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Strength and Support of Family

The brunette flung open the door to the drug store. She was late two days and wasted no time leaving her and Kyo's house to buy the test.

She had so much hope this time. Maybe it could happen. She grabbed the first test she saw and ran into the bathroom.

Tohru did everything the test said: Five seconds under the stream, and wait two minutes. The wait was the thing that was killing her. She had to know now. She was desperate.

There it was, the stupid little minus sign. To some girls her age, this would have been a joyous moment and a moment of relief. Not to Tohru Honda. This was a pitiful rejecting moment, and a moment that took away more of her dwindling hope. Tears in her eyes, she left the bathroom.

She paid for the test, the lady at the counter remaining silent, and walked somberly home. So close, SO CLOSE! she screamed in her head, mad at herself more than anything.

Tohru and Kyo had already spent six months trying to have a baby. Six months of attempts that to their dismay were unfulfilled. Tohru felt so bad, and she was thinking it was all her fault. She sometimes had cried herself to sleep at night because of it.

If he would have married someone else, he could probably already have a child and be happy. But no, he married me and has no children because of me!

"Ooofff!" Lost in thought, she was knocked down by a man running into her.

"Tohru, I'm sorry! I didn't see you!" Looking up to see his familiar grey eyes and silver hair, she recognized him immeadiately.

"Yuki-kun!!" He grabbed her arms and pulled her up onto her feet. "I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going! Anyway, what's new? I haven't seen you in a long time, I'm sorry for not visiting,"

"No, everything's fi-" he stopped talking when he saw her eyes. They were bloodshot from her crying."Tohru, what's wrong? Did Kyo do something to you?!"

"No no! Kyo's been the nicest he can to me! Really, I'm fine. It was nice to see you Yuki-kun!" She tried to walk past him, but he stopped her. He knew when something was troubling her. He had lived with her for many years.

"Really, Tohru, I can tell that something is wrong. You trust me, don't you?"

His eyes were full of concern. She gave in. "Okay. I'll tell you. Can we talk privately?" He nodded quickly.

"Come to my house, I'll make you some tea," Yuki said leading her down the street.

They walked silently the whole way. Yuki unlocked the door to his home and they both went in, the rat letting Tohru in first. After taking off their shoes, Yuki led the brunette down the hall to the living room.

"Have a seat Tohru, get comfortable. I'll go make the tea."

"Do you need me to help, Yuki-kun?" Yuki left Tohru in the living room and headed for the kitchen. She sat down on a mat and looked at the shelf of pictures. All of them were pictures of Machi and Yuki, except the one on the end. It was of Yuki and her.

She remembered that day clearly, when she had broken the curse. Yuki was so happy he came up to her smiling and squeezed her tightly in a hug, without transforming into a rat. She was laughing. Shigure had taken the picture with his Polaroid.

Tohru smiled warmly at the picture. Yuki held a place in the center of her heart. Right next to Kyo. A beloved cousin-in-law.

"I love that picture the most," Yuki said behind her. Caught off guard, she swiftly turned around to look at him. They both smiled at each other. He had the tea on a tray in his hands.

He set it down on the table and handed Tohru her tea. He took his as well. They both sat at the table with their tea.

They sat down and drank their tea silently. The silver-haired young man decided to speak first." So, Tohru, what is it you wanted to tell me?"

"What?! What are you gonna tell him Tohru?! I wanna listen!" Momiji poked around the corner and ran to hug Tohru. She noticed that, like Yuki, Momiji had not changed much. Still a happy, blond bundle of energy.

"Oh! Hello Momiji-kun!" Her and the bunny embraced for a minute.

Yuki stared in complete comfusion. "What are you doing here, Momiji?"

"I wanted to visit you, Yuki! I didn't know Tohru was here, though!"

"Tohru was going to tell me something privately, Momiji," The bunny's face dropped. Tohru saw his disappointment, and quickly said, "Oh it's okay Momiji-kun! You can here this too! He smiled and sat at the table with them.

She set down her tea on the table. Breathing deeply once, twice, she began, long pauses between each sentence. "Well, I'm afraid I've let Kyo down. After the honeymoon, we decided we wanted to have a baby. So we tried to. The first time we tried, it failed. And it kept failing month after month,"

At this point in the story, tears glistened down Tohru's face, "This is the sixth month, I still have yet to get pregnant. I feel like it's because of me that it keeps failing. If it wasn't for me, he would have a child and would be happy. But no. He's married to me and he is miserable. It's all my fault. IT"S ALL MY FAULT!!" She sobbed into her hands.

Momiji ran to her and hugged her, Oh! How I hate to see her cry!! He thought to himself. He hooked her hair behind her ear. Yuki sat there speechless. He got up and went to the other side of the table. He hesitated, thinking of he curse, but remembered, then he held her.

"Tohru, it's okay! That's not your fault!!" Yuki said trying to comfort the sobbing brunette. But, she would have none of it.

"It might be though, Yuki-kun! It might be all my fault!" She wailed into her hands. "Tohru," Momiji whispered as he rubbed her back, trying to calm her down.

He hated raising his voice at her, but it had to be said, "Tohru! It is as much as that stupid cat's fault as it is your fault! You must remember that!"

Yuki's yelling caught both Tohru and Momiji off guard. Tohru looked up at the silver haired boy. "But- but I-"

"Yuki's right, Tohru. It could be Kyo's fault!" Momiji agreed. She looked at him, then at the floor. "Your, your positively sure? It might not be my fault?"

Her cousins nodded in sync. She sighed heavily, shaking from sobbing so much. "Maybe you could go to Har'i, he could tell you what is wrong." Momiji suggested. Tohru looked up, and Yuki nodded. "Yeah, good idea, Momiji. Maybe you and Kyo could go together."

She nodded." Yes, we could do that," She then looked at the clock and gasped. She had to make lunch!

"Sorry, Yuki-kun! I have to leave!" They helped her up and the brunette looped her bag. She bowed and went to the door. The young men beat her to the door. Yuki reached out and placed his hand on her cheek.

"Tohru, I want you to keep us informed on everything, okay? Don't be afraid to talk about it with us," He looked straight into her eyes, and Momiji took her hand,"We love you Tohru. We care for you, and don't forget that," Tohru then nodded.

"Take care," And with that he hugged her. As soon as he let go, Momiji replaced him.

"Be strong, ok, Tohru? And don't cry anymore, because it makes me sad!" and he dried her eyes. Tohru smiled at him, he returned it, and let her go.

They then said goodbye, and she walked out the door.

I was waiting for so long,
for a miracle to come.
Everyone told me to be strong
Hold on, and don't shed a tear.

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