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"You're stupid, Soubi," Ritsuka murmured into the aforementioned persons hair, his words seeming to get lost among all the strands.

"Maybe," Soubi replied, seeming not at all bothered by Ritsuka's comment. "But you could always tell me to leave."

"Maybe," Ritsuka parroted, his arms around Soubi tightening.

It was a position that they loved, one that was erotic in its own way without necessarily being perverse. They were on Ritsuka's bed, Soubi's legs dangling over with Ritsuka's face pressed to Soubi's chest lightly, as though he were tired. Occasionally Ritsuka would press his cheek to Soubi's chest a bit harder, a bit rougher, almost demanding attention. Soubi found himself smiling, often caving in by returning the gesture, whether it be through touching Ritsuka's cheek or tickling his back softly.

This continued for a while, a long, comfortable silence between them.

"You really are stupid, Soubi," Ritsuka finally sighed once more. His words, though harsh, contradicted his soft tone.

"I think I am many things," Soubi finally answered. "But I don't think stupid is one of them."

"Perhaps not," Ritsuka agreed evenly, silence once again overtaking them. Ritsuka filled it by running his fingers through Soubi's hair, a light, delicate flush on his cheeks. A few minutes later he pried himself away, instead deciding to rest his head in Soubi's lap, finding it much more comfortable. The fabric of Soubi's jeans was hot against his flushed his skin. It easily lulled him to sleep, unbeknownst to Soubi until a while later.

A breeze blew in from the open door of the balcony, and said balcony and the nighttime sky outside that had stolen Soubi's attention. Finding himself staring out at the stars, he watched the way they multiplied, time literally seeming to fly by. Perhaps, Soubi reasoned, when he had been born the stars were aligned just right, for his fortune to be placed with Ritsuka was certainly unnatural, whether it be upon Seimei's orders or not. For no matter how he'd gotten where he was, there was no denying that it was his rightful place.

Soft snoring snapped him back to reality and he found himself glancing down at his lap, where a sleeping Ritsuka rested. Truly, he thought, the boy was more adorable with his mouth closed, when he was in his most vulnerable state. Pride welled up in him that Ritsuka, the boy who trusted nobody beyond his older brother, had faith and trust in Soubi to keep him safe while he slept, just as Soubi had promised.

Soubi leaned down, pressing his lips to the others forehead, smiling at the way the boys virginal ears tickled his chin.

"Stupid," he whispered, "I just might be."

For nobody but he could love such an utterly unsalvageable boy.