A/N: Welcome to my "The dreams I rejected" chapter. These are…well…the dreams I rejected. I'll give a little info on why I rejected said dream. Just realize that some, I never finished. Enjoy!

Why I rejected this one: For some strange reason unknown to myself, I write foreplay better than I write love scenes. Dunno why. So when I wrote this one, it became less like foreplay and more like…well…you know. Plus, I didn't like it.

"Don't speak," Neuro hissed in her ear. "If they find us, we'll surely be torn to shreds."

Yako could only nod in response, gulping down any speech in her throat. The Evil Canceller could only hide their physical selves, but cannot hide their voices or movements. If she even breathed a bit too loudly, she would alert any one nearby.

She did not question her whereabouts. Neuro had once use Evil Canceller while on the battleship, but this was not it. People with cross faces and stern frowns walked past them; none wore military outfits. Yako did not question why she was here or how she got here. All she knew is she had to keep quiet. It meant life or death.

They could not move from that spot. Occasionally someone would walk past, exceptionally close to them and Yako would force herself closer to Neuro just to avoid them. She did not want to give herself away because her foot was sticking out a little too far.

Her back against Neuro's chest, the silence felt loud to her ears. She could hear a pin drop.

She felt Neuro sigh suddenly and in a low bored tone, said, "I'm tired of waiting. Let's make this a bit more interesting."

She didn't know why nobody else but her heard him. What did he mean? Was he going to reveal himself to the enemy?

"Don't make a sound or else we'll be found," He reminded her again. She didn't understand why he had to tell her twice. Was-

Yako took in a violent hiss of air as Neuro's finger suddenly touched a very sensitive part on her body.

A person looked in their direction and Yako bit her lip to keep from crying out. Neuro wasn't making this easy for her. His finger made slow torterous circles on her flesh and she fought to keep her voice in. The enemy eventually looked away and Yako took in a deep breath of air.

"S-stop," She stuttured. "We'll be f-found..."

She could hear his amusement in his voice. "Then stop talking."

How could he say something like that to her when he was doing such a thing to her?

She tired to ignore it. She found, that was impossible.


Why I rejected this one: This one was originally pulled from an old fic I deleted. But that fic was done in first person. Writing it in second person did not have that same…"Oomph" as it originally did.

Somewhere, in the back of her head, she knew this was a dream. A few times she gotten holds of that idea, but as quickly as it came, it fluttered away like a blue butterfly. In this dream, she was helpless to stop the outcome.

Her eyes were closed, yet for some unfathomed reasons, she could see everything that was happening. That was happening to her. This time around, the environment she was in was familiar. Her bedroom.

She saw herself in her own bed sleeping deeply. She was on her side, hugging her pillow lovingly. From the peaceful look that was on her face, she could tell she was deeply asleep.

And yet, at the same time, she took on her own perspective. She could feel the softness of the pillow in her arms, the warmth of the blankets that barely covered her legs. The moon shining in the corner of her window only gave enough light to illuminate her surroundings.

Otherwise her room was pitch black. She could not see her door or the far end corners of room. And as far as she knew, she was alone.

He stood at the foot of her bed. Was he always there? He leaned on the bed frame with his hands, quietly observing the sleeping girl. He then reached down, grabbed her blanket and threw it off her.

Yako shuddered slightly from the sudden loss of heat but otherwise did not stir. Neuro stepped around to the side of the bed, sitting himself in front of Yako's form.

He pushed the sleeping girl onto her back. Her arms folded themselves on her stomach as if she was ready to be placed into a coffin. Her head flopped to the other side and she moaned quietly as she repositioned her legs to align with the rest of her body.

Neuro tilted his head, his eyes roaming her body like a piece of art work. And much like an artist, he got more involved.

He grasped her arms and moved them off her stomach. He placed them next above her head, making her look like she was stuck in mid-cheer. Yako buried her face in the crook of her arm, almost as if she was hiding her face from the demon. Was she? It was an question she could not answer, not even awake.

For a long moment, Neuro did nothing. Yako, completely aware and yet unaware of what was happening, she could only take the point of view from the demon. Through his sadistic eyes, she saw everything.

He placed one solitary finger at the top of her forehead. Barely touching her skin, he traced his finger over her forehead, down her nose, touched her lips, over the slope of her chin and down her throat. The girl took in a hiss of air.

He smiled his toothy smile.

Then began the flicker of soft touches. His thumb over her eyebrows. His fingers playing with her jaw. The stroking of her neck. The tickling of her lips.

He seemed to particularly like this. As each time he did it, she would pucker and frown.

He did not stop there.


Why I rejected this one: It wasn't sadistic enough. As simple as that.

