LSS-Chan: HI IT'S MEEEEE! And I'm here with another CHAPPEROONIE!!

Gaara: Don't say that it sounds idiotic!


Sasuke: Great she's hysterical again!

Hinata/Sakura: HEY! BE NICE!

LSS-Chan: YAY! Hina-Chan and Saku-Chan are on my side!(sticks tong out) NYA NYA NYA!

(Sasuke rolls eyes)

LSS-Chan: Anyways one of my fanfic friends is having trouble with getting people to check out her stories! IT'S SO SAD!! Anyways I'm just asking all of you if you could just find it in your hearts to check out her new story

'The Konoha 11' by Broadway-Naruto-girl


When Sakura awoke it was 3:00 am and she found herself between Hinata and Temari who were both sleeping, she then felt her forehead and it turns out that Temari's grandma was right her recipe did cure her sickness. She then carefully wedged herself off the bed so she wouldn't wake the two.

She quietly got out a book from her night stand and then went over to Temari's bed and sat down she turned on the portable book light and started reading.

About three hours later Temari's alarm went off and Temari and Hinata slowly awoke and completely refreshed. They looked over to Sakura and greeted good morning and then started to stretch out their limbs.

"Alright girls lets go to the showers!" Temari said as she picked up a teal towel a metal basket with her bathroom stuff, and then slipped off her cloths and wrapped herself in a knee length red robe. Hinata did the same with her lavender towel and yellow robe. As did Sakura with her white towel, and blue robe.

When they reached the girls bathroom the saw TenTen in a black robe and red towel, and Ino in a pink robe and scarlet towel. They all greeted each other and went inside, when they got in there was Mika's music playing and there was about ten to fifteen girls in robes blow-drying there hair and doing makeup when they entered the shower area they saw six girls showering they found five shower nozzles next to each other and hung up their towels and robes. The order was Ino, Hinata, Sakura, Temari, and TenTen.

After a long hot 20 minute shower filled with talking and gossiping (most of the gossip done by Ino) they then went over to the area where the sinks, stalls, and mirrors were and blow dried their hair. When they exited the showers they saw a long line of girls in robes waiting to get in, it was about 6:30 in the morning, the girls that were smart always showed up and got their showering done between the times 5:40 and 6:20 before the rest showed up. (Breakfast starts at 7:00 and goes till 8:00 and classes start at 8:20)

Ino and TenTen came to Hinata, Temari, and Sakura's room to get ready, Ino said she wanted them to look perfect for the auditions today, you see instead of normal classes the whole ninth grade was going to be spending the day in the auditorium with auditions, like acting, singing, and dancing. Professor Dominick and Professor McHarg.

Ino had already planned out her and TenTen's outfits the night before and she was planning to use the thirty minutes today on Sakura, Temari, and Hinata's outfits. She was currently digging threw their closets and drawers, while the rest of them sat on Temari's and Sakura's beds boredly waiting for there fashion obsessed friend who had been digging for the past eight minutes, Ino then stopped and came forward with clothes in hand. She then said in a very serious tone.

"Temari, you'll be first," Temari rolled her eyes at the stereotype blond in front of her, she got up and went over to In.

"For you I picked out this sparkly sequence teal tank top, this flowy black skort, these plum purple leggings and these emerald green ballet flats that will be perfect for the dancing auditions!" She then pushed the clothing into Temari's arms and sent her back.

"Now, Hinata, please come forward." Ino said in a serious tone once again as the shy water mutant made her way over to Ino.

"Hinata for you I picked out pastel pink sweatpant capris, this white and blue polka dot T-shirt, and these magenta ballet flats, perfect for dancing!" She then did the same thing she did to Hinata and then in a serious tone called Sakura up.

"Alright Sakura, for you I have a long sleeved burnt orange shirt, this dark blue jean skort, and these black and gold ballet flats, alright ladies, you have your outfits now lets change!" They quickly changed, Ino put on light blue halter and black sweats like Hinata's and silver flats, and TenTen was wearing a ruby red T-shirt a white flowy skort, and gold flats. It was now 6:45 and Ino was Helping Sakura and Hinata with their hair, Temari and TenTen had there hair the same. Ino's hair was in a long loose messy braid.

