Disclaimer: If I owned these characters there would be no need of fanfiction.

Redolent of Brimstone

a teaser of things to come

Eclipsing beauty casually floating down the sterile corridor in the dead of night. A curious pause in the doorway of a rented room where fair brother and sister lay firmly entwined in slumber; the picture of loveliness lifting the cool chin of our illusory guest. A tsk and a nod of promise renew our determined tread to the adjoining room.

Greeted with the quiet hum of life giving tinkery, the whisper of shallow breaths mingle with the soft sleep of his guardian. The precise click of her heels soon bring the cloaked chassis face to shadowed face with the desire she sought. Manicured nails feather down his lacerated cheek, head tilting in remembrance of grace bathed in light. A flick of blue sweep the length of the stage of torture bringing a hint of unease and a moments worth of hesitation to fingers weighted with gold. Lustrous orbs twisted in long held wont bring pregnant pause to our exodus when the startling minxful whimpers courtesy of paper thin walls quickly restore wavered purpose.

An intense gaze focuses on fluttering eyelids as venomous intent is released in his veins. A heart pounding count to fifty assure her score as she deftly cuts his intravenous escort. Props directed with utmost care and a bye for now kiss bring the wicked smile of retreat for our vengeful caller.