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Aino rushed towards Toragami as the police questioned both of the men. She hadn't heard enough to realize what was going on, but she knew it wasn't good. When she reached the arena, she saw why they had been laughing. Toragami had collapsed to her knees, her life points reduced to a mere one thousand. Her opponent had summoned 'Volcanic Edge', used its effect, and followed up by activating 'Magical Bonds' and setting a card. Toragami would only be able to play one card from her hand this turn. Her Lava Golem was still paralyzed by 'Torture Wheel'. The situation looked hopeless.

"Toragami-san!" Aino shouted.

Toragami turned to her friend. Her eyes were filled with tears. "Weak... I'm so weak..."

"Don't feel too bad," her opponent laughed. "After all, you're dueling the great Eraser. Know why they call me that, Toragami-sama?"

He leered at the terrified girl. "Everyone I defeat disappears."


The trembling in Toragami's voice was gone. 'Eraser' stared at her. "Yes, that's right. You're weak. Too weak to ever—"

"No. You are weak."

Aino looked closer at her friend. "T-Toragami-san?"

Toragami slowly got to her feet. Her eyes were open. Open and blazing. Something was different about her. She seemed charged with some sort of strange energy. "I... will... not... lose," she growled. "My turn. Draw."

Without a word, Toragami activated 'Cyclone'. Her life points fell by five hundred as a whirlwind tore across the field, shattering 'Magical Bonds'. "Tch," Eraser muttered.

"I activate 'Hand Obliteration'," Toragami declared as she discarded the four cards remaining in her hand and drew four more. She selected one. "I play the magic card 'Pot of Greed', drawing two cards. Next, I summon 'The Creator Incarnate' in attack position."

Aino began to look frightened. Was this really Toragami?

"I release The Creator Incarnate for its own monster effect," Toragami continued. "I special summon The Creator from my hand."

The gigantic, celestial monster appeared beside Toragami's Golem, glaring disapprovingly at Eraser. "I will now activate The Creator's monster effect," Toragami declared as she carefully placed a card from her hand in the graveyard. "Special summon Material Dragon."

A golden dragon with six wings and a serpentine body appeared beside Toragami, roaring.

"Magic card, 'Broken Earth'. Your weakest monster is destroyed." Killer Tomato shattered to bits.

"Final card this turn. I activate 'Raise Dead', targeting the Lightning Gear Goryu in my cemetery." A gigantic angelic creature appeared beside Toragami's other two monsters, roaring. Its two thousand nine hundred attack points and ability to inflict piercing damage essentially guaranteed an end to the duel.

Toragami pointed at her opponent. "Material Dragon, attack-"

Eraser flipped his final card, appearing to be in a slight panic. "Trap card activate, 'Magic Cylinder'! I inflict damage to you equal to your attacking monster's attack points!"

"Monster effect," Toragami replied. "Material Dragon allows me to negate effects that decrease my life points and gain that many instead."

Suddenly, Toragami's life points skyrocketed. She motioned to her other two monsters. "Lightning Gear Goryu attacks your defense position Volcanic Edge."

The monster exploded, dealing one thousand seven hundred points of damage to Eraser. He stared at The Creator, which had two thousand three hundred attack points- enough to finish him. "Damn it!"

"The Creator, direct attack. Judgment of the Highest!"

The final blow landed. Both sets of manacles came unclamped. Toragami slumped to her feet, as if in a daze.

Meanwhile, the police attempted to hold on to the two men they had collared by the circuit breaker. "Hold still!"

One man twisted and slammed a hand into the circuit breaker, cutting the power. The warehouse was plunged into darkness, giving him a chance to break free.

This was not all that happened.

Toragami looked up in time to see the massive steel beam hurtling towards her at breakneck speed.

"HINATA-CHAN!" Aino screamed as the beam crashed to the ground.

