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Summary: He was the perfect guy. She, in everyone's opinion, was the imperfect girl, the nobody. He scares her. She amuses him. Romance? No…yes…maybe… Don't know. It's too dangerous.

Pairings: You figure it out. There will be a lot, I think. It really depends on the flow of the story if there will be a lot of pairings, but as for the main one, it's down there. It's relatively easy to figure out, and if you read my other story "Ballads", then you have a clue what the pairing is, as that's the pairing I always seem to do. FujixOC…Oh crap, I told you.

Perfect Combination


Seishun Gakuen Middle School – Gymnasium

Thursday; 5:30 p.m.; Girls Locker Room


Katayama Kimiko looked up to see her best friend-slash-practically-sister Aikawa Mariko.

"Hey, Mari." Kimiko smiled. "What's up?"

"How come you're still in jersey?" Mariko asked, tying the bow on her uniform expertly. "Practice is over."

Kimiko looked down at her volleyball jersey and shrugged. "I know, but I want to get in some last-minute practice after everyone's gone home."

Mariko pouted, an act which, as most of the male population in the school said, made the popular senior cuter than ever.

"Mou, you're always practicing some more after we're done, Kimi. This is the third time this week." Mariko sat down on the bench beside her friend. "Want me to wait for you? I don't want you going home late again."

"I know, Mari." Kimiko pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and gave her friend a reassuring smile. "I just want to practice, that's all, and don't wait for me. I'll be fine."

Mariko sighed, knowing that nothing will change her best friend's mind. "Ok, if you say so." She stood up. "You know, this is the reason why you're fukubuchou and one of the best players in the nation." She smiled back at her friend.

Kimiko rolled her eyes. "Oh please." She laughed. "Thanks though."

Mariko turned and left, almost colliding with their captain as she stepped out the locker room.

"Going home, Mariko?" Volleyball captain, Date Ikumi, asked.

"Yeah." Mariko nodded. "Unlike some people."

Ikumi looked behind her teammate and smiled as she saw her vice-captain doing stretches.

"I'll see what I can do, Mariko." Ikumi said.

"Arigatou, Ikumi-meishu." Mariko bowed and walked out.

Ikumi walked inside the locker room. She shook her head fondly as her teammate failed to notice her presence.


"Oh, Ikumi." Kimiko smiled.

"Practice again?" Ikumi asked, going to her locker and grabbing her duffel bag.

Kimiko nodded. "Yeah. I won't stay too long."

"Ok." Ikumi closed her locker and looked at her vice-captain seriously. "Don't overdo it, Kimiko. You know your limits."

Kimiko avoided her captain's gaze and pushed her glasses higher on the bridge of her nose. "I know. I got it."

Ikumi sighed inwardly. Sometimes Kimiko was just too stubborn. She turned and walked off.

"Ja ne."

Kimiko ran a hand through her hair, reveling in the silence of the locker room.

She was alone.

Just as she wanted.

Kimiko grabbed her duffel bag, preparing to head on to the court. She reached inside her pocket and pulled out the keys to the locker room which had been in her possession all this week. She was going to lock up before she played, as it was much easier heading home quickly after her all-nighter practice sessions and showering at home.

She was about to head on out when she gazed to her right, directly at a floor-length mirror some of the girls put up to make checking their appearance easier.

Kimiko looked at her reflection.

She saw a girl of 14 years. She had below-the-shoulder, shaggy brown hair, hair that looked like it hadn't been brushed for days, which it hadn't. She had on glasses that kept slipping down her nose, and she was frowning, which she always seemed to do.

Kimiko's gaze traveled down the girl opposite her.

The girl wasn't particularly tall, just a bit taller than most girls her age, and she definitely had a more developed body than most, with a fair-sized chest and a huge rear-scratch that. She definitely didn't want to go there. She was wearing a blue and white jersey and plain white shorts, a bit oversized and not fitting her frame at all.

Kimiko could throw up at her own reflection.

She turned away from the cursed mirror and walked out, locking the locker room on the way.

"The game is all that matters." Kimiko muttered to herself and headed to the court.

Seishun Gakuen Middle School – Tennis Courts

Thursday; 5:55 p.m.


"There." Oishi said, placing his keys inside his pocket after locking up the clubroom.

