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Why Can't We Be Friends

"If I ever see you two in my office again, you both will be suspended for a month, without pay." Vince warns his two employees. Randy and Hunter smile sheepishly and nod their heads to save Vince from another rant. Ever since their meeting with Tim, they have been getting along great, even better then before the whole Evolution thing went down.

"Do you two understand me? Son-in-law, or son of one of my good friends, you both will be in trouble. I never want to hear or see anything about that ever again. You are two grown adults." Vince continues.

"Vince, calm down. We'll behave. You already gave us that talk ten minutes ago, honest." Hunter says, trying to hold in his laughter at the whole situation.

"I run a serious company here, and I will not tolerate childish behavior from you, or anyone else." Vince tells them, as if they didn't hear him the first three times.

"Vince, we promise to never sit in the front row and spit spitballs at the people walking to the ring." Randy promises. Hunter and him were bored and decided to watch the ring crew set up, they soon got bored doing that, so spitting spitballs seemed like the thing to do at the time, until someone complained to Vince. Seriously, it wasn't like they tried to kill anyone...although Tony, the cameraman did trip from being distracted.

"Good, and since when did you two begin talking again?" Vince asks. It has been a long time since he has seem them getting along.

"Since our meetings with Tim." Randy answers, watching a proud smile appear on Vince's face.

"I see another one of my ideas has worked." Vince says smugly.

"Yeah, and there goes Cody running naked with John behind him with a water gun." Hunter informs Vince, who turns around to witness the scene before him.

"MR. CENA, AND MR. RHODES. MY OFFICE NOW, AND PUT ON SOME CLOTHES." Vince yells, his face turning that red color again, the shade when he is angry.


"What in the hell were you two doing?" Vince demands to know, as Cody and John sit in front of him, fully clothed.

"We were bored and had nothing to do." John says.

"Why the hell were you naked Cody?"

"I was getting ready to get in the shower and John came running after me with a water gun." Cody explains.

"Public nudity will not be tolerated in my company. I run a business, not a playground." Vince tells the two men.

"Mr. McMahon, sir. I'm sorry, this is all my fault." Cody says, intimidated by his boss.

"Since when do you two hang out together anyway?" Vince asks, never seeing the two with each other before.

"Timmy fixed our problem, Cody is one of my best friends now." John says, and like Randy, he watches a triumphant smile display across Vince's face.

"I'm glad to see my money went to good use. My ideas do seem to always work." Vince gloats, momentarily forgetting his lecture to the two men in front of him.

"You always seem to have brilliant ideas Vince, that's why your so successful." John adds.

"Stop kissing ass, your not out of trouble yet. I don't want to see either of you in here again, this is fair warning." Vince warns.

"I promise, you will never have to deal with me again. Please don't fire me." Cody begs.

"Take it like a man Cody, your a man and your not gay. For Gods sake, your a wrestler." Vince says standing up and leading the two men outside to the corridor.

"You two go get ready, and stay out of trouble."

"Sure Vince, but uh...Shawn and Chris just walked by with two cans of spray paint." John informs Vince.


"SHAWN, CHRIS, STOP WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!" Vince yells, walking away from John and Cody, and following the path the other two men took.

"YOU TWO OVER GROWN CHILDREN PUT DOWN THE PAINT RIGHT NOW." Vince continues to yell while marching down the hallway. He heard snickering from around the corner, and slowly walked in that direction, not knowing what he was going to find on the other side, but knowing he wasn't going to like it.

"Do you think he will know?" Vince heard Chris ask.

"Of course not, we can always blame Cody if he does." Shawn answers.

"Yeah your right Shawn." Vince had enough and walked around the corner.

"WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING. WE ARE RENTING THIS BUILDING." Vince yells at the two men, who jump at his unexpected presence.

"Vince...we caught Cody doing this and stopped him." Chris was quick to say.

"Why would Cody spray paint HBK, King of the World, and Y2J on the wall?" Vince asks skeptically.

"He looks up to us." Shawn tells him.

"Cody was just in my office." Vince says, turning the tables around.

