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Harry happily bounded down to lunch on the day of his birthday. His mates had let him sleep in, according to the note they'd left him.

He entered the Great Hall where everyone was eating lunch. Draco was comfortably perched on Severus' lap and discussing something with Alice. Alice was the mate of one of Severus' fellow Order members, Kylie. Both were petite women but where Alice had very short inky black hair, Kylie had deep red hair down past her hips. Kylie was rather quiet, especially next to Alice who always seemed kind of hyper. Kylie had a possessive arm around Alice's waist just as Severus had an arm around Draco's waist, holding him in place. Severus wasn't paying any mind to the Veela on his lap as he was talking to Carlisle and Amandine on his other side. Remus and Jacob were sitting together, quietly observing the Vampyres and Veela around them as they ate.

Harry smiled, walked fully into the room, and made himself comfortable on Remus' lap. He and Draco had found that they elder two mates needed the close contact as Harry's birthday drew closer.

"Good morning," Aunt Petuna smiled at him from across the table where she sat with Emmett and Rosalie. "Sleep well?"

"Yes I did. Did you?"

"Mmhm. Happy birthday." That got everyone else started on wishing him a happy birthday too.

"Thanks everyone," Harry smiled at everyone around the table. "So is there anything planned for the next three and a half hours?"

"It's your birthday, you get to decide," Alice informed him before resuming her conversation with Draco.

The next few hours passed in a blur for Harry. It seemed like no time had passed when everyone gathered back in the Great Hall at 4:15 that afternoon.

"Remus, will there be any warning or will he just start to change?" Severus asked, listening to the ticking of the grandfather clock out in the hallway.

"I don't know. I wasn't with James when it happened," he answered.

"That's maddeningly unhelpful. Although, we already know what time he'll change. 4:18, like you said," Draco responded.

"Relax you guys. You heard my dad. It won't hurt that much because you're all here with me," Harry could see how tense his mates were. "Here, I'll sit down so I don't fall or anything," and he did just that.

Draco sat cross-legged in front of him. "We can't help it," he stated.

"I know. I don't really mind it, actually. I mean, sure it can get slightly annoying when you go overboard, but it's nice to have someone worry about me. Does that make sense?"

"Yes, actually, considering it's you we're talking about," Remus responded with a slight smile.

"Ha ha, very fu..." Harry's muscles locked in place and his eyes rolled up until you could only see the bottom of the iris. He fell to the side but Severus caught him before he could hit the ground.

The three mates stretched him out on his side and each made sure he was touching some part of the 17 year old. Every bit of color he'd had to his skin faded, leaving him just as pale as Severus. His bones and muscles all stretched about four inches, as far as Remus could tell. It didn't look like he gained any muscle but what he did have, hardened under Draco's fingers.

Harry started whimpering as his wings started to grow. The two huge, blood red wings burst through his shirt, tearing it off. His mouth opened wide and his fangs grew out to his bottom lip.

His entire body started quivering as he was bathed in a dark blue light. After a few moments, the light faded, he stopped quivering, his eyes righted themselves, and he sat up.

"So?" He asked, holding his arms out as he caught his breath.

"You're beautiful," Remus and Severus answered while Draco nodded his agreement.

"You're biased. Rosalie?" Harry knew that the Vampyre would tell him her honest opinion.

"It'll take getting used to, but you are beautiful," she agreed with his mates.

"Now do you believe us?" Severus asked, gathering the young man into his arms.

"Yes," he answered simply. He took off his glasses and tucked them into one of Severus' many pockets.

The rest of the group drifted out of the room after that, each congratulating Harry on his Inheritance as they went.

"What do you want to do now, Cub?"

Harry thought for a moment. "Practice," he grinned.

"Practice?" Draco raised an eyebrow.

"With my wings."

"How about you practice pulling those fangs in first?" Severus suggested.

Harry smiled slightly and closed his eyes. He focused on the feeling of his fangs and then tried to pull them in. His father had told him that this was probably the easiest thing to do, as long as you weren't angry when you tried it. He felt them shrink until they were nothing more than slightly pointed canines.

