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History has seen many changes since the beginning of time. Man
eventually took notice this phenomenon. He realized how events could
change the course of history, and how to shape them. But mostly, he
realized how little control he had over the course of human existance
and development.

In time, man came to label 'it' many things: Fate, Destiny, even Irony.
All speak of things that happen, that no one can seem to predict or

For the most part, we humans seem to be in control of our lives. Then
something happens and, like a pebble dropped in a pond, events ripple
outward and consume us. This singular event that begats all others, is
sometimes known as the Winds of Change. It blows into our lives at
various points without regard for anyone, and seemingly without any
rhyme or reason.

Some learn to adapt and deal with it; some don't.

17 years ago, the Winds of Change blew and two children were born to two
different sets of parents. One, a boy, was named Ranma. The other, a
girl, was named Akane. Events spiralled out from there, until a year ago
when the two met face-to-face and were engaged by their loving fathers.

The two went on to attract and influence numerous other individuals over
the course of a year, and change their lives in many ways. For some
reason, the Winds saw fit to interfere with their life on countless
occasions in that year, almost as if it enjoyed playing with them. Maybe
it is was just whim, or maybe it liked the way they could affect change
more than most others the Wind had encountered. Or maybe it was because
they seemed so much like another couple it had encountered centuries
earlier. Whatever the case, it seemed that, though Ranma and Akane
changed multiple lives, they were unable to change their own.

Until the Wind took pity on them and confronted them with a kami of heat
and light. The ripples spreading from that have only begun to be felt.
But one thing is certain: things have changed. Events have been set in
motion. Nothing will ever be the same.

Because now, the Winds of Change are blowing once more...

Ranma 1/2: New Challenges
Winds of Change

Chapter 1

It was a typical morning as the sun gradually rose over the
Nerima ward of Tokyo, Japan. All across town birds chirped and people
awoke, preparing to face the day. Smells of breakfast drifted through
the morning air and a feeling of happiness generally prevailed over the
town's citizens.

For Akane Tendo, a typical morning meant a nice soak in the
furo after her morning jog around the neihborhood. In fact, she had just
washed down and was easing herself into the hot water, when another
voice disturbed her.

"Ack! I'm sorry Akane, I didn't know anyone was in here!"

Akane looked up to see Ranma's naked female form backpedal out
of the bathroom and into the changing room. A month or two ago she might
have visited some form of painful punishment on him, but things had
changed. That, and the water felt too good to leave now.

If things had gone the way their parents had wanted, she
would've been Ranma's wife for a week now, and he could've joined her in
the bath. I almost wouldn't mind if he had joined me right now even
though he's not my husband... Her cheeks colored slightly at that.

"Are you in there, Akane?" came the voice of Nabiki from the
changing room.

"Yes, but you can come in, oneechan," Akane replied.

"What, didn't you want Ranma-kun to join you?" Nabiki asked as
she entered the bathroom.

Akane colored some more as she stared at her smirking older
sister. "Nabiki!"

The middle Tendo sister broke down laughing. "Oh you should see
your face! You didn't even deny it!"

Akane's feeling's were torn between embarassment and anger. She
went with the more familiar and easier to deal with emotion. "NABIKI!"

Nabiki backed off, even as she sat down on the stool and began
to scrub off. "Gomen. It was my fault. I suggested to Ranma's mother
that he needed a bath, and that you were in here. She figured it was a
good idea for her manly son."

Akane was aghast. "You didn't!?" Her sister merely nodded and
Akane settled back into the tub, sighing. After a moment, she said, "I
just don't know what to do with him anymore. I want him, but how do I
get him? I can't go after like the other girls' do."

"Ranma's a unique individual," Nabiki replied, slipping into the
furo. "You'll figure out something."

"I guess." She frowned. "I just want to know why the pervert was
trying to kiss poor Ryoga-kun yesterday!" The sisters shared a good
laugh over that.

When they eventually exited the bath, they found Ranma-onna
sitting in the hall. Apparently, his mother was still insistant on him
taking a bath. Ranma tried to apologize to Akane again, but she cut him

"Next time you want to see me naked," she said as she walked
back to her room. "Just ask."

Ranma's eyes bulged and he face-faulted, hard, while the two
sisters walked away, laughing. After he managed to pick himself off the
floor, he realized he'd been teased.

"I ain't ever gonna understand women," she said quietly to
herself as she entered the bath.

The family eventually gathered downstairs for breakfast and
began to eat a delicious breakfast made by both the Saotome matriarch
and the eldest Tendo daughter.

Yep, just a typical morning in the Tendo Dojo... almost.

