Chapter One

There You'll Be

Chapter One – Take Your Sweet Time

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It was a very warm morning in early spring. Eragon and Saphira sat a distance away from the crowd of villagers practicing their sparring. After the battle, the Varden had returned to Tronjheim. Many of the men had known Hrothgar for years and decided to follow the dwarves back to the mountains for his funeral. The men from Carvahall came along as well. The Varden wanted them trained as soon as possible and their most skilled soldiers had traveled to Tronjheim. The women and children had been escorted to Surda by King Orrin's men with the exception of Elain, who had refused to leave her family. Hrothgar's funeral was to be held the following morning and would be followed by a celebration to initiate Eragon into the Dûrgrimst Ingeitum, as Hrothgar had planned. Eragon and Roran would be leaving shortly afterwards. Nasuada had given him permission to go after Katrina and the Ra'zac.

Turning his attention back to the various sparring matches, Eragon sought out his cousin. Roran had picked it up quickly and, having become so strong in the past months, was difficult to defeat. He could see that Roran was becoming overconfident in his abilities. While he was a natural swordsman, he still lacked the training of the other men. When Roran quickly knocked down his latest opponent, Eragon considered going down and sparring with him. He knew Roran needed to be taught a lesson before he became arrogant. As he was about to stand up, he noticed the crowd parting around Roran. The men stood dumbfounded, gaping at the elf that walked through the crowd with obvious authority. She was dressed in her usual black leather with her customary headband holding back her hair. Eragon was slightly disappointed. He'd grown used to seeing her wearing the elven tunics with her hair flowing free. She had seemed more relaxed then but the tenseness was once again showing in every fiber of her being. He was surprised to see her. Immediately after the battle, Arya had been sent to the Beor Mountains to inform the dwarves about Hrothgar's death and upcoming funeral. He'd only been in Tronjheim for a few days but as far as he knew she wasn't expected to return until the next morning at least. But then again, Arya did work on her own time.

The tall elf woman walked to the center of the ring and drew her sword. Roran recognized her as Arya, the woman he had met in Nasuada's tent after the battle. She had barely said a word and, if not for Eragon's story, he probably wouldn't have remembered her. Roran stood, dumbfounded, staring at her. Was she actually challenging him? When she raised an eyebrow, as if to ask what was taking him so long, he realized that she fully intended to spar with him. He drew his sword, deciding that he'd be careful with her. He didn't want to injure the elves' ambassador. They circled for a moment and Roran noticed that her thoughts and emotions were hidden behind a blank mask. He wouldn't be able to read her and prepare himself for her move. When it became obvious that she was waiting for him to make the first move, he struck out at her left side. His eyes widened as her sword seemed to whip out of nowhere, blocking his with ease. His arm shook with the jolting vibrations as her sword clanged against his. He barely had time to block her as she lightly danced around him and struck out at his right side. Over the next several minutes, he quickly realized that he had underestimated her. She wouldn't have a problem defeating him but she kept dragging the match on. His strategy had quickly changed to one that focused solely on defending himself. Every time he tried to attack her, it only resulted in he himself being attacked. As the minutes dragged on, his arm grew weary and his movements slowed and yet still she forced him to defend himself with all his skill. Roran knew that her blade would bury itself in him if he ever failed to block her attack. She expected him to defend himself and didn't hold back, pushing him further than anyone he had sparred before. Finally her blade whipped up, resting under his chin. As he stood panting, he couldn't help but notice that her breathing wasn't affected in the slightest. She lowered her blade and then stepped back to observe him.

"You should never underestimate an opponent, even when they appear weaker. You are a naturally talented swordsman but there will always be someone better than you." He nodded, still breathing heavily. Her voice was soft but there was a sense of authority about it. She also spoke with a strange accent that he hadn't noticed last time. In his travels, he'd heard many different accents but none as different as hers. Arya smiled slightly then, "You're a lot like your cousin." Turning towards Eragon, she raised her voice slightly, "We haven't sparred since you first joined the Varden. Care to try again?"

