Harry smiled as he stepped out of the floo. It was hard to believe his babies were starting Hogwarts that year. Well his grandson was already in school, Justin having started last year and their granddaughter Cecily Hannah would start next year. Harry was standing and smiling at the twins as his husband and Lauren came out.

Lucius leaned in to kiss him. "Hard to believe our little ones are already off to Hogwarts isn't it?"

Harry smiled and nodded. "Be nice to have my husband every night. Now that all of them are at school you can live with me in my apartments during the year."

Lauren grimaced. "How come I have to have both of my parents at school? I think I should have gone to Beuxbautons."

Harry laughed and gave his daughter a hug. "You know you would never want to go any where but Hogwarts, my little snake. Especially with your Aunts and nephew there."

Lauren never seemed to find it odd even if others did that her Aunts, cousins and nephew all went to school with her in various ages. Lauren Malfoy, Phoebe Snape and surprisingly Reid Weasley, the first of her family ever to be, were all snakes. Vicky was still one of their best friends even though she had become a lion. A third year Lauren was already taking after her daddy, a star seeker from her first year on for the snakes, and top student in DADA, charms and transfiguration.

Lucius looked at the twins. "Well I have a feeling that Gryffindor might gain at least one blond. I doubt we'll escape without at least one lion in our clan."

Harry elbowed him in the ribs. "What is so bad with a lion? I remind you that you've been married to one happily for over thirteen years now."

Lucius gently kissed him again. "And I wouldn't have it any other way. And I'd be proud if either or both of our twins are lions like their daddy."

As they had been standing and talking the rest of their party had arrived. Hermione and Greg appeared with their two, Conrad who like the twins would be starting their year, and their daughter Mircea Jean who was only eight years old. Draco and Blaise also arrived with Justin and Cecily. Severus and Remus and the girls were still away on holidays for two more days and had already got the kids school supplies.

Savannah ran up to her brother. "Drake, will you come to the apothecary with me? You know how daddy hates it and since Grandpa Sev isn't here, I need your help."

Draco smiled and kissed his sister. "You know my little dove I would love to do that. Uncle Sev is going to make a potions master out of one of us finally, isn't he?"

Harry smirked at his stepson. "He has been trying co convert Luc's kids long enough. Failed with you and Lauren as well as Phoebe."

Draco shrugged. "Didn't really fail with me, I mean I didn't choose it as a career path but it was the only class I did better then Hermione in, in school."

Speaking of Hermione she reminded them they had come early to Diagon Alley that day in hopes that they could beat the crowds and if they had any intention of doing so, that they should get started already. There were a lot of different requests of where to start first. The first years all wanted their wands, even Savannah who insisted on the apothecary second but Lauren wanted quidditch supplies.

"But daddy you promised me a new broom for my birthday especially after we won the cup last year." Lauren reminded Harry.

Harry kissed her. "Since I am head of Gryffindor I don't know why I am trying to help your team beat mine but we'll get your broom. I just don't want to miss the twins getting their wands. You know it's special."

Everett nodded from his place next to Luc. "Come on sis, you can go to quidditch supplies while we visit the twins."

Harry had three very different children. Lauren was him all over again, the brash and head strong young quidditch seeker always out for some fun and a laugh, good at practical magic like charms. Savannah was her Papa and Uncle Severus; she was a logical and cool thinker. She had been working in the potions lab with her grandfather since she was four, and she loved puzzles and riddles. Everett was Uncle Fred all over again, he was a wild child who had never really got out of his monkey phase and he loved jokes and pranks. He had inherited his godfathers' creative side. Though Savannah was tamer the twins often created their pranks and jokes together as she had the brains to pull them off, and they had decided they were going to be the next Weasley twins at school, to their daddy's chagrin.

As they were coming out of the wand shop later Harry and he was leading Lauren off to quidditch he saw a familiar red head. "Lauren, go inside, daddy will be in soon."

Lauren shot her father a surprised look as he loved the store as much as she did but she hurried inside. "Okay daddy, but hurry up."

When she was gone Harry turned to the red head. "I had not realized you were released. Stay away from me and my daughter or I will have you arrested."

Harry walked into the store to follow his daughter. It had been thirteen years since he had seen those who had tried to take his daughter from him all of those years ago and he had no intention of allowing their reappearance into his life to ruin the amazing life he had. He and Luc were still madly in love and had three amazing children together, that was all that mattered.


Ginny Weasley stood there watching Harry as he disappeared into the shop, her brother Ron by her side. Seamus they had not seen since his release from prison. They had managed to find some work cleaning here on Diagon Alley and shared a small one room flat together as it was all they could afford.

"He's happy. Leave him alone." A cool and familiar voice came from behind.