"Nya. Come on Oishi!" Eiji said, pouting. "Let's go home now! I'm tired!" The redhead complained.

Fuji chuckled, patting his best friend on the back. "Don't worry, Eiji. We're going home now." The Seigaku tensai placed a hand on his pocket and pulled out 2 lollipops. "Here."

Eiji smiled. "Hoi! Fujiko-chan, you're the best!" The redhead took a lolly and sucked on it happily. "Ne, Oishi, you want one?"

Oishi shook his head. "No thanks, Eiji. I guess that should tide him over until he gets home." Oishi whispered to Fuji, who nodded and opened a lollipop of his own.

The three regulars walked on past the courts. The three passed by the school's gymnasium.

"Hoi?" Eiji paused mid-step, his lolly dangling from his mouth. Fuji and Oishi stopped.

"Hm? Is something wrong, Eiji?" Oishi asked.

"There's someone in the gymnasium, nya." Eiji said, turning to the two.

Fuji nodded, hearing what sounded like balls bouncing on the gym floor. "Yes, someone is there."

"That's been going out all week now." Oishi said; looking at the gymnasium whose lights were closed but apparently still had an occupant. "I hear it every time before I leave."

"Nya!" Eiji hid behind Fuji. "D-Do you think it's a…g-ghost?"

"Don't be silly, Eiji." Oishi said, shaking his head.

"Of course there is." Fuji said, looking innocent.

"NYA! Let's get out of here!" Eiji shouted, making a run for it.

"You just had to go and say it." Oishi looked at Fuji. The fukubuchou simply sighed at Fuji's smile of innocence and ran to catch up to the gullible redhead.

Fuji chuckled. Eiji was too cute sometimes.

A resounding crash suddenly alerted the light-haired boy.

"What was that?" Fuji looked at the dark gymnasium.

Although curiosity was needling him, when he heard Eiji calling his name and shouting something about his best friend being captured by ghosts, Fuji simply turned away and ran off to catch up with his friends.

But not before he reached the gates and looked at the gym's double doors one last time.

He could've sworn he saw someone there.

Seigaku Gymnasium

Kimiko placed a hand on her chest and released a sigh.

He almost saw her.

That Fuji Shusuke.

Kimiko went back to the dark court and started picking up the variously-colored traffic cones she had stumbled over after hearing Kikumaru Eiji screaming about ghosts.

In the end though, the brunette simply sat down on the dark court, spinning a cone around and around and letting her thoughts wander.

Fuji Shusuke, Seigaku's tensai.

Ever since they were in first year, Fuji made himself out as a force to be reckoned with, and he was. He's popular, smart, handsome, one of the best athletes in the nation and has a great personality.

He was a somebody. He was perfect.

Kimiko loathed somebodies, especially perfect somebodies.

In their second year, Fuji came to be more and more in the spotlight, his career as a tennis player blooming under his feet and leaving a trail of admirers on his wake. And by his third year, he was practically everywhere, his influence reaching as far as overseas, as Kimiko was told.

Kimiko shook her head.

"Stop it, Kimiko." She berated herself.

Kimiko stood up and placed the cones in various points of the court, even balancing one on top of one of the poles holding the net and placing a few amidst the bleachers.

Kimiko stood at a spot near the middle, a few volleyballs at her feet. She took one and bounced it up and down.

An image of Fuji Shusuke flashed in her mind.

Kimiko shook her head and gritted her teeth.

"He isn't your target, Kimiko. Get a hold of yourself. Fuji Shusuke isn't your target."

Kimiko took off her glasses and placed them in her pocket. She closed her eyes and tossed the ball up. She jumped up, hit the ball with a swift arm and listened with a smirk as the ball hit a cone in the darkness, completely obliterating it.

She opened her eyes and located the ruined cone. She nodded to herself.

This was her forte and in this game, not even Fuji could stand a chance against her.

Katayama Residence

Thursday; 7:30 p.m.


Hey Sho-kun!

What's up? I just got home from training. Sorry I couldn't text you. I forgot my cel when I turned up late to school. Again. Third time this week, and today's a Thursday…mou…

Anyway, how's practice? I bet you got creamed!... As if, ne?

With love,


P.S. Same time?


Katayama Kimiko stretched her arms in the air after typing that quick message in her computer. That after-school training left her completely unsatisfied. She could have done more with an hour or two, but she really didn't want Mariko or her okaasan to worry.