Eragon was surprised when Arya challenged him to another match. She hadn't shown any interest in sparring with anyone since his test. He made his way down to join Arya in the center of the ring. He could feel the excitement coming off the men surrounding them. The men had, naturally, been fascinated by Arya during her match with Roran and wear eager to see another match against someone who was more evenly matched. Eragon drew his sword, wishing he still had Zar'roc. Nasuada had seen to it that he was outfitted with a new one made by the dwarves but it still seemed frail compared to the elven weapon. He slowly turned to face Arya. The two watched each other for awhile, waiting to see who would make the first move. Knowing that Arya could wait for an endless amount of time, Eragon made the first move, striking out at her left side. She flicked it aside and then went after him. He was surprised because the attacks actually seemed…personal. She was putting more emotion into each of her blows than he'd ever seen her put into anything and he started wondering what she was thinking about. As she started trying to push him backwards, he stood his ground, both of them circling as their swords clashed dangerously. When she was only an inch away from him, she leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Nasuada tells me that you're going after the Ra'zac." Her voice was angry and his head snapped up to look at her face. The indifferent mask that she usually wore had been discarded and he could see every emotion play across her face. She was furious. He barely had time to duck when she took advantage of his momentary carelessness. "What are you thinking?! You could be killed!! I did not spend 15 years protecting Saphira, only to have the two of you get killed now!!" she hissed. Every word was accented sharply.He had spent so much time with her that he didn't really notice her accent anymore but the exotic trill in her voice came out strongly when she was angry. She sounded frustrated but refused to stop long enough for him to explain. "This is one of the stupidest things you have done, Eragon." He struggled to explain himself but she cut in, "Too many people have given up everything for you, even died for you, and if anything happens to you now it will all be for nothing." Arya was only an inch away from him and kept getting closer. He was distantly aware of the crowd parting behind him as she drove him backwards. Eragon ducked from her next attack, scooting around her and trying to get her from behind. She spun around quickly, her sword clashing against his. Before he knew what had happened, he felt the cold blade against his throat and froze. Arya glared at him for a moment before lowering it. He was surprised to see that her breathing was heavier than normal, almost matching his own ragged panting. She quickly turned and walked away, leaving him panting in the middle of the cheering crowd. He stared after her, unsure whether to follow or not. The crowd had gathered around him, slapping him on the back and saying things that didn't quite register in his mind. He hurriedly made his way through the crowd. Saphira was waiting patiently a few yards away.

We should go talk to her. Saphira said. She had heard the entire conversation through Eragon and was worried. Arya had rarely shown her anger and, even when she did, not to this extent. "What am I supposed to say?" Eragon asked, settling himself into the saddle. I don't know but we need to try and fix it. Just try to explain. I'm afraid your friendship may not last through another argument.

"Are we even friends though, Saphira? I haven't spoken to her since I apologized before the battle." Saphira didn't say anything for a moment and then cautiously replied, I believe Arya wants to care for you but you make it hard for her to do so. I think that, if you don't put her into any more compromising positions, you will remain friends. We need her help Eragon. Saphira flew low, looking below her for the elf. They finally spotted her sitting out on a hill, staring out at the mountains surrounding them. She was hugging her knees to her chest and resting her chin on them. Saphira landed behind them and, when Eragon dismounted, Arya stood up and started walking away. Eragon sighed and called out loudly, "If you don't want me here then I'll leave." He began mounting again when her voice stopped him.

"You don't have to go."

Eragon slowly walked over to her. Something in her voice had him worried but he couldn't place the emotion. She lowered herself to the ground, pulling her knees back to her chest. Eragon watched her in silence. There was obviously something disturbing her.

"Roran's fiancé was kidnapped by the Ra'zac" he finally said. He wasn't sure how much she knew of the situation other than they'd be going after the Ra'zac. She looked up and met his eyes. He could see the surprise in them, as well as the pity. "She's still alive and we think the Ra'zac have her at Helgrind." He pauses and then adds, "It's my fault Garrow was killed and Carvahall was destroyed. The least I can do for him is get Katrina back."

"I didn't know." She said quietly, looking ashamed. "Nasuada only told me that you and Roran were leaving to go after the Ra'zac."

"It's alright. And we'll be careful." He said teasingly, knowing that would be the next thing she'd say. "Our main goal is to get Katrina out of there, not kill the Ra'zac." Arya observes his face for a moment and then, deciding that he was telling the truth, nods once in acceptance.

"When are you leaving?"

"If Roran's ready, then we'll leave the day after tomorrow. I'd like to get Katrina and be back before too long. There's still much to do here and Oromis wishes for me to return and complete my training." They sit in silence for awhile before Eragon finally decides to say something. The silence is somewhat awkward and sad. "Arya, are you well?"

She remained quiet, staring straight ahead. Eragon began to worry that he went too far and should have just left her alone. He can't help but remember the last time he had asked her that question. She hadn't been happy with him. "Do you realize that it was exactly a year ago today that you found Saphira's egg?" she whispered.

