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My Cold-Hearted Valentine

Two young men stood outside Rosewood Cafe staring into the window, unmindful of the rain pouring on them. "Is that her?" A male with jet black hair and inquisitive sapphire eyes asked.

"Uh-huh," Replied his ginger-haired companion. "Something tells me she could totally be the next Mrs. Grayson."

The former smiled wryly, his gaze shifting back to the waitress who was cleaning the counter.

The waitress had golden skin with cascades of gleaming scarlet hair. Her eyes were emerald and had a sense of longing about them. Those captivating eyes fell onto a single red rose laying mere inches from her. A scowl marred her features as she carelessly knocked the innocent bloom into the trash can.

Richard blinked. "She's beautiful, but she seems to have such a cold heart."

Birthday Wishes

"So what do you want for your birthday?" Robin asked his best friend casually. "It's going to be your eighteenth after all."

Starfire gave a light-hearted giggle. "That is very true friend Robin. However I do believe that you have not realized my day of birth is not for another month!"

Robin mock-glowered at her. "So? If I know what you want now, I can get it and be able to lord it over the others when they panic about not knowing what to get you."

Starfire raised an eyebrow, placed her hands on her hips and said somewhat flirtatiously, "So you wish to use my upcoming day of birth as a license to mock our dear friends? Robin, this is not like you at all."

Robin blushed and mumbled a quick apology.

Starfire merely smiled and said, "All I want for my day of birth is to spend time with all of my friends and one of these..." She wrapped her arms around Robin who chuckled and returned the hug.

"Okay, anything else?"

"Yes!" She replied, "One of these..." She quickly pecked him on the cheek.

Robin grinned and kissed her cheek. However his was warm and lingering causing the Tamaranian royal to blush. Abruptly, he lifted his head from her face looking deeply into her eyes as if trying to discern if something was wrong. Before she could question his change of attitude, Robin leaned in and kissed her. Starfire melted in his embrace and returned the kiss with passion. When the need for air came, Robin didn't stray too far from his princess and murmured, "Happy early birthday Star."

Just two tiny one-shots I wanted to stick up. I can't really do much with Birthday Wish. Maybe something with My Cold-Hearted Valentine if anyone wishes to see it become more developed.

Tee hee. I love mischievous/ smug Robin. He's almost as funny as Panicky Robin! (Remember Stranded!)