As the sun began to set, the five intruder ninjas stopped moving. They've been traveling the entire day, since they captured the two teens. The ninjas were on their way to the land of rocks, a small town located near the edge of the Land of Earth.

"Set the girl by that boulder," said the leader, "and the brat, tie him to that tree, tightly."

"Uh, don't worry little girl," said Hun, the biggest ninja out of the five, "I won't hurt you." He place Rei in front of the rock, and tied her with a metal string around the rock. "Uh, is this too tight?" Rei raised her eyebrow, and then shook her head no. "Boss can I, uh, remove the thing on her mouth."

The leader nodded, "yeah sure. She wasn't a bother at all, so go ahead, but keep her quiet."

"Ah, don't worry, this won't hurt," said Hun, to Rei, "but uh, make sure you keep quiet okay." Rei nodded. With one quick swipe, Hun removed the tape on Rei. Rei quickly bit her lower lip, to keep herself from screaming. If she screams she knows they'll misinterpret it for a cry for help. A giant red mark ran across her face.

"Hey, where's my friend?" whispered Rei to Hun. Hun looked behind him, and Rei's eyes followed. She saw Sasuke. He was tied around the tree so securely, but tight is more so the right word to say. It was impossible for his unconscious body to even move. Most of his upper body was covered with metal wires, which ran around the tree. By looks of it, these ninjas were scared to fight Sasuke. There just lucky he wasn't at his full strength. His arms were tied separately to keep him from making hand signs. Being tied to the tree wasn't the worst part. Blood could be seen seeping through his navy blue shirt and onto the wires. His white shorts were stained red with blood. Rei couldn't help but giggle when she saw Sasuke's short, it looked as if he had his period. Her laughter, however; were cut short when her eyes hovered over to his left cheek. It was completely purple and bruised.

"What an idiot. He should've just let them take me," mumbled Rei, tears running down her cheeks.

"Don't say that Rika" comforted Hun, "he was just, uh, trying to protect you." Rei looked up at the huge ninja and smiled.

"Thanks," said Rei," you're not so bad. You're pretty nice." The leader looked over at Rika and rolled his eyes.

"Boss, when should we tell her the truth," said Dune, the ninja who ended up sitting on Sasuke.

"Gah," scowled the leader, "leave that job for her fiancé, it's his problem. And last time I check, that wasn't part of our mission."

"And what about him?" pointed Dune to Sasuke. The leader looked over at Sasuke, and stared at him for a while. He rubbed his chin, and then smiled at Dune evilly.

"He better hope that Rika's soon to be husband doesn't put him in my care."

"Rapist," mumbled Dune, as he walked away. After the conversation, the leader told Hun to stand guard and watch for unwanted visitors. Dune was put in charge to watch Rika, and the leader stood watch of Sasuke, just in case. Every few seconds, Dune would stare at what the leader is doing.

"Ugh! I'm so hungry," grumbled Rei the next day. The ninjas were almost to the Land of Rocks. Today Rei was allowed to walk on her own because she has proven to them to be more trustful, but mostly because she was considered harmless. Hun, who now carried the unconscious Uchiha, has been telling Rei to shut up. The ninjas and Rei are traveling up the side of a rocky mountain trail to reach the village.

"Unless you want your mouth taped shut, you probably want to shut up," joked one of the ninja. Dune and Hun laughed at the joke. They weren't planning on taping her mouth again unless she became to the highest point of the annoying level.

"Don't worry," said the Storm, the ninja who kicked Sasuke, "They'll be sooo much food waiting for you at home, prin-."

Storm!" yelled the leader, "keep your mouth shut, unless you're spoken to." Storm nodded his head. Dune and the rest of the ninjas kept their mouth shut too. The rocky mountain became steeper, making it harder to walk. Rei started slipping, and falling. She ended up getting a few scratches on her knee. Dune offered to carry her, but Rei refused. She was trying to get her legs stronger, so when the time comes she can run. After 15 minutes of silence, Rei decided to ask the question.

"What'd he mean they'll be waiting for me?" whispered Rei, "Do they know me over there?" Hun looked at the leader. He was walking in the very front, so I'd be impossible for the old man to hear.

"You'll see when we get there, uh, Rika," replied Hun. Rei stopped walking. The other ninjas stopped as well and stared at her. Rei stared at the ground, mumbling some words.

"Hey, uh, you ok?" Hun asked.

"I don't get it!" said Rei, "Why do you people keep calling me Rika?! Why are you nice to me, aren't you guys suppose to be the bad guys?!" The ninjas stared at her, speechless. The leader, however; walked toward Rei. He grabbed her wrist and tied them together.

"Start walking," he said, "Or I'll drag you." The leader began walking, pulling the string that attach to Rei. The other ninjas followed. After walking for five silent hours they finally reached the gateway to the village. It was a giant rock wall on the side of the mountain. The leader placed his hand parts of the rocky mountain. Each time he placed his hand on the mountain, it begins to smoke.

"What is it with these people and smoke," mumbled Rei. Seconds later, the rocky wall began to rise; behind it peoples' feet could be seen. As the wall rose higher, people began to walk out, holding food, chairs, and gold. Guards stood at each side of the wall. When Rei began to hear peoples' voices, she looked up.

"You," Rei stared at a brown haired boy in a white shirt, and black pants.

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