Hey guys! So. Wow. I really, really need to like, stop doing this. But yeah. This is the Vacation Life of the PC but it's edited! The other day, I re-read my regular version and bleh. It sucked. So, now I'm editing it, and totally, re-doing it. I'm just going to cut some stuff, add some stuff, and yeah. After looking back, I think I made this story a little too dramatic. So. Here it is. xD.


Massie Block-Birthday time! It's Massie's birthday and she's bringing the PC and the boys down to the beach with her? But everyone together, always leads to drama, right? With Derrick breathing down her neck, and Chris always so...there, but then there's a new guy? What could go wrong? Almost everything. Will this vacation change her for the better? Or worse?

Claire Lyons-Heartbroken. Still? Has the urge to apologize to Cam, and can't wait to do so on the vacation. Praying he'll forgive her, and everything will be back to normal for the two? But what happens when Josh comes into the picture? A little love triangle for the three? Who knows.

Alicia Rivera-In love with Josh. Or at least she thinks. As they say, once a bitch, always a bitch. Will this girl try to take over Massie's thrown, her boy, and her friends? Probably.

Kristen-Loving the life of being single. But when a certain Chris catches her eye, will she reject him after the last incedents with a boy, or welcome him into her heart?

Dylan- Spending girl time with Kristen has been heaven for her! Doesn't have to worry about how she looks, what she eats, or anything when it's just the two, even though she dropped down a size in clothes? But when everything gets dramatic and even more boys come, will one of them catch her eye?

The Block Estate

May 19, 2008


"Massie Block! Get your butt down here!" Claire Lyons shouted from the bottom of the steps of the staircase that led to the upstairs.

"We're going to be late to the airport!" Another voice called which belonged to Kristen Gregory.

One week ago Massie had found out that her parents had reserved their beach house in North Carolina. Why? Massie's birthday was June 20th and for her birthday, William and Kendra were letting their daughter pick 10 friends, (including herself,) to bring down to North Carolina with her. Currently, Massie was in her room, working on zipping up her suitcases. Claire and Kristen were already downstairs but Alicia, Dylan and the DSL Daters to N.C.

Of course Massie had picked the P.C. But she still had 5 slots open? Who else could she invite. The boys. No. Her parents weren't letting her. She begged and begged andbegged but it was a definate 'No.'

Massie and the P.C. had plotted ALL week to find a way to sneak the boys in and they finally found a way. Massie had talked to Cam Fisher, Josh Hotz, and Chris Abeley and they decided. First their plan was to have the boys dress up like girls but that was an instant No from Derrick. Cam and Josh were telling Derricl the plan since Derrick and Massie were avoiding eachother majorly.

The next plan was to have Massie tell their parents that the DSL Daters were coming with them. When they got to the airport, the DSL Daters would leave and there comes the boys. Massie had asked Skye to do this for her and Skye of course said 'Yes.'

Massie ignored their yelling and continued zipping up her last bag. She had her Dad carry all 7 bags down the steps, with Massie walking quickly down the steps in front of him.

"Hey guys," Massie said to her two best friends and looked at the two. Claire was biting her finger nails. "Kuh-laire!" she said. She pulled her and Kristen aside. "Don't be nervous just because HE is coming," she whispered, the he referring to Cameron Fisher, Claire's ex-boyfriend who had recently texted her saying he wanted her back.

Ever since Claire had gotten that text message from Cam, evertime she heard his name she shivered.

Kristen giggled into her palm. "This is going to be AWESOME!!" Kristen said.

"What's going to be awesome??" a voice asked.

Massie looked up suddenly as she heard yet another voice, thinking it was one of the parents. Massie's other two best friends Dylan Marvil and Alicia Rivera had arrived.

"Finally!!" Massie laughed. "We were just talking about the b-o-y-s," Massie whispered just incase any of the parents were close by.

Soon after, the DSL Daters walked through the door. Everyone went to greet them. They had bags full of pillows in them.

"Ready to go girls?" Kendra Block called and all the girls agreed and hurried out the front door. Skye's group rode in her car, the parents in one, and the Pretty Commitee in another.

"Rating time," Massie started as the girls got settled in the Range Rover. "Okay, let's start with Dylan..." Massie said. "Her black and pink bermuda shorts look ahh-mazzing with her white tank and pink cardigan that matches the short color. Her black flats complete the outift and her sunglasses looked ahh-mazzing with her glossy red hair," Massie smiled. "Hmm... 9.5," Massie said.



