Body This is my 3rd fic and this happens a year after the DD's defeated Malomyotismon. Matt was never involved in any 02 fights or events, he has never met the new DD's. He also hasn't talked to any of the other DD's in say 4 and a half years except for T.K of course but even talks with him was limited. Matt was very busy getting on with his life after the Diaboromon battle. This fic centers around Matt (of course!) And it has Taiora, Sorato, Takari, Mimo, and Kenlei in it. This fic is based on the english version. Oh yeah this fic also contains cussing and possibly sexual refferences so if you don't like don't read.

The ages go as follow:

Joe : 17

Matt : 16

Tai : 16

Sora : 16

Izzy : 15

Mimi : 15

Yolei : 14

T.K : 13

Kari : 13

Ken : 13

Cody : 10


Quest For The Warriors

Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted

~~~Omniscient POV~~~

Sora was sitting at the back of homeroom when he strode in. Late. He was Yamato 'Matt' Ishida, the most gorgeous and popular guy in school.

"Why are you late Ishida?" The teacher, Mr Asaka demanded.

"Dunno, I thought it was too early to see your ugly face" replied Matt, taking a seat as everyone laughed. Mr Asaka was now red in the face and yelled "Principal's office, now!".

"Man I was just telling the truth" said Matt, getting back up as people tried to keep a straight face.

"Out!" Yelled Mr Asaka.

"I'm going, Ass" Matt said as he walked out the door.

"What!?!" Mr Asaka yelled as everyone burst into laughter.

"You heard me Ass" was Matt's reply.

"Detention!" Mr Asaka screamed. Matt walked back to the door and said " You give me a lot of those don't you? You probably just want me alone you petafile (A/N ok I can't spell for shit but if ur wondering what petafile means its an older person who likes real younger kids, I think) but hey I am good looking but I'm sorry to say I don't swing that way" Matt said as everyone cracked up even louder.

"Out!" Mr Asaka yelled again, getting redder in the face.

"I must admit though", Matt continued, "you do look cute when you're mad" and gave Mr Asaka a wink as he walked out the door. Now everyone was really laughing their heads off, even Sora was. Mr Asaka turned to them and yelled in such a voice that everyone shut up.

~~~Matt's POV~~~

Damn. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Why did I make That Ass more pissed off? I am stupid, principals office again for the 4th time this week, dad isn't gonna be happy. Sakai is a stupid shit anyway, I can weasel him out of calling dad. I didn't have to tell the office lady I was here in trouble as I approached. She told me to go right ahead so I walked into the principals office.

"What did you do now?" Principal Sakai asked with a sigh.

" I walked in late for homeroom then Mr Asaka got pissed and I called him a petafile then he told me to come here." I told him. Sakai looked at me than fiinally asked why was I late. I told him some crap about my car breaking down and he bought it. He than asked why I called Ass, um sorry, Asaka a petafile. I said he got me pissed so I got him pissed. Sakai ended up giving me # detentions for back chatting. Loser.

~~~Sora's POV~~~

As eveyone shut up, Mr Asaka began taking roll again quietly. It was so typical of Matt to get into trouble but I had to admit he was humorous. And gorgeous. Oh My God, did I just say he was gorgeous!? Well...I had to admit he WAS gorgeous. I'll even admit I've had a crush on him since I met him 5 yrs ago when we were 11. We're now 16 yr old, juniors at Odaiba High School and he sure has grown a lot taller. He was 6 ft tall and had slightly long golden blonde hair that framed his handsome face. And to go with such a cute face he had the most beautiful sapphire blue eyes that any girl could just drown in and a perfect smile would make any girls knees go weak. Yep he sure is the hottest guy I've seen. If only he would talk to me, too bad I'm too shy to go up to him. I looked over to my left where my best friend Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya was sitting. Recently I felt if Tai and I were getting closer in more of just a friendship sort of way. Am I falling for Tai? Possibly but what about Matt? What about Matt, Sora? Am I starting to think I have a chance in hell with him? Yeah right, besides, Tai is all I need.