She then put Hinata's long main in a messy low bun, she then went to Sakura and got a puzzled look on her face, she never really worked with hair as short as Sakura's, so she brushed it out and got out a black clip in a curvy pattern and put on the left side of Sakura's head pinning back her bangs on the left side while the right still framed her face.

It was now 6:55 and the girls headed down to the cafeteria and stood by the doors, they were the first ones there it was currently 6:56 so the doors wouldn't open for four minutes. A minute later the guys showed up. Naruto instantly went up to Hinata and started blabbing away about God knows what while she blushed and fiddled her fingers. Ino and Sai were in some type of lovers quarrel while Temari and Shikamaru watched in amusement. TenTen and Neji were talking about having a rematch from there basketball game on Monday. And Sakura stood there awkwardly with Sasuke in silence until Sasuke broke it.

"I see your feeling better." He stated looking at her from the corner of his eye while she blushed madly and said.

"" The two stood there in silence again until the doors to the cafeteria opened and the ten of them along with a few others that had gotten there early filed in and got in line for the hot fresh breakfast food. Naruto instantly went over to the microwave and heated his so called 'breakfast' ramen. Hinata, Ino, and Sai went over to the waffles (YYYAAAAYYYY WWWAAAFFFFLLEESS!!) TenTen, Shikamaru, and Neji went over to the cereal, Temari was getting sausages and bacon, and Sakura and Sasuke went over to the juice and fruit.

They all met at their usual corner table, they put down their plates and then put down empty plates and bowls, and silver wear, why they did this? Well every morning they set up their own little buffet (except for Naruto cause he has his ramen!) As they all grabbed a bit of everything and ate.

"Sakura are you excited to find out what musical we're doing?" Asked Shikamaru as he yawned Temari rolled her eyes at him.

"Yeah...I" She answered with a small smile.

"What are you going to try out for?" This time Neji asked the question.

"I...think...the chorus." The girls then got an irritated look on their faces and they turned to Sakura.

"Sakura what are you saying?!" Ino yelled and asked.

"You were the best singer out of all of us!" TenTen said backing Ino up, the guys all looked at them confused, but decided it best to stay out of it.

"Yeah you were a bigillion out of ten!" Everyone looked at Temari and rolled their eyes at her made up number.

"T-there r-ri-right!" Hinata said looking at Sakura with such an intense look you wouldn't even know it was Hinata.

"I-I...don't...think-" But before Sakura could finish she was interrupted by Ino.

"No but's, you are auditioning for the lead roll and that's final!"

"We'll audition for the lead with you little sister don't worry." I think you should all know by now who said this but incase you don't it was Temari. (Well duh she's the only one who calls Sakura little sister! TenTen call's her lil' sis, remember!)

Sakura nodded and they all continued eating, when they were finished Ino and Sai ran off to do god knows what leaving the rest of them behind.

Behind the auditorium building two figures stood in the shadows embracing each other, when you get a closer look you could see it was Ino and Sai. They were making out passionately.

"Ino, you know that I have loved these past few days with you, right?" Sai said and asked as he ran his ran his fingers down her braid.

"Yeah, I know, I really enjoyed our time together too, but... do you think we should tell the others and announce our relation ship?" Ino asked gazing up into Sai's eyes. He smile and nodded.

They kissed again when suddenly Sai's phone rang. He separated from Ino and answered it.

"Hello?...hey...where am I?...oh I'm at our dorm room...yeah I'll see you there...alright bye." He then hung up the phone and turned to Ino.

"Look Ino, that was Naruto, were gonna play some basket ball before class, but I'll see you later alright?"

"Alright." Ino said as she kissed him lightly on the lips and watched him leave, when he suddenly stopped turned around and walked over to Ino and kissed her passionately.

"Ino, I love you, I always have, and you're my inspiration!" Ino was left speechless at what he said he then kissed her again and bid goodbye and left. Ino watched him leave this time sadly.

"Why'd he have to make this harder." She then walked off to find the girls.

The auditorium was split in half boys on the right girls on the left, Jocelyn and Aeden stood in front of the class waiting for it to settle down after a few moments the students were silent and looking towards their professors waiting for one to speak.

"Thank you for showing up," began Professor McHarg, "I'm happy to announce that the musical chosen was 'Phantom of the Opera' and that for the first two hours today we'll be having you all get your auditioning songs ready." He then walked over to the stage and hopped on while Professor Dominick finished.