"Thanks," Dylan said and smiled. "Massie next..." Dylan said.

"I'm wearing a pink and yellow tube top dress with a yellow haulter underneath. My white Marc Jacob heels match my big white sunglasses which are sitting on my head over my brown beautiful hair..." Massie said. She loved to talk about herself.

"9.8," Alicia annonced.

"Totally!" Dlyan burped.

Claire giggled. "Yeah..." she said.

Kristen applauded. "You look great," she said.

Massie smiled. "Okay now we're on to... Leesh," Massie said.

"You're white Ralph Lauren denim jeans match perfectly with your red polo. Your white heels also look ahh-mazzing. Your hair always looks ahh-mazzing but today it looks better than EVER!" Massie said. Alicia flashed her toothy smile.

"Looks like someone is trying to impress a certain somone by the name of...hm... JOSH!" Kristen said.

"9.6" Massie said.

Dylan and Claire nodded.

"Now it's time for Kris..." Massie said. "You're blue juicy sweats make your legs look very long and brings out your eyes, and your white tank evens the color out..." Massie said. "9.3," she said.

Kristen smiled. It was better than normal. Massie had packed 5 extra bags for Kristen.

"You look GREAT!" Claire said.

"Perf," Dylan said.

"Yup," Alicia said.

"Last but... uh... Not least... Kuh-laire," Massie said. "The khaki shorts are really cute for you and your pink Abercrombie&Fitch Tee is er...cute. White keds look better than normal and your hair again looks better than normal..." Massie said.

Claire nodded.

"9.4," Massie said.

All of the girls agreed.

"Ah-dorable," Kristen said.

The girls made their way back down the stairs. Isaac had already put all of the girls bags in the car. The girls said their good-byes to their parents, except Dylan. Her mom volunteered to go with. The girls begged to go alone but the parents insisted they go with an adult. Thats why the girls plotted again. They were going to tell Miss Marvil the wrong private plane and then they would take off and Miss Marvil would be off to ALASKA. Where there is NO phone service. And the parents wouldn't suspect a thing...

The girls gossiped the rest of the car ride to the airport, talking about what they were going at the beach house with all of the boys.


The Westchester Private Airport

May 19, 2008


"Girls, Wait Up!" Miss Marvil called to them, her being very oblivious and dumb.

"Mom! We're going to Starbucks, we'll meet you in gate 37. Massie's private plane is taking of there," Dylan said as they continued to walk away.

The walked into Starbucks, ordered their frappacinos.

"Bye Massie, Have fun," Skye said and smiled. The rest of the DSL Daters said Good-Bye and walked off.

"Time to have some fun!!" Massie said. She pulled out her cell and texted Cam-figuring he was Derrick's best friend, making him second, because she could text Derrick.

Massie: Hey. We're ready. Where are you?

Cam: At the gate 2 your private plane.

Massie: Want us 2 bring you anything??

Cam: No thanks.

Massie; Okay. See you soon.

Cam: Ugh. Massie. Wait... I have a ? 4 u.

Massie: Yeah...

Cam: Does Claire still...like me?

Massie: Are you blind?? Of course!!

Cam: Thanks. A lot.

Massie: No Problem. Now I have a ? 4 u.

Cam: Okay...

Massie: Derrick still like me??

Cam: Def. He's planning on ways 2 get u back. ) He hates Chris now.

Massie: Thanks. Ttyl.

Massie and Cam shut their cells.

Cam grinned. He elbowed Derrick, as they walked.

"Guess what?" Cam asked. Derrick rolled his eyes.


"Massie told me Claire still likes me!" Cam whisper-shouted.

Derrick looked back at Cam. He stopped. "Dude... everyone knows that but you." Derrick shook his head. "You can tell by the way when we are all around the 'P.C.' Derrick made air quotes around the P.C. He didn't know why they called themselves that bu oh well.

"It's true..." Josh laughed.

"Oh and Massie asked me if you still liked her..." Cam said.

"Ad what did you say??" Derrick asked.

"I said yes," Cam shrugged..

"Perfect," Derrick said. "Isn't she dating Abeley?"

"Yes she is," Chris grimaced. He was walking with the group but was talking to Harris the whole time.

Derrick smiled at his two best friends Josh and Cam.

"This vacation is going to be fun," he said, grinning.