This story is rated M for adult content and graphic scenes. This story deals with pedophile controversy and child abuse. Please be advised of this warning. I apologize to those who are squeamish, this is plot involving themes of a graphic nature with this chapter being the heaviest. I can be a very blunt writer so please be aware you will read sexual scenes which are not meant to be hentai, but plot in nature involving a child. That said, I give you a suspenseful and twisted tale. : )

A Harmless Fantasy

Chapter One


- mirage -

It was a harmless fantasy. It had no weight, nor means of commitment. Still. The images ran about in his head when he looked at the boy. In his eyes he undressed him and the body beneath was soft and plump. Still fresh, growing. Edward Elric was a lithe small body, with a bright smile and demanding eyes. He was short in stature, and this made him even more adorable. The incredibly small length from barefoot to knee, and then knee to waist. The tiny elbows and tiny fingers. Small baby ears, and fat little nose. The boy was adorable, eager and full of energy. He found Edward a desirable treat worthy of wondering about his house to delight him. In fact it wasn't always he thought of the boy as a small morsel. It wasn't until his fantasies were given real momentum that he considered perusing them.

It all happened that night.

"Edward?" Shou Tucker called to the boy opening the bathroom door a bit when his knocks received silence. "Edward are you decent?" Tucker asked stepping in and waking the boy from a light sleep. Ed startled in the tub and sat up allowing him a small feast with his eyes. The boy's naked body, sitting in a tub filled high with water like a bath right before bed as mother orders. "I am sorry." He smiled as Ed pulled his legs to his chest and sat staring back. "You didn't answer when I knocked." He explained making no move to leave and Ed gave a nod licking his lips.

"I must have dozed off." Ed spoke into the rising steam. "I am sorry. Have I slept through dinner?" Ed asked but the eye contact was broken now.

"On the contrary." He moved the door to an open position. "I came to fetch you for just that." He spoke walking in past the boy and Ed followed him looking startled. He watched the boy's face swell with embarrassment, but like any small child moved to live in a strangers house Ed did not know how to properly address his feelings. How polite would it be to ask him to leave when it was in fact his house? The concept of simply stating he felt uncomfortable while naked was incomprehensible, for that would be too awkward. "I hope you're hungry." He smiled aware of all of this. He used to it to his advantage and Edward was staring up at him with wide golden eyes, all hair pulled up in a high pony tail to keep it from the water. "I've prepared a chicken." He informed offering a towel and holding it a small reach from the side of the tub so the boy who sat curled together would have to move to reach it.

"Oh...t-thanks." Ed managed after a moment. The boy mustered up his voice and spoke through the blush before turning his eyes to the towel. He saw the dilemma in Ed's face now. The stretch to get to the cloth. Because he did not offer to leave it, or sit it aside meant Ed should take it. Was he not polite enough to provide this bathroom? Warm bath? Dinner? And even to get the boy this towel so he didn't have to trouble himself? "Thank you." Ed whispered stretching forward fast, at an angel so his legs could stay upward. At the precise moment he moved so Ed's fingers fell short of the soft terry before opening the towel. Ed startled and slipped forward a bit giving him a nice view of the boy's cheek.

"I'd hate it if you slipped." He spoke spreading the towel and waiting for the boy. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" He asked innocently watching Ed quickly cover himself and glance about lost. "We're both men Edward." He knew this phrase would get the boy. The concept he was a coward. That logically he was acting ridiculously without any factual grounds to justify it.

"Yes." Ed answered obediently. "I mean no." Ed correct raising to his feet nervously and standing before him unable to meet his eyes. He smiled at the boy, naked and dripping where he stood. The automail hand lingering alongside the boy's thin penis wanting to hide it from sight, but unwilling to do so. Edward's skin was beautiful; shining with moisture and in his youth had not a single hair. He loved it. Nothing to obstruct his view. Nothing to get in the way. Just smooth and luscious skin. He could almost taste the soap against the flesh. "Wonderful." He smiled when Ed's hand reached for the towel and he wrapped it about Ed's shoulders.