A short ways across town, someone else was just starting the
day. Kuonji Ukyo had risen an hour ago and was now opening her
restaurant, Okonomiyaki Ucchan's. After putting out the sign, Ukyo gazed
up in the sky and took a deep breath.

"It's going to be a good day!" she said to no one in particular.
In fact, she said it more to convince herself of that.

After gazing around at the empty streets, she turned around and
headed back inside. Konatsu was already up and setting up the tables.
Ukyo frowned. Even though she knew he was raised only by females, she
wished he would start wearing male clothes. The demure pink floral
kimono did not work for him at all. she thought to herself,
She sighed.

[Yeah, just 'cause he likes you and wants to be with you]
another voice inside her replied.

[Isn't it because you like him? So, when are you gonna admit
your feelings for him?]

"Konatsu-kun, when you finish sweeping, go into the back room
and start bringing out the ingredients," Ukyo told him. "I want to start
whipping up some okonomiyaki as soon as the grill warms up."

Konatsu bowed. "Right away, Ukyo-sama."

After he left, Ukyo started up the grill. Some of her regular
customers would be coming in soon, and she wanted to be ready. Ukyo
sighed. I just wish I could find a nice regular guy to help me get over

She still felt pangs of guilt over what she tried to do at his
and Akane's attempted wedding. She was convinced that it was just their
parents forcing them to wed, that Ranma didn't really love Akane. So,
she helped Shampoo break it up by throwing explosive okonomiyaki around.
After that, it finally hit her that they did love each other even if
they didn't admit it to anyone, including themselves.

A singular tear fell from her eye. Though she done stuff in the past to
try and break the two up, she never wanted to hurt anybody, let alone...
kill... someone.

A few more tears trickled down her face.

"Are you ok, Ukyo-sama?" Konatsu was looking at her from the
doorway to the storeroom.

Ukyo quickly dried the few tears. She had already cried enough
and it was time to get on with her life. "I'm fine," she lied. "Thanks."

She put on a smile as Konatsu brought out the ingredients and
her first customer of the day walked in.

"Welcome to Ucchan's, Watanbe-san!" she greeted him with a
smile. "What can I get you?"

Just another normal morning at Ucchan's, or at least one that
wanted to be.

Fast forward a short distance across town, another restaurant
was opening for business. A lovely young girl with long purple hair was
coming downstairs to begin the day's preparations when a voice called
from upstairs.

"Shampoo, when you let Mousse out, have him start cleaning the
dining room," Shampoo's great-grandmother, Cologne, instructed her.

"Yes, great-grandmother!" she answered. She proceed to the
kitchen where a sleepy duck wearing coke bottle glasses was waking up in
a cage. "Good morning Mousse, sleep well?" The duck shook it's
sleepyness off and quacked happily at the girl. "Calm down or Shampoo no
let you out." The duck quieted. With a click, she opened the lock and
the duck stepped out. As she filled a cup with hot water from the sink,
she relayed her great-grandmother's instructions. The duck quacked

Shampoo dumped the contents of the cup on the duck. She turned
away as a naked man appeared in the duck's place and quickly dressed in
his blue trousers and white robe.

"Shampoo, seeing your face in the morning strengthens me to face
the day!"

Shampoo scowled. "Stupid Mousse. Put glasses on and get to

"Huh, Shampoo?" he slipped his glasses down from his head and
backed away from the houseplant he was addressing. "Oops, sorry Shampoo,
allow me to make it up to you!"


"If you don't get to work, Mr. part-time, today's customers will
trying our new duck ramen," Cologne threatened while removing her staff
from his head.

Mousse bowed his head and left the kitchen to begin his
cleaning and dining room setup.

A memory of Jusendo flitted through his head. When Shampoo was
trapped in the eggshell, he had the perfect chance to get her to love
him without hurting her physically. But that's not what he wanted, and
so he had given her the mirror so that that she would be free instead.
Of course, she had immediately glomped Ranma afterward.

Mousse was fully aware that if Ranma was in the shell and
Shampoo was outside, she wouldn't hesitate to make him her love slave.

Back in the kitchen, Cologne turned to Shampoo after Mousse was
out of earshot. "So great-granddaughter, how went yesterday's attempts
to win son-in-law?"

Shampoo sighed. "Took Shampoo several hours to mix the potion
and give to Airen. After Ranma eat, something go wrong."

Cologne rasied an eyebrow while she helped to prepare the
kitchen. "And what was that? The kissing potion should have made him
want to kiss the first person to say his name. After his other fiancees
see him kiss you, they would've eventually dumped him leaving son-in-law
for you."

