Fanfiction Title: Sophomore

Anime/Manga Fandom: La Corda d' Oro

Author: Harley Cooper

Pairings: Amou Nami / Tsukimori Len / Hino Kahoko / Tsuchiura Ryotaro


Warning: themes of high school experimental threesome, orgy under the influence of alcohol, emotional distress and sexual awakening.

Additional Details: This following chapters of this work of fiction will be designed from the smut prompts available in the Livejournal community, citrus_taste, under the Lime Table.

Summary:Amou Nami takes control, forcing her classmates to accept an offer they can't refuse. It involves Hino Kahoko with Tsukimori and Tsuchiura. A very illicit game will leave these musicians weak on the knees.



Drafting liaisons


It took plenty of time to adjust. Amou Nami had to come up with believable excuses while she embellished disguises around the elite people of the Seiso breed. She enrolled as a general student and handled affairs as a school journalist but that's not the only priority Amou keeps in check. She's careful and meticulous so she maintains the all-nice, all-friendly façade. Still, she has the reputation of being persuasive with her journalistic endeavors. She was cautious too, never gets into real personal contact with people who consider her good company. Like Hino Kahoko for example. She's in the same year but from a different section and they spend a great deal of time together; planning on what dresses to wear for music competitions and talking about the boys they fancy (well, Hino wouldn't admit to her own female wiles. Amou keeps an eye on her in case she forgets that she, too, gets infatuated.) So Amou doesn't mind a little chase with the 'studs' of the concours. She cares little for their musical abilities, being boy-geeks for classical music. Amou knew that's what they just are: boys. In more ways than one, Amou Nami is quite radical with her person.

One might refer to her as a 'slut'. Well, not that she uses the term herself loosely because sex is not commodity or any form of profit to her. She's just very capable of looking for and giving pleasure. All right, all right, she sleeps around! But she's responsible. Sort of. Takes that business in other public schools and definitely no one is Seiso knows, and all that. She already established her 'smart lady journalist' persona so why fuck up now?

That is until today.

Hino Kahoko is getting into her last nerve. The girl thinks she's frigging mother Maria saint, well, she's not. Amou knows that, with the wonders of booze, anything is attainable. Reach for the fucking stars. Hino is going to take a front seat experience with that, it's a closed deal.

Seiso Academy, the school divided between self-centered music student brats and 'general' or 'no talent' students, is Amou's game route. She's been itching to give these kids a cheap taste of what they're missing. The general students are considered ordinary and Amou hates how they live up to this stereotype while their sissy counterparts, those music student buffoons, cruise on their parents' money and play fucking symphony notes, badly needing to get laid once in a while.

Especially that Tsukimori Len. Amou's been keeping tabs on him, wondering how she could break his balls. Conservative narcissist with only his violin to care for, her ass! That dude is messed up some way.

Hihara Kazuki is such a clown but Amou can bet five dollars he's a good in the sack if he tries to stop being so nice all the time for no reason.

And the great Yunoki Azuma with his ladies' man, debutante' darling and all that shit...Amou knows that's not real. He's a hypocrite with urges to quench.

Now we have the untouchable freshman Shimizu Keiichi but he's an infant, typically has milk on his lips.

So we move on to her fellow classmate Tsuchiura Ryoutaru, god almighty, hot athlete with right touches on the piano! Amou's been wondering just how 'friendly' he could get with Hino if Hino finally admits having these silly romantic high school girl feelings for Tsukimori, resident Ice King. Those two are rivals in music and for Hino's heart. Certified teenage material for a TV show.

Amou uses her skills as a journalist to get to know these people. She has one notebook for each individual and she writes down notes on their routines, habits and other idiosyncrasies they don't know (or refuse to acknowledge) themselves. But Amou is leaving the two sempais alone, especially sweet Shimizu (there has to be minor corruption in that if she pursues him.) And she now dwells on the idea of the love triangle in the sophomore department. Hino Kahoko battling to figure out which boy to choose: the sincere, aw-shucks manly soccer-piano-packing Tsuchiura or the tortured, badly-need-for-catharsis violin-poet Tsukimori.

Amou Nami will make things happen. With booze and opportunity colliding.