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Chapter 15

Thirty-six hours later everything was in place. I had successfully burned Jacob's carbon copy of Jeriline's records last night in a fireplace that resided in the lobby. Jacob's flash drive had found a new home in a glass of water, when it was fished out and thrown in a dumpster three blocks down. I debated breaking it in half but then decided the water would suffice. The hardest task of all, however, had been sneaking into Jacob's office and permanently erasing the file from the computer.

Jacob's flash drive had been easy; since he always kept it on him I was able to give him a little lap dance while sneaking it out of his pocket. The filing cabinet had been slightly more difficult, but with Jeriline refusing a customer I was able to sneak into his office and open his unlocked filing cabinet while Jacob was distracted arguing with her.

It went without saying that I couldn't risk using Jeriline as a distraction again; it was a miracle that she even survived the last time unscathed. Finally I came to the conclusion that I would have to do it at night, when the night watchman would be sleeping soundly at the front desk and Jacob would be snoring the night away in his room.

Thankfully, Jacob never kept his office locked and it was extremely easy to sneak into. Hacking his computer password turned out much differently though. I knew that I only had about three tries or fifteen minutes to figure it out before the computer would identify me as an intruder and go into lock down mode.

My first try was wasted when I tried 'jacobblack' which was to no avail. The second time I tried 'sexy' again not getting the right answer. As I was pondering what my third and final answer would be, it came to me. I typed 'imbringingsexyback' which was in fact the code.

It all became quite simple after that. Jeriline packed her bags and I gave her the money—which she protested at first but then admitted to needing it and took it graciously—and we made her escape plan.

Jeriline was a bright girl; if that much wasn't obvious to me already it was now. She mapped out her entire escape, which I approved after a few minor changes. Once everything was in place we went to bed, planning to carry out everything the today.

Nothing seemed different when I woke up this morning, but I new something was amiss, I didn't feel anything like myself. I felt like a black rain cloud was hanging low over my head, pouring out the rain at the thought of being lonely again. This didn't faze me and I began to carryout our plan.

After getting dressed in my new black uniform, my brain forced my feet to walk down the stairs normally, as not to attract suspicion. Yet I felt as if every eye followed me everywhere, yelling at me for even thinking of getting myself in trouble this way.

Jeriline met me in the kitchen and we went about our business like usual, Angela cooking, Jeriline serving, and myself waitressing. Jeriline would constantly glance at me, asking small questions with her eyes. In reply to each I gave my head a small shake, as if I were just shaking sleep out of my eyes.

As the morning wore on it became obvious that no one knew anything, not even Mike who dragged himself to a table at eight thirty and flirted with me shamelessly the entire time. How my heart wished it was me who was leaving, but I constantly reminded it that unlike Jeriline, I had nowhere to go.

The clock possessed my life, ticking moment after moment. Almost in a taunting way, as if flaunting its obvious freedom to breath rhythmically. Jeriline also found her eyes glued to the clock constantly throughout the day, I even caught her having stare downs with it a couple times.

Finally the clock sensed out grief and chimed nine.

Ever so calmly I made my way to the kitchen and began cleaning as Jeriline went up to her bedroom to 'sleep' once again, I was stuck glancing at the clock every so often until nine twenty eight rolled around.

Angela kept working diligently at the sink while I quietly slipped out of the kitchen and into Jacob's office. This next part of the plan was going to be the hardest for me, never one to like being something I'm not.

The next moment was spent in panic as I found his office empty. This time when I glanced at the clock I cursed it for moving too fast and I ran off to find Jacob.

Besides Jeriline and I, only Jessica knew of our plans. And even she didn't know the extent and depth of them. I edited them a bit when I asked her to help distract Mike and to make sure that whatever she did, that Lauren and Tyler were kept occupied with each other somewhere away from the main doors. As I ran through the lobby I noticed that Jessica had indeed kept her promise, because there was no such employee anywhere in sight.

Fate must have been on my side because as soon as I rounded the corner I ran into the large chest of Jacob Black. My arms of their own accord reached out and grabbed around his waist, keeping my body in an upright position much to close to Jacob for my liking. The timing of these simultaneous events couldn't have been better however, because just as I began to passionately kiss Jacob on my lips, I saw Jeriline sneaking across the lobby with her backpack and suitcase. The silence with which she ran was simply astounding, but either way, for assurance, I grabbed Jacob's cheeks in my palms, holding his face firmly to mine. Then I tilted his head a bit, so that he wouldn't catch Jeriline in his peripheral vision. I gave Jeriline enough time to get out the door and away from the windows before I even dared to release his face, praying he would take the bait.

I shouldn't have been so worried however, because he did. As soon as I released his face he backed me into a wall and began kissing me again. This gave me a clear glance over his shoulder to where I could see the lobby clock. All I had to do was keep him busy for three more minutes until nine forty. Jeriline's bus back home was supposed to pick her up a block down at nine thirty seven but I wanted to give her a few extra minutes just in case. Even then, Jacob would certainly not notice her absence until later that night.

The biggest hole in our plan was the fact that Jacob had her address. I had advised Jeriline to move to a new location quickly, but I wasn't sure how quickly it could be done, so it was just a risk Jeriline would have to take.

At that moment someone cleared his throat. Jacob pulled away, a pissed look occupying his face, only to find a customer standing behind the counter waiting patiently to check out.

"Uh, sorry." Jacob mumbled stupidly, giving me a chance to escape back to the kitchen.

The rest of the day passed quietly, which should have put fear or dread into my heart, but instead I was too busy thinking about how Jeriline was so lucky to escape. My heart had forgotten that something had felt amiss that morning; otherwise it would have been more alert. But because of its distraction, it nearly jumped out of my chest when Mike came storming into the kitchen at noon.

"You idiot!" He screamed picking up the plate that just happened to be near him and hurling it at me. "You freaking told some stupid hot shot lawyer!"

I dropped my head as the plate came flying towards me, ducking just as it smashed on the cupboard behind me. My eyes grew wide at this. "Uh, no I didn't." I had no defense. I didn't remember telling a lawyer, only the Cullen's, and none of them were lawyers.

"Then how do you explain the lawyer on the phone then? Hm?" His face was turning red in rage. "You'll pay for this! Bitch! Just wait until I tell Jacob! Oh you're so dead!"

And that's when realization hit me.

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