Severus smiled when Harry came down that morning. It was his son's fifteenth birthday and the second one that he and Harry had celebrated together since he had become Harry's guardian. He intended to make sure he more then made up for the lack lustre birthday his son had the year before. He had decided though to keep the plans for the day a surprise so Harry had no idea when he came down.

When Harry came into the kitchen that morning he could see the shock in his son's eyes. "Siri? Remy?"

Sirius stood up and hugged him. "Happy birthday cub. Your dad invited us to come spend the day with you."

Remus came to hug him as well. "Happy birthday Harry."

Harry turned and received a hug and birthday wishes from his dad before he sat down at the table where he found his favourite blueberry pancakes waiting for him at the table. He had been a bit surprised he hadn't received any birthday gifts from his friends in the mail this morning but he suspected they'd arrive soon enough.

Sirius looked over at him as they were finishing. "Harry the three of us have a bit of a birthday gift for you. Well two of them."

Remus nodded and handed Harry an envelope which he knew didn't contain a card. "You don't have to say yes Harry but we thought it was about time."

Harry looked at the papers he took out and up at his dad. "Adoption papers? You want to adopt me for real dad?"

Severus beamed. "I do. I have wanted for some time and your godfather's have both given their approval. All I need is for you to approve. If you don't I'd..."

The rest of his sentence was cut off by Harry who had jumped up from his seat and coming around the table had grabbed his father in a strangle like death grip. It was hard to believe that a year ago Harry and he had barely been getting along and he had spanked the boy for not reading on his birthday. Now Harry was accepting his request to adopt him formally.

"Can I take that as you approve?"Severus finally managed to choke out.

Harry loosened his grip on him only slightly. "Yes dad, please. I want to be your son for real."

Severus handed him a quill and Harry signed the forms. It seemed so odd that he'd require a set of forms like this to make him Severus' son, something he had felt like since Christmas time. He took great pride in seeing though that he was officially Harry Potter-Snape. Severus had agreed who heartedly when Sirius and Remus both made the stipulation that Harry continue to keep Potter as part of his last name.

When Harry had finished signing he looked at his two godfathers. "You two are really okay with this?"

Sirius smiled and pulled him into a bear hug. "We were the ones who suggested it Harry and it was my attorneys who drew up the paper work for your dad."

Remus saw his shock. "Harry we know how much you love your dad, and we know James would want this. We just wanted to make it official for you."

Harry watched as Severus vanished the papers to the ministry. "This is the best birthday gift the three of you guys could give me. Thank you for this."

All three men collected Harry into their arms for another hug. They were definitely one unique family and Severus had never thought that he'd have two marauders and the son of a marauder as family but he'd not have it any other way. Even the mutt and wolf were growing on him, though he'd never admit it to anyone.

Harry pulled back. "But you said that this was one of my birthday gifts?"

Severus laughed. "I did. Did you really think that adoption papers were going to be your only gift? I know last year was a bit depressing but give me some credit."

Harry smiled at his dad. "I have no idea what you mean about last year, I would think that everyone would want to spend their birthday as I did."

Severus smacked him on the arm and Sirius and Remus shared odd glances for they had no idea what the two of them were going on about. They knew Severus had been adamant about making this year as special as possible for Harry but assumed that it was because Harry had never had a real birthday before. They knew Severus had Harry in hiding last year and couldn't have done much for him.

Severus handed Harry another envelope and when Harry looked inside he beamed. "Quidditch tickets? For the Pudlemere and Pride Game?"

He smiled at his son. "Forgot last year that I promised that when it was safe enough I'd take you to a quidditch game? It isn't the world cup but I thought you'd enjoy."

For the third time that morning Severus found himself in a choking hug by his son. He knew Harry was thrilled at the prospect of seeing his first ever professional quidditch game and it had seemed the perfect way for Severus and his godfathers to help Harry spend his birthday afternoon but the surprises were to keep coming.


Harry couldn't believe it when they came to the quidditch stadium and he realized he was going to see his first ever professional quidditch game. Even more exciting for him was the fact that Oliver Wood, his old quidditch buddy, was the keeper for United. He remembered reading his old friend had signed with the team after he had graduated from Hogwarts after Harry's third year.

Sirius put an arm around him. "We brought you a bit early for we have a few surprises for you. And one of them is coming your way right now."

Harry looked up and he smiled when the same mentioned quidditch buddy was coming towards him. "Oliver!"

Oliver smiled and clapped him on the back. "Happy birthday Harry! I'm so glad to see you; it's been way too long."

Harry was amazed when Oliver dragged him off to what he realized was the United dressing room where Harry found himself surrounded by Oliver's team. They had all heard Oliver talk about Harry and his skills and they were happy to have him there in the dressing room.

Oliver turned to him. "We have an hour before the game and we have some warm up time. Do you want to join us on the pitch and show off your skills?"

Harry looked up in surprise and nodded. "I'd love that. Really?"

Oliver nodded and to his surprise he pulled out Harry's broom which Severus had sent ahead for him and Harry soon found himself out on the pitch practicing with a real professional team. He could see the influence of his old captain in some of the drills they practiced as it reminded him of back in third year.

