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Quest For The Warriors

Chapter 7: Confusions

~~~Matt's POV~~~


I pulled apart from Sora and looked over my shoulder and saw Gabumon and Biyomon watching.

"Uh, hey guys..." I trailed off.

"We were just doing... Stuff" Sora said cheerfully.

"Ok Sora" Biyomon said in her chirpy voice.

"What do you call the 'stuff' that you two were doing? Just curious" Gabumon asked in his thick accent.

"Yeah, and weren't you just doing it with Tai, Sora?" Biyomon asked.

I cast Sora a look. She was just kissing Tai a while ago? And then kissed me?

"Heh heh, Bi, so I was..." Sora trailed off and looked everywhere but at me.

I gave Sora a long look, then finally said,

"We better get back before our 'leader' goes spastic"

"Yeah, you're right" Sora said.

We began walking back to the others silently.

Sora does like me, doesn't she? But why the heck did she kiss me after kissing Tai? Was it because she thought if she kissed me, she would forget about Tai but didn't really want to? Ack, I'm confusing myself.

"Sora-" I started.

"Hey look, we're here" Sora said.

She was ignoring me. Did I scare her?

"Sora! What's wrong? Why'd you run off!" Tai yelled.

The other DD's raised their eyebrows in wonder as they saw me and Sora step out of the woods together, I guess.

"Um... Tai..." Sora trailed, and looked at me.

Now Sora is confusing me. Did she want to be with me or not? Did she expect me to tell Tai we were together now, or what? Are we together? Ack, confusion, confusion, confusion!

"We have something to say" I stated, I mean, it's not like I really cared if Tai blew up or anything. Eh, I'm being a jerk again, huh?

Tai looked at me with a hint of suspicious curiousity. And anger. I stared right back at him.

"Um..." Sora said.

She really was nervous. She hadn't broken up with Tai yet, I'm guessing. So I'm not sure if she wants to be with me now, or is currently changing her mind and going to go back to Tai...? Well, I'm gonna take a chance, I grabbed Sora's hand in mine. She didn't pull away, so she wants me after all. I smiled. I saw the others' eyes widened, Tai's also.

"What the hell!?" He yelled.

"Tai I-" Sora began.

"Let go of her!" Tai shouted.

I looked over at Sora. I'm sure she didn't want me to start a fight, so it was wise to not say a sarcastic 'no' or anything at all, so I kept my mouth shut. She didn't look as if she wanted me to let go anyway.

"Tai" Sora said gently, "Me and Matt, we're-we're together"

Tai's eyes flashed. He didn't say anything, and I could feel Sora was trembling slightly. I turned my gaze away from Tai, who was looking at us with narrowed eyes, and looked at Sora, giving her hand a squeeze. She turned to me and gave me a small smile, which apparently sent Tai to the edge, since he lunged at me just then, making me let go of Sora and bang my head on the ground, not softly either.

"Tai!" I heard Sora scream as a killer head ache hit me.

I was about to push Tai off me, but he got a punch in first. I stood up, placing a hand on my face. Tai also stood up, and then Sora walked between us. Glad she did too, I wasn't in the mood to fight.

"Sora, move" Tai said through clenched teeth.

"No Tai, don't fight, it wasn't Matt's fault" Sora said calmly.

"Yeah right, as if I'm gonna believe that, get out of the way Sora, let me at that creep"

I rolled my eyes. Tai gave me an even more deathly glare than he was, if that was possible.

"It's the truth, it's my fault, not anyone else's... I guess- I guess I cheated on you..."

"He forced you" Tai simply stated.

I snorted, I couldn't help it. And that earned me a slight glare from Sora. I looked away from them both.

"He didn't, it was my own actions" Sora whispered to Tai.

Sora then seemed to realise that the others were watching us, and glared at them, making them turn away, seemingly uninterested. However, Desiree stepped forward until she was next to Sora.

"Tai, let's talk" Desiree said.

I smirked. Knew she liked him. She didn't think it was funny, and turned to glare at me. Heh, when did I become the bad guy? Ok, forget I said that.

"About what?" Tai demanded, his eyes still glaring at me.

"Look Tai, it was pretty clear to me that Sora wanted Matt, for reasons I will not know" Desiree said, glaring at me, and making me smirk again I might add.

"What do you mean?" Tai asked.

"Well, when Matt kissed Sora in the lake-"

"Wait. They kissed each other in the lake!? Why the hell did you kiss me after we all got out of the lake then, Sora?!" Tai yelled.

Ok, I knew Sora would be stuck for words, so as a good loyal guy as I am *laughs*, I stepped in.

"It was my fault then, I kissed her, she only kissed back because she thought I was you"

Tai glared at me, "That's why I'm going to hit you"

"You already did" I said sarcastically.

Oops, it just slipped. I'm too sarcastic for my own good sometimes, but that's me, always has been, even when I'm not trying to be a jerk.

At that point, Tai fumed, and I swear he was going to dash through both Sora and Desiree just to kill me.

"Matt!" Sora hissed.

"Sorry" I said, raising my hands in mock surrender.

Sora rolled her eyes but smiled, heh, I think she thought it was cute. I had to grin back. Meanwhile Desiree and Tai were both not amused.

"Sorry" Sora muttered, looking at the ground, still smiling though, I noticed.

"Listen Dez, you wanna talk with the lunatic, fine, as long as he gets away from me and Sora" I said.

Tai scowled.

Desiree rolled her eyes at me then said, "C'mon Tai"

She grabbed his arm and pulled him forcefully away from us. Sora sighed. I looked over to the others. They were watching us again. I laughed.

"What's so funny?" Sora asked, a bit annoyed, I guess because through this whole ordeal I had done that.

"Nothing" I told her, as I wrapped my arms around her, from behind.

Sora was staring off at Tai and Desiree. I frowned.

"Sora, stop looking at them, Dez will take care of Tai"

This time, Sora frowned, "Dez? Since when did you start calling her that?"

Oh man, she was getting jealous already!? Ok, so I slipped, I've just almost always called Desiree that. That is, when I acknowledged her, heh heh...

"Sorry, it just slipped"

Sora turned around and faced me.

"Right... You two were dating..."

I rolled my eyes, "C'mon Sora, if you're so mad at me calling Desiree by a nickname, then how about I give you one?"

"And what would it be?"

"Um... Red?"

Sora frowned.


Sora shrugged, "You decide, it's not special if I tell you a nickname to call me"

Man, Sora was really stuck on nicknames, wasn't she? I raked my brain.

"Ash, I'll call you Ash"

Why exactly? I don't know... Well, it's because Sora is a redhead, and besides, sometimes her personality makes me think of an ever raging fire that dies down eventually though.

"Hmm... It's... Cool" Sora said, smiling.

"No, hot" I said.

Sora laughed.

