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Guardian Unbeknownst

Five years and three months of married life, and still there are times when my wife seems a stranger. All too often she hides in the shade of her wall between us, weighed down by the heavy burden of her secrets and of her lies manifested to quiet them.

If only…

So many aches crushed tight against her chest. So many sleepless hours of standing guard while secrets plague her dreams and overspill nocturnal lips. So many whispers betrayed of heart.

If only…

I long to silence the outcries at night and dry the tears wept in slumber. I forever wish that she would stop running and trust me. Trust me as completely as she does onstage. I long to still her… but I don't know how. I try to hold her close but she pushes away. I try to give up all my own secrets but she doesn't seem to hear. I give her all that I am, all that I own, all that I can achieve. Yet still she dances on, alone with her internal encumbrance while I am undone in the shadow of her footlights. Whatever the toll of her heart's peace, I'd surely undertake.

If only…

If only she would try… just a few words, one little sentence to let me know the direction of her thoughts... then I could spare her the pain of divulgement. A finger to silence her lips, a kiss to smooth the worry from her forehead, an embrace to still her trembling and two words from my heart to ease the long shouldered weight from her eyes.

"I know."

It's okay, I know.