Shampoo shook her head. "That what Shampoo thought too, but
Ranma no kiss Shampoo when she say name." She thought for a second.
"Stupid pig-boy interfere before Shampoo have time to say words. He yell
`Ranma prepare to die' or something like that."

The Amazon matriarch sighed. Her great-granddaughter may have
been one of the most promising warriors of the Joketsuzoku, but she
still had so much to learn. She had hoped that time away from the
village would help teach her the ideas that Cologne had seemed unable to
teach her back home. If only she could take a more direct approach with
Shampoo, but Amazon law forbade it. When her great-granddaughter turned
16, Cologne could no longer teach her anything unless Shampoo asked for
it. It was the Amazon way for individual Amazons to find their own way.

Then Ranma had come and Cologne saw an opportunity for the
greatest teacher to guide her great-granddaughter: Life. Unfortunately,
Shampoo seemed to ignore anything that wasn't in her own view of a
perfect life with Ranma. Oh sure, Cologne would've liked Ranma to marry
Shampoo and return to the Amazon village; she knew he would sire strong
children. However, Ranma's defeat of Shampoo was tenous at best. She
grimaced when she learned it was an accident.

That, and she had seen Ranma had made his choice in the young
Tendo girl. It actually wasn't a bad choice either. Despite having less
combat skill than those around her, Akane had shown a tenacity for
throwing herself in harm's way for others, particularly Ranma. the elder Amazon thought to herself. She chuckled softly.

"Well, you have some time to think up something else," Cologne
said at last. "Let's get ready for the morning crowd." Shampoo nodded.

A normal morning at the Nekohanten. Sensing a pattern yet?

Somewhere in Los Angeles, the passerby's ignored the young man
in the yellow shirt and black pants, with a yellow and black striped
bandanna tied around his head. They even ignored the fact he was holding
bamboo umbrella. After all, people in Los Angeles had seen everything.
They would've continued to ignore him if he hadn't suddenly shouted in
Japanese at the top of his lungs.

"WHERE ON EARTH AM I NOW!?" he cried.

Guess it's a typical morning for Ryoga, too.

In a lone farmhouse somewhere else in Japan, however, things
were not so normal. There, a young boy began tossing and turning in his
sleep in the pre-dawn hours. He became more and more uncomfortable as
the seconds passed, until he suddenly bolted awake with fear and sat
upright. He froze in horror at the sight before him, fear filling him.
The house was on fire and almost everything around him was burning.

Regaining his senses, the youth quickly jumped out of bed and
put some pants on. He braced, then flung his body against the door;
once, twice, breaking it down on the third try. He ran down the hall to
his sister's room and repeated the procedure to break down her door.

"Yuri!" he screamed in fear as he saw his sister's bed ablaze
with a human shaped bundle underneath the sheets. "No!" He tried to get
in, but the flames were too much.

He had to get his parents, they could fix this. They would make
it all better! At least, that's what his mind was telling him, trying
goad him into action. He sprinted back into the hall to his parents room
and cried out.

"Mama! Papa! Yuri's in trouble!"

But there came no answer. He was about to try and break down
their door when part of the ceiling above collapsed and knocked him back
onto his butt. Some of the wall came with it and he was given a view of
the inside.

His insides went cold. The bed was amass of flames and two
bodies could still be seen underneath the burning covers, flames
devouring a visible arm. A beam from the ceiling also laid across the
bed, pinning the two underneath.

All the boy could do was sit there, frozen in fright. his
insides screamed. Tears flew down his cheeks. The boy sat there and sobbed. There was
soon nowhere to go. The flames approached him, the air heated to higher
temperatures, and smoke filled the hallway. The boy began to cough
violently as pure oxygen became increasingly rare.

In contrast to the hellish orange and red flames, a blue
glowing form materialized before the boy. It slowly formed features that
marked him as an older man, dressed in a blue-ish robe with gray hair
and beard. The boy screamed and tried to back up, but he was already
against a wall.

The old one looked around and fear crossed his face. "No! I'm
too late!"

"W-hhoo ar-are you?" the boy stammered. "Stay away!"

The man shook his head. "I'm sorry, I don't have time to
explain. But you must get out of here. You must survive!"

"Wh-what about... my mom and dad? And my sister! I won't leave
without them!"

"There is nothing you nor I can do for them." The man's face
dropped. "It's too late for them, I'm sorry. I can get you out of here
but we must hurry. And you must trust me. Do you?" The youth didn't know
why, but he did and nodded so. "Good, now just relax and close your

The boy hesitated at first, but then did as he was told, tears
still streaking down his face. The man stretched out his hand and placed
it on the boy's forehead. the man thought. The blue glow surrounding
the man spread to the boy and enveloped him. It grew into a sphere and
the boy disappeared within. The sphere then shrunk until it was no
bigger than the man's hand.