Ed took it and closed it fast, looking up at him nervously before mustering a polite smile.

"I'll make you a plate." He rest a hand on the boy's warm shoulder as Ed stepped over the tub and nod.

Edward had wanted to forget the experience. Wanted to forget it ever happened and so arrived for dinner and made no mention of it, nor kept his eyes too long. Days after that they continued like normal, and he waited patiently for another opportunity to present itself. He saw his golden opportunity being the fact Edward was living in his house. Edward attributed everything to his generosity, and so therefore the ability to continue studying alchemy came hand-in-hand with his satisfaction and level of comfort with the boy. The resulting outcome for that equation found only two point blank results. Upset him and the study would end, please him and studying could continue. This was a wonderful wonderful ticket. Edward truly was a prodigy, for this equation was true, and adaptable to most situations.

His next opportunity didn't come until the brothers were knee deep in books after a week of studying blood work. This was tedious work filled with equations and note taking and it had taken its toll on two young boys.

"Alphonse cut it out!" Ed yelled loud enough he heard the boy from the hall.

"Ni-san I want to put this here. Get your things out of the way." The younger was arguing. The boys shared a desk, and when he arrived to watch through the door they were shoving at each other.

"I put my stuff here first!" Ed argued pushing the armor back with both hands. "Put your stuff someplace else!" Ed ordered angrily.

"What?! Where!" The armor exclaimed turning about with a pile of books.

"How should I know. How about the dresser." Edward huff backing up and flopping onto his twin bed.

"No." The armor snapped walking to the desk and Ed's head snapped up. "You have to share this desk with me, and this is my side." Alphonse put his books down and pushed the papers aside.

"That's my work!" Ed yelled scrambling up. "Don't touch it Alphonse!" Ed yelled grabbing the armors arm. "ARU! I am serious!" Ed yelled climbing up the back of the chair to stand taller and collect the papers which were shuffling.

"Don't yell Ni-san!" Alphonse scold moving his arm back and the bend in the armor's elbow was sharp and it scrapped the top of Ed's thigh making the boy whine.

"OW! Stupid!" Ed yelled dropping down to his feet holding his leg. "This is what happens when you don't listen to me in the first place!" Ed yelled giving the armor a punch and listening to the hallow echo. "That hurt!"

"It's not my fault!" The younger squeaked. "You shouldn't be climbing furniture like a-" The younger stopped talking when he stepped into the room.

"Are you two ok?" He asked gently giving them a confused and concerned expression to indicate he did not know why there would be yelling.

"Yes." They both answered in unison and he made a show of suddenly noticing Edward's injury.

"Oh, Edward. You've cut your leg." He spoke and Ed looked down at it before at the armor as though worried they'd be in trouble. "Let's clean that so it doesn't get infected." He said beckoning Edward forward and so he walked to the bathroom with the boy following obediently. "Is it that deep?" He asked opening the medicine cabinet with Ed examining the cut through the tear in his pants.

"I don't think so. I'll be ok." Ed offered brightly. "I'll fix my pants with alchemy. He didn't mean it. It was an accident." Ed spoke still anxious to relax him. He offered this a kind nod and opened the alcohol.

"Of course." He answered indicating the boy should sit on the small stool alongside the sink. "We'll have it cleaned in no time." He reassured. "Take down your pants there Edward, and we'll use just a bit of alcohol." He said and Ed listened obediently before thinking. He was anxious to see what the boy would say, how he would try to weasel out of it. How hard he'd have to push to get what he wanted.

"It's really no big deal." Ed reassured quickly sitting down on the stool to appease him without actually following his request. "It's just a scratch."

"Oh no, I insist." He said kneeling down before the stool so Edward looked down at him shifting a bit uncomfortably. "This makes it hard to see the wound." He said offering a distressed expression and Ed made a small noise and stood quickly. The boy started on his belt glancing to the open door and he knew Ed was looking for the armor. "I am sorry this had to happen in my home." He spoke offering some motivation, and Ed peeled his leather pants down from those scrawny thighs and sat back onto the stool in his boxers. "You poor boy." He sympathize watching Ed pull his boxer shorts up about the cut which was bleeding, but not terribly bad.

