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Chapter One

Tea sat in their bedroom getting ready for the dinner party that she and Seto were going to and as she looked into the mirror at her reflection she thought to herself "Does he really love me?"

Seto came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist and he walked up behind his wife and leaned down and kissed the side of her neck and whispered "You're so beautiful tonight." Then he walked over to his closet and he took out his favorite dinner suit and put it on. He walked back to where Tea was sitting and he reached into his coat pocket and took out a black box and he said "Here's a little something that I thought would go great with that outfit you're wearing."

Tea opened it up and inside she found a beautiful diamond necklace with matching earrings and tears filled her eyes as she mentally reprimanded herself for thinking that Seto was seeing someone else, Seto took the necklace and put it on her as she put on the earrings and then she looked up at him and she whispered "Seto these are just beautiful, thanks for giving them to me."

He smiled at her and then he said "I have to go talk to Roland about what time we have to leave." Then he was gone and she sat there looking at the beautiful necklace and matching earrings and then she got up and stepping into her favorite heels she got her black bag and wrap and walked downstairs to find Seto so that they could leave. What she found or rather heard broke her heart but being the lady that she was she was going to give Seto the courtesy of telling her what the phone call was about and who it was that he called.

Seto came out of the den and he smiled as he saw her and then he said "Roland is outside waiting for us, we should leave now." He didn't say on word about the phone call and now she was getting really worried but she never let him know.

They arrived at the home of Sherman and Nancy Murdock and as Roland pull up near the door and as he got out to open the door and he offered her his hand and as they got out, Seto said "We'll probably be here for about one hour so be ready to take us home." Roland nodded that he understood and then Seto offered her his arm and they walked into the beautiful house and Nancy was there to welcome them.

"Tea and Seto, its good to see two friendly faces" then she laughed as she showed them to the room where everyone was and as they found a very nice table he pulled out her chair and as she sat down he bent over and whispered into her ear "I'll go get us some of that punch that Nancy's been raving about."

Tea sat there looking around at all the people who was there and then Seto was back with a glass of punch for her and he said "I have to go talk to Sherman about something." Then he was gone.

Nancy came over and she sat down and she said "I hate these damn parties but being that Sherman is the owner of Domino Hotel well we have to either have these parties or go to someone's home." She noticed how quiet her friend was and she asked Tea "What's wrong and don't tell me nothing because I know you better then you know yourself."

Tears filled Tea's eyes and she looked at her friend and then she said "This is just between us understood?

Nancy nodded that she agreed and then Tea said "I think that Seto is cheating on me but I have no proof."

Nancy looked at Tea and she so wanted to tell her what she knew but she promised her husband never to bring up that subject, because when Seto wants his wife to know then he'll have to tell her not you.

Nancy then said "Tea, how can you even think that when Seto comes home every night and it's you that he lays beside and it's you that he makes love to."

Tea blushed and then she wiped away the tears that blurred her vision and then Grace the head housekeeper announced "Dinner is ready, please will all of you take your seats while the staff brings out the food."

Seto came back and as he sat down next to her, Tea forgot all about that stupid little thing that was bothering her because Seto was so attentive to her the rest of the night. When dinner was over, Sherman announced "Ladies I have to steal your husbands for a couple of hours."

Seto kissed her cheek and then he got up and left to go join the other men in the library. Nancy came over to where Tea was and she said "Come join the other wives as we gossip about the women who aren't here tonight."

Tea laughed as she got up and she followed Nancy to the living room where all the wives were sitting and there she noticed a younger woman sitting beside Ishizu Ishtar and she went over and said "Ishizu how are you doing?"

Ishizu smiled at Tea and she said "My legs are getting better. I want to introduce my best friends daughter who is staying with us while her parents are on their second honeymoon. Charity Desmond I'd like you to meet one of my best friends, this is Tea Kaiba."

Tea held out her hand and Charity shook it and she said "It's nice to meet you." Then Tea sat down next to Ishizu and they talked about the Grand Opening of the Museum that was going to happen next month and how Seto was hosting the dinner party for the opening.

Charity sat there not knowing what to do or say, she was the other woman who was seeing Seto and they were so in love. She had met Seto when he was in Tokyo taking care of some business and her father was meeting with him and Seto was invited to come to their home for dinner and well one thing led to another and one night when she and Seto were out to dinner they ended up in the back seat of the limo and he was making love to her and telling her that she was the only woman for her.

Now all she wanted to do was go home and cry because she didn't really want to break up their marriage but he told her that they weren't in love anymore but from what she saw tonight he was still in love with his wife.

For some reason Tea felt that somehow this young woman was the one that her husband was seeing and all she wanted to do was go home so that she didn't have to think about when he would come to her and tell her that they were through and that he wanted a divorce.

Tea began to feel sick to her stomach and Nancy showed her where the nearest bathroom was and she got in there just in time, Tea threw up several times and she just wanted to leave. When she got out, Nancy noticed how she looked and she went to get Seto and as she told him that his wife needed to get home because she was sick, he called Roland and told him and as Roland took her home Tea cried because she thought that she knew what was causing her sickness, she was going to have their first child.

Roland helped her out of the limo and when she started to get dizzy he picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bedroom and when he laid her on the bed he wanted to go back there and beat the hell out of Seto for leaving her alone but instead he said "If you need anything just call."

Tea thanked him and when he left she cried herself to sleep not knowing what the future meant for her and their unborn child.

After Tea left to go home, Seto found Charity and they went outside and he held her in his arms and whispered "I'm going to tell Tea tomorrow that I want a divorce and then we can be together for the rest of our lives."

Charity stood there with her head on Seto's chest and she never wanted to let him go and she hoped no prayed that he was telling her the truth that he was going to tell his wife and then they could go to Europe and get married.

Soon it was time for her to leave with Ishizu and after she was gone, Seto took out his phone and he dialed a number and he said "I'll be right over, I can hardly wait to hold you in my arms and make mad passionate love to you."

The male voice on the other end of the phone said "Hurry I need you so badly."

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