Enjoy, chapter 1 of Remember!

"I'm not going make it, I'm gonna die," said the girl. She was running in the dark, moonlit forest of Konoha. She was running through the forest, blood gushing out, and a few shurikens stuck to her. Five assassins were chasing her, trying to kill her. She kept running, until her body gave out, she couldn't move anymore.

"This is it I'm gonna die," she said breathing heavily. The assassins through kunais at her, the girls closed her eyes tightly waiting for the kunais to hit her. She waited, one second, two second, five second. She opened her eyes, she saw all five assassins on the ground, lifeless. She tried to stand up, but her body wouldn't move. Her eyes were blurring, before she passed out she saw a boy with dark onyx eyes, and dark raven hair standing in front of her, under the moonlight.

It was dawn, by the time the boy reached the village hospital, carrying the girl on his back. Each step, he took a drip of blood fell on the ground. The girl's blood was leaving a trail. When he got to the hospital, he took the girl to the emergency room and waited outside. The doctors didn't come out until 5 in the morning.

"We told lady Tsunade about this, she'll talk to you," said the doctor, before going back in the emergency room. After a few minutes a blond tall lady, and a black haired lady, carrying a pig came.

"Sasuke, what happened to her, who is she?" asked Tsunade.

"I don't know who she is," replied Sasuke, "all I now is that she was being attacked by five assassins, in the forest."

"BAKA! If she was being attacked by assassins, she could've been an ENEMY!" yelled Tsunade.

"Or she could be an innocent person, that someone wants dead."

Sasuke and Tsunade glared at each other, but was interrupted by the same doctor who talked to Sasuke.

"That girl is going to be fine, but she has lots of cuts, that might open again if its touched hard enough," explained the doctor, "she's in that room right there, you can see her if you want. Tsunade can I speak to you, privately."

"Shizune, take Ton-ton with you and check the girl's status," said Tsunade. Sasuke and Shizune walked into the room finding a sleeping girl wrapped in bandages. Sasuke walked up to her and sat down on the chair next to the bed, while Shizune took notes.

"How did you find her?" asked Shizune, staring at the girl.

"I was training, in the forest, than I heard rustling in the trees, so I decided to see what it was. I saw her being attacked, so I decided to help." explained Sasuke.

"What did she–,"

But before Shizune finish asking her question, Tsunade barged in, grabbed Shizune, walked out of the room and slamming the door. The girl woke up.

"Wh-where am I? Who are you?" the girl asked.

"Sasuke Uchiha," replied Sasuke, looking at the girl, "who are you?" Sasuke was now able to look at the girl's face clearly, she had dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

"I'm...I'm...," the girl began, "I...don't know. I can't remember." She closed her eyes, trying to remember something, but the only thing that flashed in her mind was the night she was being chased by assassins. She opened her eyes, but was surprised that their was two more people in the room.

"Tsunade, she can't remember anything," said Sasuke, looking at Tsunade.

"WHAT! You, who are you, why were those people after you!" bellowed Tsunade, walking towards the girl.

"I..I don't know," the girl answered.

"YOUR LYING!" yelled Tsunade lifting the girl by her shirt collar.


"I'LL let her go, once she tells me the truth," replied Tsunade, staring straight into the girls eyes.

"Maybe she is telling the truth. Please stop lady Tsunade, this is a hospital."

"Sorry, I'm just concerned for the village," said Tsunade, putting the girl down. Sasuke just sat on the chair, as if nothing happened.

"Tsunade, come here I think I have an idea," said Shizune. Tsunade walked towards Shizune. Shizune whispered something to Tsunade, soft enough so only Tsunade could hear. After a couple of minutes, Shizune finished talking.

"Uchiha, since you brought this girl to our village, your in charge of her," announced Tsunade, "and you must help her regain her memories."

"WHAT! What about my training," complained Sasuke, "and where's she going to live?! It's not like she can live with me."

"Oh, but she can," said Tsunade, than leaving the room.

"Don't worry Sasuke, its not as hard as it sounds,"comforted Shizune, "can you go outside the room for a second?" Sasuke obeyed her command and left.

After five minutes, Shizune told Sasuke to come back in. There he found the girl completely bandage free. She was now wearing a grey shirt, a white un-zipped jacket, black shorts, and blue ninja shoes.

"You can go back to your team now, Sasuke," said Shizune, "and bring her with you."

Sasuke nodded and left the room with the girl.

- On the way to the training grounds-

"Um...Sasuke what do I do if someone asks me about my name or something?" asked the girl. Stopped walking, he didn't thought about that.

"Make something up," said Sasuke, "your name can be...um...Rei Kazumi."

"Rei... Kazumi,"repeated the girl, looking at the ground.

"What's the matter, don't like it,"said Sasuke, "sorry I'm not good at mak–."

"I love it," said Rei, "I love the name," The Rei smiled the whole way, enjoying her new name.

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