"I hardly feel it." Ed insist startling when the alcohol touched. "Really, don't worry yourself about it." Ed reassured sitting quietly as he dabbed the small cut with a cotton ball. "This ripped right through your cottons didn't it." He sighed drawing over the small hand towel hanging by Edward's head and laying it on the boy's lap. Ed lift his hands unsure of its purpose, but eager to appease him. "Let's have you get this all off and I'll bring you some more." He said and Ed looked up confused before tensing when he took hold of the boy's shorts and pulled. They slipped downward easier than he thought with so little weight holding them. Edward secured the towel fast, closing his legs where he sat. "I won't leave you for long." He chuckled sliding all rims off the boy's ankles and Ed was startled into silence as he'd seen before.

"Ah-ok. Thank you Mr...Tucker." Ed managed as he stood and left the boy sitting quietly in his shirt with a towel and feet dangling above the floor. When he left he was sure, and when he approached the small boy sitting half naked again he was positive. He had to know what that skin felt like. Looking wasn't enough anymore.

He considered helping to manipulate a healthy situation to provide an opportunity. How in fact he'd do this he wasn't certain. For this reason he spent some time observing Edward in his natural setting: that which usually include four walls and only his brother. Edward was an assertive boy, and was constantly in competition with the younger brother. His favorite time to observe was bedtime, and even better yet, bath time. Since that one night he'd helped Ed from the tub nothing had come close, and so bedtime was better because bath time was a tease.

Bedtime normally consist of the boys messing about in their room chatting. Edward would put his hair up and down, and this was a thrill for him. It would come loose a bit curled from the constriction of the braid, and then Edward would brush it. Ed was never silent, nor still when he did this. He'd talk, move about, use the brush to indicate things, point at the younger brother, a few times he'd seen Edward use it as a weapon and take a swing toward the squeaking armor. Then, the hair went up, a low pony tail and it was time to change.

Edward's pants were tight leather; they required the boy to push them off. There was no simple way to step from them, and so Edward always sat and pulled them off, or stood and bent over. This was his favorite and watching the boy's skinny legs come free of that tight and smooth leather made him shiver. He'd fight to concentrate, and control himself not to move or breath too hard. Edward was sometimes not quick at dressing either. There would be nights when conversation with the armor would slow him. He'd stop and talk pants about his ankles, pants off and in hand, standing in his boxers talking and talking. There was one night in which the two boys were playing and Ed was running about in just his underwear laughing and dodging the great metal body coming for him. This night he had to leave the door, after Ed was pinned by the armor and was struggling and laughing. He could not help himself, watching those small limbs struggle, that soft lithe skin stretch and giggle. He left the door quickly, and the next day was presented with a great opportunity. A second small injury.

He heard Edward yell as he slipped from the first snowy branch of the tree and hit the ground with a thud. Ed landed on his back, looking up at the armor which was climbing down quickly. He had seen it all from his backdoor with a hot mug of cocoa in hand as the kids played in the yard.

"Alphonse!" He called to the younger brother. "Is he ok?" He called watching the armor pull Ed up as the boy sat coughing. The wind had been knocked out of him, and Ed was whining where he sat before yelling at the armor. "Edward!" He called sitting the mug down and heading out for the boy. Ed was sitting in the snow, hair now wet with fat white clumps peppered about the braid in just his clothing.

The boys had been studying diligently. Then the armor had come out to ask for a drink, noticed the snow and gone outside. Ed appeared minutes later irritated and still thirsty and saw the armor playing and followed. He'd called after the boy but Ed had continued happily running through the snow informing him it'd only be a minute. Somehow the tree was involved in the evolution of their outing, and now this. "Dear me, come inside boys!" He called taking a few steps out so his slippers crunched into the snow. Ed was hobbling up with the armors help before limping toward the house cringing. "Edward? Did you hurt your back?" He asked first genuinely alarmed for the boy.

