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A/N: This takes place after the episode 'If you're so smart, then why are you dead?' I just loved the scene when Lassiter accused Juliet of being drunk with power. Please review!

"This isn't the way to my house," Lassiter said as they passed the turn needed to get home.

"I know," Juliet said simply.

"Why aren't we going to my house?" Lassiter silently cursed his injured arm. If he hadn't been so stupid he would still be able to drive.

"We're going to have dinner. I think we should celebrate."

"Because it was your first time being lead detective on a case?" Lassiter questioned.

Juliet smiled. "Would you prefer it if I said we're celebrating our anniversary?"

"No. We can celebrate your case." Lassiter looked out the window again. "It just would have been nice if you asked. You didn't have to kidnap me."

Lassiter didn't have to look, he knew Juliet was rolling her eyes. "I didn't kidnap you. You got in the car willingly."

"Under the impression that you would drive me home!"

"Well, I thought inviting myself over for dinner at your house would have been rude."

"And kidnapping is polite?"

"I'll let you pick what we have for dinner."

Lassiter tried to keep a straight face.

"I'll give you candy if you don't tell on me," Juliet said.

This time, Lassiter couldn't help but smile. "Fine. I'll let you off the hook this time and this time only."

"That was amazing," Lassiter said after he finished eating.

"It was okay," Juliet said as she cleared the dishes from the table.

"It was a lot more than okay!"

"Thanks. Though, I think you'll like this better." Juliet set a piece of chocolate cake in front of Lassiter.

Lassiter took a bite. "Did you make this?"

"Yup." Juliet sat down again.

Lassiter noticed Juliet's lack of cake. "You're not having any?"

"I'm fine," Juliet said. "Are you going to tell me how you hurt your arm?"

Lassiter shook his head.

"Why not? It can't be that embarrassing."

"I'm not telling."

"I gave you cake!"

Lassiter laughed. "And it's truly the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten. Next time you want to bribe me, don't give me the cake first."

"How about if you tell me, I'll get you a glass of milk?"

"You'll get me a glass of milk anyway. You're a polite kidnapper."

Juliet smiled. "I didn't kidnap you." She got up and got a glass of milk. After she sat down, she put on a serious face. "Tell me what happened."

Lassiter tried not to laugh as he drank his milk. "The case is over, O'Hara. I'm not following orders from you anymore."

"Tell me what happened."

"I'm going to have to tell the chief that you're not ready to be the lead on anymore cases. You really do get drunk with power. First, those files you made me go through. Then, you kidnapped me. Now..." Lassiter didn't get a chance to finish because Juliet's lips were suddenly on his. Lassiter wrapped his uninjured arm around her as she straddled his lap.

"Juliet, you really are drunk with power, aren't you?" Lassiter said when the kiss broke.

"I know. Isn't it great?"

Lassiter thought about it for a second before nodding. "Yes, it is." He kissed Juliet again. "So, Juliet, what's your next order?"