It looked sorta like a cat's face. Or a fox's…

It was beginning to make a bit of sense. The symbol, the dream that I got fused with a fox.

Was Ryou telling the truth?


"Thanks for the snack" I murmured. I had desperately needed some fresh air after that crazyness, and had suggested we continue this conversation at the park. We had passed a fruit stand on the way, so Ichigo had treated everyone to- what else? - fresh strawberries. Now the eight of us had formed a sort of lopsided circle in the grass. No one was talking. I hoped someone would explain all this to me soon.

Pudding was the first to finish her treat. She stood up and stretched. "I'm bored. Anyone up for a race?"

"Me!" I answered, my hand shooting into the air. I loved to run. Ichigo nodded and said "OK, where to?"

Pudding looked around "Uh, how about, um, to that tree and back?" She was pointing to a big cherry tree about halfway down the park. An easy run.

"OK." Ichigo began the countdown. "On your mark.."

"Get set…"

I turned to the tree, getting ready for my full run. My legs felt strangely tense, like they wanted to run for all I was worth, right now.


I was off soon as the word left Ichigo's mouth, flying down that path, ground flashing by under my feet. It was an incredible feeling, the wind slapping my face, the tree zipping by as I turned smoothly around it. I passed Ichigo, passed Pudding- they both still weren't at that huge cherry tree- and then it was over. I was back with the others.I dropped to my knees, panting. My legs were shaking. Amazingly, I wasn't tired at all. It felt like I had simply walked that distance.

No, I was in shock. The others were staring at me. Pudding and Ichigo were halfway back to us.

"How did you learn to run that fast?" Mint finally asked.

"I-I have no idea…" I said breathlessly as Ichigo and Pudding plopped down on the grass beside me.

"Just more proof you're a Mew Mew" Ryou said. I gave a look that said 'You still on that?'. Ryou rolled his eyes and said "Do you know how the Mew Mews were created, Kinomi?"

"Duh" Of course I knew. Everyone knew, after that last news report. "Their DNA got merged with DNA from endangered animals, so they gained the animals' abilities and superpowers, and weird symbols mark out…" My voice trailed off, realizing what I was saying.

I had that crazy dream-vision thing with the fox. The symbol, or mark, or whatever it was. The sudden ability to run that fast.

Was I really a Mew Mew?

"Just explain everything, please. From start to finish." I said after a long pause.

"Well.." Ryou began, and all attention snapped to him at once. I had the feeling that, apart from Keiichiro, no one else had been completely filled in on what happened. "Keiichiro and I were doing a few more experiments for Project Mew Mew, when something went haywire with the experiment. But now that I think about it, the DNA we were experimenting with was probably just reacting to your compatible DNA…"

Project Mew Mew? I looked around at the girls – Pudding, Zakura, Mint, Lettuce, Ichigo – with new eyes. Did that mean these girls were…?

"And so," Continued Keiichiro. "Your DNA was merged with the DNA of a Red Data Animal."

"You pretty much have to join the Mew Mews now!" Ryou commented.

"But do we really need another Mew Mew?" Mint inquired, her tone slightly sharp.

Ryou shrugged "Not really any choice. What else is she gonna do with superpowers?"

This guy was really getting on my nerves!

Calm, Kinomi. Don't blow up again…

Pudding was cheering something about getting a new member of the group, Ichigo was trying to get her to 'calm down and don't scream out the secret again', and I was wondering how I ever got sucked into this mess.

Once Pudding had stopped cheering, there was yet another silence, broken at last by Lettuce asking "So, um…uh what was Kinomi fused with?"

"Vulpes Velox" Keiichiro answered. "Also called a swift fox."

"Well, that explains why you're so fast…" Zakuro commented.

I could think was Why me?

Then, the real shock.

"Hi, Kitty! Long time no see!"

Everyone turned around. There were three guys behind us, floating in midair. You heard me, floating! A tall guy with dark blue hair and eyes, a short guy with red-brown hair and eyes, and one other guy with very dark green hair and kind of amber-colored eyes who had flown over to Ichigo, wrapped his arms around her, and was right now giving her a kiss right on the lips. They all had kinda big pointy ears.

