Impossible Love

She felt extreme sadness. The kind of sadness that your whole body feels, smoldering from the chest and stretching throughout the body. It was a dull, but constant, pain. Sometimes it came in waves, heart wrenching pain. The kind that just made you want to give in and cry for all you were worth. She was strong though, and she would not cry.

Why did she feel such loss? Like she was missing out on something that was the very essence of living for. Was it worth it? She could not help it though. She knew it should be her. She was the one for him. Why couldn't it just be easy? So that all this pain did not happen in the first place, why couldn't they just be together, so that all the sadness was skipped?

Yet, he was so far away. Yes, in reality he was within her reach. But he was far away, too focused in what he was doing. Too busy for her. It was impossible to reach him emotionally… even impossible to touch him because he was not interested. The only thing he is interested in, is becoming stronger. Becoming stronger so that he can be the most powerful. Where would that leave him though? He would still be alone. If only he knew… If only he knew what it would be like to be with her.

If only he knew what she was going through, how badly she wanted to be with him, to touch him… to kiss him. What would he think? If he knew would he come to her, hold her and make her feel wanted and safe? Make her believe that nothing would be in their way. That nothing would part them ever again.

It was not so though. Would it ever be that way? It seemed too impossible. Maybe it could work in another lifetime, but not now, not when he was so far away… too out of her reach. She wished it could work, why could he not just see her, see what she was going through? But how could he know?

How could he know what she is going through? She was not going to tell him. She just hoped he would maybe somehow find out, then tell her that everything would be okay now, that she would not be in pain any longer. Comfort her. Be with her. Touch her. Caress her. Hug her. Kiss her.

She felt a wave of pain taking over her body. Why did love have to be so hard? Why did love have to be so impossible. It is so easy to love, to maintain love and to keep it with your significant other was another story, especially if there is distance. Did he know she was interested, did he care? Did it not show?

She was so interested in him and what he was doing, she would do anything for him and she cared about him. She cared about what he was going through and what was happening to him. She would support him no matter what, even if he chose other things over her.

She loved him so much, cared for him so much, but would the distance keep them apart forever?

Bulma traced an imaginary pattern on her desk, her thoughts plagued by Vegeta, distance being their greatest enemy.