"Now you can practice with your wings," Severus announced.

The four of them walked out into the courtyard together. Severus pulled off his outer robe and let his own wings come out through the holes in the back of his shirt. "You'll show me?" Harry questioned.

"Of course," the Vampyre spread his wings and took off. When he landed he began instructing Harry. The two of them practiced flying while Draco and Remus watched until it was almost dark. They only took a break when Alice and Kylie brought them dinner.

"Time for a shower, I think," Remus decided as Harry flew down from the top of one of the towers. The Vampyre and Archaios both retracted their wings and followed the Werewolf and Veela back into the castle.

They passed no one on their way to their rooms. Harry wasted no time in stripping down and entering the bathroom. His three mates hurried after him and he smiled to himself.

Instead of starting the shower, he drew a bath in the huge bathtub. The tub was more than big enough to fit the four of them comfortably. Harry slid into the warm bath water and waited for his mates to join him.

Severus and Remus slid in on either side of him and Draco slid in and stood between his legs. Harry hooked a leg behind Draco's and pulled him forward. He tangles his hands in blond hair and crushed their lips together. The Veela pressed himself as close as he could get to his younger mate.

Harry tilted his head as he felt Severus' lips on the side of his neck. Both teens gasped into each others' mouths as Remus wrapped his hand around both of their cocks, pressing them together.

They'd discussed it two nights before Harry's birthday, exactly what would happen on their Bonding night. Severus and Remus both needed to bite him at the same time and Draco would bite him after that. They all needed to draw blood.

Harry, on the other hand, needed to taste their essence, their cum, at the same time. His mother had had to explain that to him and both were blushing furiously the entire time.

Remus' hand stilled and he pulled Draco up and out of the tub. Severus followed his lead, pulling Harry out. They carried the younger two mates into the bed room and set them on the bed. The two teens crawled up to the pillows and laid back.

Remus and Severus took their time worshipping Draco and Harry's bodies before switching sides. Severus and Remus then moved to each of Harry's sides and Draco laid down on top of him. Severus' fangs elongated and Draco and Remus' canines sharpened.

The Vampyre and Werewolf bit their mate on the inside of his wrists. Then the Veela bit him at the dip between his collar bones. All three wounds healed over, leaving scars of each set of teeth.

While Remus and Draco distracted Harry from any pain he might end up feeling, Severus began to prepare him using the pot of lube in the bedside drawer. Harry easily adjusted to Severus' invading fingers.

Once he felt Harry was prepared enough, Severus lined his cock up with Harry's hole. Seeing that Draco and Remus still had him completely distracted, Severus slid fully inside him.

Harry's eyes widened and he stared at Severus. "Are you okay?" The eldest mate asked.

"Yeah," his answer came out as little more than a whisper. "Move."

Not one to disappoint the young man, Severus did as he was told. Draco leaned down and wrapped his lips back around Harry's cock and Remus recaptured Harry's mouth with his own.

Everything turned into a haze of pleasure from there for Harry. He couldn't tell whose mouth, fingers, hands, or cock was which when the three of them switched places. All he knew was that he came harder than he could ever remember, down someone's throat. He felt all three of his mates cum on his chest shortly after that. Each of them dipped a finger into his own cum and offered it to Harry. He wrapped his lips around all three fingers and lapped their cum off.

The room was bathed then in the same blue light that had surround Harry during his Inheritance. Then blood red, brown, and silver light swirled through the blue.

The four mates were already asleep when the lights drew closer to them and settled over their bodies. Each of them had a chameleon, Siberian tiger, fox, and dolphin tattoo-like marking on his right hip. The four animals were lying comfortably together when the light faded completly.

What do you think? I'll explain the colors and particular animals in the next chapter. Also in the next chapter: Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the Weasley's reactions. It might take a while before the next one comes out because I'm just coming off of my pain meds which is also why this one might not flow as well as I had hoped for it to. Maybe it does though and I'm just insane. shrugs -Arsenic Requiem