"Oh yeah, it is. Happy birthday Saphira." Eragon said, laughing. Time had passed so quickly. It was hard to believe that Saphira was already a year old. Beside him, Saphira hummed happily. He noticed that Arya looked even more depressed than before. He called her name softly and she met his eyes.

"A year ago today we were ambushed. That was the beginning of my imprisonment in Gilead…and the day I lost my mate." Her voice is emotionless but it's obvious that she's upset. Eragon lowers his eyes, ashamed for having been joking around with Saphira and not realizing what that day meant for Arya.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. Arya remained silent, resting her chin on her knees again. "So Faolin…he was your mate?" Eragon asked. He had suspected it but wasn't certain. Arya nodded, shutting her eyes.

"Yes. He was my mate…" She looked up at him sadly. For a moment it looked like her eyes were getting watery but then she looked back down at her lap so he was uncertain.

Eragon wasn't sure what to say so he chose not to say anything at all, rather than make the situation worse. I'm sorry for your loss. Saphira told her. Arya simply nodded in acknowledgement. They sat in silence for awhile until Arya finally straightened up. She wiped her eyes, confirming that she had, in fact, been crying and then looked him.

"So, how have you been since I last saw you?" She gave him a hint of a smile, as if to reassure him that she would be fine.

"I've been well. And you?"

"I've been kept busy. All the dwarves have been informed of Hrothgar's funeral. They should arrive by tomorrow. The funeral is planned for tomorrow afternoon."

"Nasuada informed us this morning." He paused and then asked her, "Will you be busy tomorrow evening?" Arya tilted her head, lifting an eyebrow, as she observed him.

"I'm not certain. Did you want me for something?"

"There's a celebration planned for tomorrow evening. Hrothgar had planned to have me fully initiated into the Dûrgrimst Ingeitum when I returned. The other dwarves have decided to follow through with it and I was wondering if you'd like to come." Eragon watched her out of the corner of his eye. His intent was completely innocent but, with his history, he wasn't sure if she would realize that. Luckily, she didn't seem irritated by his request.

"Do they allow people outside their clan to come?" she asked, a hint of curiosity in her voice.

"I asked Orik and he said I could invite my friends and family." Arya stayed silent, considering the invitation.

"I can't promise anything but if I'm not too busy then I may stop by for a little while." Eragon only smiled in return, afraid he'd give away his excitement if he said anything. They sat together for a few more minutes. Eragon quietly observed Arya as she exchanged pleasantries with Saphira awhile longer. It was almost as if her anger and sadness had never existed. She was speaking enthusiastically, even laughing occasionally, as she described her travels to the various dwarf clans. When she reached the part about her discussion with the dwarf priests, Eragon started laughing uncontrollably.

"Do you insult them every time you speak to them?" he asked between chuckles. A grin crept over her face as she thought back on their latest conversation.

"I don't insult them. I merely state my opinion on the matter. Is it my fault they consider anything I say an insult?" By the end she was smiling brightly. Her smile was infectious, causing Eragon to grin as well.

"Well, when you basically tell them that there is no point in holding this funeral for their king because their gods don't exist and there is no afterlife for him to join anyways, I think they might be a little insulted." She just continued grinning and shrugged, dismissing the subject.

"I should probably be returning." She finally said, realizing that over an hour had passed. Yes, we should as well. Roran will be wondering where we've been. Arya, would you like a ride back?

"I'd appreciate it, thank you." Eragon climbed into the saddle and then offered Arya his hand. She took it, swinging up behind him. She loosely wrapped an arm around his waist to steady herself as Saphira leaped into the air. As they landed, a young messenger boy came rushing up.

"Oh, thank God. Nasuada has been searching for you both for hours." He said breathlessly.

"Why, did something happen?" Arya asked, worried.

"No but she's called a meeting and requests that both of you are there. It's in an hour." The boy told them the location of the meeting and then bowed and left. Arya turned towards Eragon.

"Goodbye Eragon." She turned and left without another word, leaving Eragon staring after her retreating form.

An hour later, Eragon headed to Nasuada's chambers. Saphira had stayed behind, quite grumpily, because she couldn't fit into the small room. He knocked on the door and then walked in. Nasuada was seated at the head of the long table, with Arya on her left and the Council taking up the whole right side. Jeod and Orik were also there. Eragon took the only free seat between Arya and Orik, wondering what this meeting was about. Every seat was taken at the small table but there were only a few people in attendance. He quietly greeted everyone before turning to face Nasuada. Nasuada stood up, calling all eyes to her. She cleared her throat before addressing the group.