YU-GI-OH! Negative Zero: Genex Finals
Turn 40: "One"

Aino - 2500 LP
- 4000 LP

While Aino had "The Creator" and "Archangel Christia" on her side of the field along with a set card and her field, "Mausoleum of the Deceased Emperor", Toragami's field, which had "Lightllord Beast Wolf" and "Lightlord Paladin Jean" and a set card of her own, seemed much more threatening.

It was Toragami's turn, and she drew her card.

Katsuki looked over at Shougo, and saw tears coming out of his eyes, even though he wasn't sobbing. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"I know why Toragami-san is the way she is," Shougo replied, and then leaned in a little closer so people other than her or Chiba wouldn't hear. "She lost her arm, didn't she?"

"How did you—?!" Katsuki stammered. Everything about this kid was surprising her, but she couldn't cover it up at this point. "Toragami-san's artificial arm doesn't have the strength to hold a Duel Disk yet. They're still developing the technology... but that's why usually I have to put on her Duel Disk for her. It's not just a 'rich girl' thing."

"I... I didn't think it was," Shougo said as he wiped his face.

Toragami closed her eyes as she looked at her hand. "You really are going to continue to duel me, no matter what happens, Aino-san?"

"Whatever it takes," Aino replied, although her voice betrayed uncertainty.

"I sacrifice my 'Lightlord Paladin Jean'," Toragami said, switching the cards on the Duel Arena. "To summon 'Lightlord Angel Cherubim' in attack mode."

Jean's hologram faded out into a sea of light, to be replaced by a beam which seemed to turn sideways to form a humanoid image. As the image became more solidified, a blue-haired woman carrying a long staff could be seen. She opened her eyes, and feathered wings behind her back suddenly became revealed, generating wind as the Lightlord readied herself for battle.

Lightlord Angel Cherubim - LV5 Light Angel (2300 ATK)

"Lightlord Angel Cherubim's monster effect activates," Toragami went on. "When I sacrifice a 'Lightlord' to summon her, by sending four cards from the top of my deck to the cemetery, I can destroy two cards my opponent controls."

Aino noted with much concern that "Lightlord Warrior Garoth" and "Lightlord Hunter Raikou" were among the cards sent. The two other cards were "Burial from a Different Dimension" and "Arcana Force XIV - Temperance".

"I choose your two monsters, Archangel Christia and The Creator," Toragami said as Cherbuim flapped her wings.

"Reverse card open... 'My Body as a Shield'," Aino declared.

"She had no choice but to activate that," Chiba mused. "If she didn't, the duel would be over now."

"By paying 1500 life points, I negate the effects of cards that would destroy my own monsters, and destroy them instead," Aino explained.

Aino - 2500 LP - 1500 = 1000 LP

Aino grunted as she felt a strange effect in her body, and gripped her stomach, seeming to swallow her own scream. As Shougo observed this, he remembered Tenjouin's words from Chiba's duel against Ganryu.

Solid Vision technology creates visual illusions that can overwhelm someone who is not prepared. In laymen's terms, they're as real as the duelists want them to be.

Shougo rubbed his neck. Surely Aino-san doesn't want to be hurt by these magic cards. Could it be... Toragami-san is trying to show her something? No... that's cruel... too cruel!

The magic card created a sonic reverb that smacked against Toragami's Cherubim. She shielded herself with her wings, but was still destroyed.

Toragami stood, arms crossed, unfazed.

"Toragami-san," Aino whispered. She seemed to be broken at this point, gasping for breath.

"Is your existence that weak?" Toragami muttered.


"Is your existence that weak that you'd be crushed by something like this?" Toragami went on.

"Toragami-san..." Aino had a heartbroken quality to her voice.

"You're so desperate to save me that you never once considered that the person you wish to save might not be in danger at all," Toragami said, holding her card hand aside. "The Aino Naomi I remember never judged by appearances. If anything, you're the one in danger."

Aino's eyes widened as her grief suddenly disappeared. Her facedown card...

