It would take nearly a week before Galatea gained enough control over her empathic projections to make one hundred percent sure they avoided turning the JLA into the 'Satellite of Love' when she and Xander were feeling frisky, which was quite often.

Naturally this meant they were teleported to Wayne Manor quite frequently during that week. Also during that week, Alfred made sure to spend quite a bit of time away from the manor while Wonder Woman did the opposite.

On a related note, Batman was admitted to the infirmary suffering from dehydration and muscle strain no less than five times, and Wonder Woman twice.

But that's all in the future, for now let's rejoin the present.


Batman's eyes scanned numerous video feeds as he sat in front of the supercomputer that was the backbone of his work. A push of a button brought up the video feed from the East wing's sitting room where his houseguest was watching T.V.

Xander was just getting into a History Channel expose on pirates when the Green Lantern ring on the double-bladed battle axe leaning against the sofa flickered brightly for a second and the channel changed to the Women's Volleyball finals in Coast City.
"I was watching that!" Xander complained, and the Lantern ring on his right hand flickered, changing the channel back. It didn't take long before Xander and the rune axe were manifesting small green constructs and throwing them at one another, demonstrating increasing control over the limited Green Lantern rings they wore.

"Batman to Watchtower," Batman spoke into his JLU communicator, which was modified to fit his bat themed gear.

"Watchtower here, do you require assistance?" Mr. Terrific replied.

"I have a non-emergency mission for one of the Green Lanterns."

"I have Guy and Kyle on station," Mr. Terrific replied. "If you're providing lunch, I can drop either or both in your lap as they are both heading for the cafeteria at this time."

"Teleport them to the following coordinates," Batman replied.


Guy Gardner fell to the ground as a Lantern construct of a boot nailed him on the forehead. Kyle quickly threw a force-field up around them, just in time to block force constructs of several eggs, a Frisbee, and an bra. "Time out!"

Xander and Bob held their fire and everyone ignored Guy's cursing.

"What are you guys doing here?" Xander asked.

"Kicking your ass in a minute!" Guy growled, rubbing his head.

"You can't even block a simple attack," Xander snorted, not liking Guy's attitude. "If you can shield from a single attack, I'll yield. Ok?"

"Oh yeah?" Guy straightened up and brought up his ring, using his considerable willpower to create a glowing green sphere around himself that would've stopped Darkseid's omega beams.

Xander picked up his axe and walked around Guy's shield, looking for weaknesses. Taking a couple of steps back, he set his axe on the pool table and stretched, obviously preparing himself for what he was about to do. Guy focused directly on him and braced his wrist with his left hand before concentrating even more, his eyes glowing green from the power he was channeling. Xander's eyes met Guy's and they stared at each-other for a moment, testing each-other's wills as Guy waited for Xander to pick up his axe and strike.

In a move so quick that if you blinked you would've missed it, Xander spun around, grabbed the Five ball off the table, and threw it. The little yellow ball went through Guy's shield like it didn't exist, and nailed him in the forehead with a thunk that made everyone watching wince. The shield collapsed and Guy dropped limply to the floor.

"Good thing these rings run on will and not wisdom," Xander said, shaking his head.

"How did you get a Green Lantern ring?" Kyle asked, ignoring Guy's limp form.

"Do you know anything about the nature of reality as it applies to the folded space-time paradox?" Xander asked.

"Not a thing," Kyle admitted.

"Excellent," Xander replied cheerfully. "The present was altered by the past changing, but I was immune and snagged a couple limited use rings off another Lantern."

"Ah," Kyle said, his background in comics allowing him to understand it. "Do we have to fix the timeline?"

"Already done," Xander promised.

"Cool," Kyle said, relieved. "How does lunch sound?"

"I could eat. Especially if it's Alfred's cooking," Xander enthused.

The two left Guy's unconscious form lying on the floor. A couple of seconds after they left, a green aura surrounded a black marker and floated it towards the unconscious Lantern's face.

Guy awoke ten minutes later and stumbled to the bathroom in search of aspirin. "Who the hell wrote on my face?!" he screamed.

Kyle and Xander continued their conversation, too stuffed to bother finding out what was wrong with Guy.

"Without the main ring that created them giving the kill code, they're permanent," Xander said.

"Not very powerful, but useful for small chores," Kyle said.

"Yep," Xander agreed with a smirk. "Good for pranks on John, but not for going toe-to-toe with the big guys."

Sounds of cursing and destruction came from the East wing.

"Sounds like Guy and Bob are fighting," Xander said. "We'd better go and break that up."

"Bob?" Kyle asked as they got up.

"My soul is in my axe, Bob," Xander explained. "That doesn't make me Bob's Wu however, regardless of what he claims."

"Do I want to know?" Kyle asked the air before shaking his head. "Nope. So, Guy's fighting an axe?"

"An indestructible axe possessing a limited Green Lantern ring," Xander reminded him.

