Harry sat between Ron and Hermione at Gryffindor table for the opening feast of their seventh year. The war had ended at the end of sixth year and while there had been losses on their side, they had been few. The prospect of a normal seventh year loomed ahead of Harry and his friends. Harry was quiditch captain and Hermione head girl, while Draco Malfoy was the head boy.

Harry's eyes kept passing to the head table. Ron noticed. "What's so interesting up there?"

Harry tried to hide his discomfort. Hermione saved him. "Just getting used to having his godfather here."

It was true. Remus had returned to school with a number of teaching changes that summer. Harry had spent the summer with Remus at Grimmauld which had been left to Harry, and then Remus had accepted the position as the new transfiguration teacher as McGonagall was headmistress and no longer would teach. Grubby Plank had taken over care of magical creatures since the death of Hagrid in the final battle. The real shock though was the new DADA professor.

"Who would have ever thought to hire Lucius Malfoy to teach? Isn't it a bit of a step down from death eater politician to being a professor?" Ron bit.

Hermione shook her head. "You know he was a spy Ron and I think since the death of his wife at Easter, he has wanted to be closer with his son."

Harry sighed. "Since Tonks decided to turn down the offer to teach Transfiguration and Remus took over, they needed to find someone on short notice."

Ginny was disappointed. "I wish her and your godfather had not broken up. It would have been so cool to have her as a teacher."

Harry was one of the few that knew the true reason for their break up. Remus was in a relationship with Severus Snape for the past few months. He had dated Severus back in school though they had broken up when Severus had become a death eater. After the war they had renewed their relationship.

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "Tonks is happier being an auror anyways. And though I love Tonks, I want my godfather to be happy."

"Do you know something we don't know Harry? You spent all summer living with Remus." Ron asked.

Harry shook his head. "You guys will learn in time but for now I will honour my godfather's privacy in this."

Harry had not seen much of the Weasleys that summer. They had spent most of the time in France. During the final war Arthur had been killed and Percy, who had reunited with his family, had lost his fiancée Penelope. Molly had thought the family needed some time away.

As Harry looked around the hall the war had affected them all. Many of the students had lost loved ones. There had been students among the dead, mainly a few Slytherin death eaters like Notte and Crabbe, but others like Justin Flinch-Fletchery, Collin Creevey, Dean Thomas, and Cho Chang. Among the order Kingsley, Diggle and Hestia Jones had been killed, as well as Hagrid and Dumbledore earlier on.

As Harry and his friends stood to leave Remus came over. "Hey Harry. Your night at the Burrow was good?"

Harry nodded. He had spent the last night with the Weasleys as Remus had to come to school a day early. "A bit off without Mr Weasley, but it was great to be around the others."

Remus nodded. "Arthur will be dearly missed by all of us. I'm sure Molly is happy to have her sons close to home though."

Ron nodded. "Bill and Fleur bought a home in town and Percy is back home. With Charlie working at a preserve in Wales, he is close too."

Hermione nodded towards them. "We need to lead the first years up to the tower."

Harry hugged Remus who told him. "You know where my rooms are, if you need to talk or just spend some time with me. You know the password."

Harry nodded and took off with his friends and led the first years up to their dorms. Harry had been made a prefect. Ron had decided after the loss of his dad and everything that had gone down, he wanted to focus on his studies and quiditch and family, and had never really wanted the position anyways.

Ron said goodbye to them when they got into the common room and went up to the dorm. Harry and Hermione headed down to the prefect hall. They all had private rooms.

He hugged Hermione before she went into her room. "Thanks Mione."

She returned the hug but was a bit confused. "What are you thanking me for Harry?"

"Just thank you for being there for me tonight. It meant a lot."Harry said.


Later that night Harry slipped out of the dorms with his invisibility cloak and headed out through the halls, using the marauder's map to make sure he didn't run into any of the teachers there.

Harry walked out into the grounds, feeling the cold air against his skin and was walking around the lake when he slipped from his cloak. He stood looking up at the stars when he felt a strong hand on his arm.


Harry turned to his companion and smiled. "I've missed you. It was driving me nuts being in the Great Hall and not able to be with you."

The newcomer reached down and kissed Harry, tugging on his bottom lip with his teeth to get him to open his lips to allow their tongue easy access to his mouth. Harry willingly opened his mouth and moaned as the tongue slid in. Strong arms encircled his waist tightly and pulled him to the other warm body.

Entwining his fingers in the long hair of his lover Harry felt a knee pressing itself between his legs. Harry pulled away. "You know we are out in the open."

Head buried against Harry's neck his lover moaned. "Just makes it more exciting, don't you think?"

Harry couldn't argue with that. "I have been waiting for two days for this. I think we should find some where more private though before we get caught."

A voice that made Harry's heart go into his stomach though came from behind. "Harry, what do you think you're doing?"