Title: Snapshot

Author: Josephin

Category: AU M/L

Rating: MATURE

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

The characters of Roswell belong to is founder - Jason Katims, Twentieth Century Fox Corporation, Regency Entertainment, and Monarchy B.V.

Summary: It started with a pacifier. Liz Parker might have just been a toddler, but the war was nevertheless on. It did not help matters that her sworn enemy, the pacifier-thief, became best friends with her big brother, forcing them to occupy the same areas on more than one occasion. Would they ever declare peace or would they go on fighting forever?

Author's note: I did not plan on writing any more stories for a while. I'm in my last year of becoming a veterinarian and my schedule is crammed with diagnoses, drug properties and surgeries. But the second I decided to go on a hiatus from writing fanfiction, I was bombarded with inspiration for a new story. I've been writing on this story on and off since December, because I wanted to have enough material so I wouldn't leave you high and dry.

This story is supposed to be fairly uncomplicated (compared to my other stories). It's snapshots of Max and Liz's lives, having more or less grown up together. And then of course, there's the undeniable background noise that is Max and Liz. Since it's snapshots, it will jump in time. But I'm going to be very specific in dating the chapters (in terms of supplying Max and Liz's ages) and will try my best to not confuse you. If I do, let me know, okay? And I'll sort it out.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to the people over at Roswell Playground, for being a constant support in my life nowadays and for encouraging me to start posting this.

A special thank you to Elizabeth (Gigo) for beta-reading. You're the best and I can always count on you.

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Prologue: Seven Minutes with the Enemy

Ryan Anderson's closet
(2001) Max is 16, Liz is 15

Liz squeezed up against the wall as his warm body struggled to occupy the same small area in which she was currently trapped.

"Max!" she exclaimed as his foot stepped on hers. "You're stepping on my foot."

"Sorry," he mumbled. He fumbled in the dark after something to hold onto, but he seemed to only come up with warm skin against his hand.

"Stop groping me," she whispered harshly, making him smirk in the darkness.

"You wish," he said, earning a well-positioned smack from Liz across his chest.

"I can't believe you got me into this. God, how did I end up in here with you?"

"Come on, Lizzie. At least it's not Pervy Perry."

He didn't have to make out her features in the darkness to visualize her eyes rolling skywards at his statement.


There was a pause, their soft breathing seemingly magnified in the silence. Sounds from the party outside drifted through the wooden door, emphasizing once again why they were here.

Max's voice broke the silence. "They can tell, you know."

"They can't tell," she said, pure mockery in her voice.

"Your lips get swollen."

"They won't get swollen."

"How do you know? Is there something I should know, Shorty? You haven't been getting close and personal to Sean have you?"

An irritated scoff escaped her lips. "As if I would let him get anywhere close to me."

"Sooo… If there's no one else, how do you know?"

"Because," Liz said stubbornly, hating the one-worded statement as soon as it left her mouth. That statement alone was enough to sum up her meager age of 15. Could she sound more childish?

"When you kiss…" a shiver raced through Liz as Max voice got darker and she could feel the air shift around them to accommodate the increasing closeness between the two. She frowned at her own reaction, wondering what Max was up to. "…more blood will flow into your lips, making them swollen and red."

His body pressed into hers and her breath hitched in her throat as anticipation trembled through her body, quickly followed by the innate reflex to push him away. Which she did.

"Max Evans," she said with noticeable warning in her voice. If there had been enough room she probably would have pushed her index finger into his chest to further emphasize the scolding tone in her voice. "If you think that you're gonna lay one hand on me…"

She could feel his breath on her face as he spoke slightly above her face. He had always been almost a head taller than her. "They're gonna talk, Lizzie. You know they will. Remember Cathy? That's gonna be you tomorrow. You're gonna be labeled the prude one and that label is gonna stick."

Liz had never been afraid of moving against the stream. She had never been one to seek out attention or approval from society. She moved in her own world and followed her own rules. But still, even though she didn't really care what anyone else thought about her, she had seen the effects of being labeled.

Looking up at the boy she had known since he had stolen her pacifier when she was one year old, she mentally shrugged, thinking that it could've been worse. She could've been stuck in a closet with Pervy Perry.

"Fine," she grumbled. "But for the record, I'm doing this to save your ass so they don't think you've lost your sex appeal."

Her eyes had finally gotten accustomed to the lack of light and she could clearly see the smirk forming on his face. "Would never happen."