"Nooo." Ed whined shaking his head and he took hold of Edward's shoulder and helped steer him in. The possibility in front of him not fully clear until he touched the boy's clothing. They were wet.

"Alphonse I'll take it from here." He said cutting his voice a bit short and the armor straightened up and gave a nod. "Edward you should not be outside. Without a coat, and climbing trees." He scold softly steering the boy inside. Ed was silent and walked along rubbing at his lower back.

"There was ice on the top." Ed informed as an explanation.

"I see." He said entering Edward's room and heading for his dresser as Ed followed. Edward wanted out of his clothes and opened his jacket before turning to him as he opened the drawers. "We'll have to wash your clothes." He sighed pulling out some replacements for the boy and Ed was watching him as he slid out of his jacket. Edward was a little taken back he was picking things out, and therefore dressing the boy. "You're shirts wet." He said sending a hand to it and squeezing it disapprovingly before sliding his hand to Edward's pants. "And your pants too." He deduct noticing Edward's small jump when he squeezed the fabric on the back of the boy's thigh. It was dangerously close to the small butt and he had grabbed boxers as well. "Yes." He stood back up and turned to the dresser. "Let's have you put these on." He said laying clothes, including boxers on the boy's bed as Ed slowly pulled his shirt off. This delayed movement was his first clue something was different with this scenario and he watched the boy consider the situation before speaking.

"I-I'd prefer some privacy." Ed mustered giving him a weak smile and he nod.

"Of course." He assured walking to the door and closing it. He wanted to see if the boy had the balls to speak on it again. With the door closed and him still inside Ed seemed a bit befuddled his plan backfired, but was also determined.

"I mean I..." Ed trailed opening his belt slowly. "I am not used to changing with...spectators." Ed supplied and he was impressed. Ed stared down as he spoke quietly before glancing at him to see how his words were taken. "Sorry." A small smile cracked and it was his turn now. Edward was holding the cards. He was quiet.

"Forgive me." He spoke and Edward looked eager to do so. "The automail has me curious." He supplied and Edward accepted this lie with an easier smile. It seemed understandable. "I used to paint; I should show you my work." He lied. "The human body has...and well yours..." He trailed there letting Edward put words in his mouth. Words that would best fit in Edward's mind.

"I'd like to see it sometime." Ed changed topics gracefully for a young boy.

"It was an old hobby, of self indulgence." He explained getting ready for his bold move. One which he was prepared to cover for. "Like alchemy is for you." He explained and Ed was listening more closely once he said the A-word as he'd come to call it. "I wonder if, you would indulge me, in exchange for my efforts to indulge you." He asked, emphasizing the word effort. Effort to indulge. Not requirement, as it was Colonel Mustang had asked and was a man who was not often refused. He was required to look after these boys. Required to teach them. Mustang wanted Edward Elric and had made that point clear. He was to be taught so he could succeed and bring Mustang glory.

"What sort of indulgence?" Ed asked breaking him from his thoughts. His musings this boy would one day be a great man in the military and forget all about him. He considered being brief and beating about the bush, but Edward's questions were always strangely specific. He expect the boy to push back with something which made word games difficult. Edward might better appreciate, and might also be better stunned with honesty. A direct approach.

"I'd like you to take off your clothes." He state and Edward's eyes widened substantially. "Just..." He trailed again, as though this request was almost too much for him. "Curious I am. To see a subject with automail so close." He covered replacing Edward's nouns and pronouns with subject to remove them both from this situation.

"Take them off." Ed repeat staring at him, and he offered a smile. "Strip?" Ed repeat crinkling his expression.

"Heavens no." He reassured. This was a dirty word. One not good for the boy to repeat. "I don't mean to make you uncomfortable. You have to understand artists study the human body meticulously. Yours is a wonderful find for myself and painting. To me you are my four and three pointed array." He explained and Ed blinked quickly when he compared the boy to the difficult transmutations Ed was trying so hard to study. This connection made sense and he saw the boy's eyes move to the floor thinking.

Edward bit his bottom lip and he watched to touch it.