"Since the inter-school competition is coming, hard training is a must." Kimiko said to herself and hit the 'Send' button on her laptop.


After a while


Kimiko had just stepped out from the bathroom when she saw the laptop of her screen flashing.

She opened the message and smiled.


How's my Kiku-chan?

Late to school again? That's getting to be a habit.

Practice was the same. Tiring. And I didn't lose, for your information. Miss Smarty-pants. But that's what I love about you, ne?

Rest up a bit. I'm sure volleyball training tired you out. Don't overdo it.


P.S. Of course.


"'Don't overdo it?' Jeez. He sounds like Ikumi." Kimiko pouted, but smiled at her friend's concern.

Katayama Residence

Thursday; 8:00 p.m.


Kimiko turned to see her mom standing by the door. Pushing her notebooks away from her, she turned to her mother. "What is it, okaasan?" She asked, concerned. "Is something wrong?"

Chidori smiled at her daughter. "Nothing dear. I'm fine. You got home earlier than usual today, dear."

"Oh." Kimiko shrugged. "I guess I have been training too late these past few days, so I decided to go home earlier than usual."

Chidori nodded. "How's practice?"

Kimiko smiled. "It's going great. If we keep up the training, we're sure to win the inter-school competitions."

Chidori smiled. "That's good. Anyway, I bought you something."

Kimiko jumped up, eyes shining. She loved surprises. "Really?"

Chidori walked inside and pulled out a box from behind her. Kimiko took it and excitedly removed the wrapper. Once she opened the box, the smile from her face and the excitement disappeared.

Inside the box were a black t-shirt, just her size and not oversized as usual, and a pair of pants. She also noticed what looked like a headband inside.

The message was loud and clear. Her mother was once again telling her to fix her appearance, for the thousandth time.

"Thank you for the gift, but I don't want this, okaasan." Kimiko said, handing the box back and not meeting her mother in the eye.

Chidori held back a sigh. "Dear, you really should fix-"

"My appearance, I know." Kimiko said, turning away. She really didn't want to hurt her mother. She loved her dearly and she was always open to her about everything, but there were certain things that she didn't want her mother dealing with, like her looks.

"It isn't that I'm trying to pry, Kimi." Chidori said, hurt at her daughter's stubbornness. "It's just that…wouldn't you feel much better if you at least fix up your hair, or buy clothes that fit. You would look prettier-"

"Don't use that word!" Kimiko shouted. Instantly, she regretted having shouted. She knew her mother was only trying to help, but…

"I'm not her, mom." Kimiko said. "I like the way I am. I'm not like her. I don't want to be like her."

Chidori didn't bother hiding her pained sigh.

"I guess you won't be having dinner tonight."

"I'm not hungry, okaasan." Kimiko said stubbornly, biting her lip and getting angry at herself for hurting her mother yet again.

"I see." Chidori placed the box on her daughter's bed and headed out the door.

"I love you, Kimi."

Kimiko nodded, guilt eating at her. "I love you too, okaasan."

Kimiko wasn't the least bit surprised when a message appeared on the screen of her laptop. Tossing her notes on her bed, she glanced at the clock and saw that it was exactly eleven o'clock. Sho was always on time.

Kimiko sat down in front of her computer, following the ritual that's been going on for almost five months now.

11 o'clock. Sho and Kiku.


Sho29: Ding! Dong! Still up?

Kiku-11: Of course. What else? You'd miss me if I wasn't on.

Sho29: True…too true…

Kiku-11: Is something wrong? You ok?

Sho29: Nothing…I'm fine…

Kiku-11: Geez. Don't give me that. I know you. Talk to me.

Sho29: Kiku-chan…

Kiku-11: Yeah?

Sho29: …When can I see you?


Kimiko's breath hitched in her throat as she read the words.

She bit her lip.

Ever since they accidentally stumbled upon each other in a chat room that infinitely boring night five months ago, every night to Kimiko has been nothing short of amazing.

Sho was kind, funny and talking to him was so comfortable. It's as if he totally gets her, everything about her. He wasn't pushy or irritating, and was always happy to talk to her.

The only thing about Sho was that he wanted to see her.