"Well I'm sure everyone wants to know why I've called you all here." She hesitates and then continues, "I'm just going to jump straight into it. I want to look into rebuilding the Dragon Riders." Everyone looks at her, confusion written all over their faces. Even if they did have the final egg, it had taken years to hatch. No ones says a word though, waiting to see what their leader is thinking. She turns to Jeod, "Jeod, you and Brom rescued Saphira's egg. What do you think the chances are of getting the last egg?" Jeod grits his teeth and shakes his head.

"I can look into it but Galbatorix probably has it under heavy surveillance now. The chances of someone sneaking it away are slim." Nasuada nods, she had expected that answer.

"Well it wouldn't matter anyways. We would have time." She mumbled. By now everyone is completely confused. Eragon taps Arya's arm and mouths, 'what is she talking about?' and Arya shrugged in return, shaking her head, looking just as confused as the rest of the room. Nasuada smiles, "Ok, I can tell you are getting confused. As you all know by now, the only known child of a Dragon Rider is now a Rider himself. This latest development has got me thinking…is it possible that a Rider could, in turn, produce another Rider. The Dragon Riders never had children so I'm not sure if this would work but, if Eragon is willing, it might be worth trying. Eragon, you don't have to agree to this but I wanted to know what everyone's opinion is." Eragon is quiet for a moment, trying to catch Arya's eye to see what she thinks about it. She turned her head, looking away from him. "Saphira." He called. He wanted her opinion on the matter. It was a big decision and he was confused as to what to do. I am assuming you want to know what I think.

"Aye. I'm not sure what to do. It is a good idea. Dragons didn't hatch very often and if we have a chance of rebuilding them quicker then we shouldn't pass it up…but the child would be born in the middle of a war…and then there's Arya…" he trailed off. He heard Saphira sigh. She thought for a moment before answering him, her words slow and cautious.

It is strange that the only children of a Rider have both become Riders themselves. It is possible that something is passed on from parent to child that will affect their chances of an egg hatching. See what the others think and then, if you wish to do this, I do not object. It would be nice to have another Rider on our side…though the war will likely be finished there will still be much to do. Galbatorix has wreaked havoc on this land for a hundred years. We would be the only Dragon and Rider left and we cannot do everything on our own. She pauses briefly before continuing, and as for Arya, perhaps it is time to move on. You did promise to stop pursuing her. Eragon thought about her words and realized that she was probably right. Arya would never agree to be with him. He could find happiness with his child, even if he didn't love its mother…whoever that would be. Making his decision, Eragon stood up. The low whispering of the room died down as everyone turned to look at him.

"I've spoken with Saphira and we think Nasuada could be onto something. The war will hopefully be over by the time the child is old enough to be a Rider but there will still be much to do and Saphira and I cannot do everything. If everyone thinks it's worth trying, then I am willing to do it." As he finished, he looked around the table, wondering what others were thinking. Nasuada appeared pleased with his answer, as did the Council and Orik. Jeod was smiling and nodded his head when he felt Eragon's eyes upon him. Beside him, Arya was watching him, her emotions guarded and hidden behind her usual mask and he desperately wanted to know what she was thinking.

"Thank you Eragon. Does anyone else have an opinion on the matter?" Nasuada said, smiling at Eragon. The Council leaned together, speaking in hushed whispers. Finally Jormundur stood up.

"The Council approves of this idea and fully supports Eragon, should he wish to pursue it." The rest of the Council nodded in agreement. Next Jeod stood up, rubbing his chin as he thought.

"It would be a good idea. And if the war isn't over, we'll have had enough time to get our hands on that last egg when the child is ready to go into training. If nothing else, it will be an interesting experiment." Nasuada nodded as Jeod finished and then faced Orik and Arya in turn.

"Orik? Arya? What are your opinions?"

"Aye. It took years to get Saphira to hatch. If the child would have a better chance at hatching that last egg then I say go for it." Orik said gruffly. Everyone turned to face Arya, who still sat in silence. Since the elves were the founders of the Dragon Riders, her opinion mattered the most. Hopefully she'd understand a bit more about how it worked. Everyone watched her impatiently and, for a moment, it appeared as if she was going to argue.

"I suppose it is plausible," she said hesitantly. "It has never been tested though and it may not work. There is a lot to consider. If a child is produced, it would have to be hidden. If Galbatorix ever found out he could use the child against Eragon and it would only be natural for Eragon to want to protect his child."

