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-Order meeting
-Plan attack on invading vamps/wizards
-Vamps train w/wizards to help them aim at fast moving targets (they not rly good)
-"I don't feel comfortable doing this," Bunny said.

"You know we have to. It's the only way," replied Rhian. The two vampires were sitting on the forest floor; miles away from Hogwarts Castle.

"I just can't. I've grown too attached to them." A sob escaped Bunny.

"Don't you ever want to see Laszlo again?" Rhian asked; a hint of anger in her voice.

"Yes, but—"

"But, what? We have to do what we have to do." Rhian stood up. "You coming?"

Bunny slowly stood and held in the sobs that were threatening to overtake her. She nodded silently.

The two vampires ran back to the castle to continue training with everyone else.

I just don't feel right betraying them, Bunny thought as she eyed the Cullens practicing with the wizards.

-Invaders come
-Bella blocks good side-towards back of everyone, so safer
-Fight starts
-Grace (playing Volde) killed
-Alec/Jane killed
-Vamp that controlled bonds killed if she wasnt already in BD
-Bunch of wizards/Witches die from both sides (the ppl who died in the book)
-Alec/Marcus/Aro die
-"Hello, Bella," a silky voice said behind the vampire. She spun around. (Rhian talking)
-bunny and Rhian kill bella towards end of fight
-bunny doesn't want to, but wants to see husband again
- Edward try to save but die too
-fight ends and wives give power over to Romanians
-fires go out and wind blows away ashes.

DON'T KILL ME *cowers in corner*…………here's what I had for the last chapter (wrote this a LONG time ago):

Alice's POV

We didn't have a funeral for them. There weren't enough words to convey what we wanted to say. We just sat in silence in Esme's classroom.

I sensed Bunny standing up.

"Cullens," she said. We all turned to look at her. She pushed a piece of hair behind her ear, only for it to fall back in front of her face, "Like I said before, I'm sorry." She looked down. "I'll be going now. Call me if the Volturi ever come after you again. I'll be glad to help." She picked up her bag and walked out of the room.

Everyone else that was not apart of our family said parting words and left in their covens. Soon it was only my family and the Pack left in the room.

"So, what now?" Leah asked.

"Well," Jacob said, "I was going to bring Nessie back to La Push with me." Nessie was asleep in Jacob's arms and he had his arms wrapped protectively around her. "I think she needs some half-hearted normalcy in her life. Besides, she likes it there." Nobody said anything to contradict him, so he took that as permission.

"I'm going back to La Push," Seth said. The rest of the shape-shifters agreed.

"Jacob and I are in agreement," Sam said, "All of you can come onto La Push land with no fear of anyone attacking. The treaty has been broken for some time anyway."

"Thank you," Carlisle said. Sam nodded once.

"Me and Rose were going to travel around Europe for a bit," Emmett said, looking at his hands in his lap. Rosalie didn't comment; she just looked down at her feet with her arms crossed over her chest.

"We'll be around the New York area, most likely," Jasper said, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me close to him.

"Esme and I are going to stay here for a little while," Carlisle said. My head snapped up at his comment.

"But why?" I asked.

"Its nice not having to hide," Esme said, "Besides, the school needs a doctor and a Muggle Studies teacher who actually knows what they're talking about."

"Emmett, can we go please?" Rosalie said quietly, "I just need…I can't—"

"Of course, Rose, baby," Emmett said, cutting her off. He stood up.

Rosalie walked over to Nessie and kissed her on the forehead, before turning around and following Emmett out the door.

Jasper was evening out everyone's emotions and I knew once we left everyone would break down.

The room in front of me faded to Emmett and Rosalie out in the words. They were holding each other tightly, sobbing—Rosalie into Emmett's shoulder and Emmett into her hair.

My vision faded back into the main room. The only member of the Pack left was Jacob.

"I thought you would like to say goodbye, before we left," he said. I nodded and walked over to the sleeping angel in his arms.

"Bye, Nessie, I'll see you soon," I told her and kissed her forehead.

Jake nodded and left.

Poor Nessie. At least she'll remember her parents, even though she didn't spend as much time with them as anyone would have liked.

We stood in silence for a few minutes. Jasper walked up to me and laid a hand on my shoulder. He was silently asking me if I wanted to leave.

I laid my hand on top of his and lowered it, still holding on.