"You've been very patient with us Mr. Tucker." Ed spoke then. "Taking us in, and teaching us. I am sorry to be a burden on your family." Ed looked up and he nod, Edward could take this in either direction. A polite refusal. Obedient obligation. "I guess if it's a favor." Ed said, and he could hear the boy forcing his words. Edward was not comfortable with this. Did not want to do it. Obedient Obligation, it was more delicious than obedient desire.

"In fact I think I am sorry I asked." He offered an escape, to clear his name. To shift the guilt from his shoulders to Edward's. So later when Edward tried to analyze it, it would appear the boy made the decision himself. "It was rude of me. Forget my offer please."

"No." Ed refused as he had hoped working his belt apart. "It's fine I...guess." Ed offered backing up to sit on the side of the bed. It was quiet then as Edward disrobed, pulled his pants off and slid his shorts down before standing back up. Ed was uncomfortable beyond belief but was enduring it. Standing quietly staring to the side. He could see the boy try to wet his lips as his mouth dried out, and Edward's thin legs trembled feeling watery, but oh, how delicious. How beautiful. How soft.

"Turn around." He asked quietly and Ed licked his lips again before doing so slowly. The back was even more adorable. It had been weeks. He'd fantasized about the small ass he was now given a first class view of. Edward's soft hair and slender back winding down the spine to a small pudgy backside, which was rather flat. "Edward you're extraordinary." He whispered taking a step forward and laying his hand on the boy's shoulder. Ed startled badly with this and reached for his clothes.

"T-thanks." Ed muttered pulling a shirt on fast and pulling his pants over.

"You're an excellent pupil." He comment. "I won't forget how good you've been when the colonel asks for his report." He smiled and these words stilled Edward's hands. Ed glanced at him stepping into boxers fast.

"You report on me?"

"Of your studies." He said casually as though this were nothing. "Your behavior and improvement." He add leaving it at that, enough to make Edward wonder what situations fell under each of these categories. "I left your cocoa in the kitchen. I'll bring it to the study." He said walking for the door as Ed stepped into his pants. "Then I think I'll...paint." He said pausing. "You've inspired me." He smiled before slipping out. His words of encouragement and praise he hoped would lubricate that situation in Edward's mind, or at least confuse him enough to haze it. This was a dangerous game, and having Edward with memories and examples to talk about was not good. Having the boy conscious for these experiments was not good. He'd have to think of a better disguise, or find an easier button to push on the boy.

With the boys studies growing rapidly, they were out of the house more. Already the army was taking them and claiming them as he knew they would. On such said day the boys had left mid morning and then suddenly Edward appeared at the door in the arms of the colonel.

"He's out cold." Colonel Mustang informed walking in briskly carrying the boy. "Fainted." The man elaborate turning to him unknown to the whereabouts of his stairs, Edward's room, anything.

"Good heavens." He muttered starting in for them quickly and Mustang followed. "How did it happen? Is he feeling alright?"

"There's been another murder." Mustang announced irritably. "A woman, she was sliced up pretty good. Her body was uncovered a few feet in front of him. Next thing I know he's laying on the pavement. I was going by here anyway, but honestly this wasn't part of my morning plans." Mustang grumbled carrying Ed into the bedroom and the boy was fully dressed still wearing his shoes. "Sorry to leave him with you like this." Mustang apologized laying Ed down easily and stepping back.

"It can't be helped." He rationalized before falling silent. Mustang was just watching the boy now, staring down at him as though genuinely worried, or consumed. "Colonel?" He asked breaking the man from his spell.

"See that he's cared for." Mustang ordered turning for the door. "Money is no issfue." Mustang said before leaving. He listened to the heavy boots fade down his hall before turning back to the boy. Edward Elric sprawled out on his twin bed, unconscious and glorious. The colonel had no idea what he was doing, bringing Edward here, laying him in the lion's den. Of course, with Edward's beauty, soft features, and long hair, Tucker knew he would not be the first nor last official who would make a pass at this boy. As Edward grew older it was likely to move up in command this young boy would find himself on his knees between the legs of men he'd like to surpass.