Great. Just to further complicate my life, three new people have to show up and maybe even a love triangle to figure out…

"Tar-Tar!" Pudding squealed.

"For the last time, shut up and don't call me Tar-Tar!!" The short guy yelled, his cheeks turning slightly red.

"Whatever you say, Tar-Tar!" Pudding said with a wink.

Ichigo had finally wrestled herself away form the guy that was kissing her. "What do you want, Kish?"

"Oh, nothing" Kish backed up a little. "Just brought over a few friends"

And then I saw them. Thousands upon thousand of black crows, all grown to the size of a full-grown bloodhound, their eyes glinting red. Surrounding us…

"Chimera Animas" Mint whispered her eyes wide. Then they narrowed and she glanced at the others. Each one nodded, their eyes speaking of a battle soon to be fought.

Words were coming to my head, seeming to come right out of my heart, on the verge of being said. I glanced at Ichigo, my eyes full of panic and confusion. What was going on?

Ichigo simply winked at me and said quietly "Welcome to Tokyo Mew Mew"

Six shouts rang out into the still air, but I was only aware of my own cry of "Mew Kinomi Metamorphosis!!"

I couldn't see, but I could feel myself changing. It was like something inside my heart had shifted, opening up a new me. The feeling of being a fox was back, and stronger than ever as the light played all around my, seeming to form a new existence, a new version of myself.

I opened my eyes. And the first thing I saw were the Mew Mews. Ichigo's hair and eyes were now pink, Lettuce was missing her glasses, and they had all grown animal ears or a tail or both. But there was no mistaking the girls that, just a few minutes ago, I had sat in the grass eating strawberries with.

Something furry ticked my leg. I glanced behind me to see what it was and-

Oh. My. Gosh.

I. Had. A. TAIL!!

I spin around, twisting my head in all directions. My tail was dark red, the same shade as my hair, and bushy like a fox's. I was wearing a a short crimson dress, held up by two thin straps that ran front to back, crossing in the front below my chin. The skirt portion was poofed out slightly, but not much, reminding me skirts I saw on the magic-girls in the anime I watched when I was young. The little symbol on my shoulder seemed to glow with a slight crimson light. I reached up to feel my face, and found that my glasses were still on, little oval shaped things in dark bronze frames. I had lazer-pointer red fingerless gloves that went up to my elbows, and bloodred sandles with straps that crisscrossed almost up to my knees. My long hair was loose and blowing around my face, and –what was that? I reached up to find- fox ears, growing right out of my head, poking throgh my hair.


"Fiesty as always, Ichigo." The alien that kissed Ichigo moments before said,

arms folded. "But thet's one of the resons I love you so much!" He glacnced around at the other Mew Mews, then did a double take. "Well, I see we have a new Mew! Who's you're foxy little friend, Kitty?"

"My name is Kinomi" There was a seathing anger in my voice. I had never taken well to being called a 'doll' or 'foxy' or 'dame' or whatever other discriminating name you could think of. Which is what all guys at my old school did to all girls. I don't know why, but its one of the main things that ticks me off…

"This is Pie" He said without acknologing that he had heard me, gesturing to the tall guy. "And Tart" He gestured to the guy Pudding had called Tar-Tar. "And My name's Kishu, but you can call me Kish" If this was a manga, there would probably been a little heart at the end of that statement, if that gives you any clue into how he said it.

"C'mon, cut the introduction, Kish!" Called Tart. Then he turned to the army of evil crows. "Chimera Animas! ATTACK!!"

"Strawberry Bell Bell!" "Mintoon Alo!" "Pudding ring!" More shouts rang out through the air, weapons appeared in the Mew Mew's hands. They had barely any time to receive them before they had to leap out of the way of the attackers (Death by crows…odd thought.)

Ichigo called "When I give the signal, everyone attack at once!"

More words formed at my lips, as the I doged fierce attacks from the crows, words that came right out of my heart. I shouted tham out into the sky, unable to retain them any longer "Kinomi Prism!"