~~~Tai's POV~~~

I can't believe Sora would do that to me! I thought we were going somewhere, we just started our relationship after all. But no, she falls for that blonde asshole. I really don't see what she sees in him, nevermind the fact that I'm a guy, but still.

Man, Desiree has an iron grip. I'd be surprised if she didn't leave a mark on my arm.

"Desiree" I growled, "Let go of me"

"No, you're just gonna try to kill Matt" She replied.

"No, I'm not" I said.

Desiree raised her eyebrows.

"I am going to kill him, not try"

Desiree rolled her eyes, and... Smiled?

... She had a great smile, funny I've never noticed that before... Or I did, but didn't think about it that much...

But I stopped turned back to watch Sora, who was laughing with that jerk's arms around her. Desiree, noticing I stopped, yanked my arm hard.

"Oww" I cried.

What is up with her? Why was she so determined to stop me from beating the shit out of Matt? It wasn't like she liked him or anything, he's a total jerk, although they were dating...

I smirked, "So, don't want me to beat up your lover boy, huh?"

Desiree looked at me as if I was weird.

"One, if I didn't, that would mean I liked him, therefore causing me to start a bitch fight with your beloved Sora. Two, you couldn't beat him up if your life depended on it, I'm a witness, remember?"

I scowled at her as she laughed. Her laughter was really nice... Eh, why the hell am I thinking that!?

"Shut up" I said, and returned looking at Sora.

I heard her frown, so I turned to her and gave her a confused look. She blushed. Ok, now I'm really confused.

"Um... Desiree..." I started, not knowing what the heck I was to say.

"Tai..." Desiree said.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Well, um, I'm just curious to um, what you like in a girl, I mean, why do you like Sora so much?"

She was blushing as she asked me that, and turned away. Her question gave me a thought though, why exactly did I like Sora? Well, I couldn't explain it, it was just a feeling I got when I'm around her... The feeling... The exact feeing... I feel when I'm around Desiree... Well, not exact, since it's more... Deeper, when Desiree is concerned... Shit, does that mean I like Desiree? Is that a bad thing?


"Yeah?" She asked, turning back to face me.

She had a look of... Wonder, expectancy in her eyes, I don't know, but I reached out and cupped her face, then brought my face closer to hers...

"Tai..." She said.

I didn't answer, but gently pressed my lips against hers. God, I loved the feeling of her lips on mine, it was so... Shockful, I know that's not a word but... Heck, I just loved this.

~~~Matt's POV~~~

"Looks like we're not the only new couple..." I said as I saw Tai kiss Desiree.

"What do you mean?" Sora murmured, as I trailed kisses along her neck.

"Tai and Dez- er, Desiree, hooked up"

Sora opended her eyes and gave me a slight glare before turning to look at Tai and Desiree.

Sora frowned.

Which, of course, made me frown.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"... I don't know, it's just..."

"Oh wait, you're just a bit mad that Tai got over you so quick? Hey, I understand, it's only natural, after all, you are human"

Sora gave me a slight grin, "And how'd you know that?"

"Hey, I have many experiences where girls have been mad at me for getting over them so quickly..."

"Oh yeah, you are a player"

"You're player" I winked.

Sora laughed, "Right, mine..."


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