"So, if you would all line up signal file, boys to right to get your music and girls to the left." While she said this Aeden just finished putting the music and stuff on stage(he does have teleportation, think dummies all he has to do is touch all the boxes and POOF!) The students did as the Professors told them and got there supplies. What they got were the songs choices for auditioning and lines for auditioning. The songs for the audition were from musicals and stuff like that.

Heres what each person will be singing for the audition.

Ino-Out Tonight-RENT

TenTen-Does Your Mother Know-Mama Mia

Temari-When You're Good To Mama-Chicago

Hinata-On The Steps Of The Palace-Into The Woods

Sakura-You Must Love Me-Evita

Sai-My Friends-Sweeney Todd

Neji-Everything That I am-Tarzan The Musical

Shikamaru-Grow For Me-Little Shop Of Horrors

Naruto-Lady's Choice-Hairspay

Sasuke-If I Can't Love Her-Beauty And The Beast

Every student was figuring out how to sing the songs they chose and fill out there applications, like what parts they'll be auditioning for, their theater experience, the song they'd sing ect. When everyone was ready and handed their applications in they all sat in the auditorium for the next few minutes while Jocelyn looked over the music at her piano on stage, she finished arranging her music and then picked up an application that was at the top of the pile.

"Yumi Chung." She called out and one of the girls that hung out with Karin stood up and walked up stage once she got there she flirtatiously waved at Sasuke.

"I'll be singing Memory from Cats, and I'm auditioning for Christine!" She told Jocelyn and the audience the music from the piano started and when she herd her queue she screeched out an unholy sound that made everyone cringe the whole way through. When she was done there was a reluctant applause and she bowed and walked off, this continued for an hour, some good people, some okay, and some bad.

It was now Naruto's turn, he said what he was singing and then said he was auditioning for all the guy parts.


Hey little girl with the cash to burn
I'm sellin' something you won't return
Hey little girl take me off the shelf
'Cause it's hard having fun playing with yourself
Once you've browsed through the whole selection
Shake those hips in my direction

A prettier package you never did see
Take me home then unwrap me
Shop around little darlin' I've got to be
The Ladies' Choice, Ladies' Choice, Ladies' Choice

Hey little girl lookin' for a sale
Test drive this American male
It's gonna take cash to fill my tank
So let's crack open your piggy bank
Hey little girl goin window shopping
I got something traffic stopping

Hey, little girl on a spending spree
I don't come cheap but the kisses come free
On closer inspection I'm sure that you'll agree
I'm the Ladies' Choice, Ladies' Choice, Ladies' Choice

ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh

Hey, little girl on a spending spree
I don't come cheap but the kisses come free
On closer inspection I'm sure that you'll agree


Hey little girl, listen to my plea
I come with a lifetime guarantee
And one day maybe we'll find that baby makes three
It's the Ladies' Choice
I'm the Ladies' Choice
The Ladies' Choice
I'm the Ladies' Choice choice choice
I'm the Ladies' Choice

People clapped for him he was pretty good he them did a peace sign and walked off the stage, Jocelyn then called up TenTen. She announced she was trying out for anything because she couldn't care less.


You're so hot
Teasing me
So you're blue but I can't
Take a chance on a kid like you
It's something I couldn't do but does your mother know that you're out?

There's that look
In your eyes
I can read in your face
That your feelings are driving you wild
But boy you're only a child

Well, I could dance with you honey
If you think it's funny
But does your mother know that you're out?
And I could chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe
But does your mother know that you're out?

Take it easy

Take it easy
Better slow down boy
That's no way to go
Does your mother know?

Take it easy

Take it easy
Try to cool it boy
Take it nice and slow
Does your mother know?

I can see
What you want
But you seem pretty young
To be searching for that kind of fun
So maybe I'm not the one

Now, you're so cute
I like your style
And I know what you mean
When you give me a flash of that smile
But boy you're only a child

Well, I could dance with you honey
If you think its funny
Does your mother know that you're out?
And I could chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you're out?

Take it easy
Better slow down girl
That's no way to go

Does your mother know?

Take it easy
Try to cool it girl
Play it nice and slow

Does your mother know?

Well, I could dance with you honey
If you think it's funny
But does your mother know that you're out?
And I could chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe
But does your mother know that you're out?