Kimiko doesn't take offense in that. It wasn't as if Sho pushed her and pushed her to meet up with him. He just drops it in once and a while.

And it scares her.


Sho29: I'm sorry, Kiku-chan. I shouldn't have said that.

Kiku-11: …It's ok…I don't mind…

Sho29: I know, but I really shouldn't have…

Sho29: Did I scare you?

Kiku-11: … … …

Kiku-11: A little…

Sho29: Let's talk about something else…


And as Sho told Kimiko another one of his hilarious stories, Kimiko thought that nothing could be better than this.

Nothing at all.

Seigaku – School Grounds

Friday; Lunch Break

"Hey, how do you put the green one there?"

"You move it like this."

"That's wrong!"

"Hey guys." Kimiko said, sitting down under the tree with her kouhais.

"Ne, ne, Kimi-senpai." Kimiko's freshman varsity teammate, Seto Rizu, looked at her. She showed her a half-done Rubik's cube. "How do you solve this?"

"No fair!" Rizu's older cousin and junior student, Seto Yori, exclaimed. "Kimi-senpai, do mine too, please!"

Kimiko smiled and put down her bento. She took the two Rubik's cubes and after examining them, did a few turns each and gave them back.

"But it isn't done!" Rizu whined.

"Stop being such a baby and do it yourself, cousin." Yori berated the younger Seto and started doing hers.

"Hey Kimi!" Mariko appeared. "Hey Seto cousins."

"Hey Mari/Mariko-senpai!" The three greeted her, before resuming to their own activities, the Seto cousins with their cubes and Kimiko back to her lunch.

"So, what's new?" Mariko asked, sitting down beside her best friend and getting out her own lunch.

Kimiko shrugged. "Other than the fact that the cousins are playing with cubes, that Ikumi's got another class representative's meeting and that I haven't seen the others, nothing's going on."

After seeing that the cousins were busy, Mariko leaned in and asked. "How's Sho-san?"

Kumiko shrugged, her glasses slipping down her nose at the motion. "Doing fine, and…you know…"

"He asked again, didn't he?" Mariko asked, already knowing the answer. She was the only one Kimiko had ever told about this Sho person. And frankly, the fact that her best friend was communicating with a member of the opposite sex, and the member of the opposite sex seemed to be genuinely interested in her, excited Mariko.

"Kimi, how come you won't agree to meet up with him?"

Kimiko rolled her eyes. "Mari, I'm not his type."

"How do you know you're not his type?" Mariko asked stubbornly. "You've been communicating with the guy for five months now and, based on the copies of the chats you have with him that you gave me, the guy is even flirting with you."

"Ok. So let's say he is flirting with me, and I admit that he seems to like me," Kimiko said. "But look at me!"

"What about the way you look?"

"I…I'm me!" Kimiko exclaimed, not knowing what words to use.

"There's nothing wrong with you, Kimi-senpai." Rizu suddenly spoke up, putting down her Rubik's cube which looked far from being solved. "What were you talking about anyway, senpais? Because there's nothing wrong with Kimi-senpai."

"Ah!" Mariko smiled with satisfaction. "You see? Rizu-chan said it. There is nothing wrong with you."

"That isn't the case, Mari." Kimiko countered.

"Yeah, and you really shouldn't take into consideration what Rizu says." Yori spoke up, without taking her eyes away from the soon-to-be-solved cube. "Considering that Rizu worships Kimi-senpai like a god, her opinion on whether or not there's anything wrong with Kimi-senpai doesn't matter."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Both Mariko and Rizu shouted at the junior.

"Are you implying that I'm stupid?" Rizu asked, near tears.

"Are you implying that there's something wrong with Kimi? And your cousin isn't stupid, Yori!" Mariko shouted back angrily.

Yori sighed and tucked the solved cube into her pocket. "That wasn't what I was saying. Why are you getting all defensive?"

As the three got into another squabble, Kimiko simply turned back to her food.

"Geez, what's with the noise?"

Kimiko almost dropped her bento in surprise. She turned, not seeing anyone, and then looked behind the tree into some bushes, only to see someone lying down there.

Kimiko rolled her eyes and moved over to where her friend was lying.

"Asleep again?" Kimiko asked.

Italian-exchange student and volleyball varsity, Belinda Costa, groaned. "Obviously." She opened her eyes and blinked up at her classmate.