"To think boy." He whispered standing alongside the bed and slowly lowering his hand down to touch the soft cheek. "That we would find ourselves like this. With such an opportunity." He smiled running his fingers over the small lips. The small mouth. It was like silk and he prod a finger inside gently, just to feel the small teeth and kitten tongue. "You are such a petite youth." He sighed sitting down alongside the bed. "Oh dear Edward." He spoke running his hand down the boy's shirt. "Your clothes are damp, and dirty I am afraid." He said examining the right side of the boy, apparently the side which hit the ground first. It was soiled with drying mud, and small specks of blood. "This won't do." He smiled opening Edward's jacket and pulling his shirt up from his belt. Once it came free he stopped and marveled at the small stomach underneath. "Unwrapping you is better than seeing you in the flesh boy." He admit glancing up to the boy's face, but Edward was silent with just soft sounds of breathing. He took the jacket off carefully, pulling Edward up by one arm and sliding it off the other, before repeating the process. He removed the shirt just as carefully and then ran his hands down the cooling chest and stomach. His fingers and palms covered it almost entirely and he rubbed and pushed at Edward's skin before hitting the belt and it was a great tease. "I've waited a very long time to touch you like this." He whispered keeping his right hand on Edward's chest while his other began working on the belt. His fingers pulling furiously, trembling, and his breath was beginning to hitch.

He told himself to calm down, to relax, that he must take his time, and be gentle and mind Edward's consciousness, but he couldn't take it. He pulled his right hand from the small nipple he was touching and helped the left. Edward's belt was very thick, and wound about the boy's middle to help support his lower back against the weight of the automail. He opened the boy's pants as fast as he could and as soon as he saw the light blue of the underwear could not resist. His right hand pushed in, and he released a groan closing his eyes as he felt the boy inside. Between Edward's legs it was warm, and under the thin cotton he could feel the small penis he'd only had a chance to look at. He then took hold of the pants on either side and yanked; he took them down to Edward's knees and then swept the boxers down as well and bit his lip to keep from making noise.

Edward lay lax, and uncovered. The boy's little stomach still had some fat; likewise the thighs though scrawny were soft and round. The boy was a thin child entering puberty with no signs of it. The penis and ball's were still small. "You could be younger than you are." He breathed sliding his hands up the boy's thighs. "My god you could be eight. Nine. Ten." He shivered rubbing at the boy and marveling at the soft skin. Edward's hair was so light it barely existed. "I am sorry Edward." He smiled looking up to the quiet face. "I can't contain myself." He admit sliding his hand down to the thin penis and closing his eyes. It felt marvelous. Soft and dry, just like one of the boy's fingers only spongier with a plump little head ready to give its girth for length. From the feel of it, Edward's body had not yet told it to do so yet. "Good boy." He whispered rubbing it gently. The underneath was softer and he lift it up and examined the short little life. Edward's penis was a perfect representation of his being. Short, but determined. He felt inside the small member there was strength, and one day this boy would enjoy himself sexually. Be it man or female he saw this boy pounding mercilessly with his tool, and this too was a turn on. "You are really a good boy." He smiled sliding his fingers down the boy's underbelly to his balls and they were small little globes of warmth smooth like silk.

There was not one thread of pubic hair, Edward was completely shaved in his youth and naked to his eyes. Glorious.He rubbed and palpate the boy glancing to and from his face which showed no signs of life, the same way the penis did not seem to become hard. "Still too young?" He chuckled watching the member lay flat even after so much attention. "That's adorable." He smiled. "You must be very embarrassed." He whispered sliding his fingers down lower into the silky cavern between the boy's thighs. Against the small folds of baby pudginess Edward still owned before finding the tiny ass. "For being a boy, you have a rather full bottom." He smiled pulling Edward's legs up and getting them atop his own, trapped in their pants. With Edward's legs higher and easier to lift he did so and looked under to the small ass stretching out nicely. "Such plump soft skin." He breathed sliding his hand about the small cheek, before licking his lips and letting his fingers wonder toward the small exit becoming visible. "Don't be bashful now." He smiled pushing the boy's legs back so Edward was completely spread before him. "You're much too pretty to be nervous Edward." He soothed sliding his fingers into the boy's pink crack and brushing them up and down. This touch was the first to cause a reaction. A fast twitch from Edward's arm and he froze. "Edward?" He called to the boy, but Edward was still. With so much temptation he couldn't help it and slid his fingers back down slowly, before up again just as carefully. There was no hair here either. Just the small wrinkled skin, warm and pink about the boy's tiny anus. A small pinprick of an opening, the width of his pinky tip. "So small." He smiled teasing the hole and tapping it gently with his finger before pushing on it a bit.

