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It's always the quiet ones.

The name "Brian Kendrick" was never really synonymous with the words "badass," "daredevil," "rebel," or even "cool." He didn't have long and dark hair. He didn't ride a motorcycle. He didn't listen to hard rock or rap music. He wasn't a gangster. He didn't have any piercings. He was never the strongest guy. He was never the best looking guy. He was never that good with the ladies. He was just…Brian. Better words to suit him were "geek," "nerd," or even "lovable loser."

Everyone snaps once in a while.

But sometimes, once in a while turns into twice in a while. Twice in a while turns into once a week. Once a week turns into every day.

She noticed it from the start.

Melanie was Brian's longtime girlfriend, even from before he started wrestling. She loved the fact that Brian was a well mannered gentleman and held her best interests at heart.

Looks can be deceiving.

It had all started when Brian walked away from Paul London during their handicap match against The Great Khali. Sure, it was supposed to happen and preplanned. On a normal day, Brian would have waited backstage for Paul and apologize many times, and Paul would just shrug it off and say that Brian was just doing his job.

Not this time.

Brian was a mess backstage. He randomly started punching lockers. Melanie waited outside of the locker room in tears. Never before had she seen or heard him like this. It scared her. Brian was always such a quiet soul and extremely laid back. She had no idea what caused him to freak out like this.

That's when Paul came back. He heard Brian's outburst. "What's wrong with him?" Paul asked.

Melanie simply shrugged as she wiped a tear from her eye.

Paul inhaled deeply before entering the room. The locker banging had subsided.

Five minutes later, both Paul and Brian had exited the locker room. Paul quickly left Brian and Melanie alone. "Baby, I'm sorry if I scared you. I don't know what happened. I was just really mad about what they made me do."

After they shared a quick kiss, Melanie said, "As long as you promise that you will never do it again. I was really scared, Brian."

"I promise."

Promises are meant to be broken.