"Have you even eaten yet, BC?" Kimiko asked.

Belinda, a.k.a. BC as her real name was difficult for most to pronounce, simply closed her eyes again and placed a hand over her eyes.


"Well, get up." Kimiko said, tugging on the girl's arm.

"Kimi, do you not understand the importance of a good day's sleep?"

"Unfortunately, I don't because I don't even sleep at night." Kimiko said, grabbing her friend's hand and tugged her up to a sitting position.

"Kimiko. You are a menace to all sleepers." Belinda groaned.

"Save your complaints for someone who cares, BC." Kimiko said. "Here." She took out an extra bento from her pack. "Eat this. We still have after-school practice. Ikumi is going to kill you if you sleep again in the middle of a drill."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Belinda said, but hungrily ate the bento.

"I'll wash up for a sec. Watch Mari and the cousins for me and make sure they don't kill each other." Kimiko said. She stood up and walked off to where the faucets were.

The closest faucets were the ones frequently used by the tennis team. Kimiko tried to avoid people like them as much as she can, but she really didn't have a choice.

Luckily, nobody was in the courts today.

"Lucky me." Kimiko said, sighing in relief. She washed her hands.

Kimiko looked around. She was alone.

She really didn't want to do this at a place where people could see her, but she was alone and it was a bit hot.

Kimiko removed her glasses and washed her face.

"Ah. Relief." She was surprised when she felt herself suddenly pushed forward, dunking her whole head under the faucet.


After coughing out the water in her lungs, Kimiko looked up through her soggy hair expecting the worst. She saw three freshmen boys and two freshmen girls.

They were only freshmen. Kimiko sighed in relief, sweeping her damp locks to one side. Had it been anyone in her year, she would have freaked out.

"I-It's ok." Kimiko said, pulling out her handkerchief and wiping her face.

"G-Gomenasai senpai." All five said in unison and bowed to her.

Kimiko gave an uneasy laugh. She wasn't used to being bowed at by a group.

"It's ok. Really. I'm sure it was an accident." Kimiko said. She smiled at them. "But still, whose fault was it?"

One of the boys trembled.

"I-It was me, senpai." He said.

"And you are?"

"H-Horio Satoshi, senpai."

"And you guys?" Kimiko asked the others.

"U-um…" One of them stepped forward. "I-I'm Kachiro…a-and this is, Katsuo. This is Tomoka-chan and Sakuno-chan."

"Ah." Kimiko tried to give them a reassuring smile. "I see. Well, I-"

"G-Gomenasai senpai!" The one named Horio suddenly shouted and started bowing to her a few times. "I-I really didn't mean to push you… um… we were running and we wanted to wash up…a-and…"

"Hey, Horio-kun, it's ok." Kimiko said. "I was surprised, but it's fine." She gave them a reassuring smile, feeling pleased when they visibly relaxed. "Just promise me you guys will be careful next time. If you had bumped somebody else, well…some people aren't as understanding."

"Hai!" All five bowed to her.


"Yes, Sakuno-chan?"

Sakuno looked down at the ground, wringing her hands together and a light blush on her cheeks. Kimiko couldn't help smiling at her kawaii kouhai.

"A-Ano…senpai," Sakuno looked up at her. "Y-You're the fukubuchou of the girls volleyball varsity, aren't you?"

"Are!" Horio looked at Kimiko, so did the others. "Oh! It is you Katayama-senpai!"

Katsuo nodded. "We just didn't recognize you without your glasses, Katayama-senpai."

Kimiko's eyes widened.


"My glasses!" Kimiko checked her pockets. "Where are my glasses?"

"Here they are senpai." Kachiro said, pulling her glasses out of the sink. He shook off the water. "They are wet, though."

"It's ok. Thank goodness." Kimiko sighed, wiping it dry and putting it on. "Thank you Kachiro-kun."

"There! That's you, Katayama-senpai!" Tomoka smiled. "You look different without your glasses, senpai. You look prettier."

Kimiko inwardly winced at Tomoka's choice of words.

Ok. Going into unwanted territory here. Change topic.

"I really prefer Kimiko." Kimiko said. "Have you guys eaten yet?"

Kimiko got the exact reaction she was looking for.