"Now, go to those who can protect you until the prohesy can be
fulfilled!" With that, the man wound up like a baseball pitcher and
threw the sphere up, out of the house. "There, it's done."

Immediately afterward, a fireball burst into the house and
exploded, coalescing into another man. This one did not appear as old as
the first one, and was bald. Flames enveloped him, but he was left
unharmed. "Where is he!?"

The old one smiled. "Not here."

The fiery one fumed. "What have you done with him! I demand to

"He's somewhere out of your reach right now, and I suggest you
do not go after him."

"Don't tell me what I should do! I should kill you right now!"

"You know you won't, because you know what would happen if you

This seemed to make the fire guy even angrier. "I will find
him! And when I do, your life WILL end!" With that, the burning one
exploded and a small fireball streaked out of the house.

the old one thought, and he
promptly teleported out of the house and to a nearby hill where he could
watch the flame-enveloped house slowly burn. With a wave of his hand, it
began to rain on the house. As he touched down
on the hill, he dropped to one knee in a moment of weakness that was
coming all too quickly these days. After a few short breaths, his
strength gradually returned and he could only hope his actions had been

Back at the Tendo Dojo, the family was just finishing up
dinner. Unbeknownst to them, an object was falling fast toward their
house. If any of them had bothered to step outside the dining room and
into the yard, then look up, they would've seen it. As it was, they were
each preoccupied with their own thoughts of what they were going to do
with their Saturday.

"Mmmmm!" Tendo Soun exclaimed. "That was a very delicious meal
Kasumi and Nodoka-san. You've outdone yourself once again."

"Thank you father," Kasumi replied sweetly. "But it was really
no big deal. It's a pleasure to cook for you all. I..."

"Nonsense," Genma interrupted. "With you and my beautiful wife
making such fine meals, what more could a martial artist want. Right
boy?" He slapped Ranma on the back.

"Uh yeah!" he beamed. "Mom and Kasumi's cooking is a whole lot
better than..." and then he shut his mouth before he could finish. Since
the wedding fiasco, Ranma had been trying to control his mouth better;
to think before speaking. He had realized how much that had got him into
trouble, and how much it could hurt Akane. And for some reason, when she
hurt, he hurt as well.

Across the table, Akane managed a half-hearted glare. "Better
than who, Ranma?" she asked. She really didn't feel up to fighting with
him, so her question was phrased softer than usual.

Luckily for Ranma, his mom jumped in. "Now, now, Akane-chan
just needs a little work and her cooking will be as good as..."

Nodoka couldn't finish what she was going to say, since at that
moment a blast of wind swept through the house, knocking over various
pieces of furniture and sending dishes everywhere. The wind died out
just a split second before a huge *splash* sounded from the koi pound

"Oh my, where did that breeze come from?" Kasumi questioned.

Ranma jumped up. "Didn't anyone else hear a splash? It must be
the pond outside!""

Nabiki tried to suppress a smile and failed. "You should know,
you end up there often enough."

Ranma stuck his tongue out at Nabiki and then turned to look
outside, along with everyone else. They gathered around the pond, stared
in disbelief, and then everyone started talking at once.

"What the?!"

"Oh my!"

"Who is that!?"

"Where did he come from?"

"How should I know!"

"Is he dead?"

"Shouldn't we get him inside?"

Lying in the koi pond, unconscious and floating on his back,
was a young teenage boy.

"Well, you did it," the old man commented to the individual
standing next to him. "You've finally got the last one to arrive."

"And it only took six months," the woman said wryly. She exhaled
and observed her work through the viewing pool, where The Tendos and
Saotomes were taking the inconscious youth inside. "Taynor and Suliya
were able to sense my work and fight against it." She sighed. "I had
hoped they would see it was for the best. Now they're..." She was unable
to complete that thought, though a lone tear streaked down her face.

"You only did what was necessary, milady," the old man said.
"You can't know every possible action. You only have the prophecies to
go by."

She waved him off. "Yes, I know that." They returned to
watching the viewing pool. "It's up to those two now. They will help him
like they have helped so many others. Just as I have forseen."

"I understand," the old gentleman said, simply. Then he eyed
her. "What about Bob?"

The woman let loose an exasperated sigh. "You let me deal with


Author's notes:
How's that for a start? I think this is better than my first rendition,
but... .
Anyway, to those who have read my earlier drafts, you know who Bob is.
For those who don't, well, let's just say he's my way of lightening up
this fic a little. ;)
As for the old man and the woman at the end, you ain't gonna find out
who they are and what part they play for a long time! HAHAHAHA!