Ginny turned around to see Lucius Malfoy standing behind her. "I see you some how convinced him to stay with a Death Eater? I would have given him more credit."

Lucius smirked at her. "We have been happily wed for thirteen years and not only have our beautiful Lauren who you tried to take from Harry but a beautiful set of twins who are luckily with Draco and our grandchildren right now."

Ginny smirked. "Grandchildren? Another generation of poor children who have to be ashamed to share your blood, and twins as well. Pass my sympathies along."

Lucius looked through the window and watched as his husband and their eldest child were looking at the newest selection of racing brooms. He knew Harry had moved past what had been done to him but looking at Ginny, how close he had come to loosing his husband and baby, flashed vividly through Lucius' mind.

"There are restraining orders against you coming a hundred feet from my husband or any of our family. You come near them again, I'll have you in prison."

Ginny laughed. "Have your husband brainwashed or something, he said the exact same thing."

Lucius sighed. "He saw you has he?"

Ginny nodded. "He seems to have grown up some since I last saw him. Didn't even stay to catch up on old times. Just hurried into the store with your spawn."

Lucius' smile returned. "See that beauty in there, that is the little girl you tried to steal from us. Healthy and happy, a quidditch player like her daddy. His pride and joy."

For a moment Ginny's face seemed to change. "She does seem like a wonderful young woman. She reminds me of myself at that age."

Lucius smirked. "My daughter will never be anything like you Ginnerva. Now again I say back away and leave now, or I will call the aurors. You don't want to go back."

Ginny snarled. "I have already had twelve years of my life taken from by you two. I won't go back. Your husband and little brats have nothing to worry about."

Ginny watched as Lucius walked into the store and leaned down to kiss his husband and to ruffle the platinum curls of his eldest child. She had seen the twins when they had gone into the wand shop. Harry had a beautiful family she admitted with a pang and he was obviously so happy.

Ginny went home to her flat where she found Ron home from work. "I saw that former best friend of yours shopping with his husband and children."

Ron looked up from the table. "You didn't go near them did you?"

Ginny nodded. "Harry and then his husband had the audacity to threaten to have me arrested. The sickeningly sweet perfect family, and look where we are."

Ron stood up. "We deserve this after what we did to him and almost to his daughter. We brought this on ourselves. Harry and his family deserve their happiness."

Ginny stared at her brother as he went out on their small fire escape. Her brother had never been the same since he was released from prison. He actually felt guilt over what he had done. Ginny had lost twelve years of her life and would spend the rest of her life cleaning streets and separated from her family. It was all Harry's fault.

Ginny walked into the bathroom where she picked up one of her brother's razor blades. "He'll remember me. He'll feel guilty for eternity for turning to Lucius."


Harry sat with his husband at the head table in the dinning hall. Though usually only teachers sat up there, since Lucius was his husband and was now living at school during the year, Lucius had been invited to eat meals with them. Tonight though was special as they watched the sorting.

Harry smiled at his husband. "Here goes our first one." Harry said as "Goyle, Conrad Gregory." Was called.

Lucius smiled at him. "Hard to say, I mean Greg was a snake but Conrad is a lot like his mum and she was a Gryffindor."

Sure enough the hat called out. "Gryffindor."

Harry watched the names poured through until they came to M and it was the twins turn to go. "Malfoy, Everett Scorpio."

Lucius predicted a lion for both of the twins and was not disappointed for when "Malfoy, Savannah Gemini" was called, she too was a lion.

Finally when it was Ariel\s turn it turned out to be the year of the lions for them as Ariel unlike Phoebe took after her Papa, Remus. As head of Gryffindor Harry was proud that his sister, his son and daughter and his goddaughter would all be in his house. If his guess was right and they usually were, Cecily would be a snake next year though like her brother Justin.

Harry watched as their children went to their new table. "I'm starting to feel old now that all of them are in school."

Lucius cracked a smile. "If you're old I must be ancient. But then again we are grandparents. Maybe we should get you a matching cane like mine."

Harry gently elbowed his husband. "Well maybe we should but mine might have to have a lion head instead of a snake head on it. I am head of Gryffindor after all."

Harry and Lucius enjoyed the opening feast and not once did their minds pass to the story in the newspaper the morning before of the young woman who had been found to have committed suicide in her bathroom, her body found by her brother. The body had been claimed by her family to be buried in the family burial plot, her one sign of redemption from her family for past sins. For Harry and Lucius that was ancient history. Their beautiful children, their marriage, their extended family, was all that mattered to them.

Author note: Mircea Jean Goyle: Mircea (Slavic): means peace, and Jean (English) means God is Gracious, Cecily Hannah Malfoy: Cecily (English) means beauty and Hannah (Hebrew) means grace