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You know ever since chapter 386 I've wondered exactly why Itachi didn't just wait until Sasuke gained a Sharingan of the right power level then ask if they could trade eyes. I mean considering how much Sasuke loved his brother if Itachi had done that and not killed his clan I know damn good and well that Sasuke would have jumped on it like a rabid wolf on a wounded bunny. That boy loves/loved Itachi way too much to let him go blind. So I'm going to try and put that scenario into a fic. I plan for it to become a romance. Oh yeah, there will be teeny spoilers for chapter 386- current chapter.

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A tear slipped down the pale cheek of the usually emotionless face. It hurt, what he was planning, but he didn't see any way out of it. Just as he made to stand the door to his room opened and a small innocent face poked in, "Nii-san dinner's-"

The young boy broke off when he saw his older brother crying and the child ran forward, "Nii-san what's wrong?!"

The elder closed his eyes as the skinny arms of his little brother wound around his waist in a fierce hug and his hands went down to pat the boy's back, "It's nothing otouto-kun."

"But you're crying! Nii-san doesn't cry even when he's injured."

"I can't tell you Sasuke."

The younger Uchiha gazed up at his brother, "Yes you can! I promise I'll keep it a secret!"

Itachi knelt and brushed his brother's bangs away from the boy's jet black eyes, "Sasuke I-"

The little boy grabbed Itachi's hand and looked at Itachi with pleading eyes, "Please?"

The older Uchiha sighed, admitting defeat and decided to tell Sasuke a very clean version of his plans, "I have to leave Konoha or one day I may have to steal your eyes from you Sasuke."

Sasuke's eyes widened, "But why?"

"I'm going blind because I have the Mangekyou Sharingan and the only way known in Konoha to stop me from going blind is for a brother of mine to get the Mangekyou and transplant their eyes to me."

Sasuke's mouth hung wide open for a moment then his face screwed up in thought, "Why a transplant?"

"For some reason that stops the blindness."

"Then could we trade eyes instead?"

Itachi blinked in surprise then let a rare faint smile cross his lips, "Sasuke I never considered that before but I think it would work."

"So Nii-san won't have to leave?"

Itachi pat Sasuke on the back, "No but we'll have to wait a long time until you get strong enough okay?"

Sasuke pulled back and held out his little finger, "Pinky swear?"

Itachi chuckled and hooked his own little finger into Sasuke's, "Pinky swear. Now go tell okaa-san I'll be there in a few moments."

Sasuke grinned, gave Itachi a tight hug, and dashed out of the room. Itachi unpacked the travel bag he'd prepared and shook his head over the fact that his problem was solved by a seven-year-old's logic. Children thought outside of the box so much better than adults. Now Itachi would be able to prevent Madara's plot from inside Konoha instead of what he'd originally planned and all because his baby brother loved him too much to let him go blind.


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