"M." Ed made a noise and he froze lowering the boy's legs. It was a soft grunt and Edward's face had moved to an expression of distress in the last few minutes. He hadn't noticed this, and scold himself for being irresponsible to the care this situation required. He had gone this far, there was no reason not to go a bit farther.

"I am afraid you're come to too quickly Edward." He whispered laying the boy's legs in the bed and standing over the naked boy. "I'll be right back." He reassured leaving quickly.

There was also the concept the younger brother would return soon, if Edward was in fact visiting a crime scene, that would mean the younger would have been left at base. It would take time for word to reach him, and for him to come home. He had at least a solid hour allowing him plenty of movement in the situation.

From his lab he retrieved a small rag, and some chloroform and carried it back to the boy. Edward was stirring a bit where he lay. Shivering without cover. "Mm." Ed whined turning his head. "Mom." Ed whined and he stilled standing over the boy with the rag. "Mooom." Ed cried out again, and this was terrible, but so delicious. What better word for the boy to cry out than one of a true child.

"Good boy."He whispered bringing the rag to his face and in a second Edward was limp again. "There's a good boy." He smiled sitting back down and getting the boy's legs over his own. Then he leaned down over the boy and inhaled his scent. The soft clean smell of soap and distinct smell Edward exhume. It was delicious and he inhaled the boy's neck before licking up and over the chin to his mouth. "Such a beautiful mouth." He smiled letting his right hand move to the bulge he'd been growing.

It couldn't be helped, and he could no longer pay it no mind. He licked over the boy's mouth and then inside it as he stroked himself. "What is that Edward?" He asked pulling back and growing a smile. "You'd like to taste?" He asked opening his belt. "Alright." He shivered opening his fly and taking himself out. Carefully he crawled about the boy to kneel on either side of him and used his hands to open the small mouth. Edward was compliant and he pulled the chin down and tipped the boy's head up angling his cock. Than with a simple push it was inside. With Edward's mouth so small it wouldn't all fit, and so he stroked the parts which could not make it. Thrusting gently in and out. Even with Edward's mouth slack, and dry it felt wonderful. To look down and see that child's face about his hard piece of meat. Not just any child either, a genius, a prodigy, the humbling face of Edward Elric. He could hardly contain himself and as he stroked himself with hand and the boy's mouth he took the boy's flesh hand and brought it to his skin. "You're amazing." He whispered rubbing the small hand over himself and into his pants. It felt too good, and he dropped the hand and pulled himself from the boy's slack mouth shivering. A string of precum stretched from Edward's lip to his cock and then broke off and stuck on Edward's chin. "Yes." He hissed beating himself a bit before Edward's face and bringing his wet tip to those lips. "Yes boy." He hissed sliding the tip about Edward's mouth before up his cheek, to his eye, over his nose. Edward's face was getting damp and it was so hot. He drug his meat down to the boy's chest and wet the nipple and rubbed. "Shh, I know." He hushed climbing down the boy. "I know where you'd like to taste this." He smiled rubbing his cock into the small slender one before beneath it. He raised Edward's legs and let himself slide down the crack and push forward. He felt himself embed in the crevice of the boy's bowels but without severe strength could not move forward. Edward was so small it was closed to him. He rubbed himself there, getting the boy sticky and damp before pulling back and sitting on the bed. "Well." He was quiet for a moment. It was a setback to see this could not work to easily. "Yes, Edward." He smiled. "It's not fair to leave you unsatisfied." He whispered pulling Edward to him, over his lap carefully and Edward hung off him like a doll.