"You assumed that the card I hid was 'Holy Barrier - Mirror Force'," Toragami replied to her thoughts. "Now you're going to pay for that assumption. Reverse card open... equip magic, 'Lightlord Rapier'!"

Her voice hid a cadence of emotion.

"Could Toragami-sama be... having fun?" Katsuki pondered. "She never sounded like this, except..." She touched her lip, stopping mid-thought.

"Except?" Chiba asked.

"Except when she dueled Shougo-kun..." Katsuki finished.

Come to think of it, she sounded like this when dueling Judai-sama, too, Chiba thought to himself. I thought it was just anger. And indeed it does sound very much like anger, but... could Toragami-san be... enjoying herself?

Shougo stayed silent, although he doubtless noticed Toragami's emotion as well.

Beast Wolf equipped the sword and staff that appeared on the field and roared.

"By equipping this card to a 'Lightlord' monster, I raise its attack power by 700," Toragami explained.

Lightlord Beast Wolf - 2100 LP + 700 = 2800 LP

"That's enough to destroy 'The Creator'," Tenjouin observed. "Although the real problem is that 'Archangel Christia'. With that on the field, Toragami-san can't summon her ace."

"You're assuming she has it in her hand to begin with," Abe reminded her. "We know Toragami-san only has 1 'Judgment Dragoon'. It may not be that simple."

Kiyotaki frowned slightly. No, she doesn't have that card in her hand yet, he thought to himself, glancing at a wristwatch he held on his hand. It is for moments like this that I put together this tournament. Toragami-san, will you fall for the temptation of the Light of Ruin? Even in moments like this, you may still be in danger if you are not careful...

The announcer seemed oblivious, though, voicing the sentiments of the crowd, who went up in cheers. "It seems Toragami-san has made a turnaround, everyone!" he shouted. "Whereas earlier she was up against two very strong monsters, now her Beast Wolf can at least destroy one of them! What will she do?"

"Lightlord Beast Wolf, destroy my opponent's 'The Creator'!" Toragami shouted. "Light Rapier's Reversal!"

Beast Wolf nodded and, in a flash, bisected The Creator with the sword. Then, just before it fell apart, the Wolf struck its body with the staff, causing a large explosion. Aino shouted, appearing to be in pain as her Life Points dropped even further.

Aino - 1000 LP - 500 = 500 LP

"I set two cards and end my turn," Toragami finally declared.

Aino looked extremely flush now. "My turn..." She gasped.

"Naomi-chan!" Katsuki shouted reflexively.

"What... what's wrong with Aino-san?" Abe asked. "She looks pale. I think we should cancel this duel and send Ayukawa-san in..."

"Just a moment," Kiyotaki stopped him. "She hasn't surrendered yet."

"Kiyotaki-kouchou!" Tenjouin shouted reflexively.

"...d...draw..." Aino wheezed as she took a card.

Everyone in the audience gasped.

"Is she still trying?" one person asked.

"Doesn't she know who her opponent is? She should surrender!" said another.

"'Pot of Greed'... activate," Aino said, short of breath. "Draw... two cards..."

Shougo's eyes were forced shut by the blackness he saw in that card.

"Shougo-kun!" Katsuki shouted.

"Shougo-kun!" Chiba was slow to react, but noticed as well.

He, however, was wrapped up in another vision...

Voices wrapped up in the darkness...

"She's in shock! She's going into cardiac arrest! Damn it, do something!"

"We caught the guys who tried to kill her, but the duelist escaped..."

Kill... kill me? Someone tried to kill me?

Why? Why should someone be trying to...

"It's getting worse! What about her arm?"

"Oh dear Lord..."

"Calm down, Kiyotaki! We can't have you wig out on us, too!"

"Sir... I don't know if we'll be able to save her arm. We just have to get her to the hospital."

"Hinata-chan! Hinata-chan..."

Someone's trying to kill me... why... when did I ever hurt anybody? Unless... maybe...

...By winning all of my duels... did I hurt people? Maybe I deserve this?... I...