Eventually the team landed as they had to change for the game but the captain clapped him on the back. "Try out when you graduate. If you're this good now, you're sure to be amazing."

Oliver handed him a gift. "Just something to remember today by though I am sure you won't forget."

Harry opened the package to find a practice quaffle which had been signed by all of the members of United. "Thank you Oliver. This is awesome."

Harry's dads were laughing as he came into the stands beaming and showed off his gift. His dad shrunk his broom so he could put it into his pocket for the rest of the afternoon and Harry excitedly talked with his dad and godfathers about playing with a professional quidditch team. He thought it was his surprise but Harry was soon to find out there was a number of surprises waiting for him including when the Pride of Portee was announced.

The last player announced was always the seeker and the announcer called out. "And the new seeker, Bulgarian champion Viktor Krum."

Harry gaped as his boyfriend who he had not seen since school ended but had written to almost every day came flying out. "Viktor? You knew?" He gaped at his dad.

Severus nodded. "Viktor told me that he had signed with the Scottish team. Now that he is done school he came here to play. Still plays for Bulgaria's national team."

Harry couldn't believe this. His boyfriend was going to be living and playing in Scotland. It might not be like having him at Hogwarts all the time but he knew Viktor could come see him on weekends and he could see him on holidays. This birthday gift was only second to his adoption papers that morning. His only problem now was deciding who he would cheer for as Oliver and Viktor were on opposing teams. The game was incredible though and he found himself cheering for both sides at one point or another. In the end it was an amazing dive on the part of his boyfriend which caught the snitch and won the game but the game had been close.

When it ended he came down from the stands and Viktor landed next to him. "Happy birthday Harry."

Harry allowed himself to be drawn into a long kiss and when he was released he smile. "How did you not tell me that you were moving to Scotland, Vik?"

Viktor laughed. "And miss the look of utter surprise and delight on your face when you saw me playing here? You know how much I love the way your eyes light up."

Oliver had come over. "I heard you were dating my competition over here but I think I can forgive you for cheering for him a bit. See you later Harry."

Harry should have caught onto his words but he was too distracted by the warm embrace of his boyfriend. Viktor smiled when he noticed the ring he had given Harry, on his hand and he showed that his own was on a chain around his neck for the game but he promised to put it back on after his shower.

Harry was reluctant to let him go off but Viktor kissed him. "I promise I'm just going to shower and I'll be right back."

When he was gone Harry turned to his dad and godfathers. "Thank you guys. This definitely has been the best birthday I could have ever hoped for."

Though all three of them knew that the birthday could have ended right there and no one could have argued it had not been an incredible day for Harry, they had one more surprise up their sleeve. As they waited for Viktor to come out they kept one more secret from Harry.


Harry was surprised when they apparated that they didn't return to Spinner's End and instead were standing outside of an all too familiar house. Harry turned to his father and his boyfriend and godfathers.

"The Burrow? What are we doing here?" Harry asked.

They laughed and steered him not into the house but out into the back garden where he was met by a resounding call of. "Surprise. Happy Birthday Harry."

Harry was practically in tears when he saw that not only were the entire Weasley family including Bill and Charlie there, but Hermione, Neville, all of his quidditch buddies except for Oliver who he had already seen of course and several teachers from school including Hagrid. He was also delighted to see that some of his new friends including Draco and his parents, Blaise and Pansy, and Luna, were there as well.

Sirius smiled. "I know we maybe went a bit over board here Harry but after all of your missed birthdays, we thought you could use it."

Molly came and pulled him into a hug. "We heard about your big day at the quidditch game but we insisted you still needed a proper birthday party for once."

Hermione hugged him. "So do we have a change of name to call you?"

Harry looked up at everyone and knew that most of his friends had been told that Severus was going to try and adopt him and Harry smiled and nodded in confirmation so everyone knew.

Draco pulled him into a hug. "I guess that officially makes us cousins then. Cool. I think it will make it easier to insist you become a snake with me next year."

Harry laughed and returned the hug and smiles to the other two snakes. "I promised I'd consider Draco and I meant it. But how about we leave off for now."

Harry had never really known what a wizard birthday party would entail but it was an amazing afternoon as he hit the quidditch pitch for a second time and played with his friends and family. It was a bit of a hodgepodge for between Charlie, Harry and Viktor there was actually three top seekers. Charlie agreed to play chaser for Harry's team so that he could play against his boyfriend and Harry amazingly beat his boyfriend to the practice snitch.

Later of course there was gifts and food to follow. Harry received his usual treats and pranks and some books for his birthday. Of course the adoption papers, the party and quidditch had been his true birthday gift and meant more to him then anything. Having a family was more precious then any gift he could have received.

Viktor had given him a beautiful holster for his wand but as he pulled Harry in close he smiled. "I have never seen you so happy Harry."

Harry kissed him. "I have family, friends and a boyfriend who all mean the world to me. I have never been so happy. I finally understand what dad meant about unconditional love."

Severus had over heard his comment as he watched his son and his boyfriend together. Severus had one year ago believed that Harry had been in need of tough love, discipline to keep him in line and while he had been right in a way, he had come to realize Harry had just been in need of love of any kind. They had both found what they had needed for years, a family and neither were giving that up for anything.

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