"Oh yeah! Let's eat!" Horio and Tomoka shouted happily, before bowing to Kimiko and running off. Katsuo and Kachiro did the same before running after the two.

Sakuno stayed behind and reached into the pack she had with her. She handed Kimiko a small bento.

"H-Here senpai." Sakuno said.

"W-Why thank you, Sakuno-chan. You didn't have to." Kimiko said in surprise. "But aren't you going to eat?"

"I-I've got my own, senpai." Sakuno said, smiling. "A-And this is in apology…for pushing you and all that." Sakuno then trailed off, muttering something under her breath. Kimiko managed to catch it.

"You weren't able to give it to whom?"

Sakuno blushed as red as a tomato in seconds and gave a small squeak of surprise. "I-It's nothing, senpai. See you."

With that, the freshman quickly bowed and left.

Kimiko looked at the small bento box on her hand. She opened it and 'oohed' and 'aahed' at the tennis ball-looking onigiri. She bit into one and marveled at how delicious it was.

She suddenly remembered that the others must be waiting for her, BC probably asleep as usual and the three having their squabble.

Kimiko walked back, enjoying the onigiri as she walked. She was surprised when she heard someone sobbing.

"Hm?" Kimiko followed the sound. She walked opposite the direction she should be going on and saw two people behind the school.

She quickly hid behind a tree as she saw two people: Fuji Shusuke and a girl. It took Kimiko a while to figure out that the girl was, Aya, a volleyball player. She wasn't a varsity player, but Kimiko remembered coaching her a few times.

She watched as Aya sobbed in front of Fuji, wiping her eyes and muttering incoherent words. Fuji had a red paper in his hand and he was patting the girl on the back with his other hand.

Figures. Kimiko watched the two. The all-mighty Fuji has another admirer confessing her feelings to him and she really thought Aya was different than most girls.

She was about to turn away when Fuji spoke.

"Gomenasai." Fuji said, offering the girl his handkerchief.

"No Fuji-senpai." The girl said, wiping her eyes with her hands and declining his offer. "I just really thought I should tell you my feelings. You're very dedicated to tennis, aren't you?" She smiled up at him, her eyes red and puffy but her smile surprisingly genuine and relieved.

Fuji smiled back. "Yes, I am."

"You're just like, Kimiko-senpai." Aya suddenly said.

Kimiko's eyes widened. How the heck did she get into the conversation?

Fuji's brow knotted as he thought. "Katayama-san? Your volleyball fukubuchou?"

"Hai." Aya said, smiling. "You and Kimiko-senpai are so much alike."

Kimiko quickly turned around, not wanting to hear more.

She and Fuji? Alike?

Kimiko could gag. She and Fuji were complete opposites and on different levels of the social food chain.

They were not alike.

Hell yeah, they weren't.

Fuji heard a sound behind him, but didn't turn around as Aya was talking animatedly about her beloved senpai, and needless to say, Fuji was actually quite curious about this person he didn't seem to be familiar with.

"You're both really kind and really cool and very passionate about your sports." Aya said, seemingly feeling much better. "You really should meet her, Fuji-senpai. You'll find you have a lot in common."

Fuji nodded. "I see. I'll try, Aya-chan."

"Anyway, Fuji-senpai, I'm really sorry about bothering you." Aya said, blushing. "I just wanted to get it off my chest. Gomenasai."

"It's ok." Fuji said. "Friends?"

Aya nodded. "Friends." With that, the junior turned and ran off, waving before turning the corner.

Fuji smiled and walked towards the same direction Aya took. Instead of making his way to the school, he went over to the sink the tennis club usually used and washed his face.

Yet another admirer confessing her feelings to him. It was a good thing Aya was very understanding.

Sometimes even he, the calm and collected tensai, didn't know how to act to these confessions.

He never liked hurting other people's feelings.

He remembered Aya's earlier words about her fukubuchou, Katayama Kimiko.

Fuji never really noticed her. They had a few classes together but he never really noticed her, as she was mostly quiet.

Usually though, Fuji didn't really mind other girls, but the fact that Aya interjected her name so easily and talked about her happily, made Fuji curious. There must be something special about her if Aya would say they were alike, not that he was saying he was superior to other people.

Fuji wiped his face and shook his head.

In the end though, Katayama Kimiko was really none of his business.

With that, Fuji walked off.

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