Yako dove into her dessert like she hadn't eaten in days. She scooped out a large piece of her sundae, relishing how the caramel shimmered against the fruit and vanilla ice cream. She took a bite and shivered as the sudden flavor rocked her mouth. "Oh my, it's so sweet!"

Neuro sat across from her, looking bored and very out of place. His eyes wandered the small café, almost cringing at the sight of the bright table clothes and strawberry smells. The small coffee laid out in front of him remained untouched.

Yako scooped a small bite small amount of her caramel surprise and held the spoon out to him.

"No," He said, pushing her hand away.

"C'mon," She insisted, brining the spoon back towards him. "One bite…"

Without warning, her sundae exploded. Yako screamed as ice cream, fruit, and caramel splattered all over her face and front. "Ahh!" She moaned, looking herself over. "Neuro, how could you?"

"You said to take a bite…" Neuro curled his fingers around the edge of the table and with a violent push, shoved it aside. His cooling coffee shattered on the ground while the European table crashed into the wall.

Yako jumped back into her chair, her face and hands still dripping wet with sugary sweetness. She raised her arms in front of her as if deflect a blow.

Neuro grabbed her arms and forcibly pulled them down. "Well?" He asked. "Where?"

Where? Her mind screamed. What did he mean?

Her eyes looked at her arm, staring at his gloved hand clutching her wrist. She noticed at crook of her elbow, a small piece of mandarin orange was stuck there.

Neuro had notice her eyes and he followed her gaze. "Ah…" He said, catching her attention. "There?"

"What? No…I…"

He bent down, opening his mouth wide. Yako gave a gasp as she felt his teeth graze against her skin. His lips enclosed around her inner elbow. He then suckled at the fallen fruit, letting his tongue to lick up the remaining cream. "Mmm…" He pulled back, savoring the taste. "Where else?"


Why I rejected this one: Remember my Blair Witch moment? Well, back in the day where this fic was originally going to be more than 10 chapters, this was one of the scenes I had thought up. But I knew I wasn't going to keep such a commitment and I downplayed the fic to what you see here. So here's the scene I was going to do, but never will. This is, more or less, "Neuro solving Yako's mystery."

No matter what Yako did, she could not free her arms. The more she pulled, the further in the shackles dug. Soon, her wrists became nothing more than a bloody raw mess.

Neuro didn't even try. Yako wondered if it was because he was in too much pain or if he didn't have the energy. His arms hung over his head like useless sticks and his eyes were dark. His legs were sprawled out in front of him, broken in more places than Yako can count. It was horrifying to look at; his legs shattered and bent in awkward positions. From head to toe Neuro was covered in his own blood and more kept seeping through his coat.

Yako gave a yell as she tried one last time to slip her arms free. Pain shot through her wrists and erupted into a fiery spasm. The shackles were simply too tight. "Neuro..." She gasped after the pain dulled down. "Is there anything we can do?"

She didn't like seeing him like this. So weak, so defeated. She never knew how much she came to rely on Neuro's strength. It was as if someone told her pizza was the worst food combination in the world. How can Neuro be defeated? It can't be.

Without looking at her, he said, "I have run out of demonic energy. My strength of now is equal to a human. But with my legs broken, my ribs broken and my shoulder dislocated, I can barely move."

Yako couldn't believe what she was hearing. "What are you saying Neuro...are we...are we going to die here?"

He is never one to cover up the truth. "Yes."

That "Yes" brought everything down. Even now, in the darkest times, Yako had the smallest glimmer of hope they'll get out of there alive. But even Neuro admitted that they were going to die. And if he thought it, then it must be the truth.

Yako leaned against the wet cold wall of the dungeon, feeling that bird of hope eat its' way out of her heart then flying off. She was going to die. Neuro was going to die. And there was nothing they can do about it.

Of all the emotions she was feeling at that moment, guilt should haven't been one of them. She felt guilty- because she was going to leave her mother behind. She had just lost her husband to murder, now she was going to lose her daughter too? It was too cruel. Yako wanted to tell her mother of all the things she was sorry for (eating through the monthly food bill, eating her mother's hidden expensive chocolates, once eating the plastic fruit that her mother laid out for decoration...) she wanted to tell her mother of the truth of who really solved her father's murder.

And Kanae, her best friend. There were so many things the two of them had planned to do. Go to Europe for their senior graduation. Visit New York and see a Broadway play. Spend a whole night playing nothing but video games and singing karaoke. It sounded like fun. Yako felt bad for canceling all of their plans.

And Akane! She was never going to have her murder solved. She was going to be stuck behind that stupid wall for eternity until someone tears down the building twenty years later. Akane was another good friend Yako never really had a chance to have fun with.