"Esme, Carlisle," Jasper said.

"Oh," Esme said, running over to us and hugging us.

"We'll see each other again, don't worry," I told her.

"Take care of yourselves," Carlisle said.

"You too," Jasper said. I smiled slightly and followed Jasper as he led me out of the room.

We stood outside of the castle, going the opposite way that Emmett and Rosalie went.

My vision faded into another vision of Carlisle and Esme up in her classroom. Carlisle was holding Esme close, silently stroking her hair.

It faded back to Jasper who was standing in front of me.

"Are you going to be okay, sweetheart?" he asked.

"I don't know, Jazz. Can we just go somewhere more private, so when I break down, no one can see me?" I asked him.

He nodded and we ran deep into the forest.

I looked him in the eyes and hoped he understood what I wanted. He compiled and I grabbed onto him with all my mite and held him close to me. He wrapped his arms protectively around me.

My small body shook with sobs as I cried tearlessly into his chest. I willed nonexistent tears to come, but none ever came.

"Alice," Jasper said, rubbing my back.

"She was my best friend, Jasper. He was my brother and she just killed him," I choked out.

"I know, sweetheart, I know," Jasper said to me.

We didn't move, even when it started to rain, we just stood there.

"Sweetheart, our flight is in an hour. We should go," Jasper said, breaking the silence.

I nodded, afraid that as soon as I spoke, I would lose it again. I felt myself get calm again and was thankful. I needed to stay strong. At least for my own sanity.

Jake's POV

I carried Nessie into the airport and spotted Leah and Seth standing by the escalator. Leah handed me two tickets and we walked over to security.

"Sam's Pack and the rest of ours caught a different flight," Leah told me. I nodded.

We were all mourning for Edward and Bella, but I think it affected me and Seth the most. Seth wasn't his normal happy self.

"Sir?" the security personal asked. I looked up from Nessie.

"Yes?" I asked her, "Is there a problem with my ticket?"

"No, not at all, but you're going to need to wake her up to go through the detectors," she said.

I nodded and followed Seth and Leah's lead over to the table. They took off their shoes and waited for me.

"Hold her for a sec," I said to Seth. He nodded and took my imprint in his arms. I slipped off my shoes and threw my cell phone along with my shoes into a tray. I slipped off Nessie's jacket and shoes and put those in the same tray.

Leah was waiting impatiently on the other side of security. I rolled my eyes and took Nessie back.

"Go," I said. Seth nodded and walked through the metal detector.

"Renesmee," I whispered, whipping a stray hair from her face.

"Hmm?" she asked sleepily, her eyes barely open.

"You have to walk for just a second and then you can go back to sleep, alright?" I told her, setting her on the floor in front of the detector.

She nodded and walked forward the few feet. Seth held her still as I walked through.

Nothing beeped and I picked up Nessie.

"Come here, baby," I said, laying her back on my arms. She curled back up and fell immediately asleep again. I slipped her jacket and shoes back on, along with mine.

I followed Leah and Seth to the gate. People kept looking at us strangely as we passed but I ignored every single one of them and focused on my sleeping imprint in my arms.

The gate agent looked at me like she thought I was kidnapping Nessie and I tightened my arms around her and walked down the walkway to the plane.

We had business class seats and Nessie had the window seat. I set her down and buckled her in and did myself next. It was amazing how fast that whole process takes when you don't have any luggage. Carlisle and Esme said they would ship it back to La Push for us.

The plane took off and I tried to fall asleep. I was awoken by tiny sobs coming from the seat next to me. I opened my eyes and looked at Nessie.

Her seatbelt was undone and her tiny body was curled up into a ball, her head buried into her knees.

I pushed up the arm rest between our seats and undid my seatbelt. I reached out and pulled her close to my body in a hug.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and cried into my chest. I silently stroked her hair and held her tight.

"Excuse me, sir?" a flight attendant said from behind me.

I turned in my seat to face her, pulling Nessie into my lap at the same time.

"What?" I asked the woman.

"You're going to have to buckle your seat belt and she has to be in her own seat buckled up," the woman explained.

"Listen, if the plane crashes we're all gonna end up dead anyway, and her parents and my best friend just died, I think it's fine if we sit like this," I snapped at the woman and held my little angel protectively in my arms.

The flight attendant stuttered a sorry and walked away.