A gemstone seemed to fall out of nowhere into my right hand, a pyramid-shaped thing with smooth sides that fit into my hand perfectly, reflecting the light from the sun in a dazzeling array of color. I only had time to look at for a second before I had to duck out of the way of an incoming crow, its beak pointed, ready to shish-ka-bob me. More words bubbled up from my soul to my lips, but I dared not say them until Ichigo gave the signal. She must have I plan. I think…

By now the crows had formed a ring around the six of us. Keiichiro and Ryou were nowhere to be seen. I backed up even further, but never got anywhere really because the crows had bunched the five Mews and me into a tight cluster, our backs to each other.

"Ichigo…" Zakuro prompted.

"Hang on…" Ichigo stalled. The crows were pushing in closer I could see the three big-ear guys a little ways off, Kish looking a bit concerned about Ichigo, Tart looking mostly pleased with himself, and Pie just cold and calculating.

"Ichigo…" I pleaded. I was getting really scared.

"Just a little longer…" Ichigo whispered. Every muscled tensed in anticipation, all weapons held at the ready. It was taking all my willpower to keep that battle cry from my heart and soul from spilling out of my mouth. The crows were a solid wall of black feathers, sharp beaks, and red eyes. I think they were confused that we weren't attacking, but getting over it fast.

It was going to be a bloodbath, and we were gonna die.

"OK, now!" Ichigo and the crows acted at the same time. The moment she gave that order, the crows lept at us, but we were ready. Six war cries sounded.

"Pudding Ring Inferno!"

"Ribbon Strawberry Check!"

"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!"

"Ribbon Mint Echo!"

"Ribbon Zarkuro Pure!"

"Ribbon Kinomi Blaze!"

The moment I said those words, a beam of multicolored light burst from the end of the prism, glowing like an aurura. It slamed right into a crow, reducing it to normal size and leaving behind a geletenlike blob, which I assumed to be the thing that mutated the crow. The blob was quickly snached up by Masha, and the crow, now utterly normal, flew away.

I now saw Ichigo's plan. She had lured them into a wall of bird, and now wherever we attacked, we took out at least a dozen. And since we were in our own little circle, we had the full space covered. My beam of light swept across my portion, wiping out the crows. I think we tired Masha out with all the blobs that got left over, seeing as it had to go collect them, and there were millians of crows. Only now there were just a few hundred. I glanced over at Ichigo, who was fending off a few crows with a heart shaped bell thing from which a pink beam of light, much like my own iridecent beam, had burst. "Nice plan" I said.

"Thanks, but I never had a plan" Ichigo whispered back.

So she had been winging it all along? I shrugged and turned back to my prey. There were only a few dozen crows left. I had never felt so powerful. It might seem like we were killing those crows, but as soon as they got hit with an attack they just went beck to normal and flew away. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Pie talking to Kish. I turned my head towards them slightly and found that I could hear them! Guess those fox ears were good for some thing after all.

"With Kinomi added to their team, their power is increased by 150 percent. This is not good…" I heard Pie say.

Wait, did that mean the power was now doubled its usual or what? I was never good at math…

I blinked, and Kish, Pie, and Tart were gone. There one second, gone the next. Faded into thin air. Freaky…

The guys may have gone, but they were soon replaced by the Channal 10 News van. All the crows had vanished, too, and I could hear the news lady saying to the camera "I'll try to see if I can get an intervew with them now…"

"Hey guys, we'd better go." I commented. "That news lady over there wants to give us an interveiw."

"Aw, can't we stay?" Pudding pleaded.

"No way." Answered Mint. "We've already been interveiwed twice this week. I'm sick of it!"

So we took off, into a dense grove of trees wherewe were well hidden and unfollowed by the news woman. There was another bright flash of light, and everyone, including me, was back to their old selves. I fell to my knees, my legs unable to support me any longer. I was in shock.

"So I'm a Mew Mew" I finally said in a shaky voce.

"You finally get it…" came a guy's voice. It was Ryou. I glared at him. I was really beginning to hate this guy. I could see Keiichiro a little ways off, discussing something with Zakruro.

"So any thoughts?" Mint said. She had sat down to the left of me, Ichigo to my right.

"Yah." I responded, trying to make light of the situation. "When when Kish called me your 'foxy little friend', Ichigo, was he talking about the DNA merge thing, or did he actually think…"

Ichigo's face held a strange expression of seriousness and amusment as as she answered "Knowing Kish, probably a bit of both"

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