The darkness claimed my voice.

"I'm here," Shougo said. "I think I was just sympathizing with Aino-san a little too much. I'm sorry to worry you."

"Damn it, Shougo-kun," Katsuki muttered. "You wouldn't have to apologize if you got a hold of yourself! Shougo-kun is Shougo-kun, and Aino-san is Aino-san. Okay?"

"We're really concerned for you," Chiba added. "Please don't keep anything from us for the sake of not worrying us. It will make it worse in the end, okay?"

"Mmm," Shougo replied, and nodded.

"I sacrifice 'Archangel Christia'," Aino said, raising her arm into the air. "And I summon 'Material Dragon' in attack mode!"

The angel vanished, and where the card once stood, whips of pure tendrils of energy shot out into the air.

"She'd sacrifice the only thing keeping Toragami-sama from summoning 'Judgment Dragoon'?" Tenjouin thought aloud.

"She's not out of the game yet," Matsutani said with a laugh. "In fact, her game may be just starting..."

"Matsutani-san?" Tenjouin's confusion was apparent.

"Just wait and see..." Matsutani's smile betrayed her age for a moment. She appeared the old lady who knew a secret.

Out of the card on Aino's side of the field, golden beams of light seemed to solidify to form the shape of a six-tailed dragon. Its roar was deafening and shook all who heard it with fear.

Material Dragon - LV6 Light Dragon (2400 ATK)

"That's a very potent monster," Toragami remarked. "However, it's not strong enough to defeat my Beast Wolf."

Aino frowned. "I know. From my hand, I activate the equip magic 'Explosion'! Now, since my life points are lower than yours, my Material Dragon's Life Points will double!"

As Material Dragon's image grew in size, its roar became even more fearsome.

Material Dragon - 2400 ATK * 2 = 4800 ATK

"But if that facedown is 'Mirror Force'..." Chiba began.

" would be pointless! 'Material Dragon' can negate destructive effects," Shougo said. "As long as its user has a card to discard."

"But Toragami-sama's facedowns may not be destruction," Katsuki said. "She can use 'Lightlord Barrier' to stall the attack. Aino-san knows that! I hope she's not being reckless."

Aino's face, however, showed that she knew she was taking a chance.

Hinata-chan... you have changed. The girl I remember wouldn't have bluffed me by setting an equip card. You're completely underestimating me. Hinata-chan would never do that.

She frowned as she took her last ounce of determination to the limit.

I don't want to win this. I just want to wake you up. Until you understand that, I won't stop attacking, Toragami-sama.

"Material Dragon, attack Toragami-sama's Beast Wolf!" Aino ordered. "Material Burst!"

"Reverse card open... 'Lightlord Barrier'!" Toragami shouted. "By sending two cards from the top of my deck to the cemetery, I negate Material Dragon's attack!"

She took two cards from her deck and scanned them. "And one of them is my second 'Beast Wolf'," she said. "Without your Archangel Christia on the field, I must Special Summon it. Defense position!"

The second Beast Wolf roared onto the field.

Lightlord Beast Wolf (300 DEF)

Toragami placed her other card into the cemetery. As Material Dragon's attack was deflected, Aino's eyes widened as she realized which card it was.

"Holy Barrier - Mirror Force".

"Turn end," Aino sighed.

"Now it's over, Aino-san," Toragami said. "My turn, draw."

As she touched the card, Chiba saw the light of her aura glowing around her. Kiyotaki, too, could see evidence that she was calling upon the power of the Light of Ruin — but not in the way he anticipated.

By using Lightlord Barrier, Toragami-san was able to get that much closer to her ace, Kiyotaki thought to herself. However, if her hand is what it seems to be...

Kiyotaki bit his lip. She's not changing fate with the Light of Ruin's power. She is simply aware somehow...

"Are you afraid, Aino-san?" Toragami asked as she held the card in her hand.

"Why should I be?" Aino replied. "Because I'm about to lose?"