"Nessie," I said, pulling her away from me slightly so I could see her pretty little face. She sniffed, tears still streaming down her flushed cheeks. "Sweetie, please stop crying."

She wiped at her face trying to get rid of the tears, but she missed a few and more came. I took my hand and wiped my thumb down her cheek to get rid of the tears. I wiped under her eyes next and kissed her forehead, laying her head onto my chest.

"What happens to vampires when they die?" I heard her ask. It was so quiet, I wasn't sure if she actually spoke. "Daddy didn't believe in Heaven. He thought he was going to Hell no matter what he did. Grandpa and Momma always disagreed with him because he tried to do the best he could with what he'd been given. He didn't even fully believe if there was an afterlife for them," she trailed off, turning back into my chest and crying. Her tiny pale hands gripped my shirt.

"Nessie, I'm sure wherever they are, whatever has happened to them, they're happy and together, all the while watching over you to keep you safe," I told her.

"I hope so, Jake. I hope so," Nessie said into my shirt.

I sighed contently and ran my hand down her long hair in a soothing motion.

The rest of the plane ride went smoothly and Nessie slept or was strangely quiet the whole time.

The plane landed and I carried Nessie off because she was still shaken from yesterday and everything. We went outside and towards the woods. Seattle was still a ways away from Forks even if we run, but it's faster than a car. We phased and Nessie climbed onto my back.

Quil, Embry, and Jared were closer to Forks than we were, but nothing much was passed through the six of us. Soon the three of them phased out and it was just us three left. We passed Forks city lines.

"Jake," Nessie said. I cocked my ears so I could hear her better. "Can we go somewhere first? I want to show you something." I nodded.

Where is she taking you? Seth asked.

I ignored him and stopped running.

Go back to La Push. I'll be there later, I said to both of them.

Alright, Leah said.

Sure, Seth replied.

I ran into the forest a little bit and phased back. I walked over to Nessie and picked her up in my arms.

"Where do you want to go, my little monster?" I asked her, trying to cheer her up. She smiled a strained smile and laid her hand on my cheek. She showed me the same meadow where we found Bella before we killed the leech. I smiled at her and held her tight as she held onto my neck.

"I know where that is," I told her and started running towards the meadow.

Before, I didn't get a really good look at it, but now I see why Bella wanted to find it so badly.

It was perfectly round and wildflowers grew everywhere. I walked over to the center and sat down, Nessie still in my arms.

"It's beautiful," I told her. I looked down at her cute little face and saw pain. "You can cry, sweetie, I'm not going anywhere," I said, rubbing her back.

She nodded and tears started to fall down her cheeks.

"I love you, Jake," she said, resting her head on my shoulder.

I smiled. "I love you too, Renesmee," I said and kissed her forehead. She smiled and wrapped her arms around my waist. "Forever and day, my sweet," I whispered into her hair.

Love our time today
you know all trivials fade away but
love is here to stay
I don't know another way

Don't let me now and then
I am not thinking about when, because
all we have is now
we've got to get through it somehow

Don't leave it late now
Love cannot wait now
Let's get it started
Waiting will be broken hearted

No more delay now
No more to say now
this magic day is all we have and
all we'll ever know

Love our time today Love our time today Love our time today ye~

Love our time today Love our time today Love our time today ye~

I won't ever leave you
I would not deceive you
not while the sun is shining
not with the spring arriving

Love me now or never
don't put it off forever
you sit and wait for too long
then wait along
and I'll be gone

Love our time today Love our time today Love our time today ye~

Love our time today Love our time today Love our time today ye~

I hope we stay together
and yes I mean forever
It's not a promise I make
you'll have it
then I can't break

If we stay together
we'll miss that nasty weather
You and me forever,
that's how we'll be together

Love me now and then
I am not thinking about when, because
all we have is now
We've got to get though it somehow

Love our time today
you know all trivials fade away but
love is here to stay
I don't know another way

Love our time today Love our time today Love our time today ye~

Love our time today Love our time today Love our time today ye~

Love our time today Love our time today Love our time today ye~


If u literally skipped over the song…go back and read it. It fits perfectly for this chapter/ending. It's called 'Love Our Time Today'. If anyone can catch the 'Death at a Funeral' reference in here I'll give you a computer cookie. Hint, it's in Jacob's POV. Sorry if I made you cry.

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