Well, I could dance with you honey
If you think it's funny
But does your mother know that you're out?
And I could chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe but does your mother know that you're out?

People cheered and TenTen bowed and went off stage, Temari was called up and she said at she was auditioning for Madame Giry. The piano started and Temari began her song.


Ask any of the chickies in my pen
They'll tell I'm the biggest mother hen
I love 'em all and all of them love me
Because the system works
The system called reciprocity...

Got a little motto
Always sees me through
When you're good to Mama
Mama's good to you!

There's a lot of favors
I'm prepared to do
You do one for Mama
She'll do one for you

They say that life is tit for tat
And that's the way I live
So, I deserve a lot of tat
For what I've got to give
Don't you know that this hand
Washes that one too
When you're good to Mama
Mama's good to you!

If you want my gravy
Pepper my ragout
Spice it up for Mama
She'll get hot for you

When they pass that basket
Folks contribute to
You put in for Mama
She'll pull out for you

The folks atop the ladder
Are the ones the world adores
So boost me up my ladder, kid
And I'll boost you up yours

Let's all stroke together
Like the Princeton crew
When you're strokin' Mama
Mama's strokin' you

So what's the one conclusion
I can bring this number to?
When you're good to Mama
Mama's good to you

Sai, same thing happened.


These are my friends,
See how they glisten.
See this one shine,
How he smiles in the light,
My friends,
My faithful friends...

Speak to me, friend.
Whisper, I'll listen.
I know, I know
You've been locked out of sight
All these years!
Like me, my friend!
Well, I've come home
To find you waiting!
And we're together...
And we'll do wonders...
Won't we...?

You there, my friend,
Come, let me hold you.
Now, with a sigh,
You grow warm
In my hand...
My friend,
My clever friend...

Rest now, my friends.
Soon I'll unfold you.
Soon you'll know splendors
You never have dreamed
All your days,
My lucky friends.
Till now your shine
Was merely silver.
You shall drip rubies,
You'll soon drip precious

Sai bowed and Jocelyn called up Hinata, the shy girl took a deep breath and quickly paced up to the stage and announced that she would be auditioning for the part of Meg Giry. The piano played and she began to sing.


He's a very smart Prince,
He's a Prince who prepares.
Knowing this time I'd run from him,
He spread pitch on the stairs.
I was caught unawares.
And I thought: well, he cares-
This is more than just malice.
Better stop and take stock
While you're standing here stuck
On the steps of the palace.

You think, what do you want?
You think, make a decision.
Why not stay and be caught?
You think, well, it's a thought,
What would be his response?
But then what if he knew
Who you were when you know
That you're not what he thinks
That he wants?

And then what if you are?
What a Prince would envision?
Although how can you know
Who you are till you know
What you want, which you don't?
So then which do you pick:
Where you're safe, out of sight,
And yourself, but where everything's wrong?
Or where everything's right
And you know that you'll never belong?

And whichever you pick,
Do it quick,
'Cause you're starting to stick
To the steps of the palace.

It's your first big decision,
The choice isn't easy to make.
To arrive at a ball
Is exciting and all-
Once you're there, though, it's scary.
And its fun to deceive
When you know you can leave,
But you have to be wary.
There's a lot that's at stake,
But you've stalled long enough,
'Cause you're still standing stuck
In the stuff on the steps...

Better run along home
And avoid the collision.
Even though they don't care,
You'll be better of there
Where there's nothing to choose,
So there's nothing to lose.
So you pry up your shoes.
Then from out of the blue,
And without any guide,
You know what your decision is,
Which is not to decide.
You'll leave him a clue:
For example, a shoe.
And then see what he'll do.

Now it's he and not you
Who is stuck with a shoe,
In a stew, in the goo,
And you've learned something, too,
Something you never knew,
On the steps of the palace.

Hinata bowed and went off stage, when she got back to her seat the guys were all shocked they hadn't heard her so confident as she was when she sang.(boy are they gonna be surprised when Sakura sings :P) Jocelyn then called some random person. As they watched Sakura got even more nervous, so she quietly excused herself saying she needed some air.

When she left the auditorium she leaned against the wall and exhaled.

"Stressed?" Asked a voice she didn't recognize, she jumped a little and looked over to see a boy with red hair, a love symbol tattooed on his forehead, and eyes that looked a lot like her's. She then nodded, the boy walked over to her.

