The abomination was purring.

"No, Al. We can't keep it," He would not let himself be swayed. Even if it is cute...and fluffy, and soft, and small, and innoce- Ed ruthlessly cut off that train of thought, knowing that if it was left to fester he would surrender.

"But nii-san, we can't just leave it out in this weather. I'm not asking to keep it, just to shelter it until the rain passes." Ed could almost see the dreaded puppy eyes when Al turned his gaze to him.


The infernal creature must be conspiring against him, Ed concluded, as the purring continued.

Alphonse stared at his brother while gently scratching behind the kitten's ears, and could see Ed's resolve wavering when Ed looked at the kitten. He decided to go in for the kill and lifted the kitten up to eye level with Ed. The kitten sniffed Ed's nose before licking it and meowing happily. Al knew at that moment that he had won.

"Well...just until the rain passes- but as soon as it's done, you let it go, go it?"

"Yes!" Al knows that despite how hard Ed tries to be tough, he'll always be a big softy.

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