The Diary

Chapter One: Introduction

Dear Diary, March 4, 1545

Mamma and Papa told me I'm going away for a while. I'm staying with some people who keep staring at me weirdly. I'm worried. Why can't I go home yet? One of the men says he wants to see me, alone... I'm really scared. Save me!

My name is Holly. I'm a Koumori Youkai, I'll be 10 soon (really 400), my mamma and papa sold me off when I was very young, around 5? Of course, I'm perfectly ok, although, the men, they say they're going to give me something very special. But, in order for it to be special, they have to see me one by one, alone... I'm really scared, but I won't ever let them know.

Dear Diary, March 10, 1745

Why...?! They did something to me... I feel dirty all the time, and they won't stop! Make them stop... Please... Oh no, they want to see me! I want mamma and papa...

It's been over 10 years now, I'm considered 13 years old in Ningen terms. Those bastards have been calling for me every night. I need to get out of here, and soon, or else I'll end it... Why did this have to happen?!

Dear Diary, January 10, 1568

I've had it! I'm basically turning 16 now, and no one will help me, why...? Oh! Guess what? I met up with an odd group of people yesterday. One of the girls was in a very strange kimono, an Inu-Hanyou, a Kitsune Kit, a Houshi, and a Taijiya. I talked to the girls about what's happening, but they care. Or even offer to help me... But, whatever, I doubt I'll ever get out...

I need help. I'm getting desperate, and no one cares... Why do they keep calling for me..? It hurts, so damn much... Why did I have to be sold? They won't stop... I've actually got something to laugh at now... A Full Koumori, compared to 3 Full Inu's... What are the odds?

Me: Umm... Darker much...? Hmmm, this is weird for me, the first time I've ever tried a Dark story. Oh, in case this is confusing, just email me if you don't understand. (I'm bound to have found out a reason for it...)

Karl: Yeah, when she decides to get a reason, we'll be dead...

Kara: Karl!! Why do you insist on being such... a... gahh..., boy?!

Me: He he, um, while they go at it, I'll be doing my own disclaimer –everyone is shocked into silence- yes, that's right, I will do my OWN disclaimer. Well, so far I own the main character, Holly, but the 

others, I don't. They respectfully belong to their owners. Rumiko Takahashi owns the InuYasha mentions, Yoshihiro Togashi owns Yu Yu Hakusho.