"Because before you do, I'm going to tell you the truth," Toragami said. "And I know you're afraid to hear it. Because even though both you and I know it, I am going to make it a matter of public knowledge, by telling it to you here."

Aino looked off to the side. "What do you mean?" she asked half-heartedly. "You're not making sense."

"First, since I've met the summoning requirements, I will call to the field my ace card, the symbol of sacrifice and the dragon I've forced to do my bidding. Break the heaven of righteousness and show yourself here! By your name, I call on you..."

Murmurs in the audience began straightaway. "Why is she being so dramatic?"

"Jeez, it's just a card."

Toragami ignored them. "Come out, 'Judgment Dragoon'!"

And just like that, a point of light almost instantaneously came out on the field and became Toragami's well known ace card. Unlike 'Material Dragon' or 'Lightlord Angel Cherubim', relatively little fanfare accompanied its arrival.

Judgment Dragoon - LV8 Light Dragon (3000 ATK)

"Just like that?" Shougo mused. "It seemed much more powerful when I was dueling her..."

After an uncomfortable pause, Aino asked what everyone else knew but didn't say aloud. "That dragon isn't strong enough to destroy my Material Dragon, and you can't use its effect," she said. "What are you planning?"

Toragami turned her glance to the audience, her eyes seeming to penetrate each onlooker, stunning them into silence. She then saw Shougo, and her eyes furrowed. Shougo blushed.

"Think back, Aino-san," Toragami said. "To the day I sealed my smile."

Shougo was stunned as he was brought to a vision, without the aid of Darkness this time...

Toragami's eyes opened.

She was in the middle of a hospital room. Several vases of flowers sat near her. Her deck was carefully arranged beside one of them. She reached toward it, and was puzzled by the fact that her arm didn't seem to be moving. She looked down.

Her arm, from the shoulder down, was completely missing.

"When the beam fell, you tried to get out of the way," someone said, "But it smashed your arm anyway. The doctors couldn't save it. They amputated it while you were unconscious."

Toragami looked at the speaker. Aino was sitting in a chair nearby. "...What happened to the other duelist?"

Aino shook her head. "Gone. He ran the moment he lost the duel."

Toragami bowed her head. "Weak. I was completely weak."

Aino looked at her. "Don't say that. You defeated him."

Toragami didn't look up. "I allowed him to frighten me. If I had fought back sooner, instead of allowing my own fear to rule me, maybe I would have been able to escape. You rescued me, Aino-san. I would have lost that duel if you hadn't saved me then. As I thought... someone's always saving me."

Aino shivered, remembering the blank look in Toragami's eyes during the final moves of the duel. "Toragami-san?"

"...Aino-san, I've decided," Toragami said. "From this moment forward, I will not smile again."

"W... what are you saying?" Aino laughed uncomfortably. "Toragami-san, I..."

"You didn't take me seriously then," Toragami said with her eyes closed. "That is to be understood. A smile can be a physically involuntary reaction to an amusing event, or perhaps even forced by an outside stimulus. But I was serious."

"Why would you do such a thing, Toragami-san?" Aino asked, this time remembering to be courteous. "Why would you keep your happiness to yourself?"

"You don't understand," Toragami said with a shake of her head. "It is not a matter of me hiding my happiness from you. It is the legacy that I must follow."

"Toragami-sama has always been like this since that day..." Katsuki sighed. "I thought it was just... I can't talk too much about it in public."

Shougo shook his head. "You don't have to say it, Katsuki-san. I understand everything now."

He held his chest loosely. Those dark impulses have stilled now, he thought to himself. Darkness isn't reacting. I still don't know entirely what this means, but... I don't have any questions. Toragami-san, you think I'm stronger than you, but I couldn't face the things you've had to because of your determination...

"The legacy?" Aino shouted. "Do you think your parents wanted an emotionless heir?"

