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And so the days drifted to weeks, weeks turned to months…
And both seemed to never change.

Sasori watched the sight before him. The red head's legs were crossed and the nail of his thumb was in his mouth. Deidara had thought the idea of exploding the lock on the safe was an excellent plan. It was already being proven wrong. The alarm was sounding in the background of the blonde's cursing.

In the last three years the blonde hadn't changed at all. Sasori figured the only thing Deidara altered was the eye scope's technology. Other than that, the clay artist still used his own methods. Explosives that seemed to create a never ending migraine for a certain puppet master.

"Help me you sadistic bastard!" Deidara called to his partner and grabbed the object they were here for. A gold box engraved with a serpent. Sasori removed the tip of his thumb from his mouth and stood from the bed. The feudal lord's room was grandly decorated with his most prized possessions. The Akatsuki had been asked by the Tsuchikage (Much to Deidara's annoyance) to retrieve a golden box worth a fortune. As the deal was made, a certain two artists were asked to complete the mission.

"I can't believe this idiot keeps such important shit in his room, hm. How obvious." Deidara said, as he opened the window. Deidara's clay bird obediently floated near its creator, and the blonde jumped on, the golden box safe in the crook of his arm. Sasori quickened his pace, not wanting to make Deidara wait, and jumped out the window onto the bird's back. The two soundlessly took flight, away from the mansion like building. Quite the easy mission, but that's how it was when you were Akatsuki members. Only the best of the best were called. Arrogance was your only downfall.

"Are you sure you're capable of carrying that, Deidara?" Sasori asked, pointing at the box in Deidara's hand.

"Yeah, hmm."

Sasori looked back at the mansion. The alarm would have already gained the attention of the guards. "Too easy…" Sasori muttered, his eyes looking over the landscape beneath him. "What? Disappointed you didn't get a new puppet, hmm?" Deidara called back against the wind.

"Tch. I was so sure your recklessness would mess up the mission, I left Hiruko in his scroll." Sasori growled. Deidara laughed at his partner's words. The red head was obviously more annoyed at the fact that Deidara had damaged the shell on the puppet's back on their last mission. Sasori was known to be moody when things didn't go his way. But Deidara ignored it successfully from time to time.

Now was not one of those times.

"Hey listen Sasori-no-Danna; I went through a lot on this mission. I had to get through the guards, find my way through that mansion, and get this box from that god forsaken safe! All the while you just followed like a lost puppy. Now you have the guts to get pissed off at me just because you found this mission boring-"

Sasori pulled on Deidara's ponytail, making the blue eyed teen cry out in surprise. "How about you shut up and let me think brat." Sasori's thin hands released Deidara's hair roughly, and the blonde resisted the urge to punch his partner. Sasori was holding a deadly weapon in the pit of his stomach. The poison drenched coil Deidara found disturbing. Not to mention the silver blades hidden on his back. The shorter artist had closed his eyes already deep in thought. When Deidara made an abrupt turn, the silver eyes opened with anger. Already there were ninja following them.

"What is that?" Sasori asked, pointing at the ninja below them. Deidara smirked and asked innocently, "What's what, Sasori-no-Danna?" Sasori made a noise of frustration. "We were supposed to follow out this mission without attention being called to us! Look at what you've caused with your impulsive behavior!" The silver eyed artist cried. Deidara frowned, keeping his eyes ahead. "We can't let them find the base, I realize that, hmm. We'll kill them off shortly, Sasori. How many are there, hm?"

Sasori looked down, but the sun was close to setting. In the dim light his eyes scanned the area. "There are more about five or six…"

Deidara swooped down dangerously low to the ground after sasori's words. "You fight and I'll fly as back-up." Deidara called back. Sasori shot Deidara a glare before jumping down to the ground. Deidara let the bird hover over the spot and watched through his scope. On the forest floor, Sasori counted six of what seemed to be Jonin. His expressionless face was the perfect mock of death.

The crimson haired puppeteer tore off his cloak quickly, the cord in his stomach shooting out of his stomach, ready to attack the first opponent Sasori set it to. "Watch out!" A ninja cried, only to have a metal cable driven through his covered face. Sasori through the body off the bloodied cord and strategically removed a scroll from his back. He let loose three puppets, all with the promise of deadly weapons hidden in their bodies. Sasori moved the light blue chakra strings left and right, slashing at each attacker with such ease.

Deidara watched from the sky, realizing that Sasori wouldn't need any backup at this rate. But the blonde's protectiveness of his partner denied him the right to look away from the fight. The pyromaniac swopped back low to the ground just as Sasori was finishing of the last of the masked ninja. The blonde jumped to the ground, keeping the clay bird near. Sasori stood before him, not a single hair out of place as he placed the puppets back into their scrolls. Deidara clapped dramatically in the silence.

"Just beautiful Danna. Not the way I'd do it, but true artistry all the same, hmm."

Sasori scowled at the younger's words and grabbed his cloak from Deidara's hand. "Brat, next time you feel like blowing something up, consider yourself." Deidara smirked and immediately the bird landed near the blonde. He hopped upon it, with Sasori following close.

"And how else would we have opened that safe, hm? If anything I was smart to blow it up." Deidara said smugly, getting no answer from Sasori as the puppet master held the box close. "Danna, our next stop is back to Amegakure, right? To receive our next mission, hm?" Deidara called over his shoulder.

Sasori nodded quickly, now holding the golden box closer. But he also kept an arm around Deidara's waist. The last thing he wanted was to fall to the ground and have to pull himself back together (And it was comforting to have Deidara close). The wind blocked all sound from his ears and as it blew harder, the red head's hair flew around his childish face almost painfully. The red head had never experienced something like this. He actually felt his heart hammering in his chest from the exhilaration.

The blonde looked back at his partner looking back at the sky before him. He paid no heed to the ground below him. Only Sasori and keeping the bird in flight mattered. Deidara smiled, realizing how far he had come… How far they had come from their first meeting. It seemed like a far off memory, too old to really matter and yet so fresh in his mind.

But Deidara knew his art would succeed. He felt it. The blonde would prove to Sasori he was an artist by their next mission. The blue eyed teen noticed Sasori looking at the ground and he smiled when he watched the last rays of the sun turn Sasori's hair from red to a dark salmon. Deidara looked towards the horizon, where the sun was beginning to set. It was the fire lighting up the last of the day. The last explosion before the dark of night came.

The wind blew freely around both artists.

And the sky seemed forever calm.

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