I Love You – The oneshot sequel

Attempting to calm nerves at the writing of this fanfic. I know people sometimes say that sequels suck...so I'm about to prove the WHOLE WORLD WRONG. May Jashin have mercy on your souls...

Hidan woke early and rubbed the sleep from both of his eyes. It had been a rough night – he still ached from the royal fucking he'd been given a few days ago. Not that he'd have it any other way. He checked the room before sliding out of the sofa in the dilapidated lounge. Falling asleep watching the discovery channel wasn't his idea of a good night in, but Kakuzu was out on a bounty mission which he wasn't allowed a part in. He huffed. Sometimes they treated him like a complete novice. A lot of his fellow missing nin were missing today...Konan was out, Deidara was gone, Pein was plotting in his office. It officially blowed that he was alone today. February 14th read the calendar on the wall. Valentines day huh. He'd tried to help Pein out with a successful romantic plan for tonight but it looked as if everything had fallen through. His selfish heart sank. He'd been looking forward to a bit of akatsuki romance...

It was noon in Konoha, and two plain-clothes akatsuki were out shopping. Kakuzu glanced sideways at Konan as they left the shop and tried desperately to stop a smirk rising to his lips. Their shoes clicked on the concrete, a stark sound after the swish of the thick carpets inside. A pink neon sign flashed behind the pair as they made their way out of racks of scantily clad manikins and lacy monstrosities on pegs. The board above the entrance advertised this particular place as Mandi's Boudoir and even before he'd read the name, Kakuzu knew this place was one of those shops. A slow beat of r+b music pulsed out of the open door and the red glow of the fairy bulbs lit up the darkened interior. He turned back to the road ahead, eyeing the scarlet bag in Konan's hand. She had no idea...

8 O'clock pm found Hidan alone inside his room staring at the ceiling in despair. Where was Kakuzu? He'd been out in the forest training but it was no fun alone, he'd done all the rituals for today without any hindrance, but somewhere inside was a nagging doubt that he missed that miser. Therefore it was no surprise that the sound of the door banging roused him from his stupor and had him rushing down the stairs. He pelted down the steps two at a time, nearly bouncing off the walls. In the hall Kakuzu stood with a devilish grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He loved it when a plan came together, especially if it cost him nothing. For the last time he eyeballed the bag in the girl's hand. A secret shudder passed through him and he was glad that it was already evening. The wait had nearly killed him. As he and Konan parted company, the door burst open again and Deidara fell through clutching multiple boxes. Most had ribbons.

In the disturbance Hidan's eyes locked with his lover's and Kakuzu greedily licked his lips. His hand dipped into his pocket and he bit his tongue to stop from laughing out loud. What an ingenious ruse! He mustn't let anyone find out, not until the opportune moment. His heart leapt about in his chest with the power of his imagination, but soon there would be no need to imagine... fantasies would become realities. With a sarcastic glare he passed the albino man on the staircase, trusting in Hidan's feigned indifference to allow him some privacy for at least 5 minutes. With a sneaky look over his shoulder he shot into their shared room, then dashed through to the bathroom. He stashed the miniature package out of sight then turned and removed his cloak. He headed back downstairs 

trying his hardest to act normal, to act like he really had been out on a routine mission. The one thought on his mind right now was whether to wait, or just to jump right in at the deep end.

Downstairs in the lounge a porno flick was in full swing. The room was hot and smelled of beer, Konan and Pein were eloping on the sofa but Hidan sat across from his lover. Kakuzu had arrived late and hadn't said a word, they'd sat apart ever since he'd entered the room about an hour ago. The film full of dancing girls and pillow fights didn't entertain either of them, they were merely sticking around for the company. But for a while, both had known it was only each others company they desired. Hidan rose to his feet and headed upstairs, while his raven haired partner waited only minutes before following. Someone cheered and closed the lounge door then all was silent.

Their shared bedroom was dark and both their hearts throbbed with excitement, Hidan was perched on the bed amongst the pillows but he was roughly shoved aside.

"In the bathroom" he growled, "there's a little something for you..."

Hidan only smirked and waltzed off -ever careful to swing his hips in a way that would have Kakuzu absolutely begging for it. He swung the rusty door shut and searched around for this mysterious present before catching sight of something tucked behind a tissue box. He nearly dropped it in surprise. That dirty mother-

The lights were dimmed now and Kakuzu was spread out over the rough blankets of their bed. He slouched, waiting nervously, listening for the slightest sound from the bathroom but none came. It seemed like forever had passed since that door had closed. He was just dying to get somewhere tonight. Then when he was almost ready to go and barge the door down himself, it creaked open and Hidan emerged. The lights silhouetted his figure, his toned thighs which Kakuzu ached to be wrapped around him, that perfect chest – bare as always, and tonight everything was set off with a rapably seductive addiction of-

"red lace" he choked as his boyfriend stood provocatively at the end of the bed.

"I didn't think you'd be one for a get up like this" Hidan exclaimed mockingly though from his stance it was easy to tell he was enjoying himself a lot more than he was letting on, "me and Konan must be pretty much the same size"

"how do you know-"

"I know you too well" Hidan drawled, slowly crawling across the bedcover. His legs were clad in skinny black stockings, suspended by straps from a lace suspender belt around his luscious hips. Matching women's panties strived to contain him, though at this point of arousal there was almost no point to them. You'd have to be blind to miss that. Kakuzu gazed through the red lace and wriggled free of his jeans, he snatched the smaller man into his lap and groaned out loud as they touched. One week had been too long too wait. He bucked into Hidan's spread legs and felt ten fingernails pierce his skin. The cold room suddenly felt like a furnace...

Outside, Konan was in a panic. After countless flirts and promises of a good night she was horrified to find someone had played a cruel prank on her. She and Pein had ditched the sexy movie for a little 

of their own action, but looking through the small rose bag all she could find were an enormous pair of Sasori's granny's bloomers. It was Deidara, she knew that little bastard would be sniggering his way into the redheads room right now. Oh how she hated him.

"Honey i'll just be a second" she excused herself then legged it out of their private room and down the hall. That little hillbilly was gonna get it tonight. She skidded to a halt however when the flickering candle light picked out the shape of a packet on the floor. It was the packet her stuff had come in! But whose door was this that it lay outside of? She put an ear to the wooden frame and listened, only muffled sounds reached her, so after a deep breath she pushed her way in.

"Kakuzu no wait" Hidan squealed. Somehow he'd gotten himself underneath the taller man and was now feeling the full force of his desire. Both hands explored the depths of the red lace while Hidan's eyes rolled and his cheeks blushed.

"you look so good, dressed up like a doll" he muttered, eyeing the red bows on the garters on Hidan's legs,

"ah huh" he panted in response and moaned as Kakuzu slid a finger slowly over his slit. Konan just stood, trapped between delight and disgust. Hidan did look pornographically good in women's lingerie, it was a fact she could not disagree with, and so with a heavy heart she turned and left them to it. As soon as the door met its frame, Hidan let out an almighty howl, apparently valentines day wasn't so bad after all.

Rumour had it that Konan and Pein enjoyed an extremely heated and rose tinted night, and that her orange haired boyfriend found something oddly alluring about those silky bloomers. Fortunately, nobody ever told him that they once belonged to his subordinate puppet's grandmother...