"I know they do not, but until I can control my own emotions, it is easier to simply not have them." Toragami raised her hand. "I sacrifice my Defense Position 'Beast Wolf' to summon 'Lightlord Dragon Gragonith' in attack position."

A bolt of light shot out from beneath Beast Wolf, swallowing it up. A light blinded everyone in the stadium, and even momentarily shorted out the Duel Arena equipment. When everyone came to, they saw the majestic Gragonith side by side with Judgment Dragoon.

Lightlord Dragon Gragonith - LV5 Light Dragon (2000 ATK)

"Gragonith's attack and defense power are raised by 300 for each unique Lightlord that sleeps in my cemetery," Toragami went on. "Cherubim, Beast Wolf, Raikou, Jean and Garoth make for a total of 1200."

Lightlord Dragon Gragonith - 2000 ATK + 1500 = 3500 ATK

"Next, I reveal my facedown card," Toragami said, as it raised up onto the field. "'Final Light'!"

"What?!" Katsuki shouted with disbelief. "That card's never been in Toragami-sama's deck before! Could it be... could it be she changed her deck knowing this fight would happen?"

In the distance, Kiyotaki frowned. Toragami-san set "Lightlord Rapier" before to psych out her friend. But this time, there was no reason. She must have known Aino-san was going to attack anyway. Are you trying to send some kind of message?

Toragami - 4000 LP - 1000 = 3000 LP

"You are aware of the card that would best be suited for me to summon?" Toragami asked Aino.

"If you summon one of your Lightlords, you will lower your Gragonith's attack power," Aino replied. "Although you could probably win by suiciding Beast Wolf, and then lowering your Life Points so that Explosion's effect would backfire."

Toragami frowned. "I can forgive you for thinking that way, but you've forgotten the cards I sent to the cemetery. In particular, Jean's effect."

Aino flashed back. "Beast Wolf" and... Her eyes widened. Oh no!

"The card I summon is 'Honest'." Toragami said as she summoned the colorful angel to the field.

Honest - LV4 Light Angel (1900 DEF)

"By the effect of 'Final Light', you can summon a monster with 2000 attack points or less from your cemetery," Toragami offered.

"I decline," Aino said, knowing Gragonith would destroy it anyway. It was pointless. The duel was over, and she had lost. Even worse, she'd failed to reach out to...


Aino blinked. Was she hearing things?

Naomi-chan, it's me...

Suddenly, Aino and Toragami were in a space alone together. Everything else had fallen away, and they were eleven years old again.

"Hinata-chan..." Naomi felt tears form in her eyes.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you all this time," Hinata said. "I couldn't take a chance. Everybody'd been watching me, all this time, waiting for me to show some kind of weakness that they could take advantage of. If I'd shown my tears, I would betray my family name."

"Hinata-chan, that can't be all to life... just winning duel after duel." Naomi cried openly. "Come back to us! It doesn't matter if you can't be the heir to the family; Shiho-chan and I will still be your friends."

Hinata closed her eyes and, just then, she smiled. "I'm sorry," she said. "This will be the last time you see my smile."

"NO!" Naomi shouted, and reached for Hinata, but she was gone, dissolved into light.

"But it's there even if you don't see it..." her voice echoed as Naomi's vision ended.

"I use Honest's effect to place his card back into my hand," Toragami said. Aino looked catatonic, her eyes empty as she could only await the final attack.

"It looks like this duel has ended just as Toragami-sama predicted," the announcer said, his voice echoing in Aino's ears. "Her undefeated record will continue!"

"Judgment Dragoon, attack Material Dragon," Toragami ordered. "And I will now activate Honest's monster effect. Honest Wings!"

She took the card from her hand and placed it into the cemetery. "Now, Judgment Dragoon will gain attack power equal to Material Dragon's attack strength."

As Dragoon's wind span spread and its attack power raised, a surge of light flashed from its body that everyone could see, that once again temporarily shorted out the equipment.

