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Summary: Vince isn't happy with the recent behavior and actions of his top Raw stars, and decides to do something about it.

There was a memo floating around the backstage arena at the Civics Center where Raw was being held, briefly listing six mens names, informing them to meet in Vince's office at seven, and not to be late. None of the six knew what it was about, so they were curious to find out what it was. Around six forty five, the men began crowding outside of Vince's office, knowing not to go in until seven. None of the six wanting to anger their boss intentionally.

"Does anyone know what this is about?" Randy asks the three other men around him. Two still hadn't showed up yet.

"Vince probably wants to talk to me about a title run that I greatly deserve." Chris says leaning against the wall.

"Then what does he want the rest of us for?" John asks.

"Obviously to see which one of you assclowns are going to job to me." Chris answers, no hint of joking in his voice.

"Something tells me that isn't why he called us all here." Cody says, not in the mood to hear Chris talk about how great he is.

"Your right Junior, you aren't even good enough to job to me."

"Chris, I'm half of the tag team champions." Cody reminds him.

"That doesn't compare to..."

"You being the first undisputed champion." Randy, John and Cody finish at the same time.


"Where are Hunter and Shawn?, it's almost seven." Randy asks, changing the subject. It was about that time, they two missing links were seen walking down the corridor, laughing so hard they could barely breathe.

"What are you two laughing at?" John asks the older men.

"Hunter put...hair dye...in Steph's...shampoo." Shawn says between fits of laughter.

"You guys are so childish." Cody says.

"Yeah, really. Why the hell didn't you let me in on it?" Chris asks, offended he was left out.

"Last minute decision. Besides, we don't like you." Hunter says.

"Guys. It's time to go in." Randy announces, knocking on Vince's office door. They hear a loud "come in" and opened the door. All that was inside was a TV monitor, a desk, leather couch, and Vince. They all stand in a line, not saying anything, in front of the large desk.

"Sit." Vince said sternly to all six men, who immediately sit down in a chair.

"Glad your all on time, must say I'm surprised." Vince says, glancing at the men in front of him.

"I went around personally and rounded these monkeys up so we would be on time." Chris says, the first to speak up.

"I'm sure Chris. So I'm sure your all wondering why I called you in here, so let's get down to it. I'm ordering you all to therapy. Counseling if you will. Just one session for each of you, then one all together." Vince informs them.

"Why." John asks, thinking Vince was joking.

"Recent events that have been brought to my attention."

"Such as?" Randy asks, wanting him to continue. He didn't need a therapy session.

"Well, for starters, the recent car trip you guys went on when the flights were cancelled. That night out at the bar you boys had recently. What happened while playing poker, and Randy's birthday party."

"Why does that make us need therapy, or counseling?" Hunter asks.

"Yeah, and Jeff was in on all of that. Why isn't he here?" Randy adds.

"To put it simply, your men aren't nice to each other. Framing each other, letting each other stranded, constantly yelling at each other. I want that all fixed." Vince says. Cena and Orton got Cody in trouble with the poker game, Hunter and Shawn left the other men stranded when their van broke down, and Chris is always getting into an argument.

"So why isn't Jeff here?" John asks, repeating what Randy said.

"Jeff's the only normal one out of you all."

"Vince, I think your doing the right thing here. Did you call me in so I could be the counselor?" Chris asks.

"No, your going to have a session also."

"What? I'm Y2J, I'm King of the world. I don't need this." Chris said, his temper rising.

"That there is my point. You have anger issues Chris. You all need to start getting along with each other." Vince says.

"Especially you Cody. Your young and your just starting out, and so far, you have been the only one who has been a part of all these recent events. You don't want to be known as a hell raiser do you?" Vince continues.

"No." Cody answered shyly. He was anything but a hell raiser. It was these other idiots that got him into those messes. He was quiet, and rarely talked.

"Hunter, Shawn. You two need to start acting your age. DX is over now."

"Suck it." Vince rolls his eyes, deciding not to comment.

"When do these sessions start?" Randy asks, not looking forward to it at all.

"Tomorrow. There will be six separate sessions, then one all together."

"Who is going first?" John asks.


A/N- Next chapter, Jericho meets the counselor, it doesn't go how it is supposed to though.