Yako didn't realize she was crying. She wasn't really scared. She was upset that her life was going to be cut short. She looked over to Neuro, curious to know how he was taking this information.

He was never going to eat the ultimate mystery. Is that his only regret? He didn't look upset, just tired. He was staring at the ground, his eyes not really focusing on anything. Was there really anything to say?

Yako thought about it. Thank you for solving my father's murder? I'll treasure the time we had together? That kick you gave me yesterday- the bruise is still there? If there was anything to tell him, tell him now. You're not going to get another chance.

Suddenly a though struck her. Just a thought. A possibility. And before that bird of hope could fly back to her, she whispered, "Neuro...what if you eat a mystery...right now?"

Neuro tiredly lifted his head. Despite all the blood running down his face, he stared at her as if her head had mutated into a squid. "What do you mean louse?"

Yako licked her lips. "Do you remember my mystery a few months ago...the one at Dante's bar?"


"Well...if you eat that mystery...will you gain enough energy to set us free?"

He pondered about it. "Possibly. I don't know. I can barely feel your mystery, so I seriously doubt it'll give me enough energy to get us out and defeat all my enemies. The best I might do is set us free and open the bars."

Only for them to do what? Carry a tired broken demon up dozens of flight of steps, dodge enemies at every corner and walk out the front without being seen?

It was a small hope. So small even the bird had shitted on it. Still, it was better than nothing and if there was a chance they could get out alive, Yako was going to take it.

"Neuro...the reason why you were feeling a mystery from me is..." Yako suddenly felt her cheeks flaming up. Her heart began beating twice as fast. Why? She thought she got over this? She was about to DIE and here she is, getting embarrassed. "...I was having dreams..."

That told him nothing. "Dreams?"

Yako took in a shuddering breath. "About you. About...us...together."

That dull, uninterested look on Neuro's face told her he still didn't get it. She was going have to elaborate.

So, she told him. Every detail, everything he did to her. And with each breath she took, her cheeks got a little redder. It took her perhaps, twenty minutes to explain the whole thing. And when she was done, the beating of her heart pumped loudly in her ears and it felt so hot underneath her shirt.

Neuro still looked disinterested. Yako came to the sudden realization that maybe he didn't understand or the mystery wasn't good for him anymore. She just told him what she had hidden in herself under lock and key for months. The only good thing about this is she was going to die soon and nobody was going have to remind her again. The end.

Still so very tired, Neuro slumped slightly towards her way and said, "Get closer, Yako."

She didn't know what he was doing, but she complied anyways. Stretching herself as far as the shackles could let her, she leaned towards Neuro. Her arms bent achingly behind her and she ignored them.

Neuro, despite all his injuries, pushed himself against the wall closer to her. It took him great effort, that she could see. Once he got as close as he could, he turned his head towards her.

He kissed her.

For a nano second in which the world stopped- a humming bird's wing only flapped once - a droplet of water froze in space - millions of a atoms paused their eruption -For that impossible short moment in time, everything made sense. It was bliss, pure and simple. Her eyes had widen, her heart skipped a beat, and pleasure; it was her first kiss. And it was perfect.

But it wasn't a kiss, Yako realized. Neuro let their lips touch and then he pulled back. And with him, her mystery.

He pulled further back even still, his mouth open, his eyes closed. It was hot and cold- her mystery. She felt no actual physical form, just the sensation of it. This…mass of energy pooling out of her, trailing, following Neuro's lips.

All her feelings, her embarrassment, her confusion, her anger, her pain, her giddiness, her pleasure of it all, fell out of her…

And into Neuro. The demon leaned back, closed his mouth and swallowed.

Yako slumped against the wall, totally drained of energy. Sweat poured down her brow and she breathed heavily as if she just ran a mile. "Well Neuro?" She panted. "Did it work?"

His eyes were still closed when he said this, "It's different. It's not very satisflying…"

He then smiled, showing all of his sharp elongated teeth.

"But it's pure."


A/N: For those who wanted to know what was the story behind the Blair Witch bit: The basic story was, back during the warring stages of Japan, soldiers brutally kill a woman thought to be a witch. Fast forward to modern day. Lately a lot of couples up in the forest hills have been disappearing. Neuro senses a mystery and goes to investigate. Apparently now that witch who got killed, wants revenge. She needs a sacrifice and a virgin female body. (Neuro and Yako) Stuff happens, Neuro gets his ass handed to him, then you get the scene above.

And that's how far I got. I really don't know what happens afterewards because at this point, I changed my story to what you see here. If somebody wants to use this plot, go ahead. I'm not planning to make a sequel.