She sighed. "Whatever."

Max raised an amused eyebrow at her strong disinterest before leaning in. Liz found herself looking up at him again, her body suddenly tensing in nervousness. Reality had just hit her. Max Evans was going to be her first kiss. Max Evans. Of all boys. She sighed again, wondering who she had wronged in a previous life to deserve this fate.

His voice brought her back to reality. "You're looking a bit flushed, Parker."

"Shut up," she whispered, her nervousness suddenly having given away to insecurity as another thought had coursed through her ever so busy mind.

Max had kissed a lot of girls. He had, against her will, personally told her about three of those girls. He had experience. She didn't. The last person Liz wanted to feel inadequate in front of was Max. It was known to anyone who knew them that Max and Liz had always been in a constant battle with each other, about everything. If she sucked at this, Max would possibly never let her live it down. He would quite possibly sing it at the top of his lungs while dancing across her grave.

"Relax," he said softly, which actually made her do just that.

"You better do a good job so that they will believe us," Liz threatened, her last word drowned in the touch of his lips against hers.

Liz didn't dare to move. What was she supposed to do? Was she supposed to move her lips? How did people do this? She always thought it would come naturally and sort itself out, but there was nothing in her body telling her right now what to do. And it was a lot wetter than she thought. And softer.

His chuckle sent vibrations against her lips, causing her to smile in response at the sensation. That was more like it.

"God, Parker. Help me out here. You're like a fish!"

He barely got the last word out before he was shoved as far away from her as possible. Which wasn't very far considering the lack of space.

"Get off me," she bit out, his words stinging her.

His hands were quickly on her arms. "Hey," he said gently, but the laughter was still evident in his voice making her pout even more prominent. "Sorry. Didn't mean it like that. You just… Just go with it, okay?"

"This is stupid," she whispered, frustrated beyond belief as she felt like crying. No way was she going to throw a prissy fit in front of her arch nemesis. "I never should've come to this party. I never should've walked downstairs. Of course you were going to lure me into a stupid game. Of course I was going to end up in a closet with you, expecting to make out. It's all just soo typical. How could I not see it? It's just my lu-"

His lips cut off her babble and this time, she let herself sink into the kiss. She let his fingers melt against her cheeks as he cradled her between his hands, guiding her mouth against his. She met his movements with strokes of her own and it only took a few seconds before she stopped thinking about it and just felt.

Felt how good he tasted. How warm he was as he pressed up against her. How soft his lips were and how almost gentle he was when he kissed her. She never knew that the guy who usually would tackle her to the floor to get the last potato chip in the bag could harbor such gentleness.

But then he began to nibble her lips with his teeth and she went from dreaminess into something completely different. Something was building up inside of her. A hunger. A hunger that could only be stilled by having him kissing her. More and more.

And then he pulled away.

A soft groan of protest swept across her lips and her hand rose to her lips in a reflex motion.

He had an odd look in his eyes as he regarded her. It made her so self-conscious that she had to avert her gaze.

"Do they feel swollen?" he asked, his voice oddly husky which made her miss a breath.

"Wh-" she had to lick her lips, feeling almost dazed. "What?"

"Your lips," he clarified and her face heated at his words.

She had just kissed someone. More than that. She had just made out with someone.

He continued to look at her closely, his gaze penetrating. Then he appeared to shake it off and a grin slowly spread across his face. "You did good, Parker. You weren't all that bad."

His words slammed her back into her own body and she glared at him. "Gee, I'm glad I didn't disappoint."

They both jumped in fright as someone pounded hard on the door.

"Pull your pants up! Time's up!"

Max raised an eyebrow and looked at her expectantly. "I hope your brother didn't hear that. He would kill me."

"If Mike heard that, he would be ripping down the door right now," Liz said.

Max nodded. "Yeah. Maybe we shouldn't tell him that we…uh…you know."

She rolled her eyes. "Kissed? God, Max. I thought I was the one embarrassed about this. You can't even say the word."

"I just kissed Mike's little sister. It's not exactly something I would go around and brag about."

She swallowed back the hurt. His words normally didn't get to her, but for some reason those stung more than others.

"I think Mike's gonna find out anyway. It's not like the whole school won't talk."

"Maybe," Max said and shrugged. "At least I can blame it on the game."

He ripped the door opened and Liz blinked at the sudden brightness.

Yeah, at least he could blame it on the game.