Just Drabbles

Chapter 36: Paper Perfection

Café Timeless was a popular nightclub that was particularly crammed on Friday nights. It was on a Friday night that the club had it's finger on the pulse of the city. In a curvilinear booth to the far west sat four young women, all best friends, beauties each with their own riveting minds and successful careers.

Raven Roth was a twenty seven year old high school drama teacher with shoulder length midnight black hair, navy low lights and piercing violet eyes. She took a sip of her chardonnay before smirking at the friend sitting before her. Kori Anders, twenty five years old, a freelance photographer whose emerald eyes usually shimmered with innocence. Particularly when it came to the topic Raven was about to broach her with.

"So, Kori," Raven began. Hearing her name being called, Kori looked up, brushing a stray lock of scarlet hair out of her face. "How's Richard?"

Kori giggled softly. "Wouldn't you know the answer to that Raven? He is your cousin after all."

"She means in the romance department!" Cried Karen Beecher, the most outspoken one of group and rightly so as an animal activist.

Kori blushed. "Oh…um, no. No, I do not know anything about Richard's love life. I do not understand why you would believe I would." Inwardly she winced at the formal way her words were flowing.

"You guys leave her alone!" The fourth woman, Donna Troy chastised.

"Donna, you know how smitten Kori is when it comes to Richard just as much as Raven and I know," Karen pointed out calmly.

"And I know he's just as smitten," Raven added. "For one thing, you've turned him into a blithering Romeo."

Kori arched an eyebrow at that. "How so?"

"When he mentions you, his voice takes on a dream-like quality that matches the glaze in his eyes," Donna said. "I've noticed it too."

Kori laughed then shrugged, fixing her emerald gaze on the paper placemat before her. "I don't think that I'm the girl for Richard."

Her friends frowned. "What do you mean?" Karen asked.

Keeping her eyes on her placemat, Kori spoke, "Richard needs someone who is serious, maybe not straight laced, but definitely grounded. He just seems like the type." While she ticked off the reasons why she believed she wasn't meant to be with Richard, her fingers had lifted the paper and began to fold it, creasing the edges, scoring them with her manicured nails. As the process continued, the paper now in her hands took on a life of its own, slowly, meticulously shaped.

"And as for me," Kori continued. "I'm too flighty. I can't stand working on one sole project at a time or staying in one location for too long. I could try blaming this on the fact that I'm a Gemini, but it's just who I am. And let's just face it, I think I'm slated for the 'best friend' or 'sister' role."

A contemplative silence reigned as Kori looked at her finished product. A paper rose with layers and leaves. Upon closer inspection, she saw that many folds were imperfect, never quite reaching that destined matching corner along with one or two rips in the paper.

The protests of Raven, Karen and Donna remained buzzing on the tips of their tongues as they all recognized the spark of revelation in Kori's eyes. "Then again, I am human. I'm not meant to be perfect. I'm meant to be who I am and happy with it. And truth be told, I am quite happy just as myself."

Smiling, she looked up at her friends and said, "I'm just like this paper rose here. Flawed, but still someone who can be loved and appreciated." Kori tilted her head, wrinkling her nose playfully as she said. "As a matter of fact Richard is not perfect either. Perhaps he and I do have a chance after all." Taking a contented sip of her wine, Kori glanced at her watch and innocently mused aloud, "I wonder if it is not too late to pay a visit to Richard's office."

Her friends burst into laughter, laughing harder when she looked up at them, that innocence still lingering in her eyes.

I'm sorry guys. This wasn't good. I just haven't been feeling too happy lately. Rather, I'm pretty depressed and it's affecting both my ability to write decently or anything at all. That being said, I might be taking a long hiatus from fanfiction. I'm not entirely certain.