In dreams, there are certain aspects in our surroundings which we unknowingly choose to ignore. That blue dog having tea at your favorite restaurant. Conversations with a dead relative or celebrity. Places never seen or been before. Unless a person can point out these inaccuracies, we go through the motions of everyday life in a world that is more or less, wrong.

For Yako, pointing out such oddities is becoming more of a challenge to her each day. Ever since she met Neuro, she has seen things that defy the natural laws of physics. Now it wasn't a question if this was a dream. Now it's a question whether or not she has gone insane.

The room was dark. This should have been her first clue. Yako looked around the investigation office, not questioning why she was in the office after hours. Moonlight shined through the open windows and a soft yet cold breeze drifted in.

Instead of pausing to think about this, she crossed the room to where one of the lamps was and flicked it on. A small soldering light barely illuminated the room. Nobody was there.

"Hello?" Yako said into the flat darkness. "Is anybody here?"

"You're late."

Yako twisted around to stare wildly at Neuro. He was sitting at his infamous red desk, his legs propped up and his hands cupped on his stomach. His body, farthest from the lamp, looked nothing more than a shapely shadow against the windows. His eyes were glowing.

"Neuro!" Yako gasped. "You scared me!"

His dark green eyes blinked slowly at her. He says again, "You're late."

"No I'm not," She said indignantly. "I'm…"

She takes a look at the clock and finds she can't focus on the hands. She shakes her head and tries again. The numbers, the clock face itself melts together in a pool of black and white. For many, it's impossible to read in their dreams. But for whatever reason, Yako pulls a time out of this pool. "It's only three. I'm not late."

She turns to look back at Neuro and finds he is not at his desk anymore. "Neuro…?"

She jumps when an arm from behind curls around her shoulders and another across her waist. A cold gloved hand cups her face as warm breath tickles her ear. "You smell of a mystery…"

Yako's heart began to race at Neuro's sudden intimate contact. By now, he should have body slammed her into the ground or twisted her head until she heard her neck snap. This was new. This was different. And Yako couldn't decide if she should like this new non-hurting Neuro… or be afraid.

"Mystery?" She said, very aware of how close he was. "I-I don't understand."

From the corner of her eye, she could see him smile. His pointed teeth practically glowed in this twilight and it made Yako shiver in response.

"Do you know what I do to mysteries?" He asked her, letting his long fingers to slowly caress the side of her face.

Yako flinched as she felt his other hand snaked in underneath her pale pink school sweater. She licked her lips, trying to ignore this hand. "You… eat them..."

She gasped as said hand suddenly cupped her breast.

"That's right Yako," Neuro spoke calmly as if he was completely unaware of what he was doing. "I eat them…"


Yako woke with a start. She sat straight up in her bed, her arms instinctively wrapping around herself. It took her a few moments to realize that she was in her bed, at home, and fully dressed.

"Calm down Yako," She told herself even though she couldn't bring her body to obey it. Her heart was beating wildly in her ear and certain parts of her body were still tingling.

She took a glance at the clock on her night stand, and queerly enough, found it was three in the morning. Three-thirty, but three nonetheless.

Not wishing to sleep anymore, Yako flung off her blankets and got to her feet. Her still sleepy body protested at the movement by locking up joints and tensing muscles. Yako groaned at this and limped her way towards the bathroom.

Once there, she turned on the cold water full blast and doused her face in it. It felt good.

She turned off the faucet and looked at herself in the mirror.

What the hell was that about?

She could still feel his hands on her. The pressure on her back, his lips on her ear, his hand on her-

What would have happen has she not woken up at that moment?

Yako was no ignorant creature. She knew what sex was. But words like, 'clitoris' and 'orgasm' were lost on her. She didn't understand anything beyond the baby making steps; so this dream, this odd feeling she felt deep inside her was new territory. She didn't understand it and wasn't sure if she wanted to understand it. Because, for the life of her, it was Neuro.

Of anybody she could have dreamed about, why him? Why not dream about Hiro Obana, the cute captain of the baseball team? Or even Mr. Miyazaki, her handsome homeroom teacher?

Instead, it was about Neuro, her boss. Neuro, the demon. Neuro, who spends every minute he's with her abusing her and calling her names. Her elbow still hurts from that arm lock he placed her in yesterday.

Yako sat tiredly on the toilet seat with a sigh. It took her a few minutes to calm herself down, but now she was past the point of overreacting. It was just that: a dream. There is no hidden metaphor in it, no dark secret to explore. It wasn't real.

Still the phantom feelings lingered.

Yako huffed and got up. There was a whole tub of strawberry ice cream in the freezer with her name on it. Pushing Neuro and his violating hands to the back of her mind, Yako left the bathroom.


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