Judgment Dragoon - 3000 ATK + 4800 = 7800 ATK

"Destroy my past with the Light of Truth," Toragami ordered. Judgment Dragoon's attack was simple, and it blasted Material Dragon into smithereens as it roared, unable to evade its own destruction.

"I don't understand," Tenjouin said. "If she could have won without Gragonith, why bother summoning it?"

"It's beyond my knowledge," Kiyotaki admitted. "I was not expecting that, myself."

Of course, I knew her set card was "Final Light", but she could have activated that last turn and ended this straightaway, he mused internally. Toragami Hinata, are you trying to confuse us?

Aino - 500 LP - 3000 = 0

"Toragami-sama really has changed," Katsuki said sadly. "That was a cruel move of her!"

Chiba couldn't comment, as the aura of the Light of Ruin had left afterimages in his eyes. He was still trying to comprehend what he just saw.

Aino and Shougo alone in the entire group seemed to understand the significance.

You had this planned all along, Aino thought to herself as her platform lowered. Perhaps if you didn't play the duel the way you did, you wouldn't have had that opportunity to reach out to me just then. I wonder why...

Shougo smiled. You defeated the Light of Ruin with your own power, he thought to himself. Now I see. You could have won, but that wouldn't have been enough. You needed your friend to know you were still in there fighting. Once again... I have to admire you. Toragami-san... one day, when I have recovered from my illness, I'll defeat you for sure. And then you'll be free, just as I am...

Shougo: "Wow, that was pretty serious."
"Indeed it was. But now I'm back and able to announce the next chapter!"
"The next match is All-American Mark Walker versus world traveller Isabel Suárez... and it seems to be a pretty heated rivalry!"
"'Heated rivalry', you say? That got my attention!"
"The next duel kicks off with all the levity of a true rivalry. The hearts of the audience soars on the winds of the duelist's passionate moves. It's been a long time since I've been able to see a duel like this! I have to admit, I'm excited too."
"The joy of dueling is reintroduced to captive onlookers, next time on Yu-Gi-Oh! Negative Zero: 'Undying Phoenix! Fire vs. Water, the Elemental Battle'. Please enjoy."
"Action! Surprises! And... you guessed it... a whole lotta me!"

A normal magic card that allows you to pay 1000 life points to summon any Light-attribute monster from your cemetery. Your opponent can then summon any monster with 2000 or less attack points from their own cemetery. An easy way to recycle Honest, although there may be other uses?...


MAUSOLEUM OF THE DECEASED EMPEROR (TCG name: "Mausoleum of the Emperor". Note: This card has a different effect in the actual game.)
Field Magic

Once per turn, by paying 1000 Life Points, the turn player can Normal Summon or Set a monster without offering sacrifices.

Effect Monster (LV8 Light Thunder, 2300/3000)

You cannot Special Summon this card from the cemetery, Once per turn, select 1 monster in your cemetery. By sending 1 card in your hand to the cemetery, Special Summon that monster.

ARCHANGEL CHRISTIA (TCG name: "Archlord Kristya")
Effect Monster (LV8 Light Angel, 2800/2300)

If you have exactly 4 Angel-type monsters in your cemetery, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. If you do this, add 1 Angel-type monster from your cemetery to your hand. While this card is face-up on the field, neither player may Special Summon. If this face-up card would be sent from the field to the cemetery, return it to the top of its owner's Deck instead.

Instant Magic

When your opponent activates a card effect that can destroy monsters on the field, pay 1500 Life Points to negate the activation of that effect and destroy the card.

Normal Magic

Draw 2 cards from your Deck.

MATERIAL DRAGON (TCG name: "Prime Material Dragon")
Effect Monster (LV6 Light Dragon, 2400/2000)

Any effect that would inflict damage to a player instead increases their Life Points by the same amount. When a card's effect to destroy monsters on the field activates, you can send 1 card from your hand to the cemetery to negate that effect, and destroy it.