"Actually Vince, we didn't want to tell you this, but Jimmy said we should express ourselves using art." Chris explains.

"Who's Jimmy?" Vince asks.

"He means Tim." Shawn says.

"Is Tim also the reason you two are now friends?"

"Well yes. I might still be better then Shawn, but Jimmy convinced me to get over it." Chris tells Vince.

"That's good I suppose. But right now, I want you two to clean this all up, and I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN." Vince says, yelling the last part.

"Vince, we are going to clean this up right now. Don't worry about a thing." Chris assures Vince.

"It better be." Vince threatens and walks away, mumbling about looking for new wrestlers on the independent scene.

"I guess we should clean this up." Shawn suggests, looking at the writing in front of him. He and Chris thought the wall looked plain, and decided to brighten it up a little, who knew it was a big deal?

"If by clean it up you mean get Cody to do it, then yes, we should."

"That's exactly what I mean. Let's go find him." Shawn says, and the two set off to find the young rookie and make him do their dirty work.


"I TOLD ALL SIX OF YOU I DIDN'T WANT TO DEAL WITH ANY OF YOU AGAIN." Vince yells at the men in front of him. His face was contorted with anger, and that vain in his forehead was throbbing, it was safe to say he was mad.

"We were..." Randy starts.

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WERE DOING, THOUGHT YOU WERE DOING, OR MEANT TO DO, I AM SICK OF ALL OF YOU." Vince continues yelling, not at all happy with the men in front of him.

"But all we were doing was..." John starts.


"Hey Vinny, you better calm down before you have a heart attack. It's not good for a man your age to yell like that, plus you aren't in as good as shape as me" Chris tells him.


"Honestly, Vince, we're sorry." Shawn was able to add in quickly.

"I asked you to clean up the wall you painted, what do you and Chris do? YOU GO AND PAINT FOUR OTHER WALLS."

"I asked you two to stop the water fights, what happens? YOU FLOOD THE CATERING ROOM!" Vince tells at Cody and John.

"I ask you two not to disrupt the ringside crew, what do you do? BREAK THREE CAMERAS, FRACTURE A CREW GUY'S LEG, AND TRIP ANOTHER GUY WHO IS CURRENTLY GETTING STITCHES IN HIS HEAD." Vince yells at Hunter and Randy.

"Yeah, but we are really sorry." Hunter says, not meaning it at all.

"I liked it better when you all hated each other. What the hell happened to all that?" Vince asks, more calmly now.

"Our sessions with Timmy worked I guess. He is really good." John says.

"No, what is Timmy's last name. I forget where I hired him from."

"It's Williams, Mr. McMahon." Cody answers. He was really hoping he didn't get suspended, Becky would be pissed at him. He hasn't been wrestling for a year yet, and already has a suspension? That wouldn't sit well with Becky, and he was afraid she would leave him. He wasn't sure he could handle that, Becky was his whole world.

"Dr Williams is getting sued." Vince informs them all.

"Why are you suing Jimmy?" Chris asks.

"Mental distress. He got you all to be friends, and its driving me nuts."

"That is what you hired him to do." Hunter says.

"I didn't hire him to make you all maniacs."

"You can't sue him for doing his job." Shawn informs Vince.

"I'm Vincent Kennedy McMahon dammit, I can sue whoever I want."

"Are we getting punished?" Cody asks, no longer being able to wait and see.

"Damn right your all getting punished. Your all suspended for one week." Vince tells them. Five guys break out into one song...

"Vacation's all I ever wanted, vacation got to get away." They all sing, except Cody.

"Their all top Raw stars. How can you suspend them all?" Cody asks, as the other men get to the chorus of the song.

"I have other wrestlers. We'll survive. In the mean time, maybe you six will learn a lesson and begin to act your age." Vince says. A few seconds later there is a knock on Vince's door, then Shane McMahon came running through.

"Dad, they need you in the dressing room, apparently the chairs, and most of the guy's clothing are glued to the ceiling." About that time, six heads turn to look away from Vince.

"I'm going to sue the hell out of him."