"I'm Gaara Sabaku." He said as he held his hand out to shake. Sakura was a bit reluctant at first but took the hand.

"Sakura Haruno." They both smiled, they felt comfortable around each other, it seemed natural.

" you...know...Temari?" She asked as she let go of his hand.

"Yes, she's my older sister...half sister that is."(only in this story though.) Sakura looked at him confused.

"We have the same father nut a different mother, along with my older brother Kankuro." Sakura nodded.

"So do you have any brothers or sister?" Gaara asked Sakura looked down a little sad and then sighed and looked up.

"No,...but I have a...cousin who a me." This time it was Gaara's turn to look confusedly at her.

"My parents...died when...I was" She said sadly, she decided not to explain that her father had died three months before her birth. Or at least that's what everyone said since he disappeared without a trace.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my mother's dead too." It was silent for awhile until Sakura broke it.

"So...where live?"

"Well, me and my siblings live with Kankuro's mother, since our dad is always away, we see him once a year at Christmas." Sakura nodded at his answer.

"You" She said looking at him confused but had a warm smile on her face, she looked truly happy. Gaara smiled as well(OOC I know but I've seen weirder OOC Gaaras) Gaara was about to say something else when some boy came out with a black hoodie on and purple markings on his face.

"Yo Gaara there calling your name get in here!" He said as he disappeared into the auditorium once again.

"That was Kankuro, I gotta audition now, later." Gaara then walked in Sakura followed. She sat down next to Hinata and Temari. After Gaara was done, (he had sang the same song as Sai and was good.) next was Shikamaru.


I've given you sunshine
I've given you dirt.
You've given me nothing
But heartache and hurt.
I'm beggin' you sweetly.
I'm down on my knees.
Oh, please-grow for me!

I've given you plant food
And water to sip.
I've given you pot ash.
You've given me zip.
Oh God, how I mist you
Oh pod, how you tease
Now, please-grow for me!

I've given you southern exposure
To get you to thrive.
I've pinched you back hard,
Like I'm s'posed ta.
You're barely alive.
I've tried you at levels of moisture
From desert to mud.
I've given you grow-lights
And mineral supplements.
What do you want from me- Blood?

I've given you sunlight.
I've given you rain.
Looks like you're not happy,
'Less I open a vein.
I'll give you a few drops
If that'll appease.
Now please-o-o-oh please-grow for me.

Shikamaru bowed and exited the stage, when he got to his seat the next person was already up.

"So, Sakura I saw you talking to my brother Gaara." Temari said, everyone else looked over at her.

"Oh...yes...he was nice." She said quietly, she opened her mouth to continue but she was interrupted by Neji's name being called.


Is this my past here before me
Is this my story unfolding?
It's all here to discover
Everything that I am
Can this be what I've been seeking?
All my life I've been waiting for this
And now these memories
Will they make me see more?

Ooh I want to know where I belong
I want to know where I came from
I want to know the reason why I'm here
The way I am
Feeling the things I feel

Is this my family?
Can it really be them that I see?
My father and mother
And in their arms can it really be me
All these emotions
I can barely control
Cause the family I had
Is not the family I know?

Ooh and I got to know where I belong
I got to know where I came from
I got to know the reason why I'm here
The way I am
Feeling the things I feel

These spirits calling me
Familiar voices haunting
Disappearing taunting me
This is the choice I must make

Cause I know where I belong
I know where I, I came from
I know the reason why
I must decide
And leave here
The man I am inside

The future is clear for me to see
To be the man I'm meant to be
Like my father with my head up high
Standing tall
And proud of all
That I am

I'm a man!

(Insert applauding here.)

As Neji excited the stage Gaara came over to where they were sitting, he greeted Temari and took a seat next her.

LSS-Chan: Okay that's all for now.

Sakura: When do I get to sing?

LSS-Chan: Next chapperoonie!

Gaara: LSS-Chan, what did I say about chapperoonie?

LSS-Chan: (sigh) Not to say it.

Gaara: That's right and what did you do?

LSS-Chan: Say it.

Hinata: Gaara don't be so mean to LSS-Chan!

Sakura: Yeah you made her sad, look she's crying.

(Sakura and Hinata comfort LSS-Chan)

Naruto: Please REVIEW!