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The sun seemed to rise earlier than usually on the day Hinata visited the Uchiha estate with her father. The golden light filled her room with a warm glow as the Hyuuga heir picked out her best spring kimono to wear on this special occasion. The kimono was made of the finest silk in the most beautiful light purple, with darker purple roses trimming the bottom. On the back was the Hyuuga symbol proudly sewn in.

There was a small whimper at the door. Hinata turned to see her baby sister Hanabi crawling in. Hinata walked over to her young sibling and spoke happily to her, "I can't play with you today, little one." After she said that, one of the servants quickly came in.

"I'm sorry, Lady Hinata. She got out of my sight."

"I.. it's alright," Hinata stuttered gently.

Hinata skipped to the kitchen, her hair swaying from the movements she made. As she got there, a servant was setting the table and placing breakfast on the table.

"Good morning, Mai-san." Hinata said, finding her place at the table.

"Good morning, Lady Hinata," Mai said as she put a plate in front of the young Hyuuga, "My, my. Don't you look pretty?"

"Thank you. Today's a very special day."

"Why is that?" Mai asked.

"Because," Hinata started, excitement showing in her pearly eyes, "today, I am going with Father to the Uchiha estate."

"Oh, yes, "Mai said with a small giggle, "that is very special."

A few moments later, Hiashi walked in. He looked at Mai, who put his food on the table, "Mai, Leave us."

She left after giving him a small, respectful bow. Hiashi turned to Hinata and said sternly, "We'll be leaving after breakfast. Eat quickly, Hinata."

"Y...yes, Father, "Hinata stuttered, slightly bowing her head.

They both began to eat their breakfast, not another word said.

- - - -

Hinata walked quietly beside her father. It was hard to stay calm when she was so excited.

As they arrived at the estate, one of the servants came out to greet them. She took them inside and seated them in the main room on the floor mats.

"Fugaku-sama will be out shortly, "she said respectively.

A few minutes passed before Fugaku entered the room. He sat across from Hiashi and they began discussing the deal. Hinata looked around, bored, hoping for something to do. The same servant from before came in the room. Hiashi and Fugaku stopped talking for a moment as she put tea on the table, bowed, and left the room. When she was gone, they began talking again. Hinata let out a small sigh, and Fugaku finally noticed the small girl beside the Hyuuga clan leader.

"You may leave us, "he said sternly as he pointed to the outside.

Hinata looked to her father, he gave the slightest nod of his head showing his agreement. She stood up and bowed as low as she could to Fugaku then turned and slipped out the sliding door. The servant at the door slid it shut behind her. As soon as the door was shut she heard her father speak, then Fugaku. Hinata was too young to care and to young to understand what they were talking about.

As she ran outside, Hinata saw a small bird fly near her, and she began following it. Hinata went left with the bird, she went right. Anywhere it went, so did she. After a few minutes, she realized what had happened. She was lost in the Uchiha garden! A small movement was seen in the corner of her eye as she heard something. It sounded like some one was training. She could hear small grunts and a stump being hit repeatedly. As she got closer, she saw a boy, whom she recognized from her class in the academy. She ducked behind the nearest tree she could with a light blush of embarrassment coloring her cheeks. He always had girls around him, so she didn't really get to know him, let alone talk to him.

He kept on training, apparently not noticing her at all. Hinata wasn't sure that she wanted to talk to him just now, he seemed busy. She tiptoed around the tree and made her way to the gate on the other side of the training area. Her attention was so focused on getting there quietly that she didn't notice the rock in front of her. She stepped down on it awkwardly and slipped frontward. As she fell she let out a quiet gasp and closed her eyes tightly. But, she never hit the ground. When she opened her eyes she was in some one's arms.

"Are you alright?" Sasuke asked as she looked up at him.

Hinata blushed and scrabbled out of his reach and slipped behind the training post with a bright red face.

Sasuke got up and got closer to Hinata as he said, "Do I know you?"

She blushed a little more as she stuttered shyly, "I.. I'm in y...your c.. class."

"I've never seen you, "he said, a little confused. "Are you new?"

She shook her head shyly, "We've been in the same class for over a year.."

Sasuke looked shocked, could he really not notice her? "Oh..." He looked at the ground, feeling a bit sad he never noticed a cute girl like her.

"I.. it's o.. ok. A.. a lot of people d.. don't n.. notice me, "she said, trying to cheer him up.

"I can hardly believe a cute girl like you goes unnoticed, "Sasuke slightly blushed at how sappy that sounded.

Hinata's face turn a bright red at his comment, "T...thank y.. you." No one's ever called her cute before. Or at least, not to her face.

"What's your name, anyway?" he paused, just noticing she had no black in her eyes, they were just a really light purple, almost a white color. "I'm Sasuke, by the way. Sasuke Uchiha."

Hinata stood there, still embarassed by the 'cute' comment and twittled her small fingers, "I'm Hi--"

"Hinata!" Hiashi shouted, interrupting her.

"I- I have to go..." Hinata ran off to her father, thankful to be out of the embarassed situation.

Sasuke stood for a moment and thought, 'Hinata... a cute girl with a cute name.' He smirked and went back to his training.

- - - -

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