Okay, so I read this story once that was really good and it inspired this one. Unfortunately, I don't remember what site that was one or the story title/author. If it seems familiar to you, please let me know via review. I would appreciate it. Now, I don't remember all that much about the story but I will try not to make it all that similar to that one. I do remember the main points though and I've used them a bit. Like Severus, Draco, and Remus and the Beings they are. Other than that, here we go.

"Okay, so what exactly happened?" Hermione asked. She and Ron were sitting with Harry on his bed. He'd placed privacy charms all around his bed so no one could hear or disturb them.

"Right, so McGonagall called me because Dumbledore had to tell me something. Apparently I am the mate of three different magical Beings. A Vampyre, Veela, and Werewolf. As if that wasn't enough, they're at the Dursley's waiting to 'woo' me. And to top that off, it's Snape, Malfoy, and Remus."

Silence reigned for a moment. "You're joking, right?" Ron asked.

"No, Ron, I'm not," Silently, Harry was thrilled. He'd realized sometime during his 5th year that his respect and admiration for Remus had developed into a huge crush on the older man. He'd also noticed he couldn't concentrate in Potion's because Snape has a distracting, sexy-as-all-hell voice, let alone trying to look at the man and try to concentrate. Not to mention Malfoy. When exactly he had become adorable instead of a pointy-faced git was beyond Harry. Not that he told Ron or Hermione any of this.

"Right then, let's see what we can find out. And I do mean we not just mean this time," Hermione glared at Ron and Harry. Both boys averted their gaze guiltily.

They reached the Library and split up. Ron would find what he could on Veelas, Harry took Vampyres, and Hermione took magical laws and Bondings. The three of them had researched Werewolves already because of Remus.

They had Dobby bring them dinner in Gryffindor Tower where they were once again on Harry's bed surrounded by privacy charms. This time though, they had stacks of books around them.

"Okay so Veela's enthralling powers are used mostly to entice their mate. They can sense their mate a full year before coming into their Inheritance on their 17th birthday. Normally they have to claim their mates within a year of their Inheritance or they go insane. If they have to, they can take their mates by force after their mate's 17th birthday. Um, oh yeah! The enthralling powers are lessened after they Bond with their mate. They can get pregnant. Oh and the bird thing we saw at the World Cup, that's mostly a protective thing. They're incredibly protective of their mate and any children they might have," Ron shared first. "Oh, last thing! They're organized into Clans without individual family separations like how Werewolves have the big Den but have smaller Packs. Veelas don't have that, just the big Clan."

Harry processed that for a minute before talking about Vampyres. "Vampyre's sense their mates through a psychic connection, actually. Snape's probably known I'm his mate since I walked into the Great Hall 1st year. They have to Bond by seven months after their mate's 17th birthday or they wither away and die. Like Werewolves they have a Den and Packs but they're called the Order and Covens. They don't need to drink blood but in small amounts, once a month, from their mate after they're Bonded. Oh, and they have black, leathery wings kinda like a dragon's or bat's. They're retractable though, that's why we can't see them normally."

Hermione, figuring that since Harry had read it all so he didn't need a minute to process it, went straight into the laws and Bondings. "There's nothing on how each of them Bonds with their mate, so I guess you would have to ask them that. Bondings are exactly what they sound like though. They Bind you to which ever Being you chose. That includes your magic Harry. Now, you won't share Remus' transformation, Snape's want for your blood, or Malfoy's bird transformation. You will, however, be able to feel when your Bonded is in pain, be it emotional, physical, or psychological.

"As for laws, should they feel you are in anyway mistreated your Bonded will likely attack and kill whoever is responsible. The same is true for anyone who touches you that they don't trust. Like someone who lusts after you or something. And they're completely allowed to do that. It's considered protecting you and the law protects them from prosecution for that. It's all part of the 'Magical Beings Natural Reactions' law in the 'Mates' section," Here Hermione paused.

"Harry, they can't all Bond with you; it's never been done before. They'll fight for you and kill each other and possibly you if you don't chose one of them," She stated.

Harry was silent for a minute. "How the hell am I supposed to chose between them?" His friends, of course, had no idea how distressing it really was for him.

"Pick the one who buys you the best gifts. Seriously, they're wooing you, right? That automatically means gifts," Ron decided.

"Or you could pick the one who's best in bed," Hermione suggested. "What? He could!" She defended herself to Ron's incredulous look.

"Why not just make them fight each other then?" Ron recovered. "Think about it, Malfoy will definitely be killed and probably Snape too. It would be perfect, Harry!"

"What if it's Remus that gets killed Ron? Then what?" Hermione demanded.

"He won't," Ron seemed very sure.

They continued on in this vein for awhile, while Harry was still torn on how to chose. He couldn't believe the things that were coming out of his friends' mouths as they moved on to the ways Draco and Severus (first names? When had that happened?) could be killed. He stood up, shrunk his already packed trunk, put it in his pocket, and left without Ron or Hermione noticing.

"Back already, Harry?" Professor McGonagall smiled between the other two Heads of House's heads.

"Yeah. Um, I was wondering if I could be Portkeyed to the Dursley's now instead of making the three of them wait an extra day?" He asked.

"You owe me ten sickles," She told Flitwick. "It's already ready for you," She handed him a muggle coin. "You'll appear in an alleyway beside Arabella Figg's home. You are to go straight home from there. Understand?"

"Perfectly," He was given the password and was transported to Surrey.

Okay so here's the first chapter. I may not be able to update again for awhile yet. Simply because of RL commitments, which sucks. I'll try to update at least every two weeks. I hope. Also, the title of the story is Italian for 'beloved'. Lastly, I know that this one will probably be clichéd but I already put that in the summary.

-Aurora Requiem