~~~Tai's POV~~~

Matt is such a dick. Lame back chatter too. Asshole. He ditched us DD's after the battle on the net. Said he had better things in his life than the stupid Digital World. He's the Ass! Last year his bro, my sis and 3 new DD's, well 4 including Ken, fought for the DW and he diddn't even give a fuck! All he said was as long as T.K was all right he wasn't gonna get involved. Jerk! How could Sora like him!?! Sora...yeah Sor, I know even if you don't tell me, I see the way you look at him and he doesn't even notice so why are you so hung up on him? Don't you know you've got me? Damn Ishida.

~~~Omniscient POV~~~

It was then lunchtime and Tai, Sora Takenouchi, Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi, Jyou 'Joe' Kido, and Miyako 'Yolei' Inoue were sitting together.

"Hey, Izzy anything up with the Digital World?" Asked Tai.

"No, why should there be?" Izzy asked inreturn.

"I don't know, I just want to have some fun, why don't we take a visit there after school?" Suggested Tai.

"Sure I'm not busy so count me in" Izzy said and all the others agreed to go.

"I'll send an email and ask the others" said Yolei who was now in high school like the older DD's.

"Good idea" said Sora. As the others went on chatting Sora turned her gaze to the 'in' crowd tables. Tai could have been sitting there since he was a gorgeous popular guy, being the captain of the soccer team, but he preferred his close friends. The jocks and cheerleaders were having some kind of contest, Sora noticed, some of them were kissing eachother as others were rooting for their friends. The guys were whistling as the girls cheered. They were having a kissing competiton. The rest of the DD's turned to the loud noise.

"Immature" Izzy commented.

"That's for sure" Tai agreed as Matt and the girl he was sucking face with were declared the winners for being the last to stop for air. After school, as the high school DD's were walking to Odaiba Junior High School to use the computer room there to access the Digital World , Izzy got an urgent email from Gennai. It said :

Quick all DD's come to the digital world with Desiree

"Desiree?" Izzy said, "who's that?"

"I don't know" replied Tai.

"I think there's a girl in our class called Desiree" said Sora.

"Yep and that's me" said a voice behind them, "I'm Desiree and I'm the one Gennai wants you guys to take to the Digital World".

"Um...are you a digidestined?" Asked Yolei.

"Nope, don't worry about who I am let's just go" said Desiree.

"How can we trust you are really the Desiree Gennai was talking about and if you're not a DD than how can you go to the Digital World?" Asked Tai.

"Because I am the Desiree Gennai was talking about and I can go to the digi world and I'll prove it so let's get going" Desiree answered.

Tai looked at her for a long time before saying "Let's go". As they were headed towards OJHS, Desiree sent a message to Matt saying she wanted to meet him now at OJHS's computer room and even though Matt thought the meeting place was weird he decided to go since he couldn't turn down a beautiful girl who was kinda his flavour of the week. As all the older DD's and Desiree reached the computer room they found the younger DD's, Takeru 'T.K' Takaishi, Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya, Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya, Ken Ichijouji, and Iori 'Codi' Hida there. They introduced themselves to Desiree even though she knew who they were but she went along. They were about to go to the digi world when Desiree said they still had to wait for one more person.

"And who would that be?" Asked Tai.

"Hey, Gennai said ALL the digidestined, take a guess" answere Desiree.

"But this is all the DD's" said Davis.

"Wrong",said Desiree, "there's still one more".

"Who?" Said Davis, Yolei, Ken and Cody altogether.

"Matt" said Desiree.

"Who?" Said the four altogether again.

Tai decided to step in. "Just this jerk of a guy okay, we don't need him" Tai said, turning to Desiree.

" Yes we do" said Desiree. Suddenly they heard footsteps then the door opened to reveal Matt Ishida.


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