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Chapter 5

"Come on, Saku-chan. The view's even better from the very top of the dome." Fuji guided Sakuno by the hand as they made their way to the fifth level of the observatory.

They'd met up outside the garden at around nine o'clock to check out the night's stars. They hadn't seen each other but once between classes and even then, they couldn't stop to talk. Than after classes, Sakuno had a meeting with the COE club (Clean Our Earth) to decide the next stretch of highway they wanted to clean. Then, she had to eat dinner and help Kuruki study for her Calculus 2 test.

As for Fuji, he'd been helping plant a new plot in the garden and touring part of the city for an altered landscapes photography project. In between the homework, studying, and extracurricular activities, Fuji managed to send Sakuno a text asking if she wanted to meet him outside the garden that night. Of course, Sakuno had text a hasty 'Yes!' and their plans were set.

And now they were here, their hands in each other's, making their way up the stairs to the very top of the observatory. It was March in Sakuno's freshman year of college and she was very content. She knew Fuji like the back of her hand, even the future stuff like how many kids he wanted and whether or not he would cook for his wife. (Yes!)

Likewise, Fuji knew Sakuno just as well. They'd became close friends soon after their reunion last September and spent a good amount of their free time together. However, they'd never discussed the prospect of…them…ever being together.

But Sakuno thought of it often. She really liked Fuji but usually dismissed her fantasies with one of the following: 1) She wasn't pretty enough for Fuji to like her like that. 2) He was a junior and she was a freshman, therefore the age gap. 3) Fuji already had a girlfriend since he was so good-looking. And the list went on and on until Sakuno had about 20 top reasons why she wouldn't end up with Fuji.

Whenever she was with Fuji, she could think up 50 top reasons why she should and could be with Fuji. So while they were ascending the stairs, hands together, about 20 reasons were in the forefront of her mind, much to her delight. And now they were at the top of the stairs, where there were two telescopes stationed.

Fuji, still holding Sakuno's hand went to one. Once there, his hand left her's much to her slight dismay. He peered through and found a clear sky. And a surprise. A planet… Mars.

"Sakuno, come see." He moved aside and she looked through. She saw a bright ball of light that resembled but seemed a bit bigger than a star.

"It's beautiful" Sakuno commented and was very sincere about it. Mars looked extravagant against the midnight blue of the sky. "I know" Fuji replied softly and when Sakuno stepped back from the telescope, Fuji was smiling at her. Not a wide one, and not a small one either. His blue eyes were open and shone brightly as he took Sakuno's hand. A shiver was sent down her spine as he looked into her eyes, gaze never wavering.

'Oh, don't tell me…' Sakuno's train of thought trailed off as Fuji said, "There's something I've been meaning to say Saku-chan."

Mentally, Sakuno was freaking out. (Is this it? Oh goodness!) On the outside, she appeared mostly composed but seemingly out of breath.

"I'm all ears" she replied and smiled with certainty.

"Saku-chan, we're very close and we spend a lot of time together. And I'm not sure if…if this is what you feel, too, but…Sakuno, I love you and I want to be with you."

If Sakuno thought her heart was beating as fast as it possibly could before, she was wrong.

Fuji let go of one hand and instead placed it on her cheek. He leaned in, eyes still open, as Sakuno's fluttered close. And the deal was sealed.

Their lips connected and it only took a second for Sakuno to register that Fuji, the Fuji she'd been craving, was kissing her. And a few seconds after that, when Fuji broke the contact, Sakuno didn't feel ready.


"Yes, Sakuno?"

"I wasn't ready for you to…to stop."

Sakuno blushed as Fuji smiled and kissed her again, and needless to say, felt like he'd already got his answer.

As for Sakuno, she was as happy as can be, for what she'd wanted most was finally granted.

They stayed there, kissing and talking about their future, until the observatory closed at 11. They walked hand in hand to Sakuno's dorm, where he left her at her doorway after a final kiss good night and the promise of them together tomorrow. Sakuno settled into bed as pleasant thoughts of her future and what lay ahead lulled her into a deep slumber.

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