"It has a ring?" Kyle asked, having missed that earlier.

Ignoring the cursing coming from the lounge, the two stood in the hall talking.

"I had two rings, and with him having one, he can move himself around when needed...And hog the T.V., which is what we were fighting about when you came in."

Kyle nodded and opened the door only to see Guy shooting blasts of energy at a floating axe that was glowing brighter and brighter while flinging bananas at him with construct hands.

Kyle closed the door.

"I hear Wayne Manor has a good-sized pool."

Xander nodded. "Heated too," he said as they walked off.

"How is he throwing those bananas?" Kyle asked.

"I specialize in bending rules over and violating their spirit," Xander replied proudly.

"Yep, didn't think I wanted to touch that topic either," Kyle said cheerfully.

The next day

Galatea didn't need much sleep, so after four hours she had woken up and returned to figuring out who she was. Xander had filled in some of the things she'd wondered about and laid some major fears to rest, but though she was a lot clearer about where she came from, she still wasn't sure who she was. Genetically, she was Kryptonian or Argonian, either worked considering who her parents were. In actuality, she was a test tube baby born in California to parents who were closely related.

She was a blonde with a good-sized rack from California. There was something comforting about that thought, even if it was a stereotype, or possibly because it was.

Turning on a holographic projector, she went through a large list of possible costumes as the one she normally wore was rather...blank, which rather underlined her problem.

She heard Xander's heartbeat speed up as he slowly woke up and turned so he wouldn't know she'd noticed. Of course she did pose a little to get his heart pumping when she did so. She hid a grin as he slipped out of bed and tiptoed towards her. Of course, he probably would've done a better job of sneaking up on her if he hadn't been humming the theme to Jaws under his breath while doing it.


Superman and Supergirl turned and walked in the opposite direction. Wonder Woman raised an eyebrow.

"Weren't we going to visit Galatea?"

"She's busy," a red-faced Supergirl said.

"Still?" Wonder Woman asked with some surprise.

"Like a couple on their honeymoon," Superman said.

"Are all men...that energetic?" Wonder Woman asked. "The tales of men from long-ago on Paradise Island speak of a short time active and quickly shifting interests, so they were nothing but disappointing all around. I assumed Bruce was simply an exception to the rule."

"I don't know," Supergirl admitted. "I've never had a serious enough relationship to find out, mostly because I was worried I would snap someone's spine or fingers. I can't believe my daughter lost her virginity before I did!"

"I've had similar worries, but as far as I know, it depends on the couple. Compatibility isn't an exact science and the initial...joining is almost always a crap shoot, hence the importance of not basing a relationship solely on sex. Most couples improve their...compatibility over time," Superman offered.

"Hmmm," said Wonder Woman, and down in his cave Batman felt a chill run down his spine.

"I also want to know how she managed to trim it so well," Supergirl muttered.

"Heat vision?" Superman suggested, really not wanting to get into feminine hygiene issues with his younger cousin.

"Not near there," Supergirl said flatly. "Tried it once, never again!"

"Emergency on Earth!" Superman said, vanishing in a burst of speed in order to escape the issue.

"How do you handle things?" Supergirl asked Wonder Woman.

"Prayers to Artemis for a slower growing season and a blade enchanted by Hephaestus," Wonder Woman replied, missing having another person to help with that.

"Think she'd answer my prayers?" Supergirl asked hopefully.


Cordelia and Wesley watched anxiously as the heart monitor beeped slower and slower until it fell silent and let out a mournful wail. Cordelia buried her face in Wesley's Chest.

Faith Chase was dead. The latest Slayer was no more.

A nurse hit a button and a sixty second timer started counting down while the doctors scrambled to check and recheck their equipment. As the clock hit zero, they leapt into action and a shot of artificial adrenaline was injected directly into her heart.

The heart monitor went wild as her heart beat erratically as it started beating again.

"Clear!" the second doctor shouted as he brought a pair of electrical paddles down on Faith's naked chest and sent an electrical pulse strong enough to bow her back which sent him flying. The nurse helped him back to his feet as Faith's heartbeat settled into a fast but rythmic beat, much to their surprise, as it usually took several shocks to reset a heart's natural rhythm.

Ignoring the medical personnel who were trying to keep them out, Cordelia and Wesley pushed them aside and took up positions on either side of Faith's bed.

"Whoa," Faith said, waking a moment later. "I feel...strong."

Cordelia leaned down and caught Faith in a liplock that caused the heart monitor to double its pace. After a minute, she pulled back and said, "If you ever die on us again, I'll kill you!"

"You're married to us," Wesley said as he took her hand, knowing that Faith wasn't used to people caring for her. "Even death won't get you out of it."


A thirteen year-old girl named Kennedy awake with a scream, nightmares of ridged brows and yellow eyes filling her head and the name of a town on her lips, Sunnydale.

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