EXPLOSION (TCG name: "Megamorph")
Equip Magic

If your Life Points are lower than your opponent's, double the original Attack points of the equipped monster. If your Life Points are higher than your opponent's, halve the original Attack points of the equipped monster.



LIGHTLORD PALADIN JEAN (TCG name: "Jain, Lightsworn Paladin")
Effect Monster (LV4 Light Warrior, 1800/1200)

If this card attacks an opponent's monster, it gains 300 Attack points during the Damage Step only. During each of your End Phases, send 2 cards from the top of your Deck to the cemetery.

LIGHTLORD BEAST WOLF (TCG name: "Wulf, Lightsworn Beast")
Effect Monster (LV4 Light Beast-Warrior, 2100/300)

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. When this car is sent from your Deck to the cemetery, Special Summon it.

LIGHTLORD ANGEL CHERUBIM (TCG name: "Celestia, Lightsworn Angel")
Effect Monster (LV5 Light Angel, 2300/200)

When you Sacrifice Summon this card by sacrificing a "Lightlord" monster, you can send 4 cards from the top of your Deck to the cemetery to destroy up to 2 cards your opponent controls.

LIGHTLORD WARRIOR GAROTH (TCG name: "Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior")
Effect Monster (LV4 Light Warrior, 1850/1300)

If cards are sent from the deck to the cemetery by the effect of a "Lightlord" monster you control other than "Lightlord Warrior Garoth", you may send 2 cards from the top of your deck to the cemetery, and for each "Lightlord" Monster discarded by this effect, draw 1 card.

LIGHTLORD HUNTER RAIKOU (TCG name: "Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter")
Effect Monster (LV2 Light Beast, 200/100)

When this face-down card is flipped face-up, by sending the top 3 cards from your deck to the cemetery you can destroy 1 card on the field.

Instant Magic

Select up to 3 monster cards either player has removed from the game and return them to their respective owners' cemeteries.

Effect Monster (LV6 Light Angel, 2400/2400)

During either player's turn, you can discard this card from your hand to reduce Battle Damage from 1 attack to 0. When this card is Summoned, flip a coin and apply the appropriate effect:
* Heads: Halve all Battle Damage you take.
* Tails: Halve all Battle Damage your opponent takes.

LIGHTLORD RAPIER (TCG name: "Lightsworn Sabre")
Equip Magic

Equip only to a "Lightlord" monster. It gains 700 Attack points. When this card is sent from your Deck to the cemetery, you can equip it to 1 "Lightlord" monster you control.

LIGHTLORD BARRIER (TCG name: "Lightsworn Barrier")
Continuous Trap

Send 2 cards from the top of your Deck to the cemetery to negate an opponent's attack against a "Lightlord" monster you control.

Normal Trap

Activate only when your opponent declares an attack. Destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls.

JUDGMENT DRAGOON (TCG name: "Judgment Dragon")
Effect Monster (LV8 Light Dragon, 3000/2600)

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except when there are 4 or more unique "Lightlord" Monsters in your cemetery. By paying 1000 Life Points, destroy all cards on the field except this one. During your End Phase, send 4 cards from the top of your deck to the cemetery.

LIGHTLORD DRAGON GRAGONITH (TCG name: "Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon")
Effect Monster (LV5 Light Dragon, 2000/1600)

This card gains 300 Attack and Defense points for each unique "Lightlord" monster in your cemetery. When the Attack points of this monster is higher than the Defense point of a Defense Position monster it destroys, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent. During your End Phase, send 3 cards from the top of your deck to the cemetery.

Normal Magic

Pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 Light-attribute monster from your cemetery. Your opponent can then Special Summon 1 monster with 2000 or less Attack points from their cemetery.

Effect Monster (LV4 Light Angel, 1100/1900)

During your Main Phase, you can return this card from the field to its owner's hand. During the Damage Step of either player's Battle Phase, you can discard this card from your hand when a Light-attribute monster you control battles to raise its Attack points by the Attack points of the opponent's monster until the End Phase.