"I realize that." Nasuada said, "We would make arrangements to keep the child hidden. We would need to look into it more but perhaps we could place the child with another family, one that can't be connected to Eragon, or it could be raised with the Varden's orphans." Arya frowns in response but nods stiffly.

"I suppose." She replied. She didn't sound particularly happy about it but didn't argue.

"Umm, who would be the mother?" Eragon asked.

"Am I right in assuming that there's no one you are interested in?" Nasuada asked him. He shook his head. He supposed Arya didn't count seeing as she had no interest in him. Nasuada smiled. "That is why I called this meeting. You are some of the most trusted members of the Varden. Whoever bears this child would need to be someone the Varden can trust completely. I'm not asking anyone here to bear the child but can anyone think of a girl who we could trust to do this?"

In the silence that follows, Eragon happened to glance at Arya. Her head is bowed and her eyes are shut. She feels his eyes on her and looks up, her solemn green eyes meeting his. He feels her touch his mind and briefly wonders what's going on. She never contacted him in that manner. I suppose I can not talk you out of this. Her voice sounds weary. It becomes firmer as she continues. Very well. Give me time to think this through but I'll come find you later. If we can reach an agreement, I may consider doing it. Eragon's eyes widen but no one else notices. The rest of the Council has remained silent, deep in thought. "What?!" He's in complete shock. The last thing he'd expected was for Arya to volunteer to bear his child. Aye, now if you want this to be an option, speak up. Ask Nasuada to postpone this. She sounds amused by his shock. "Why won't you just tell her you'll do it?" I have not agreed to anything yet. I'm only considering it. Now speak up before someone else is nominated. Arya growled, beginning to get frustrated with him. "Why are-" Arya cut him off, Eragon!! Just do it! I'll explain everything later. "Well what do you want me to say?" She gives an exasperated huff. I don't know. Make something up. Eragon stood up, clearing his throat as he decided what he wanted to say.

"I was wondering if we could possibly wait. I'd like the chance to find someone myself." He glanced at Arya out of the corner of his eye and flinched when her indifferent mask reappeared.

"Certainly. As I said, you are under no oath to go through with this. Take your time. You may all go now." Nasuada said, dismissing them. Arya was the first one up, hurrying out the door. Eragon moved to follow her but her voice echoed through his mind again. Don't follow. I'll come to you tonight when I've had time to think. Eragon stopped, staring after her.

Eragon slowly returned to the room he was sharing with Roran. Saphira was waiting impatiently. So? What happened? She asked eagerly. Eragon sat down on his bed. "Nasuada has given me time to find someone myself…Arya is considering it." Saphira looked shocked, Considering what? Surely she isn't… Eragon nodded. "She said she needs time to think but she'll come find me later and we'll discuss it." I would never have imagined Arya even considering a child. I wonder what she's thinking. "I guess I'll find out tonight."

That night, he stayed up for hours waiting for Arya. After peaking outside one more time, he sighed and flopped down on the hard cot. The dwarves had done their best to accommodate all the sudden arrivals but it was difficult. Hundreds more dwarves were coming every day. Most of the Varden had volunteered to sleep out in the courtyard in tents. They were used to sleeping in rough conditions. He looked over at Roran, who was snoring loudly on the other side of the tent. He had volunteered to share with his cousin. They still had a lot to catch up on and this gave him an opportunity to. But Roran had fallen asleep hours before and Saphira lay curled up outside the doorway, sleeping sounding. He pulled the covers up to his chin and drifted into a restless sleep, resigning himself to the fact that Arya wasn't coming.

It isn't a crime to want
A little space to breathe
But you will be fine, The sun again will shine
On you
Whatever you do

Take your sweet, sweet time
Cuz I'll be here, when you change your mind
Take your sweet, sweet time
I'll be here for you baby

I'm feeling you pull away
'Cause letting go isn't easy for me
But you'll never fly
With someone else's wings, I know
Wherever you go

Take your sweet, sweet time
I'll be here, when you change your mind
Take your sweet, sweet time
I'll be here for you baby

I will never stand in your way
Wherever your heart may lead you
I will love you the same
And I will be your comfort everyday
Do you hear the words I say?

Take your sweet, sweet time
I'll be here when you change your mind
Take your sweet, sweet time
I'll be here for you baby
Take your sweet, sweet time
I'll be here when you change your mind
Take your sweet, sweet time
I'll be here for you baby

Oh, I'll be here, for you
I will be here
Ioh I'll be here
I will be here

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