Gently he pet the boy. He slid his hand up and down that soft cheek before giving it a firm hard slap. One which would have hurt Edward had he been conscious. Then he bit his lip to keep himself from doing it again, but he couldn't leave evidence, no matter how much he'd like to indulge. "Alright Edward." He hissed sliding his finger about his own juices and bringing them to the boy's hole. He pushed with one, hard to get it inside. It was terribly snug. With that little bit of moister he managed, but Edward was dry as a bone inside. He pulled his finger back and examined it, but that too had become dry and smooth from the boy. Edward's insides had sucked up the moister and destroyed it. "So, you haven't given any favors to get where you are." He said looking at the limp boy. Edward was too tight to have been used. "Aside from those which might use your mouth." He smiled reaching to the boy's brush. It was suitable, and would be ironic.

He brought the stick to his mouth and sucked a bit sliding it in and out of his mouth slowly watching Edward before bringing the wet handle to the small innocent ass and pushing. With his whole hand able to push he forced it in, and Edward took it without a sound or movement. He then let the brush go gently and smiled as it stayed inside the boy protruding into the room. He gave this a minute before pulling it back gently and then pushing it in. Gradually this type of plan would Edward suitable for him.

Then from outside a car and he leaned back and looked out the window. At his very front gate the armor had arrived and was talking to the driver.

He startled and withdrew the brush quickly moving Edward back onto the bed. Quickly he worked on the boots, and pulled them off. He removed the pants and pulled the boxers up. He heard his front door open at this time and quickly moved Edward's clothes aside, adjust his own pants, pulled the blankets up, tucked Edward in, and sat down at the desk chair.

"Ni-san! Ni-san!?" The armor was coming quickly and burst into the room before silencing when he put a finger to his lips. "Mr. Tucker?! Is he ok? What happened?" The armor demand and he smiled patting the air.

"Your brother apparently fainted earlier. The colonel brought him over and we put him straight to bed." He informed the armor and it relaxed. "He's been sleeping rather peacefully. You shouldn't wake him." He instruct and Alphonse crept forward slowly and look down at the boy.

"How long has he been sleeping?" Alphonse asked and he smiled.

"Almost twenty minutes." He informed watching the armor reach forward and rub Edward's face.

"He's drooling." The armor smiled and he swallowed when he watched that big metal hand wipe his cum off Edward's face. "Ni-san." The armor whispered stroking his hand into the boy's hair before looking up at him. "Thank you for taking such good care of him." Alphonse spoke and he smiled.

"The pleasures mine." He answered, and he meant it.

Edward woke a half an hour later and seemed none the wiser until he tried to move. Then the boy was rubbing his butt discreetly beneath the blankets looking worried.

"Ni-san you've been out forever." The armor was speaking on and on as he watched.

'Yeah..sorry." Ed managed lifting the blankets and reaching in. Edward was investigating himself looking befuddled.

"Something wrong?" He asked taking a step to the boy and resting his hand on Edward's forehead.

"Just-ah-no." Ed covered quickly closing the blankets and laying flat. "Just think I need a bath." Ed offered innocently. "The hot water will relax me."

"You're not in pain are you?" He asked curious. "The colonel said you fell, it's possible you hurt yourself." He supplied and Ed took these words with interest.

"I fell." Edward repeat explaining his injuries to himself. "I feel sore so that's probably it." Ed announced waving this away like it was nothing.

"Would you like me to call a doctor?" He asked watching Edward sit up with a wince looking confused.

"Huh? Oh no." Ed waved this off even faster. "I am fine. Just a little sleepy. I'll be ok." Edward reassured and he smiled.

"If that's so, I'll go call the colonel and let him know you're alright. He also wanted to speak to me about some books I have on human transmutation." He said casually slipping out with his grin hidden. The way the two boys stopped when he spoke those words, he knew he'd found the button to push with Edward.

Now the only question was, how to use it.


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